Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Exclusive Car Park Gig @ Elbphilharmonie Hamburg | #BonfireTour2016

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Ive never played in a location like this before.

A concert hall like the Elbphilharmonie is something really special to me

and I am looking forward to this evening.

I have the honour to explore the whole venue before it opens officially next year

and I am excited to check everything out in here now.

Man, this is wicked!

Hamburg is my town of birth and its also my hub

Hamburg Airport is still the closest one to my current home

and Im literally in town as often as possible.

Its fantastic, that weve had the chance to plan and organise this extra show of my tour together with the Elbphilharmonie, I am really happy about it!

The Grand Hallthe Elbphilharmonies heart

lets go inside!

My first thoughtsgreat! Wow!


Really difficult to find the right words;

its simply an incredible building.

I actually played the violin for six or seven years and got my musical grounding when I was a kid.

All I learned is helping me with my music today, even though it is electronic.

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