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ALLISON KLINGER: On behalf of, my name is Allison at Western Art Glass. And

in this segment, I am mixing my grout for my stepping stone. I'm using sanded tile grout

and I picked the color white and it's really messy, okay? So make sure you've got a designated

space to mix it, okay? Right now it's kinda like pancake batter almost. I guess it depends

on how you make pancakes, but anyway. So just mixing it up. You can get all types of tools

to mix grout and whatever. I just have a rubber spatula, a bucket. I just use water. Okay,

I've got my mold on top of my drywall. Wherever you're going to "pour" the stepping stone,

keep in mind, it needs to sit for a few days before it can be moved. So wherever you pour

it, you want to make sure it's in the spot that doesn't need to be moved. Anyway, I got

it on top of my work surface. I'm going to do--so I'm going to go right in the middle

of the stone of the design. I'm going to pour a little bit of grout. How much grout you

mix, one never knows. You will know it's not enough, though. So anyway, I'm going to act

like I'm trying to cook in here and I'm not pushing anything because I don't want to shift

anything in there. But I'm just making sure that it's going to get down in between my

glass, okay? Kinda now looks like frosting. Forget the pancake part; we've moved on to

dessert. So anyway. Like I said, really messy. Wear an apron. Gloves, that's up to you. I

wash my hands a lot. Okay. Kind of--whatever you feel good about, just smear that around

a little bit. I'm going to pour a little bit more just to make sure I've got a little bit

of space, thickness-wise, in my stone. Even that out a little bit. Remember, your chicken

wire or your mesh, this is your reinforcement in your stone. It's going to be vital that

you put this in there. It's cut smaller than the mold so you'll never see it. I'm going

to lay it down right in the middle, kinda push it down a little bit. Okay. I'm going

to pour the rest of the grout. Hopefully, I have enough. How thick you make your stone

is up to you. I like to make them fairly thick. You don't have to fill the whole mold, but

you want at least something that can be durable. I'm going to have to mix a little more grout.

This won't dry before I do that, so that's fine. So next segment, check it out.

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