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NABERS really addressed the

issue of information, I mean people talk about energy efficiency in the context of

other, i suppose, market initiatives and it was about providing information into the


in a digestible format, as engineers we tend to think that is very interesting

to have

kilowatt hours per metre squared figures and those sorts of numbers

but basically they don't mean anything to

to the people make real decisions so NABERS brought the,

the realm of of engineering

into a consumable for people who actually have money

which is not the engineers, that's that the financial people, the accountants

and by addressing that barrier

it then turned into a consumable that people then said, "I'll have...

you know, I'll have a nice view ooh and I'll have a five star rating as well

and prescribed about that much technical understanding as well

are well NABERS goes back a

long way but, so it's hard to remember what it was like before NABERS but

look, I don't think it was taken

very seriously in those days, I've been in energy management for twenty-odd years

and I think it would be

fair to say that in the early years people didn't hire us for our energy

management skills because energy wasn't seen as a

as an issue, and NABERS came along and I think it changed

all of that, or at least it allowed people

to see that there was a difference, and that that differences

were important

NABERS is unique in the world in that

when it was first put together

there was a realisation that, you know, emissions

in developed countries came from existing building stock

and there was really no rating system that dealt with that

we've got for example

Green Star or LEED, where you're looking at new building performance

generally, but there wasn't really anything where you have to


the sustainable performance of buildings every year to make sure that they were


on track, and I think NABERS recognised, or the people who developed

NABERS recognised that, and that's why it's such a strong brand

if you look at say what the Americans do, they've got Energy Star

but the reporting is voluntary, now NABERS you need third party Accredited

third-party Accredited Assessor to come out and do the rating

for you so there's a, there's a trust that, you know, the scheme is being looked after

carefully there's quality control

you can't really cheat. You know, if you've got a NABERS four and a half star

or a NABERS four-star or NABERS five star, you know what it's going to be

performing like

and then of course there is assessments

and training of assessors and

audits of assessments, so all those things

together I think have really made NABERS a really strong brand in the marketplace

Australia has a reputation of leading the market in this field and that is

basically all down to NABERS

other countries have

green star like schemes and green star has done very well and done some very good things

for market here but NABERS

as an operational tool with genuine

measured emissions reductions is

almost unique internationally and is certainly unique international in terms

of the scale with impact it's had

so Australian portfolios keep on taking out international prizes for

sustainability and that is driven very strongly

by their NABERS outcomes

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