Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Offering A Plant A Radioactive Cocktail - Christmas Lectures with Eric M Rogers

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Have you come to the wrong lecture? This is physics and very important physics it

needs expert help and Dr. Evans has come over here especially he is the one of

the top experts in radiation safety and he is going to offer to this tomato

plant which has been specially grown for you

a cocktail of radioactive water the water contains radioactive phosphorus

and we want - it's very strong - the cocktail is in the mug inside the

greenhouse so far the plant has not drunk any has it?

Dr Evans: No, it's perfectly safe

EM Rogers: He's using a Geiger counter. We have to start with this because we have to give

the plant time to drink and we shall return to it at the end of the lecture

and see how well it has enjoyed its cocktail and so we're going to go

straight ahead with Dr Evans giving the tomato plant in a safe arrangement a

drink of radioactive phosphorus. The little sounds you hear are small

background counts of radioactivity which belong with the building- they belong

with all London for that matter. He's putting on a protective glove - it isn't

too safe inside of the greenhouse, he's being very careful

the growers are so enthusiastic they grew us a larger plant than we bargained for

The smaller one which was only four inches high was tested out at Emerson

radioactive Supply Center. He's lowering the plant into the liquid which is water,

radioactive phosphorus and some common phosphorus in phosphate neutral form

which we believe the tomato plant will drink - but you never know when you

offer somebody a drink

It is time to ask Dr Evans to look after the health of the tomato


Dr Evans: Should we take a top leaf off first? EM Rogers: Take a top leaf off first

By the way, nobody must leave the room until the

last remains of radioactive material have been taken away by ribbons - that's a

general precaution of safety. He's bringing a top leaf high up on the tomato

plant. This is a tracer to find what happened to it. It drank, it did! Take a bottom leaf and see if

drank more to the bottom leaf this is absolutely genuine, there's no

fake, it would be easy to fake but we wouldn't do it

Dr Evans: There are not very many good bottom ones EM Rogers: Any respectable looking bottom ones

Dr Evans: That's a reasonable one there let's hope that that one will work EM Rogers: I'm very grateful to

the Emerson radioactive Supply Center for providing the phosphorus. It's had

come here by special messenger Dr Evans: I think that's the one, let's try it

It looks a bit sorry but it may have worked? No.

EM Rogers: No the sorry leaf didn't drink, do you want to try

one of the healthy leaves, somewhere about here? When you've seen this

you have seen radioactive tracers put to use to measure growth in plants,

to measure your bloodstream carrying salt in a drink

radioactive salt down to your big toe, to see the measurement of a thickness of a

steel sheet

Dr Evans: It's rather more because it's a smaller EM Rogers: And because it's nearer

the source of supply. You have seen real radioactivity put to use


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