Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 호요리 혼자 첫 브이로그 VLOG 도전!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Hi! My name is Hoyori.

Hey guys~ My name is Hoyori.


I was going to film a video introducing our office,

but since Chabi couldn't be here because she was not feeling good,

I'm filming today's video alone.

I might feel lonely, but it's okay.

Because she's not feeling good...

Then, let's begin!

What shall I introduce to you first?



This black box behind me

are you aware of this?

Everyday Boss Ma and Dochabi

do something fun sitting here.

Since I'm so curious about it,

I'm going to

find out

what it is.

I was always curious how to do it

and how they do it.

They're doing something here every day.


Guys, this is soft.

I hear some sounds~

It's the best.

But how can I

adjust the brightness?

When they typed on this keyboard

it became bright in the front.

Why doesn't it happen to me?


I think I should ask this when

Boss Ma and Chabi come later.

There's nothing I can do.

I was curious...

What should I introduce to you next?


The bookshelf behind me is

Boss Ma's.

But Boss Ma told me he'll scold me if I touched it.

So I shouldn't touch it.

I would get scolded!

I don't want to be scolded.


This is the one that Boss Ma had brought from the devil world.

It's a devildom flower.

Is devildom flower the right name of it?

I didn't hear it well.


And I have something to tell you, guys.

Hoyori, me, is

staying here now.

It's my bed.

Isn't it pretty?

It's a red one.

You can come here

and sit on here

to talk to each other.

You can lie on here and sleep as well.

It's soft, too~



This one!

On this whiteboard here,

there's a post-it on it.

Boss Ma brought it from the devil world.


I don't know what's written here.


And the hat on top here,

someone who dropped by from the devil world had left it here.

I won't touch it since it belongs to someone else.




This door!

On our way to the earth from the devil world,

we opened this door to get here.

Now we can't use it.

Since it's locked, we can't use it

unless Boss Ma opens this for us.

What else?

I think there's no more things to introduce.

Since Chabi's not here, I feel lonely

and empty.

Do you guys think so, too?

I miss Chabi.

Anyways, please leave comments if you have anything curious about our office.

We're done now.

Until now, it was...

No, that was not good.

It was Hoyori, the virtual Youtuber. Bye~

I miss you, Chabi~

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