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DUFF: Previously on "Kids Baking Championship"...

-Chicken! -Oh, bunnies!

One of these critters is going to inspire what you bake.

When are you gonna get the waffle tattoo?

MICHAEL: I'm gonna book you an appointment right now.

I'm going to get my waffle.

This is the best pineapple upside-down cake I've ever had.

Best in show --

Kaniyah. -Yes!

Looks like you were really in a hurry.

-I was. -I can tell.

You have to really step it up.

Audra, your banana cake had way too much banana.

The baker leaving us today is...



-Oh, no. -Ah.

They've gone mad.

Oh, Duff. He looks evil.

[ Cackles ] -Good gracious.

I don't know what's going on.

But Duff and Valerie are wearing lab coats.

And I just know we're doing something science-y.

And I don't like that.

Science is my least favorite subject.

Ah, bakers, welcome.

Valerie, turn up the power to 1.21 gigawatts.

-Are you sure, Doctor Duff? -Yes. Hurry!

[ Laughs ]

[ Coughing ]

I think you should turn that off.


Bakers, now that we're down to the final four

and on the verge of the finale

with $25,000 at stake,

we're inviting you into the inner sanctum

to reveal the miraculous fusion of science and baking --

molecular gastronomy.

[ Laughs ]


Molecular gastronomy

physically transforms ingredients using science.

For example,

you can use spherification chemicals

to turn liquid into little pearls of flavor.

Behold, fresh raspberry-juice caviar.

It looks like fish eggs.

-Yum. [ Laughter ]

An immersion circulator

quickly infuses flavor into things.

Right here, nectarines are soaking up

the flavor of fresh basil

and the sweetness of lime simple syrup.

Tapioca maltodextrin turns fat into molecular snow.

Believe it or not, this is powdered butter.

And it is delicious.

This is, like, freaky, honestly.

And to top it all off,

a smoking gun adds smoke flavor to anything.

Voilà, smoked berries and cream cheese.

Mmm. It smells so good.

Smells like ribs.

-[ Laughs ] -It smells like ribs?

-Yes. -Smells like ribs.


In this semifinal big bake,

each of you must use at least two

of these advanced techniques

to make a molecular-gastronomy dessert.

Give it everything you've got because, guys,

this challenge will decide

who is going on to the finale

and who is going home.

-Not me. -Not me.


You have 90 minutes

to make your molecular kid-stronomy dessert.

And your time starts...



COLE: Go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go.

No. I need the tapioca stuff.

-There's more than one. -Ugh.

Today's big bake,

we have 90 minutes to make a dessert

out of two molecular gastronomic --

Is that a word? -Yes.


Molecular gastronomy.


What have we created?


Does anyone have the smoker gun?

These techniques are pretty advanced.

Justice, do you mind if I borrow your smoker?

-Oh, yeah. You can. -Thank you.

Apparently, it's legal for a child

to use a smoker gun.


-Hi, Aidan. -Hi.

Whatcha making, buddy?

I'm making a s'mores-inspired tart

with a graham-cracker crust.

And I'm gonna have smoked chocolate ganache.

So you're gonna use the smoking gun.

And which other method are you gonna use?

I'm gonna make peanut butter powder using the tapioca.

Yum. That sounds delicious.

What would you do if you won $25,000?

I might just set $1,000 aside to have to spend.

I have two dogs at home.

And I hope sometime to buy a cat maybe.

My dad is allergic.

So I don't know if it'll work out or not.

But in the future, I want a cat.

I love cats so much.

I might call it Cookie.

I don't want to hold you up.

This looks like a really exciting dessert.

-Bye. -Buh-bye.

I put my chocolate in the bowl,

cover it with Saran Wrap.

I put wood chips in the smoker, turn the fan on.

And then I light the wood chips on fire.

And all of a sudden, the smoke starts to fill up the bowl.


After there is smoke in it,

you just seal off the plastic wrap

and let the smoke sort of flavor the chocolate.

The smoking gun, when I first smelled it,

it really made me think of camping.

It smelled just like a campfire.

And that's why I wanted to make a s'more tart.

But I don't want to oversmoke my chocolate.

Okay. There's a lot of smoke.

If the smoke alarm goes off,

I don't want to get eliminated.

It tastes like it's burnt.

Smoky all right.


I heat up my cream in the microwave,

pour it over the chocolate

and let that sit for the chocolate to melt.

Smoky. It's good.

I would have loved a mad science room.

I had a chemistry set.

-Did you? -Uh-huh.

Almost burned the house down.

Not surprised.

Today, I'm making a cinnamon- and nutmeg-infused apple pie

with a ice cream- and raspberry-caviar.

I love apple pie.

I make apple pie all the time.

It's a favorite of my family.

First things first, my apples are chopped.

So I'm gonna put them in a plastic bag

with simple syrup, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg

so I can get them in the immersion circulator.

It takes almost half an hour

to fully suck in the flavors.

These flavors are gonna infuse in the apples.

And it's gonna taste just like apple pie.

Last week was really difficult.

So this week, I'm going to manage my time

and make everything perfect.

My biggest competition is probably Aidan.

He's very creative, just like me.

So I need to step up my game a little bit.

15 minutes gone, bakers.

15 minutes, bakers.

How's everyone doing? Why so serious?

The competition is getting super intense.

And I want to win so bad.

So my dessert has to be really good.

Where are the apple corers? -Oh, what are you doing?

Are you doing, like, an apple crumble?


I wish I could make a pie.

But I did make one last week.

So instead, I think I will make a cobbler.

Normally I make them out of, like, berries.

But today I think I'm gonna do apple

and a smoked-apple ice cream.

Are you done with the corer?

-Yeah. -Thank you.

I'm borrowing the corer from Cole.

And I'm realizing he's also making an apple pie.



Do you have the ground nutmeg? -Yeah.

I borrow the nutmeg from Cole.

And I realize he's only using nutmeg and cinnamon.

So I'm using cinnamon, nutmeg, and mace.

Mace is like a spice you can use to help make it taste

even more like apple pie

and warm coziness.

I cut a lemon and I squeeze some juice into a teaspoon

'cause it's nice to have some tartness.

I'll put the apple spices

and all my other spices

into the immersion circulator

so it can become all nice and blended together.

What's up, Justice?

So you're using the immersion circulator

and what else? -The smoker.

Chemistry, you got it.


How badly do you want to be in this finale?

Well, on a scale of one to 10, I would want it infinity.

I think if I got into the finale,

I would be able to just win the whole thing

and be, like... -Smooth sailing.

"I did it. Yay."

-Good luck. -Thank you.

Go get them.

How are you boys doing?

-Good. -Mm-hmm.

I may be the only girl left,

but those boys better watch out.

I'm bringing it, no doubt.

I'm gonna make a smoked-berry pie

with hazelnut-chocolate snow

with a raspberry-caviar ice cream.

I want to get started on my pie crust

because it's going to take a long time to get it perfect.

So I add flour, a little bit of sugar,

salt, butter, vegetable shortening.

And then I add my ice-cold water.

You always want to use cold butter

and cold water to make it flaky.

I'm the only girl.

But that's okay 'cause I'm gonna win some money.

When I win the $25,000,

I'm going to expand my business

and get more customers

and buy a lifetime supply

of expensive, good sneakers

'cause I love sneakers.

Moola, cha-ching.

Hey, bakers. Can we have your attention?

-Yep. -What is that?

We are about to take molecular gastronomy

back in time.

I don't mean to scare you guys.

But this could be really "whisk-y."

-What? -Y'all are evil.

[ Both laugh ]

We are about to take molecular gastronomy back in time.

What is that?

In addition to your two modern tools,

you must use an old-school whisk.

For what?

Make some whipped cream for your dessert.

-By hand? -Y'all are evil.

That's right.

You got to use old-fashioned elbow grease.

-That's mean. -Come on.

Come up and get your whisk.

-Come up and get your -- whoa. -Sorry.

-That's okay. -We're so sorry.

That's fine.

-Ooh, I like this one. -I got the good one.

AIDAN: This is mean.

There's a weird, tennis-racket-shaped whisk.

I grab it.

It's whipped cream unplugged.

My whisk looks like something you mash potatoes with.

It doesn't even look like a real whisk.

Heavy cream. I'm gonna make a plain whipped cream

and just, like, keep it as simple as I can.

I put the cream into the bowl.

And I start to whisk.

And then I add some sugar.

If you overwhisk it, it'll turn into butter.

And you do not want that.

Where's my whisk?

Not all whisks are created equal.

When you're hand-whipping whipped cream,

you really want a half-moon whisk

'cause you can just really shake it.

And it just whips in front of your eyes.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Oh, my God.

DUFF: Use your brains.

And your brawn.

Look at this.

I'm gonna get my pie done first.

I should have plenty of time to make my whipped cream.

AIDAN: Ooh, gosh.

I wanted to be so clean today.

But no.

"Aidan, you can't be clean today

'cause you have to whip cream by hand."

Ooh, Aidan is not happy about that twist.

This is stupid.

Oh, Aidan. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for the twist.

A little bit of powdered sugar for sweetness.

And now I'm gonna chill this until it's ready.

Twist down.

It would take me the entire 90 minutes

to whip up whipped cream with my hand.

You know, you and I are gonna whip cream by hand.

Ugh, I don't want to.

I mean, it takes about three minutes.

Uh, not -- No.

For you, it takes three minutes. For me, it takes three hours.


Being a bit messy today, like I always am.

To make my graham-cracker crust,

I get graham-cracker crumbs,

butter, and a little bit of sugar.

And I just mix those with my hands.

I'm just gonna try to take some softened butter,

brush it around.

I just don't want it to stick.

I don't want there to be any chance of a crumbly tart.

Why is everyone doing pies?

My dessert is gonna stand out

because I'm the only one

who's not making a pie or a cobbler

'cause pie and cobbler are basically the same thing.

My little tarts.

Good. All right. I'm gonna bake these.

And I bake them off for five minutes.

And it'll be nice and hard.


I have to have something that's baked.

This is the baking championship.

45 minutes left, bakers.

My pie crust has to be in the oven

for at least 20 minutes.

And I need to hurry up.


I combine butter and flour first

and then add water gradually until it forms a dough.

-Hi, Cole. -Hi.

Whatcha making?

I'm making an infused apple pie.


And ice cream with raspberry caviar.

So you're using the spherification chemicals?

-Yes. -And the immersion circulator?


This is gonna get you into the finale?

Or not? -Yeah. It's gonna get me to win.

Good attitude.

I'm in this competition to prove

that I can do this and that boys can bake.

And I'm starting to work on my cobbler dough.

For this, I use self-rising flour

because it already has a leavening agent in it.

So it'll just puff up automatically.

And you don't have to put baking powder in there.

The first thing I do is I measure my butter and flour.

And I just smoosh it together.

I just want to get it all crumbled up.

Then I start to add my buttermilk,

nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt.

I add some mace and my sugar.

Mm. It's super good.

Next, I need to start and assemble everything.

And I add all the nice filling that I had.

Then I crumble my dough on top.

You want just, like, clumps of it all over.

And I'm ready to put them in the oven.

It's gonna taste super good, I hope.

Right now, I think the top two are Cole and Aidan

because they're really good bakers.

And they can also do really good decorations.

But I'm not really intimidated because I think that my cobbler

will probably be able to keep me in the competition.

Isn't it so great to be on the "Kids Baking Championship"?

-Sometimes. -Yes.

-No. -[ Laughs ]

I start on my berries.

I'm gonna use the smoking gun for my fruit.

You use the lighter, which is really dangerous

'cause I'm dangerous like that.

Now I need to smoke my berries.

[ Coughs ]

I taste my berry.

It's not smoky.

It's not smoky.

I want a smoked-berry pie, not a berry pie.

So I smoke it again.

Then I let it sit for a long time.

I keep plastic wrap on top to keep all the smoke in.

These berries have got to be smoked by now.

And then I mix it with the sugar to make it like a filling,

to make it gooey.

And then I put it in my pie crust.

And I cover the top.

Then I put it in the oven.

Where is he? Oh. [ Laughs ]

Duff's about to hurt himself is what he's doing.

I'm fast like Bruce Lee.

He's got catlike reflexes.

This thing's gonna chop my arm off.

[ Warning siren blaring ]

COLE: It's time to get this built.

For my pies, I want a lattice on top.

They look really nice.

And I'm ready to make my ice cream base.

You can't have apple pie without vanilla ice cream.

It just doesn't work.

I make classic vanilla ice cream

by heating up cream and milk.

And I'm whisking the egg yolks and sugars.

And then it gets light in color.

You don't have to use egg yolks with your ice cream.

I love it because it makes your ice cream

super silky and so good.

Who's doing caviar pearls or --


Just seeing. I was just curious.

-Are you? -No.

I'm using the smoker gun.

And I'm making peanut butter snow.

I've never made peanut butter snow.

But it's not that hard.

You just whisk together peanut butter and the powder.

And then you puree it in the food processor.

And it comes out to be a nice peanut butter-flavored snow.

The most difficult part of this dessert

is probably the raspberry caviar

because I've never made raspberry caviar.

I need to get started.

So I blend the sodium alginate into my raspberries.

And while that's blending,

I put calcium chloride into my water

so that when the puree drops in there,

it forms a skin.

It's not working.

It's not forming a skin.

And when I pick it up with the spoon,

it just breaks and falls through.

I'm just gonna try using a syringe

and individually dropping them.

It's just way too thick.

And it just falls apart in the bowl.

I messed up again.

I don't know what to do with this.

I can't do this.

30 minutes, bakers.

30 minutes left.

Oh, no.

ANNOUNCER: An ordinary mug of hot chocolate

radiates into hot chocolate cake in a mug

right after this.

ANNOUNCER: How to make quick and easy hot chocolate mug cakes.

Gather together chocolate cake batter,

microwave-safe mugs, cinnamon sticks,

and a little whipped cream.

Parcel out your batter,

about 1:30 in the microwave to bake.

[ Ding! ] Top with a whole cinnamon stick

and a dollop of whipped cream.

Gooey, tender, chocolate cake in a mug.

For more treats like this,


25 minutes left.

Give us a molecular-gastronomy dessert.

Use that mad science to make those flavors come alive.



This is not working for me.

So I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do.

I'm so stressed right now.

This raspberry caviar looks terrible.

Cole, figure it out.

I can't do this. I'm doing something else.

I think he's scrapping it.

Oh, I wanted to taste it.

I don't know what I did wrong.

But I need to start something else.

I can't go home.

Kaniyah, do you have any peanut butter?


Aidan, do you have peanut butter?

Yeah. I have peanut butter.

I decided to make peanut butter snow.

Why did I not think of this first?

I spent so much time thinking about raspberry caviar.

It didn't even work.

And raspberry does not go with apples.

Can I use some?

-Yeah. I'm all done with it. -I grab the peanut butter.

And there's not a lot in the jar.

There's just enough

that I could still make some peanut butter snow.

17 minutes.

Got to make the snow.

I mix peanut butter and tapioca maltodextrin

and put it in a food processor.

And it'll turn from white to, like, a light tan.

And it's kind of weird, so weird.

AIDAN: I notice that Cole is making peanut butter snow just like me.




We're gonna find out who is better

and who goes home.

Okay. Don't get nervous, Aidan. You have tons of time.

It's time to assemble my s'mores.

I start to delicately take out my shells.

And they're crumbling.

No, no, no, no, no.

[ Gasps ] Aidan's tart shells are breaking.

What's he gonna do?

I'll tell you what he's not gonna do --

make a tart.

I don't know why they're crumbling.

Maybe they're not hard enough.

That's kind of falling apart.

Next time, he's gonna put some more butter

and sugar in there.

I can't use this.

I am freaking out because it's the main point of my dish.

I should've never ever done this.

10 minutes, bakers. You got 10 minutes.

I just need to turn them into deconstructed tarts.

I'm gonna have to plate the crumbs

inside a little glass

because when all else fails, deconstruct.


And I put ganache on

and put a nice dollop of whipped cream on top.

And I think that's good.

-Ah! [ Electricity buzzing ]

Ah! [ Laughs ]

-You startled me. -I'm alive!

I seriously thought you just --

You got me for a second.

I'm scared.

JUSTICE: Now that my cobblers are in the oven,

I am gonna start working on my smoked-apple ice cream.

I light the wood chips.

And it's starting to glow. And that's what you want.

It looks super cool.

The apples are basically marinating in the smoke.

So I'm ready to start my crème anglaise.

And I put some milk, cream, and vanilla bean

in a saucepan until it's nice and warm.

And then I add my sugar,

egg yolks, and some spices until it's pale in color

and put that in the ice cream machine.

So I get my apples out of the bowl.

And I start to incorporate those

so that it gets that nice, smoky flavor.

-Can I use this, please? -Yeah. I'm all done.

You still haven't made your powder?

-No. -Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Got a lot to do during this bake.

It's time to start on my ice cream.

I use milk, heavy cream,

raspberry puree, and raspberries.

And I bring it to a low boil.

And then I get my ice cream into the ice cream maker...

Put it in the blast chiller to make it harder.

I get the pies out of the oven

and place them on a cooling rack.

And then I get started on my snow.

How you doing, Kaniyah?


I just need hazelnut spread.

Anybody have the hazelnut spread?

I never touched it.

I go run over and get a food processor.

My chocolate-hazelnut snow is gonna be on point.

And, like, what's not to love about chocolate and berries?

That's a classic.

8 minutes, bakers.

Ah, 8 minutes.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my God.

I realized that my whipped cream wasn't whipped.

And that takes a long time.

[ Crying ]

Make some whipped cream quickly.

Make sure it's cold.

What is Kaniyah doing? She's sobbing.

VALERIE: What's going on, babe?

You putting a little bit of your tears in there for us?

I don't have my whipped cream.

Kaniyah, what's wrong?

Kaniyah, why do you want this?

I have to make my powder.

You have to make your powder? Okay. Make your powder.

You got this.

I never want to do this again.

Kaniyah, I'm coming.

8 minutes, bakers.

Ah, 8 minutes.

[ Crying ]

Kaniyah, I'm coming.

Kaniyah, what do you need done?

Can you whip my whipped cream please?

-Sure. Where is it? -It's right there.

Whip this cream.

-Her knight in shining armor. -Knight in shining armor.

Work those arm muscles.


Is this all you need left?

-Yes. -Okay.

I promise you I will get this cream whipped in time.

Thank you, Aidan.

I -- I'm telling you,

I can't take this show anymore.

I just can't take it. I can't do this anymore.

All right. It's all whipped.

Use the measuring scoop to scoop it.

That's what I did. And it worked great.

-I love you, Aidan. -Thanks.

Thank you, Aidan.

All right. Everyone should be plating now.

Make them look cool.

COLE: Oh, my God.

I still need to churn my ice cream.

My pies are still baking.

I don't know if I have enough time.

All right. 5 minutes, guys.

We got 5 minutes. -Oh, my God.

I churn the ice cream a little longer

so that I don't have to put it in the blast chiller

'cause I don't have time to do that.

And now I can just serve it right away.

Cole, is everything else plated?

The ice cream's the only thing you're waiting on?

-My pies. -Okay.

My ice cream's finally made.

But I still have to get my pies out of the oven.

I'm really concerned about Cole.

We're running out of time.

Get plated.

AIDAN: I'm almost ready to plate.

My meringue is mixing.

It's just egg whites and sugar.

It looks perfect.

That's stiff.

It's just like llama fur.

Blow torch works fast.

My meringue is done.

My peanut butter snow and my tarts went on the plate.

And I'm almost finished plating.

They look like slightly creepy smiley faces.

My ice cream tastes really, really good.

And my cobbler is out of the oven

and put onto my plate.

And I need to start making my ganache.

The cream looks nice and warm. I pour that out.

And I dump that over my chocolate.

And I start to mix that up.

No, no, no, no, no. My ganache is super watery.

Ganache usually looks like thick, chocolaty fudge.

But this looks like water.

And I do not know what's happening to it.

I put it back in the microwave to heat it up

because I think I'm just gonna put some more chocolate in there

so it's not as, like, watery.

Whatcha doing, Justice?

Justice, what are you doing?

Uh, it was --

Keep going. Keep going.

Don't stop.

We only have two minutes left.

[ Groans ]

Get something on the plate, everyone.

Everything is done.

My smoked-berry pie

and raspberry ice cream are made.

My chocolate-hazelnut snow looks fine.

But my plate is a little messy.

But I hope it tastes good.

-Aidan. -90 seconds.

COLE: I finally got my pies out of the oven.

And I don't have time to check it or taste it.

I just have to get them on the plate.

Hurry, guys. Hurry.


I wanted the ganache on the plate

for decorations and, like, swirl on the plate.

But that didn't work.

I'm just angry at that ganache.


Both: 9...8...7...6...

Go, go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go, go.


-Hands up. -Hands up.

Okay, you guys. Don't ever do that to me again.

DUFF: Down to the wire.

-Whoo-hoo. -Whoo.

Wow. Good job.

"Molacular" -- "molucular" -- molecular --

molecular "kid-stromony" --


Molecular kid-stronomy desserts.

Are we mad?

Oh, my God. Somebody help us.

-Want to bring in Aidan? -Let's.


-Hi. -Hi.

AIDAN: The last week, I was in the bottom.

And I nearly got sent home.

This is the last time

a person's gonna go home before the finale.

And I do not want to be that person.

So, I got a surprise for you.

A couple weeks ago I promised that if the waffle side won,

I would get a waffle tattoo.

You should get a waffle tattoo.

-[ Laughs ] -I should get a waffle tattoo.

-Don't forget your tattoo. -Waffle.

I -- Believe me. I will not forget my tattoo.

Uh-huh. And your tattoo artist has been "booked."

He was booked. And so you won the best waffle cake.

So I think you should be the first one to see my waffle.

All right, here. Yeah.

[ Dramatic music playing ]

Help me get this off. -Yeah.

Oh, my gosh.

So, a couple weeks ago I promised that

I would get a waffle tattoo.

[ Dramatic music playing ]

-Oh, my gosh. -There it is.

-You actually got the waffle. -You want to come up and see?

Come on up and see it.

-It's so cute. -Oh, my God. It's amazing.

[ Laughter ]

It looks so cool. -Right?

It looks like a waffle, right?

You could still see the redness

because he just got it done yesterday.

And it looks super cool.

Team Waffle.

Every time I see that waffle,

I'll think of you... -Thanks.

...and my big mouth.

[ Both laugh ]

So, Aidan, tell us what you made for us today.

You might want to turn the plate around

because the powder's supposed to be a smile.

-Ohh. -Ohh. Look at that.

The powder's supposed to be a smile.

-I see it. -It's a mad scientist.

[ Laughs ] I love it.

One eye's kind of...

He's going mad.

He's going mad, I tell you.

Certainly has.

I made a deconstructed s'mores tart.

There is a baked graham-cracker crust.

I have a smoky chocolate ganache.

There is whipped cream on top.

And I have a toasty meringue

on the side with peanut butter powder.

-Wow. -Huh.

-Go for it. -How's that for a bite?

Do it.


I taste the smoke right at the very end.

I know. It's perfect.

It really does taste like

I'm eating s'mores at a campfire.

-Mm-hmm. -Really good.

Your peanut butter powder is awesome.

It's nice and peanut buttery.

This is good, man.

I'm so glad they like it.

Now, was it intended to be deconstructed?

[ Sighs ]

No. It came out a bit crumbly.

But if you need to reconstruct it,

just deconstruct it.

[ Both laugh ]

Good words to live by.

Here's the thing, though. I really wish this was a tart

because I feel like I have to work for it.

It's a little work to get to the joy of the flavors.

We're down to the final four. We got to put three through.

And we have to look at every single piece of this

and pick it apart.

There's a lot of schmutz.

You got, like, chocolate here.

When you're plating, make sure you plate

everything really neat and really clean

'cause if you were at a restaurant

and that came out, you'd be like,

"What? Come on."

But the flavors are all really there.

That whipped cream, really well-executed.

Thank you.

All right, Aidan. Great job today.

-Thanks. -Great job.

-Bye. -Thank you.

Hey, you want to go out later and get tattoos?

-Yeah. -All right.

S'more tattoos.

You might want to ask his parents first.

-So, you want to talk to Cole? -I would love to talk to Cole.

Hey, Cole.

COLE: This challenge was so stressful.

I don't like science.

Okay. So, tell us what you made for us.

I made a apple pie

with a classic vanilla ice cream

and a peanut butter snow.

Cole, I got to tell you, man, this is a beautiful plate.

I like how your pie is very kind of laissez-faire.

It has a very kind of, like, just whimsical feel to it.

Yeah. Let's taste it.

All right. Here's a good bite.

I got ice cream and whipped cream...

-Mm-hmm. apple and the snow.

The apples are really infused with a lot of flavor.

I taste the cinnamon. I taste the nutmeg.

I taste the simple syrup.

I am missing a little bit more of an apple pie filling.

It seems all dry. -You got to have some goo.

Pie needs goo, right?

There's got to be goo, right? You sous vide the apples.

You cooked them in a simple syrup.

You take that simple syrup out,

make a slurry with some cornstarch.

Thicken it up, add it to your apples.

You would've had a pie filling.

But your ice cream on the other hand, whoa.

That is a perfect vanilla ice cream.

And it's so good with the peanut butter snow on it.

I love the two flavors together. -Thank you.

Cole, I shouldn't be able to do this.

That's dough.

Wait, what?

I'm sorry, man.

This is raw pie dough.

-I know. Shoot. -Raw pie dough.

What is happening right now?

This guy should've been in the oven right away.

You could've baked this thing

till it was nice and golden-brown.

You could've baked a separate lattice by itself

till it was nice and golden-brown,

then taken those apples, put them in here.


But, man, this ice cream is fantastic.

I'll dip the crust in the vanilla ice cream

'cause it's so good.

Thank you, Cole.

-Thanks, Cole. -Thank you.

They said a few positive things.

So I just really,

really hope it's enough to get me to the finale.

Let's see who else is coming.


How was your day today?

-Good, really good. -Really good?


I think we'll be the judge of that.

-What did you make today? -Apple cobbler.

So I used an immersion circulator.

And so all those flavors would be, like,

in there and taste super good.

And a whipped cream.

And then the smoker seems really fun.

So I used the smoker for the leftover apples I had

in a smoked-apple ice cream.

That's the best whipped cream I've seen today.

Well, he's a beast. Look at him. Let me see that thing.

That is insane. Look at that whipped cream.

Yeah. Look at him. He's a beast.

[ Both laugh ]

Let's taste it.

Mmm. It's got a lot of nice flavor.

Tell me the spices you used in your cobbler.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground mace.

-Ground mace? -Yeah.

Well, it's seasoned very well.

I could eat just these apples alone

without anything else on them.

I knew they would like my apples.

I was eating them during the whole bake.

I knew they were amazing.

Now, you make a biscuit-style cobbler.

It's more of, like, a scone batter, I think,

'cause it has sugar in it.

And normally biscuits don't have sugar in them.

When I do a cobbler,

I almost do like a cake batter on top.


So you have two schools of thought here.


I mean, some people do biscuits on top.

It's cool.

Trust me. It tastes really good.

The ice cream is cute with the little piece of apple.

It's gone a little brown.

So I don't know that I would've put it on top.

Used the smoker on the ice cream?

I don't taste a lot of smoke.

It's, like, barely there at the end.

What's this little guy?

Oh. I was trying to make a ganache.

And it turned to soupy water.

I think I was kind of angry at the ganache.

So I just decided,

"I'm just gonna use a little chocolate."

I get angry at my food all the time.

"Stop. Stop calling my name.

Leave me alone."

This thing, we don't need that.

-Yeah. No. -We're good.

Thank you, Justice.

Thanks, Justice.

Let's bring in Kaniyah.

Someone is sassy.

[ Laughs ]

So, Kaniyah, what did you make today?

I made a smoked-berry pie

with a chocolate-hazelnut spread snow

with a raspberry

and a little bit of blackberry ice cream

and whipped cream.

All right. I'd say we dig into this pie.

Let's dig in.

I like pie and ice cream together.

Pie à la mode.

Is it done?

Well, let me get it in my mouth.

And I'll tell you. -Well, eat it fast.

Stop giving me that look.

Say you like it and move on with your life.

ANNOUNCER: The winner of the "Kids Baking Championship"

will receive a sweet prize package...

DUFF: Yeah!

...that includes a feature story in Food Network Magazine...


-...and... -$25,000.

[ Cheering ]

[ Laughs ]

Winner is coming.

[ Laughs ]

Stop giving me that look.

I just can barely detect the smoking.

Maybe it could have been hiked up just a tiny bit.

-Okay. -But I love the ice cream.

I see you trying to whip the cream.

Aidan came over and helped you.

-Yeah. -How about that?

That was pretty nice. -Yeah. He's a good dude.

And I really like your hazelnut-chocolate snow.

How did you make the snow?

Um, tapioca maltrodesh.


Mal-- mal-- Maltodextrin.

-Tapioca. -Tapioca.

-"Malodextrin." -Maltodextrin.

-Malto. -Maltodextrin.

-Well done. -Good job.

I did it.

Kaniyah, I like the chocolate-hazelnut

with the berries.

You know, chocolate and berries always goes really good.

That's what I said.

Your pie crust is very tender.

You didn't knead it too much.

So it didn't get really tough.

That being said, there's no seasoning in there.

I think a little bit of cinnamon

and just something in there

to make it a little more interesting.

It makes your pie just a little more complicated,

which is a lot like you, complicated.

You're complicated.

Sometimes sweet, sometimes not.

Always intense.

-Thanks, Kaniyah. -Thank you so much, Kaniyah.

You're welcome.

That is one of a kind.

Love her.

Whatcha think?

Well, you know, this is a really important decision, you know,

because we're gonna decide

who's going into the finale.

So let's talk about whose experiment succeeded today.


I loved that apple cobbler.

There was so much flavor in the apples.

Mmm. It's super good.

However, I don't know that I tasted

a lot of smoke in the ice cream.

You don't want it to taste like charred wood.

You almost couldn't taste it though,

unlike Aidan's dessert,

where you tasted the chocolate. It was delicious.

And then at the very end, you got that smoke.

It's smoky. It's good.

It's really smart because you make s'mores at a campfire.

-Right. -I tell you what, though.

Kaniyah had a pretty bad day.

-Oh, poor Kaniyah. -You know, listen.

For me, Kaniyah's pie just wasn't successful.

The challenge was she had to get whipped cream on the plate.

And she did.

But we both know that Aidan came over and had to help her out.

Well, he whipped the cream. But she flavored it.

I know. I'm -- I'm reaching.

I mean, there's $25,000 at stake.

Got to be perfect. -It wasn't real successful.

Let's discuss Cole.


Oh, my God.

Cole gave us a raw crust.

And in week one, that's okay.

In the semis, that is not okay.

Yeah. I'm surprised.

But the apples were really, really delicious.

Listen, apple pie needs goo.

Apple pie filling is more than just apples.

Well, you can't get everything you like in life, Duff.

You know, you can't always get what you want.


All right, Val.

This is not a decision we can make lightly.

Someone should have a talk with these kids

and tell them to make it a little easier on us.

[ Laughs ]


Today we asked you, the final four,

to create something that even many professional bakers

have a tough time with,

a molecular-gastronomy dessert.

Not easy.

Today, one baker's dessert was delicious enough

to be considered a gastronomic grade "A."

And that baker is...


-Yes! -Congratulations.

You have secured your spot in the finale.

Whew! I thought I did really well.

Your modernist take on s'mores was really awesome.

Thank you.

How you feeling?

Pretty great.

Justice, Cole, and Kaniyah, please step forward.

Each and every one of you are very talented bakers.

But today, the three of you,

well, you had a few mistakes.

DUFF: Justice, there wasn't a lot of smoke

in the smoked-apple ice cream.

But the immersion circulator helped to infuse

a nice level of spice right into your apples.

That spice and your perfect whipped cream

were enough to keep you in the competition.

[ Gasps ] Thank you so much.

You're in the finale, dude.


So now it comes down to Cole and Kaniyah.

This is my worst moment at the "Kids Baking Championship."

I can't go home.

Kaniyah, your raspberry ice cream was tasty.

And we liked your chocolate-hazelnut snow.

But we could barely detect smoke in your smoked-berry pie.

Cole, you presented a beautiful plate.

And the apple pie had very nice flavor.

But your dough was underbaked

and raw in some spots.

Unfortunately, only one of you

can move on to next week's finale.




you're safe.

Cole, I'm sorry. You'll be leaving us.

Cole, you are an awesome baker.

You just had a bad day today.

I'm shocked.

I didn't think I would be going home

till I had a check in my hands.

-You're awesome, man. -You're amazing.

I'm proud of myself for making it this far.

I'm gonna keep baking and lots of glitter.

Wow. That was tough.

I think that was probably the hardest one we've ever done.

That was -- that was tough.

It's really hard to say goodbye.

And you guys should feel really good right now

'cause that dude was good.

AIDAN: It is shocking to see Cole leave.

He is super talented.

Bakers, you made it to the finale.

-Yay! -Yes!

We made it to the finale!

Now one of you will become Kids Baking Champion

and take home $25,000.

Now skedaddle. We'll see you next week.

-Bye. -Bye.

We made it, we made it

The Description of Molecular Kidstronomy