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Hey, it's me Luke here.

We're on our way to Lake Texoma, Eisenhower State Park.

Looking to catch some bass, carp, and catfish.

We got some new lures.

Like, some new crank bait and a whopper plopper.

If you don't know what a whopper popper is,

it's basically a top water lure.

But it has a propeller on the back.

And it makes it splashing sound.

Kind of like a helicopter, but underwater.

And it's a really good bait, so we're

looking to get some top water strikes on that.

And yeah, we'll use dog food for the carp,

and hot dog and sausage for the catfish.

And we'll see if we catch some.

Here's one.

Oh, that's a nice spot.

Oh, it's jumping.


It's a smallmouth.

Got this guy on the whopper plopper.

Here is the same blow up.

It was really cool.

Now, this is a nice smallmouth.

Probably, a two-pounder.

That's sick.

I'm going to get this hook out of this fish.

Bass is not a bad fish.

I'll take that any day.

I mean, that was a great fight, too.

Super cool fish.

And you can tell he's been caught before because he's

got that hole in his mouth.

He just barely hooked, but I could not get the hook out.

Dang, I think we need flyers.

All right.

So that is a smallmouth.

All right.

We'll release this big guy.

All right.

It's not a bad one, probably is 1, 2 pounds.

And he's off.

Here's one.


Yeah, he's got some folds.

Oh, that's a nice one.

That's a nice pretty sunfish.

Not bad.

Not as big as the last one I caught,

but he's still a good size.

Very good.


Right, so you got to watch out for those spines,

because they'll get you good in the finger,

and will really sting.

Because they have poison on it.

It won't make you sick, or kill you, or anything,

but it just makes it hurt real bad.

And these sunfish are kind of like bass

because they have pretty big mouth.

But they're beautiful in this light,

because they got a bluish tint on their gills, as you can see.

And like, white tips on their fins.

All right.

We're going to let him go.

There he goes.

He's gone.

And they often hide in the rocks and under the rocks.

Come here.

Under something like this [INAUDIBLE]


I've been throwing an ultralight swimbait.

And I got this monstrous, green sunfish.

He's really fat too.

That's a really good size sunfish.

You won't catch many that big anywhere.

All right.

I'm going to release him, green sunfish.

There he goes.



All right.

So this is a smallmouth bass.

We're going to release him.

I caught him on a Keitech swimbait,

but he ripped the tail off.

So yeah, we'll have to get a new one of those.

Got to release this little guy.

There he goes.

Have a nice, long swim.

Now, those fish, they fight really hard,

especially for their size.

They put up a great fight, and they're super fun to catch.

They can also be found in small rivers,

as long as large lakes like this.

And they're just really fun to catch.

They don't get that big though.

They only get about up to 12 pounds is the world record,

I think.

But they're still really fun to catch.

It was a nice fish.

All right.


This is a half a pound smally.

It's a pretty small one, but they

get a lot bigger than this.

Haven't caught one of these in a while.

That's pretty cool.

That's why they're called smallmouth.

They have a pretty small mouth.

Caught a couple fish at Lake Texoma.

Got some smallmouth bass, green sunfish.

The carp eluded us.

We almost got one, but he popped off.

But overall, it was just a great day fishing.

We'll probably head back there again soon.

It started to get cooler, so we might try some new spots.

So stay tuned for that.

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And we'll see you next time.

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