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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The DARE Challenge .. | #MyMissAnand #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

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& I am Shruti

& I am Anishka from the channel Anaysa

today we are going to do a challenge

we are suffering from this humid weather

so plz bear with the sound of AC if you listen it

we won't be able to shoot as its too hot day

so Anantya just tell whats the challenge for today??

Today's challenge is a Dare challenge

so what gonna we do in this??

In this we need to pick chits from this bowl

& we have to do whatever is written in these chits

have to do that???

the one who perform her dares well will get points

those who is not able to do it will lose the points

ok lets open this

& that is Dance on the entry of society

means in the society you live

you have to dance at the main gate entranc e of that society

ok who will do this

no I am not doing this

ok lets spin to know that who have to do this task

so are you ready to dance

thats the main gate of our society

& Anantya will go there to dance

so have you enjoyed

everybody had looked at you

by the way you've danced well

and the next dare is

need to keep ice cubes in mouth until it gets melts

this is perfect for you as you are so talkative

so these are the ice cubes

and a tape

fix this tape well

ok lets start with our next dare

and she has to remain as it is till the next dare

lets see whats in this

tickle and you don't have to react

how can one stops laugh in tickle

oh its Anantya's turn


ok lets start tickling her

no dear don't react

ok bring a lipstick

I just take a bite of this ok

don't take it need to taste it

she lose a point

I've recently cut my hair

Anantya just think you'll so cute after cutting your hair

so scissors plz

lets see who have to cut her hair

ok scissors plz

you are enjoying watching this to us like this

plz like this video

ok see what's next

eat the wast you found first

eeuu eating wast

ok bring something from the kitchen

oh what you've brought!!

banana peel

don't you bring a banana

I found this as our director just ate this

plz throw it in a dustbin

you have to it this

oh it taste so wierd

no you need to eat this much

otherwise you'll lose the points

I felt so weird looking this

but enjoying a lot

so next

i have never eat this

dear no need to learn to eat this

she already ate in a challenge video

ok lets see who'll get this chance

your Mom has written in all these chits

she is taking any kind of revenge from me

nopes all are written by your husband

oh what a tasty rasgulla is this

you've loose your points as you react so bad

no i've done it well

she is crying eating rasgulla

ok lets spin it

ok rub it well

I wish bhua will get this dare

this seems little interesting

and need to make 3 posts

like this

okk done

now lets make posts

you have to post all of them

and everyone gets the notification

now lets see whats the next dare

means you have to go in public being a joker

ok let me spin this

ok get me a lipstick

and she will bring ice cream for us

so we are going to market to buy icecreams

i've to complete this dare

tell is she looking beautiful or not

Hi... how am I looking

she is a new makeup artist is she work well or not

i think its okk

I've done a picachoo inspired makeup

so thats all with today's video

do comment below if you've liked this video

also tell what kind of challenge video you want next

also do like this video

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The Description of The DARE Challenge .. | #MyMissAnand #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand