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M : Perfect / S : This is it. Thank you!

πŸ˜‡ Angel sounds πŸ˜‡

M : Okay. So, as you guys might have known from our last video,

M : Hilton has flown us out to Hawaii to give us the Hilton experience.

S : Just to be fully transparent. Hilton sponsored this video.

M : *whispers* Sponsored by Hilton


S : But now it's time to eat

S : So we just spoke with the concierge

S : and we told them everything that is important to us.

S : Which mainly is food. / M : Its pretty much food.

S : So they gave us a personalized list of some of the most amazing places to eat in Hawaii

S : We are going to go to as many of them as we possibly can.

S : We are going to record it all and we are going to come back to Japan 20 pounds heavier.

M : Yup, that's the way I like it.

S : But we are doing this for you guys / M : We are doing it for you.

S : Okay / M : Okay, we are suffering.

S : Time to eat, lets do this / M : Lets do it.

M : Now this is like a bucket list experience for us because we have never had Hawaiian food.

M : We are at Helena's Hawaiian Food, and this is the place where all the locals go to.

S : And everybody that we've asked, that lives here, has said that we have to go here. So here we are.

M : Lets get started.

S : This just feels like I am at a home BBQ. / M : Yeah. This just looks like backyard BBQ.

M : Delicious home made food.

S : I don't even know how to eat all of this stuff

M : Okay, so this is Poi

M : I've never seen it in person and I don't know how to eat it

S : Okay, lets just try some on our forks.

M : I'm just gonna.. Put some on my plate.

M : See how its like tororo

S : They didn't give us an instruction guide on how to eat this / M : I don't think we are suppose to have an instruction guide

S : This just looks like jello. / M : Yup

M : What was this? Squid?

M : Yeah, I think this is squid

M : This is the lomi lomi

M : Its usually chopped salmon thats raw, and mixed with tomatoes, green onion, white onion and chili pepper

S : This so reminds me of being in a backyard BBQ right now.

M : Okay, this is just something that was really surprising to me

M : Macaroni salad

M : It is apparently huge in Hawaii, apparently.

M : Okay, let me get some of the. / *Explosion in Simon's mouth (I guess)*

S : I just dropped some of this, and then I picked it up with my finger and I licked my finger and my finger is just the most delicious finger I ever licked.

M : Okay, lets go for it. What do you want to eat first?

S : Lets have the poi / M : Okay, lets try the poi

S : How do we eat the poi / M : I don't know, lets just try the poi

M : Grapefruit -- Grapefruit-y sour?

S : Yeahh / M : But what are you suppose to eat it with?

M : We are gonna to have to ask the waiter how to eat this poi

M : We received our Poi education on this.

M : So apparently, poi is eaten like a starch.

M : Like you have rice or bread, you have poi

M : So it's it's own thing, but she was saying that other people do mix things into it.

S : Eating it on its own seems kind of.. / M : Intense / S : Yeah, intense

S : But when I had it with some of the meat, its actually really yummy.

M : It is really citrus-y. Which was surprising.

M : Because I would expect something like a root vegetable to be more like a potato

S : This green butter squid is insanely great. / M : Really?

S : I just had some by accident on my fork.

S : I need to have some more purpose on my fork

😏 Gaze of approval 😏

S : Damn son / M : Its like a creamy spinach

M : That is awesome. / S : I love everything about today.

S : Today is a great day.

M : We might need to order more. / S : We definitely

M : There is not enough food.

S : That's just nuts.

😣 I'm hungry now. 😣

😣 It's 2 in the morning. 😣

😣 I picked a bad time to sub this 😣

😣 I want some food 😣

S : This stuff right here / M : Amazing / S : Is it the butter squid? Is that what it is?

Waitress : It is squid luau, so that is the luau leaf, they boil down and they add coconut milk and the squid. πŸ™

M : Ah, there's coconut milk in there

S : Do you have buckets of this, like to go?

S : I just need some with a handle where I can take with me.

S : That's it. Even with a straw (?) I'll be alright.

S : Oh man / M : This is nuts.

M : Aw. I apologize for Simon .

S : This is like, soul food. / M : Yeah.

S : I haven't had good heart touching soul food.

S : I've definitely had happy food but this feels -- like family right now.

M : This was an amazing recommendation

M : You absolutely must come here if you visit Hawaii 🌴

M : I say we take a nap / S : Yup / M : And then we look at our list and we hit the next spot

M : What do you say?

M : So we are here at 🌈 Rainbow Drive- In 🌈

M : and we've been told that this is a staple. You must come here.

M : Its like, if you go to California, you got to have In-N-Out burger

M : We went to Texas we have to try Whataburger

M : You've got to try Loco Moco when you come to Hawaii

M : and its kinda like a junk food, like a comfort food

S : So we've got rice here, with some steak and macaroni salad / M : Mac salad Simon, get it right.

S : Sorry, mac salad.

S : And we got gravy and two eggs, sunny side up

M : I'm gonna try the mac salad first.

M : This looks amazing / S : This looks like a really good mac salad.


M : OMG! I think you might be right.

S : This is just macaroni, drizzled with ranch.


S : I'm going to jump through that counter, and make out with the first person I find.

M : Its gonna be me

M : I'm just gonna pop out behind and be like this.


S : Okay, here we go. Lets hit this up. I'm going for my first bite.

M : Wait for me.

S : We got some rice, egg and gravy / M : Wait for me~

S : Nothing about this looks healthy. But everything about this looks right.

M : How do we explain that? How do we possibly explain that.

S : So this is just like a burger patty, a soft burger patty but instead of having a bun, you have rice.

M : This gravy has a combination of -- / S : Its like a lighter donkatsu sauce

M : Yeah, its almost just like a white gravy with a dash of dark gravy in it.

S : That is legitimately ranch in here.

S : I really thought, that I was going to find this gross.

S : But nah, there's ranch in here.

S : Oh baby, look at that.

S : This is actually ranch dressing on noodles (?)

S : This is the best pasta ever! ✨ SIMON's HAPPY PLACE ✨

S : Why do Italian chefs keep on messing on sauce and what ever.

S : and reduction and bolognese

S : and they got carbonara

S : All you need is noodles and ranch, and you're set.

S : You know what's amazing? This gravy isn't as salty as I thought it would be. / M : No.

M : Alright Simon, we need to slow this down. Okay?

M : We have many many things to put in our stomachs.

S : I know -- I know

S : But -- But / M : But do you?

M : But do you?

M : But wait. But do you??

M : I'm going to go take a take out box okay?

S : Yeah / M : I'm going to go take a take out box guys. We are going to go eat more delicious Hawaiian food.

S : Yeah, go. Go over there and take a take out box. / M : and im going to take this with me before Simon steals it.


S : donuts, Donuts, DONUTS ( is it spelled is it donuts or doughnuts? )

M : These aren't technically donuts, they're Ma-La-Sa-Das

😢 Struggles to pronounce Malasadas 😢

M : So we are at a really famous Portuguese bakery called Leonard's

M : I had no idea that there was such a big Portuguese influence in Hawaii / S : Me neither.

M : Look at -- Since 1652

M : We got the 3 classic flavors that they have.

M : You guys don't even know right now that the box is scalding hot because its so fresh.

S : OHH~~~ You can tell it just came out.

M : Okay now lets see -- OH WAIT NO, its been tapped shut.




S : So we have the original, the cinnamon and the sweet and sour ? / M : They said its local.

M : OMG, these are hot / S : These are so hot.

S : Look at all this.

😘😏 Cue The Sexy Music 😏😘

Oh Yeah, tear me a piece of that hot hot - Masala -- Masa-- Mama -- of that Assalamualaikum.

Ohh~~ Just like that baby

S : Here you go, hold it! AH~ My fingers.

()β€’γ…Šβ€’() Spudgy's Voice : Ahh, nyum nyum nyum. ()β€’γ…Šβ€’()

S : Oh baby (x2) / M : Just bury me here. (x2)

S : These donuts are so divine. 🍩

S : What's great about it is that the outside has a nice crust and the inside is so moist and fluffy.

S : I think I like the cinnamon one.


S : Here we go.

M : no, No, NO

M : I hate this. This means that now, I will never find anything as satisfying as this.

M : and I'll have to come to Hawaii for this.

S : I think, this is the best cinnamon donut that I've ever have in my life.

S : You are a good guy Leonard.

S : Right now, I have so much cinnamon on my fingers

S : That if I touched a crime scene, you would see a full finger print.

S : What would be sour about this? I have no idea

M : Tamarind?

S : Ah baby ~ So doughy

S : Here you go.

S : Okay, lets try this out.

🐦 Bird Mating Calls 🐦

M : What is that?

M : Not my favorite / S: Not my favorite either.

S : I'm not sure what that sour stuff is.

M : This is not my jam

M : That cinnamon and plain one,

S : Uh huh.

M : Those are my jam

S : Yup / M: I will fight you for that cinnamon one if you tried to eat it.

M : We have any more room left for food?

S : No! / M : Are you sure?

S : Okay, lets get some more.

S : So we are at the Bali Steak & Seafood restaurant in the Hilton Hawaiian Vilage in Waikiki

S : and as you know, we like to have all kinds of food

S : We can have cheap food and we can also have expensive food.

M : Give me your convenience store hot dogs, that's good for me.

S : We don't discriminate.

S : We are equal opportunity eaters.

S : I would eat anything

M : So this is a ridiculously beautiful view

M : You guys can't see from here because we are sitting at this chair but we are just staring out at the ocean

S : Literally, if I get any food on my face, I don't need a napkin, I can just hop out the window and wash my face in the ocean.

M : I wouldn't really recommend that.

S : I wouldn't recommend that either. But I can, its an option.

M : Omg / S : We are starting big here.

M : I didn't realize it was this big. It was one of those things where you're like, I want a couple nibbles of the ocean,

M : but here we've got lobster tails, snow crab legs. We've got fresh oysters.

M : And look at this, perhaps i'm too excited about this.

M : Its sea asparagus

S : Its actually really yummy and salty

M : Oh, Simon took a giant snow crab leg. LOOK AT THE SIZE--


S : I'm really liking this so far.

M : Can't believe we ordered more food. What were we thinking

S : That is a lot / M : OMG guys.

M : Now when you come to Hawaii,of course you have to have Poke, its everywhere.

M : Like there is different stores, people compete to which is the best,

M : But have you had Poke, like this.

M : This is a Kimchi Poke

S : We got Teriyaki gel here as well / M : Avocado aioli

🌱 Struggling to pronounce Aioli 🌱

M : I'm just gonna eat it. / S : Areola, avocado areola

M : I don't think that is what it is

S : Just like avocado nips. Just like-- / M : Little ones like this

S : That's lovely

S : I don't know how people can be afraid of trying raw fish

S : Its just so smooth and so--so easy to down in and so flavorful.

M : I would say more people are afraid to try seaweed. They think seaweed and they think 'eww gross.'

M : We have two varieties of seaweed here and they have totally different flavours


S : This is the best view I've ever had at a restaurant. / M : I know.

M : The food comes out and then you're like, I should eat the food...

S : I mean I should eat the food. But --

M : and the sunset is just dipping below the ocean

S : I'm just watching people surf.

M : Wait, there is food.

S : Food, we've got food here as well.

S : This is a seafood medley and it has lots of seafood in it but more than anything what amazes me

S : These are onion flowers

S : and you can eat onion flowers / M : Eat it

M : Eat it

M : Does it taste like onion / S : Oh yeah!

S : It tastes like -- it's a peppery onion

M : Go on

M : It has scallop, it has shrimp, it has lobster.

M : Oh My Gosh, look at how soft that is.

S : I'm going for the scallop / M : Okay

S : Oh man.

M : That is the most tender scallop

S : I know.

S : This is marshmallow fish

M : Why call it a scallop when you can call it / Both : Marshmallow fish.

S : I believe you can sell more scallops if you call it marshmallow fish.

S : This is just a wonderful experience

M : Look at this / S : Just have a bite, chew slowly and just look at the changing colors of the sunset.

S : I've been to a lot of nice restaurants before,

S : and most of the time, its in really dark basements and stuff like that. With barely any windows.

S : But this is a wonderful meal, with perhaps the best view I've ever had at a restaurant

M : This is so beautiful

S : Look at all those fit people on the ocean

M : Why are you bringing that up while i'm eating like 5 courses Simon

M : Ruin my life

S : Look at you with your abs, i'm going to keep eating my curry. (#foodieforlife)


M : Okay, I am so excited about this.

M : No matter what I looked up online

M : From the guy at the taxi stand to the concierge to the guy who's actually driving the taxi

M : We just say like "Oh we are going to go to The Pig Lady" or "What do you think about --"

M : and they are just like / S : Yup.

M : I'm drooling / S : I'm sitting right here, this is the cookie station

S : and they are lining up all these cookies in front of me

S : I don't know how i'm supposed to focus on this

S : Look at all this cookies πŸͺ

S : YASSS / M : Alright

Dothraki man warrior : CHICKEN πŸ—

M : Thank you very much

S : Fried chicken appetizer

M : This is supposed to be an appetizer but this is going to be an entire meal for me. Simon's weakness is fried chicken

S : OMG / M : This is great fried chicken

S : That is so amazing

S : Cause fried chicken usually has a doughy batter but this is all like lime glaze

M : Hey, you know what? This is the first competition we've ever got for Korean fried chicken


M : Cause living in Korea for so long, we have such great this kind of light, fluffy, crispy batter.

M : But the flavor is definitely more my style

M : Its got mint, its got peanut. Its got like an onion kick

S : OMG, we've got to come back here tomorrow

S : What are we doing tomorrow?

S : Forget it, i'm cancelling my plane tickets. I'm staying here.

M : Okay, so we've had beignets before when we were in Texas.

M : But these are savory beignets.

M : Which I have never had before and they're making it with a Konbu cauliflower sauce with Parmesan and cream.

M : Okay, how hot is it going to be / S : No, its okay. Its touchable.

M : Is it? / S : Yeah

M : beignets are really egg-y and fluffy.

S : Oh my god.

S : Okay, are you ready? Lets go.

S : *Tears of joy* This is so great. I haven't even tried it yet

πŸ˜‚ Tears of Joy πŸ˜‚

S : This is the most delicious form a cauliflower has ever achieved

S : Baby cauliflowers look at pictures of this on the wall

S : and they say "When I grow up, I want to be the dipping sauce at The Pig Lady"

S : OMG / M : and the outside is so perfectly crispy.

M : It just crunches and when you fill it with this cheese you get this burst of like...

πŸ‘ΌπŸŽΉ Only heavens knows πŸŽΉπŸ‘Ό

S : Thank you Hilton so much. For bringing us out here in Hawaii

S : So I can try this

S : If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know how good cauliflower could be

S : Please note that I have finished two things, without dropping anything on my shirt.

S : I'm on a roll / M : What's that?

S : That's not a stain, that's just water / M: What is this?

S : WATER. I had water.

M : I actually think that is an old stain.

S : No, no, no. This is wet girl.

S : Suck it. / M : Umm, no.

S : Fine. Two things, no stain on my shirt and this is going to be a good day.

S : I couldn't decide what to pick. So I got the BÑnh mì / M : Lets just dig in.

S : You can have one of these sandwiches also

S : Nah, wait. I change my mind. Get your hands of my fuc*ing sandwich

S : Omg! Look at that BBQ sauce. YESSS

S : OMG! We have to dip it in. / M : This is like a french dip BÑnh mì sandwich

M : This is unbelievable.


M : It has a chili spice that kinds of kick you at the back of your throat.

M : The meat is so soft. It is a chewy baguette

M : Cilantro, just wow.

M : I got the Pho of course.

M : This is a 12 hour beef brisket in here.

M : Really excited to try it.

M : Going in for my Pho

M : Oh that broth is great.

M : Now, 12 hour brisket yall.

M : Just melts / S : Okay / M : Just melts.

M : I have a favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto that I love.

M : But the rare beef is a little bit on the chewy side but like still good

M : This is definitely 12 hour brisket.

S : I'm allowed to say that

S : I have not had a single questionable thing here. / M: I know

M : This was an absolutely perfect meal.

S : I am so full, but I ate twice as much food than I should've.

S : Because I felt like I have to. Its a moral obligation, this food is that good.

M : It was absolutely amazing. You have to put this on your list of items things to have. I mean unbelievable.

S : Unbelievable.

M : So lets go for a jog on the beach. Lets do some surfing, paddle boating./ S : and a nap / M : Perhaps some yoga

S : Lets do it.


M : So that's it for this weeks Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

M : Thank you so much to Hilton for bringing us out to Hawaii

M : and letting us have these amazing food experiences.

M : So much diverse food in Hawaii

M : I've been just totally shocked.

S : If you want to have an amazing experience like what we had

S : Make sure you download the Hilton HHonors app

S : and book your stay directly through them

S : Its always cheaper to book directly than to go to any other site.

S : and when you are here, tell them a little bit about yourself. The kind of stuff that you like.

S : and they know whatsup.

M : They sure do.

S : I'll tell you whatsup right now, this fork is about to go up in my mouth

M : Spam and eggs anybody?

M : (British accent) Spam and spam, spam and eggs...

M : When in Hawaii / S : Stop, / Both : Spamming time

S : You know the joke that I was going to do.

🌷 Subs by Joshua's Kookie, sorry for the mistakes or if you find my comments offensive or annoying, it was all jokes. I love Simon and Martina. Don't kill me please! 😣 🌷 {*A few spelling and grammar corrections by Anon :-) Cheers to Joshua for the subtitles }

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