Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Webisode 04 / RAAM 2018 Christ

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The first time cold for the last 48 hours, that's fantastic.

The new training pays for itself.

Christoph invested a hell a lot of time in his training cellar,

in winter time on his ergometer.

At his training camps.

The high volumes of training can be seen

at his Watts.

He pedals way above 200 Watts from timestation to timestation.

Under 200 Watts is only as soon as we plan to rest and calm down.

It's phase 2 of the race with the high Rocky passes.

This went very well.

It's alway the danger of not passing them healthy because

there are crazy differences of temperatures.

With the result that we ran a bit of a risk

with less breaks we made it already during the afternoon there.

The temperature was ok.

I passed them super healthy.

Christoph makes his well-deserved powernap now.

It's unbelievable what he showed here mentally and physically up to now.

It's fascinating being part of this..

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