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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (Hindi) Wren & Martin English Grammar: Subject and Predicate

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hello everyone I am Niharika John Moraga

and I am here with the new series

English grammar by Ivan and Martin

through Hindi part 1 when in Martin

Donnelly Kiki English grammar key book

hum secret Hindi key - or a hemara part

1 hair approach a foodie series Kelly or

previous courses or lessons Kelly a is

linked to follow pairs up to him today

our topic is subject and predicate let's

start before that about me I am a mass

communication graduate and English

trainer at an academy freelance

personality development trainer and

English trainer at yo P so what exactly

is subject and predicate such the belly

dignity subject emoticon if it is the

part which serves about the person or

thing that we are speaking about si city

rec t / su lasted exceeded my

perspective Ursula simcha Bar a mayhem

Baskin am i sentence me whoa subject

guillotine a sentence kebab hardware

with a subject the Hajus ahead a call

back to my subjective re me he your

subject of a sentence

who the heck sentences of the Tata that

usually comes first but sometimes it is

put after predicate so subject of

placement hota hai English key sentence

no measures and density should watch

valid argument starting my hotel but

good exceptional cases Houghton and

Johan later hamare ridden Marty G book

cover can later partner on versus

teaching a but good summer whole society

of kavacha K English Kibaki K Arabic

with optimally but most of the time

almost 90% of time of course subject

sentence we should watch Mahima liga

described are in a bath or am example

tom is the producer of this channel

eternal kappa do sir tom hey-yah

happened except a akane ticket tom Karm

a battery a exactiy or cabe Arabic good

cheese but I died Ricky

- Elka so Tom Meyers a dick toga again

eco example a Hamada here comes your car

yay - body is equal to marry car IRL

yay-hey - mihari car he happy am I

starting to worry cent is he were here

to area but here you have a Hamas

adjusting even success of Dakota Otsuki

bhakti-yoga to llame discounts given in

a bartering here you have a haircut but

rewarding as a decimal a car key button

over a year but he exceptional cases

happy home a home are a subject sentence

he laughed while about member rayve bot

bot schematic case is worth a so do not

worry hum again evil innocently the

exceptional cases could be covering it

but for now subject hemara starting

without sentence kobato's ahead that

talks about a person or a thing

next we have is dedicate Joe Baca but

awawa kike portion hota hai part Jota

hair Joe Pesci La Bajada have ojos ahead

predicate now predicate is the part

which tells something about the subject

this is the part to Kiama my subjective

are any information data subject hagia

avec Tia was pious on OC Julie we do

body key information animal Ranger move

on a path go home Freddy Kate care to

him now it is generally placed after the

subject say ham subjective body place

kappa jason Metro de Pennington paliotta

he Tong is the producer of this channel

Thomas object o Geer a book Yahoo

scheduling information on me comedian he

bow is channel car producer Hey so he

pure Abbas his channel car producer hey

yerba camara predicate ban jaga letting

each a second more examples ah here

comes the car get eco car I you happy

Joe here comes a gyro matter predicator

licking me Kamara exceptional

antara this is a big bad minute petal

here comes wala Joe portion hello Hamada

predicate backdrop ahead they usually

occur predicate again 90% of the time

sentence case it's label me Malaika Vova

Dookie subject wash worker motohama poor

about dedicate cannot ahead but one

thing to notice in imperative sentences

the subject is not present amory

imperative pendants to lieutenant how

many kinds of sentences Missy kata s

attendance is makuey odyssia Jarrah hi

Evan Tiki Thalia a certain tempo Smith

subject Hamada absent automat last

subject mahapadma nanda Malaika example

finally help prepare mother's key G a B

et understood heck you may choose to

marry family color bhakti hair Yagami

kiss a bastard a new CC balloony year

eggs under statement main hair lake in a

conversational statement hammock loves a

girl situation hair earthquake depth

even up a hair may happen disembark

reduce sublimated volume yay Quinte a

clip a ahmad at ETA imperative sentences

because he Quinn ta-da happy subject

understood Akuma Tom Neville is a

Boscarino mutiny op de Fora subject leg

an accuser worsening he has again a guy

a volte who stand up stand up eight

adacia affiliate imperative tendon

account Kia Jetta it may be subject to


stand up 8 SS Entente jokey Apna Apna

who are self explainatory here as I'm I

suppose a class majority mu or class may

may suddenly due to some reasons I say

stand up understood hair Kim at last

able to Tabasco you as a trainer as the

teacher you Mira are dat car a few job

so you happy because it is understood

complete subject car using he Kia's at

ahead you committee baths are never

letting you go da a dual augment the

need expiring askin for you until he led

a conversation hair that's why there is


subject for imperative sentences so this

was about subject and predicate subject

vaca Capello al-abbas dismay on

discovering a vodka devata- us to son of

Parvati or

Chbosky dari too detailed Acharya boy

information while apart from predicate

katha hair and always remember this note

came corrected sentence business

subjects making what they have that was

it for today's lesson thank you everyone

get going please don't forget to rate

review and recommend

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