Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REACTING TO MY OWN SUBREDDIT!!

Difficulty: 0

I'm sorry

I feel like you guys lost out in a bargain. Religious people around the world waiting so long for the second coming and they get me. HELLO

rest in peace wildcat

"Sweet mother of god,

what the hell is that?"

(Mini laughs)

That my friends is a Fornite channel.

(Continues to laugh at Fortnite scrub)

Will say GGs to tyler though because yeah, he's a Fortnite Channel

It's like yeah, so is the rest of gaming on YouTube. "He changed cos he uploads Fortnite."

I think I'm the only one left who doesn't upload Fortnite unironically

So yeah, Tyler's getting shit for it, but GG's. "How Mini Ladd became famous?" Oh, no

(More awkward laughter)


You know,

You need to realize it was an accumulation of everyone. I wasn't just like you played with one person that one person's famous

It's like you realize that

Everyone in the group was made because of everyone else, like you realize that right?

Like Evan for example,

has he ever uploaded a solo video?

No, maybe for sponsor deals, but aside from that probably not. it's the rest of everyone else, helping everyone else out

Well, I mean now they're all Fortnite youtubers. So I mean, I'm off in my own

Solo bitches. Oh Mini why don't you play with the guys anymore? Yeah if they play Fortnite

And I don't want to play Fortnite, and to be honest with you

Recording this kind of stuff for me

Is so much more fun, and let me tell you the reason why.

It's a different vibe that I don't know.

So I've been doing multiplayer videos for fucking years

So when you bring this kind of stuff along where it's primarily solo based.

I can say what I want, and I can say stuff out loud

and I can edit it how I want cause when you talk to someone, you don't know their response.

But when you know the exact response

You're gonna get through the video game, through the like you playing solo, you're able to edit accordingly. So that's why for me,

I'm having so much fucking fun doing this shit, the cooking stuff, etc

Cuz it's just different and I like it. And yes, I will continue to do it. Will I play with the guys again?

I mean Fortnite doesn't look like it's dying anytime soon. So God knows. "When you stub your toe"


Yeah, I've always been an extremely animated person, even when I was a kid. I was always that guy making a

Weird ass facial expressions. So seeing it now on a

global scale is really fucking funny.

This took a whole month? I really don't think so.

Smii7y: Hey, it's ur boi skinny penis, welcome to Wendy's.

Panda: Hey hey

Smii7y: Heyyyyy

Panda: Didn't you used to work at taco bell?

Smii7y: Nawwww that was my...

Mini: Welcome to McDonald's.

Smii7y: What the fuck, how the shit is this happening

Holy shit!

Smii7y: Timeout, how are we at Wendy's and Mcdo...wait why am I at Wendy's?

Mini: Welcome to Wendy's, inside of Mcdonald's, inside of Wendy's ass, make I take your order?


Kryoz: Hi guys, welcome to Chili's

Smii7y: Alright I'm just gonna kill both of you

(Gunshots commence) He actually spent a month on this

Mini: Can I get a waffle?

Smii7y: Alright I killed them both, they are both dead.

(Gunshots continue) Smii7y: Jesus Christ can you..


Smii7y: Taking shots lol

Smii7y: There's like two drive-thru employees taking shots at each other

(unanimous laughter)

(getting sick of captioning gunshots)


(many pop pops)

Smii7y: God dammit, we are taking a lot of shots here.


Smii7y: Oh shit I gotta be careful. Hold on, hold on, hold on I...


Smii7y: Oh shit! Jesus I gotta get the burst rifle, I gotta get it out.

(burst fire)

Kryoz: Hey, I'm making snacks!

Smii7y: Alright ok, ok, is he dead?

Panda: Hey, Hey

Smii7y: Oh shit he's still up.

Panda: excuse me?

Smii7y: Hey hey Panda, welcome to Wendys

(inaudible yelling and laughter)

(more shots ensue)

Kryoz: I didn't bring any ammo, you wanna have a truce?

Smii7y: Is it over? Yeah are we cool?

Mini: (In highly robotic fashion) I WANNA DIE!

Smii7y: Jesus Christ

Kryoz: Shoot that guy

Smii7y: Fuck this guy


Mini: I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals

(gunfire) (Mini laughs)

Panda: Hey excuse me

Smii7y: Hey hows it goin

Kryoz: Hey what do you want, some 9mm?

(more gunfire and laughter)

Panda: I was actually hoping for a Baconator?

Kryoz: Ok here you go

Mini: Sir this is Burger King, you came to the wrong place

Smii7y: Is that guy still alive?


(takes more shots at Mini)

Smii7y: Is he dead?

Kryoz: Public indecency!

Mini: So thank you for watching, like and subscribe, buh bye

Smii7y: Wow

Panda: Sounds like McDonald's closed, Wendy's are you still open?

Smii7y: Yeah what's up dude, this ur boi skinny pe...

Kryoz: Hi, this is Chilis.


(frivolous clapping)

I'm sado or sato well played


And I was like "You've taken a whole month to make this it's a green screen." No, that is fucking gold.


My god, yes bless you. Thank you. "I'm sorry Brian, guess it'll never happen"


It's creative

I'll give it that

Why does everyone give Brian so much shit about not being subscribed to.

I don't understand why this is like a thing

fucking terrible

Funny but Jesus


Look, I don't know why I say underscore ok? Fuck you. Everybody gives me so much shit

Cuz when I say reddit slash or R slash whatever I always say underscore, and I don't fuckin know why. is this an underscore?

Fuck you guys, okay?

Fuck you

Fuck you guys, god damnit.

This is two and a half minutes

Mini: the fuck is that?

Felix: I'm coming to get you boi.

Mini: Nope, not today

Felix: I'm gonna eat your ass boi.

If they made a fucking story out of this

Mini: nope, nope, really? Fuck.

Mini: Pole

Mini: This it? fuck that.

Oh no

Stop stop making me stare felix's butt shit, please.

Mini: Let's go bitch!

Creator: Whoa, wait, what happened? Oh, yeah me. Okay. Well, I guess I'm talking now. Hi

Creator: Sorry to pause this epic fight scene. Apparently sadly it shan't ever be complete you see Mini

never gave me or gave anyone enough footage to give a full fight scene or at least from my own knowledge and

And also neither did PewDiePie again with my full knowledge,

so you're stuck with listening to me


Okay, I know this sucks, but honestly it ain't my fault at all

Creator: Give me a moment I'll come up with something

Wait, I know

The best thing I can think of with little to no effort

here goes

(Kirin J Callinan - Big Enough (dank meme) begins to play)

(Screaming dubbed over by Mini screaming)

(Mini's hysterical)

You're a motherfucker you know that.

That's so fucking beautiful. I didn't think that's where that was going

So two things. One: if your classification of Felix

Shoving his ass in the air is a fight scene

You may need to rethink yourself. Two: I wasn't trying to make a fight scene

If you want me to make a fight scene then we should go make a fight scene

Maybe we should reach out to Felix and say, "hey you wanna make a green screen fight scene?" That would be fucking stupid

Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh

Sami: Bravo

This is one of the best ideas I've ever had, and I didn't even have the idea

Oh, while you're here

Sami: I told you!

This is not what we were planning!

I did not plan for me to look like Ms. Doubtfires son

Sami: I didn't plan it either, but you know it kinda happens.

Sami: Even my dad was like (grandma noises)

Mini: I got so many fucking comments about this one well played well played.


Y'all meet the fucking simmer down.

The Moby, worlds largest retail dildo at 3 foot.

To this day I have no idea who the fuck buys a

$549 3 foot dildo. What do you do with that? How massive

Do you have to be? Here we go. Look at the size. What do you do with something that size?

Seriously, the dick is nearly as girthy as her. Like how fucking

That's not even this at this point

So like oh if maybe if you're assholes this size

Which is fucking stupid if your asshole is this size, you're still not gonna get that up there

It is the size of her! you always hear the things about,

"Oh I'm gonna ruin her insides" or whatever the fuck


That will just push it all up and out of her mouth.

Y'all fucking nasty. Customer reviews,

this remarkably lifelike super dong (snickers)

It's already found good use is a hat stand, cat scratcher post

Too big for intended use but when I hollowed it out it made for a great backpack for school, Yep.

Like a Glove

And that's where this video gets demonitized, welcome to free content!

FBI finally caught onto Mini.

"Whats goin on out there?"








Jesus! I like how I just stand there like "yep fuck it".

I'm running away at this point

I'm running away. And then I stand there like that. That doesn't add up. It's not very good storytelling

It's like, "Oh no they're coming for me! Oh no run away run away. Oh you're here?"

Let me just stand there get absolutely slaughtered.

I appreciate you guys. Come on. We need some good ass storytelling here,

some believable story telling.

(Mini noises)

There's nothing more irresistible than a man with a chin strap yelling

(Mini noises intensify)

"Is this a content?"

Yes, actually, yes.

Yeah, it is content for now because people watch it. If people don't watch it then it's a steaming pile of horseshit.

But until then for the hundreds of thousands you that keep coming back,

Reddit is content. Miney Ladd. It's a minute and a half long. Oh, I know what you've done.

I know what you've done.

"You know, out of all the places I expected to be in the world,

this is the last place I expected to be."

Yeah, it's 2018 who the fuck uploads minecraft anymore

"Astonishing." Yeah, you know my channels gone to shit if I'm uploading minecraft again.

"Don't bother"

"Fuck" (Mini laughs) "Oh god where'd it go?"


"All this time and effort, and you spent it on that?"

I did that shit all the time, massive throbbing dicks In minecraft. Yes

"Thought you knew better"

You've done well

because if anyone uploads minecraft in 2018

That's a yikes out of 10.

Reason I say that because every gaming channels gone to fucking Fortnite

Who likes shitty clickbait and lego style games.

Fortnite, it's just brought out the absolute worst in people,

absolute worst.

You thought clickbait on YouTube was bad before Fortnite? Well fuck-a-doodle-doo you're in for a surprise.

Just type in Fortnite, and just wonder

Wonder about this shit how to ride a meteor, fuck off!

"When you nut, but she keep zoinkin."

(intense cringe)

You know, I'm gonna leave it there

This has been the first page. if you want, I can continue on and we'll just keep going top all-time, and look at the ones

We haven't seen before. "Why Mini Ladd" We'll watch one more.

Panda: Here I'll keep it on blue that's fine,

I can do that. I got lots of those.

Mini: Well, let's keep it on blue

(Mini laughs at his own stupidity)

"You chose to go with that"

(Mini goes nuts)

Okay, look I understand that was a bad idea..

That's a fucking brilliant way to leave that thank you everyone so much for watching, that's brilliant.

If you guys want to do another one of these, link in the description to the green screen stuff. Make em' yourself

Throw em' up on the subreddit.

Let me know in the comments where you post it so I can go have a look.

Thanks to everyone for bringing this subreddit alive, which is crazy to me

You are all beautiful bastards, just letting you know that.

But, until next time, like, subscribe, all that stuff.

I'll talk to y'all in the next one.