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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【大食い】業務用のフルーチェ1人で食らう[ 3.5kg]【木下ゆうか】

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hello, it's kinoshita yuka



it's the fruiche

and here is a light sweet mandarin orange that i found on amazon

Each package weighs 1 kg and this is heavy

and aere is a Castilla

Castella for adults

The two packages here are side ingredients

When I found this on Amazon, I wondered what's the best way to eat it ...

Here I got the idea of buying these two from Amazon

have you ever seen this kind of fruiche?

It is for special use

No, Mell stop, that's noisy!

it is used to prepare sweets and parfait


Okay !

Mell, Mell, here is Mell, jumping here

Hay ! Mell, please be quiet!

okay! i'll do that !

Mell !

Mell like to be carried by people, which is slightly different from Lon

here is Mell !

Now, let's get back to our topic

have you ever seen...

Deja vu !

I dont know if you can buy it from convenience stores or not, because I bought it from Amazon

Hay ! This is what we will eat for today!

I will eat a cake of fruiche on my own!

Let's put the castella first on this dish!

The edges of the castilla are very tasty, aren't they! Compared to other parts!

Perhaps that the taste of the edges of the castilla is stronger and tastier is just my imagination, but that's what I think

I love the part on the paper

the coarse sugar is so tasty !

the castella is moisture and delicious !

The castella has a stronger taste than the sponge cake...

Perhaps because it contains a lot of eggs

what a tasty castella

i love coarse sugar a lot !

I wanted to prepare everything here, but I can't prepare the fruiche here

Hay ! This is the real fruiche bowl

The special fruiche package

look at these notes. Using the cold fruiche...

I can't read this, this is strange!

Using cold fruiche makes it difficult to harden and for this reason store it in a good place

Note 2 - Do not add too much milk or too little milk or it will not harden

Note 3, if you use a little milk ...

If you use a little milk, this will make it difficult to harden, so add 1 liter of milk and stir it well.

But this note is not a note, isn't it !?

It is a note that combines the previous two notes paradoxically

Fruiche, if used directly from the refrigerator will not harden

And if you use a lot of milk, it will not harden

I may understand that using a lot of milk does not make it harden, but I would be surprised if it's the the same result if you use a small amount of milk

Here he says that if you use a small amount of milk it will not harden

The note that comes in the package of sweets usually tells you to use a lot of eggs or a lot of milk

But the Fruiche tells you to not do that!

why !?

i don't know !

It seems that they wrote the reason for the hardening of the Fruiche, but not why it will not harden

When the pectin in the fruiche get mixed with the calcium of the milk this leads to hardening

I hope the maker tells me what this means!

okay, let's just use it !

But to be honest, I am afraid that the fruiche will not harden

It is a large amount of fruiche after all

Hay ! Let's use 1 kg of fruiche !

Ohh! Contains strawberry pieces too

It's not the time to use mandarin orange yet

now, we have to prepare the fruiche by mixing it with milk

I'm famous for my many mistakes, right !?

we don't use the rubber spatula to prepare the fruiche, we use the Whisk

It's the cold milk

But guys, shocking news, I recently discovered that one package of milk does not contain 1 liter but rather 900 ml

... although we have a lot of fruiche

For this we need this container to measure only 100 ml

I hadn't expected that this package didn't contain 1 liter, since my childhood I thought it was 1 liter

Now let's add the milk

waaah !

Concentrate. It's 1 liter of milk

Then we mix well

Waah! started to harden!

Great Success

With this, we finished preparing the fruiche

Its texture is good now, isn't it !?

I am happy with the result

Hay ! Now let's add the fruiche over the castella

And we add mandarin orange as well

waah, nice !

Because it's strawberry fruiche you might think that it's better to add strawberries

but this mandarin orange is much better

But this is the first time for me to see this kind of mandarin orange

you can buy anything from Amazon

Although I'm only adding the fruits, I feel very happy


jaaan!! We have finished making the fruiche cake!

hay! preparing sweets makes you so happy !

It is probably the first sweet I will eat this year

It's been a while for the New Year so I forgot

itadakimasu !

looks so yummy !

yummy !

It's been a long time since I ate for the fruiche

What makes Fruiche harden in this strange shape is pectin

Fruiche is a natural ingredient


delicious !

Mell and Lon love to play together a lot

The castella goes well with the fruits

Mixing the strong taste of castilla with fruits and cream makes it a lot tastier

the mandarin orange is tasty too

It contains strawberry pieces as well

I am very thankful that I can eat a lot

It's getting cold

Can you know this from my skin?

I do not know !

the weather is cold

who eats a lot suffers from other things such as jaw fatigue or feeling cold, eating too much is not easy

the last bite !

not the last bite yet !


the fruiche with fruits was so tasty !

Eating a lot of fruiche made me happy

but made me feel so cold too

After this I would like to go to an udon restaurant that I found recently, eat udon and warm my body

The food of that restaurant is very delicious, and I have heard that it is difficult to run an udon restaurant in the winter

Everyone wants to eat this, so I guess that what this restaurant is doing is really cool

But there is also a varied menu of foods at this restaurant

i went to talk about something totally different

so let's eat a lot of udon in the summer, even though we are in the winter now

Hay ! I will do this this year as well!

and as always thank you for watching

if you like the video, hit that like button and subscribe

and i wish for everyone happy and tasty day

bye bye

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