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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - 7th October - It's time to improve your English - MENTAL HEALTH WORDS

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there's a little robin just up there singing away

what a lovely way to start the day it's a new week

it's Monday Monday is for some a day that starts off the week to others

Monday is a day that makes them feel quite bleak whatever Monday means to you

one thing is quite sure the weekend always goes too fast there Monday

arrives once more for some the start of a new week is a good thing new

challenges and things to get done do you like to plan your week do you have

anything special happening this week maybe you have a list of jobs that need

doing a list of things to do at certain times can be called an itinerary you

have a schedule to keep maybe a place to be at an appointment to keep a social

meeting with friends perhaps you have a party to go to we all have things to do

during the week if you have to get something done by a certain time then we

call this a deadline the deadline is the time when something must be done by

whatever you are planning to do this week I hope it all goes well and there

it was a flashback way back to 2013 when I did my 31 days of October and here we

are now in 2019 doing the same thing

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy are you really really

happy I hope so here we go again it is a new week it is

Monday the 7th of October 2019 at five minutes past 2:00 on a Monday afternoon

here in the UK I don't know what time it is where you are because I'm not there

you see here we are again it is day seven of 31 days of October for those

who are wondering I am here with you every day to celebrate my 13th

anniversary which will be happening at the end of this month so on the 31st of

October it will be my 13th anniversary so I thought I would do something

special during October so I am with you every

single day today tomorrow right up until the end of this month now one or two

people have misunderstood the reason why I'm doing this so can I just say now

that it has nothing to do with brexit it has nothing to do with the UK leaving

the European Union it has nothing to do with that so this is my month for

celebrating my 13th year on YouTube but of course at the end of this month it is

also brexit so on exactly the same day so not only is it my anniversary on the

31st it is also brexit Day well as far as we

know it is anyway so we will see what happens I hope your Monday is going well

so far I know for some of you it is early in the morning right now and for

others it is late at night here it is afternoon and it's a very

strange one today mmm let's have a look outside shall we it's

quite gloomy misty it's damp and some might say dismal so today is where there

is not looking great it is looking very misty and murky meanwhile in my garden

and that is the view looking out towards some of the flowers in the garden you

can see on the left the red flowers well that particular flower is called

fuchsia fuchsia so that is a fuchsia and on the right the pink flowers you can

see they are Japanese and enemies so some very colourful flowers in the

garden now a lot of people always think that winter time in the garden is a dell

time but of course there are many plants many flowers that do actually come out

during the winter months and towards the end of the year so there you can see two

of the flowers right there lots of things to do today we have a busy hour

of course I am with you every day today I'm with you tomorrow I'm with you

something else I want to mention in fact there are quite a few things I want to

mention first of all there is now a playlist under this video so if you go

down into the details of this video you will see that there is now a playlist

for 31 days of October so you can catch up with all of my live streams that

you've missed already since the 1st of October so they are now all available on

my playlist which you can find under this video in the video description and

also don't forget if you to have live captions you can you can

actually press that button there on your keyboard and you will have as if by

magic you will have live captions isn't it incredible I love technology I really

do even though sometimes it drives me mad it drives me crazy it makes me go

insane now it might sound as if I'm being very flippant or very insulting

there however I'm not but sometimes we do use words quite inappropriately for

example we often describe a person who is acting strangely or doing something

that we disagree with as being crazy or mad when in fact it might still be

perfectly normal and I think I think it's something that is often

misunderstood now this week here in the UK it is actually Mental Health

Awareness Week so when we talk about mental health we are talking about the

way we feel in our mind the way we view things and the way we react to the

things that happen around us so this week in the UK it is Mental Health

Awareness Week and you can see there the hashtag which is now trending across the

UK so today we are talking about mental health we are also talking about

buzzwords as well if you have watched some of my full English lessons you will

know that I love talking about words that are popular during a certain period

of time especially now so a buzzword is a word that is popular during a certain

period of time or is generally popular so here we are day 7 of 31 days so I

still have a long way to go we get to the end of the month let's

hope that I don't burn out now there is an interesting phrase burn out now this

is something that is associated with people who put a lot of their time and

energy into doing something so when we say burn out we mean that you have

completely exhausted yourself you have come completely run out of energy you

have no more creative ideas you have no more energy to do the thing that you

have been busily doing so let's hope that during October I don't suffer burn

out a lot of people on YouTube and you might not believe this but a lot of

people on YouTube do suffer from all sorts of problems because they try to do

too much and a few people have said to me mr. Duncan please be careful during

October we don't want you to become too stressed we don't want you to become ill

because you are trying to do too many things so I will try my best not to

suffer from burnout if you do too much or if you try to put too much energy

into the thing that you want to do maybe every day or if you want to keep doing

something for a long period of time you might suffer from burnout that is when

your brain can no longer think of new ideas or you can't think in a creative

way anymore you do too much far too much so as I mentioned it is Mental Health

Awareness Week we will be talking about that and also we will be talking about

another subject buzzwords so a buzzword is something that is used quite often

and we will be taking a look at one or two of the buzzwords that are

being used right now meanwhile what is happening on the live chat let's have a

look shall we who is here on the live chat it's time

to say hello to the person who is first oh I see

ah I can see what's happening here Andrew and yeah man

you are both first today now first of all your names appeared at the same time

on the live chat so Andrew and yeah man you are sharing today's honor of being

first on the live chat

congratulations to you yes live from England on a Monday afternoon I'm in the

countryside a lot of people ask where are you mr. Duncan I live in the

countryside I live in a place called Much Wenlock in England and that's where

I'm talking to you now from Rahul is here also

Anna Coby Diane hello - grace hi grace nice to see you back as well Joe is here

guadalupe hello to you as well Wow so many people are here already and

it is Monday the start of the week how do you feel about Monday what do you

think on Monday morning as you wake up in your bed do you feel happy that a new

week has started or do you feel a little bit unhappy I think it's normal I really

do think it is normal to feel a little unhappy a little miserable at the start

of a new week especially if you have lots of things to do however this

morning I woke up and I always think of a very good way to train your mind now

this is something that I learnt many years ago we call it mind over matter

hmm so this is a way of thinking this is a

way of having a positive attitude to everything you do every day of the week

so mind over matter and the way I remember this I always remember this by

saying if I don't mind it doesn't matter so mind over matter staying focused on

what you are doing and making sure that you don't get too stressed in your mind

so that is something I often use when I'm thinking about the things I have to

do I have to do things in a very calm and

steady way we call this mind over matter and as I said if you don't mind it

really doesn't matter and I think that is something that is

very important to remember hello to Palmeiro hello to g50 hi I've been

waiting for you how are you hello g50 nice to see you here as well

Meeker and Lewis Meeker in Japan Lewis in France hello to you and don't forget

Meeker and Lewis are two of today's moderators so they will be keeping a

very close eye on what is happening on the live chat Ford

hello Ford or fjord or few odd also ten yeah

hello Tanya art nice to see you back again Theo is here

hello mr. Duncan and the viewers I wish you all a wonderful week yes and that

comes from me as well I hope this week is a super-duper one Umrah wardi hello

from Egypt Maru also ana Cesar watching in Mexico

Francisco Wow a lot of people here already also we have mean who is

watching in Vietnam and a big hello to everyone watching in Vietnam I know I

have a lot of people watching their Shing Xiao Jing Chou to everyone

watching in Viet Nam Palmyra hello palmyra also Alamgir we have

Belarusian hello Belarusian I have received quite a few comments about the

video that I showed yesterday of your dentist surgery

a lot of people saying how impressed they were by by your beautiful office

also a lot of people commenting on your English as well

everyone said how wonderful and clear your English is so I hope you take some

encouragement from not only my comments but also comments from the viewers here

as well hello to de Santi hello de Santi watching in Indonesia I do have a lot of

people watching in in in Indonesia that's not easy to say in Indonesia

Elliott hello Elliott who appears to have a picture of mr. bean as a baby oh

very interesting hello Elliott who is watching at school hmm I wonder if

Elliott is actually someone else yes that's all I'm saying

Palmyra hello to everyone and the moderators also to aresia

aresia who is watching in India hello to you

I was asked the other day if I like Indian food and can I say every Friday

night every Friday mr. Steve always makes a

delicious curry and the other day I was asked if I've ever eaten butter chicken

curry or buttered chicken yes it's very delicious now there is a

certain ingredient that is often used in Indian food and it's called ghee ghee I

think it's spelt GH e e ghee and it is a type of butter but it's

used a lot in Indian food and it's very delicious just like everything that

isn't very healthy or good for you it tastes lovely so

to answer the question yes I do like Indian food very much I am a big fan of

Indian food in fact all sorts of food talking of which I will be in the

kitchen on Wednesday so I'm going to be with you on Wednesday in the kitchen of

course I am here every day during October for those who would like to send

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Agustina hello Agustina who is watching in argentina it would appear that I have

a lot of people watching in Argentina so hello to everyone

Lily hello Lily oh hi mr. Duncan it's great to see you again how challenging

does it feel for you to keep up with the routine of showing up on YouTube every

day well to be honest with you now I thought it would be difficult but to be

honest with you I am really enjoying this I can't begin to tell you how

excited I feel every day knowing that I will be talking to you every single day

during October so in fact I don't feel too bad at the moment so I don't feel

stressed I don't feel too worried about it in

fact my feelings are completely the opposite

I feel quite excited I feel quite happy to be doing it I feel elated oh that's

an interesting word to be elated if you feel elated

it means you feel upbeat you feel quite happy about something your mood is

positive we are talking about mental health today it will be one of the

things we are talking about so it is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the

UK so we are going to have a look at that

in fact I think Lilia I think you might be very interested in this because I

know that you study psychology Oh Alan Gere is here I feel more productive

today because I went for a walk for about thirty minutes just before this

live class that is a very good point now apparently exercise is very good for not

only your body we always think of exercise being important for your heart

and your lungs but exercise is also very important for this up here your brain so

exercise is not just good for your body but also it can free up your mind it can

help you to think more clearly so exercise is actually a good way of

improving your mental health it is true hello to Belarus ear again hello muna

hello also to Cristina hello Cristina how many caps do you have

I always like your hats I have a lot of hats I am well known for my collection

of hats I have many different types of hat I might wear a different one

tomorrow I was in Paris about three months ago and I bought I actually

bought a lovely red beret to wear so I might wear that tomorrow what do you

think is that a good idea hello to Andrea hello Andrea nice to see

you here on the livestream day 7 today of 31 days of October learning English

every single day I have been asked if it would be possible to show the Puddle

dance it would appear that people like watching me dance in a puddle

there it was the puddle dance a lot of people seem to like watching me dance in

a puddle so I hope you enjoyed that I hope it made your day it is live English

from England the birthplace of the English language can you believe it yes

today we are talking about all sorts of things now I am a very big fan of

buzzwords I really love buzzwords and if you watch my full English lessons my

recorded lessons you will notice that I often mention buzzwords so today I

thought we would take a look at a couple of buzzwords that have been talked about

and mentioned quite a lot recently and of course unfortunately I am going to

have to mention politics during this segment here is a great buzzword now

this particular word spin spin now in general terms spin means to turn around

and around and around so if something turns around continuously or moves into

the opposite direction we can say that it's spins but of course the word spin

can also be used in other ways as well especially nowadays so spin can also be

used as a verb to twist a story so as to give it a positive appearance to spin a

negative story so as to take away the negative tone of a previous one so quite

often people will say things or make statements and what they want to do is

to try and make something that was said before or previously

they want it to go away or to seem not as bad so spin as a verb also we can use

spin as a noun the presentation of a story addressed in a certain way with a

certain slant or angle normally a favorable one so as a noun we say spin

as a story that has been released or introduced or maybe a statement that

tries to take away the damage of something that was said before we often

see spin being used in politics as a way of moving negative news out of the

spotlight so quite often in politics you will hear people criticize politicians

for using spin what they try to do they try to take away the attention of

something that might be negative so what they do instead they create a positive

story and they hope that the negative story will actually go away so there is

one buzzword here is another buzzword oh yes now this is one that has been used a

lot recently petty petty petty is the word and it is an adjective in this

sense something of little importance a trivial matter or point that serves no

purpose might be described as being petty so the word is petty and it is an

adjective to concentrate on a small mistake or to use a minor error against

someone can be described as being petty for example most of these complaints

were made by residents who have nothing better to do than be

Hettie so you might hear a politician criticize another politician and the

politician doing the criticizing might be accused of being petty

so maybe petty criticism or maybe petty argument something that is of little

importance something that might be trivial and trivial means something that

isn't seen as important it is of low priority so something that is trivial is

something that isn't really all that important to be honest it isn't it is

just after half plus two here in the UK on a Monday afternoon I hope your week

is going well Mohamad are you the organizer Belarusian I am

from Pakistan I think you are referring to the moderators yes I have four

moderators although I think Pedro isn't here today

so Pedro isn't here hello Nero zero hello to you hello also

- yeah man who says this video is not petty oh thank you very much so the

opposite of petty is relevant or important so when we talk about the the

opposite of petty it means something that is relevant or something that is

important it is a big thing not a small thing

very interesting Diane says I know the buzzword number one but the second one

is a new one for me oh I see so by Anne you have heard of spin but you haven't

heard of petty okay well that's the reason why I'm here to try and help you

with your understanding of the English language I always try my best

hello - Surya hello Surya nice to see you here

Louie Louie says I like music from the 1980s you were talking about the word

spin another great 80s song because we all like music from the 1980s don't we

let's let's just be honest 1980s music is fantastic and the best

pal mera says Kylie Minogue had a song called

spinning around I'm spinning around that one you mean I'm Adam ahaed I don't want

sorry I will stop singing right now and another one Louie Louie says another

great 80s song you spin me round like a record by Dead or Alive I remember that

song very well a brilliant music video a you spin me right round baby right round

like a record baby hello also - shakier hello Shakira I've been searching online

for learning English for more than two years finally I found you you are the

best thanks a lot thank you Shakir that's very kind of you to say hello

also - yeah man and also Anna Anna also appreciates

music from the 1980s so as I mentioned earlier we are talking about a subject

that isn't easy to discuss I will be honest with you it isn't a subject that

some people like to talk about but we are going to talk about it today so

words related to mental health now we often think of mental health awareness

as being a way of May people aware that there are others who

suffer or have to deal with that particular thing so I suppose we should

also take a look at awareness awareness so awareness is normally an issue that

you try to make public you want people to understand a particular problem or a

particular subject so mental health awareness is raising the profile of

people who are suffering or are dealing with mental health issues so this is a

word you might see used a lot some people might say that this is a buzzword

and I think you might be right if you said that so awareness we often have

awareness campaigns where we like to make people understand or become more

tolerant of a certain thing so I think awareness is a great word I love it in

fact to be aware to understand and I suppose in some senses be tolerant as

well of course mental health is not an easy thing to talk about in fact for

some people it is a taboo subject it is something that people avoid or are even

discouraged from talking about so you might view mental health issues as taboo

sometimes people feel that you shouldn't discuss those things and there is also a

stigma attached to that particular type of illness so when we say stigma I

suppose in its broadest sense we are saying shame or maybe you feel awkward

about talking about a certain thing or maybe the attitude of society on that

particular thing so the word stick can be embarrassment or shame or maybe

something that you feel has has made you a different person in other people's

eyes for example if you told someone you have a broken arm people will go oh I'm

sorry to hear that I hope your arm gets better soon however

if someone says I have mental health issues you don't normally get the same

reaction people find that sort of thing a little difficult to talk about I think

so so there is a stigma attached to mental health issues I think so let's

have a look at the live chat last week I get for my bipolar disorder I think it's

work my since my work my suicidal tendencies lifted knee oh I'm sorry to

hear about your problems but there are many ways of treating mental health

issues nowadays and problems some people use medicine of course therapy is a

great thing as well many people use therapy meditation of

course being mindful has become quite a buzzword as well these days

hello Lilia now Lilia is a person who has studied psychology I am NOT a

psychologist I am NOT a psychiatrist I don't have anything to do with

psychiatric medicine psychiatric medicine when we talk about psychiatric

it's things that are concerned with mental health or the way you feel in

your mind psychiatric so I don't have any

psychiatric medical background so can I just say that but I am very interested

in the subject it's selves for various reasons hello to Anna

Thank You Lilia in spiritual fields we use the word awareness to talk about the

recognition of things we stored in our subconscious mind shedding the light of

our consciousness on hidden things so to speak yes I think it isn't just about

the things that you think or the things that you know it can also be about the

things that are hidden away in your subconscious so there is more than one

way of existing in your mind you have the things that you store in your

subconscious as well Thank You Lilia and that is one of the reasons why

mindfulness and meditation has become so popular nowadays it is seen as a way of

unlocking the mind and allowing you to to put things into perspective hello to

Guadalupe I love that you are always relating everything with spirituality

says Guadalupe and that is directed at Lilia I think so well I always think

that spirituality is not necessarily about religion but that's what most

people think when they think about spirituality they think straightaway

about religion but of course it isn't just that it is also your outward view

of everything the way you interact with everything around you and the way

everything around you interacts with you as a person so I think so

Dianna's here I'm always hearing the word issue but I don't understand it

well can you wonder can you explain it thank you bye on an issue is just a

thing or a topic so you are pointing to one particular topic so when we say

issue we are actually saying topic a particular thing may be

something that is seen as important maybe something that is affecting many

people in their day-to-day lives so the issue is the topic that you are focusing

on you are actually focusing on a particular topic or subject so that

issue is the thing you are discussing so you might say that mental health issues

are important so things relating to that particular topic so I hope that explains

that one for you lilius says it's okay mr. Duncan you don't need to be a

trained psychologist to feel emotions and reflect on them do you well I agree

with that but I think some people are a little they are a little nervous about

doing it but understanding yourself is well I think anyway from my own

experience it is a very big step forward if you are dealing with anything that is

going on upstairs quite a loop I have to go to work unfortunately it was a

pleasure to be in this class all the classmates are kind and respectful yes I

think so it's a lovely place to be as I always

say the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be I'm so glad you

could join me for today's live stream

Lilia says you are absolutely right mr. Duncan what a beautiful definition of

spirituality you have given oh thank you very much that's very kind of you

Mohammed says here in Pakistan it is now very early or is it late I think in

Pakistan it is later isn't it it is later because Pakistan is ahead of the

UK Louie Louie says meditation may sometimes help against burnout

and that is the word that I showed you earlier burnout it is the feeling of

having no more creativity you have no more energy to carry on many YouTube

celebrities end up suffering from burnout they can't do anymore they

pushed the they have pushed themselves too far and Here I am 13 years later and

I haven't had one moment of burnout in 13 years isn't that incredible that's

what people are saying now they can't believe I'm here every day doing this

they seem very worried that I might suffer from burnout oh dear is Pedro

here Pedro Belmont where are you are you on

the live chat I didn't see Pedro oh okay then so we are talking about mental

health awareness and here is a word that you might hear used quite often clinical

now clinical relates to direct treatment so if you are having direct treatment if

a person is actually giving you some sort of treatment directly then we often

associate that with clinical something that is being dealt with directly

clinical when a new product may be a new beauty product is first developed quite

often they will do clinical studies so they will study the item they will test

it on a group of people so a clinical study is a study of people directly so

anything that is clinical you are dealing with it directly some things

that can be treated directly as well can be described as clinical clinical exact

or precise thank you very much to my water

hello mr. Duncan it is very nice to watch you this is the first time to be

live with you I am so happy muwah de welcome to my live stream

yes the robber warden that was for you that round of applause was just for you

for being here for the first time on the live stream thank you very much thank

you yeah man who is watching in Indonesia also yeah man oh yeah man

apparently is in Syria I didn't know that descente is asking where do you

live in Indonesia now I do know that a lot of people watch my lessons in

Indonesia so one or two of you are trying to find out where the other

person lives in the country because Indonesia is a big country let's have a

look at our main subject today which is mental health and I thought it would be

a good idea I thought it would be good to actually take a look to focus on the

main subject so when we talk about mental health

the phrase mental health relates to the way you feel in your mind your way of

thinking can relate to the interpretation of everyday occurrences

so your way of thinking can relate to the way you interpret everyday

occurrences the things that happen to you on a daily basis now think of it

when you wake up in the morning how many things will happen to you during the day

all the people that you're going to speak to all the things you are going to

say all the experiences you are going to have during that day so the way you cope

or deal or handle the occurrences all of the things that happen during the day in

your mind that is the general term mental health your reaction to the

things that occur around you and the after effect of these events can have a

negative effect on your well-being not only mentally but

also physically and this is something I mentioned earlier so sometimes your

mental health can also affect your physical health as well we often talk

about a person's state of mind so when we talk about a person's state of mind

what we are actually saying is the way they think the way they think the state

or condition so the way are they are thinking the way they are processing

information and also the way they handle daily events the discussion of mental

health has for a long time being a difficult subject to approach however

these days more people are willing to talk openly about their battle with

issues such as anxiety depression stress insomnia mood swings and eating

disorders so the list there contains many of the things that can affect a

person mentally where is mr. Steve these days well Steve of course is very busy

he has a job that he has to do so that's the reason why there is no mr. Steve

because mr. Steve is a busy bee so I'm sorry you have to have me instead I'm

very sorry about that Palmira all diagnosis of any illness are

kept secret in our country well that's very interesting and that goes back to

something I said a few moments ago how difficult it is for people to talk about

illness now most people I'm not saying everyone

but nowadays it is acceptable to talk about illness if you have a serious

illness or even a minor illness maybe you have a cold

old or maybe you have an injury maybe you broke your arm or your leg people

will often give you a lot of sympathy and they will be very willing to talk to

you about it however there are certain things that people are still

uncomfortable about addressing or talking about and I think mental health

is one of them definitely I remember from my time in China the attitude

towards mental health in China is incredibly negative very negative

certainly when I was there there was a guy that lived in the city where I lived

and he used to walk around wearing bright clothing

I remember the trousers he used to wear were bright orange and some of my

students and some of my friends kept making fun of him in saying oh it's okay

he has mental problems or he has something wrong with his mind but all he

was doing was wearing bright clothing if you've ever been to China you will know

that people don't normally wear bright clothing quite often the clothing is

dark maybe black or brown so you will notice

that people don't normally wear very bright clothing in public in China so

anything even a small difference between one person something that they do that

is different from the rest of society it can be seen as being mental a mental

illness even though it's nothing it isn't anything so the attitude towards

mental health is quite negative in China I'm pretty sure over the past the past

few years I hope I really do hope it has improved Kristina what about natural

treatments against mental illness yes I think so I think there are many types of

treatment that it doesn't involve medicine or things that might alter your

mind so we talk about things like antidepressants which is a type of

medicine which is given to someone to try and readjust the chemicals in their

brain Christina says direct contact with nature can be very positive for a person

with mental problems or mental health issues I think so yes well exercise is

something I've already mentioned so there are many many ways of helping

yourself without taking what I would call addictive medicine so there are

many types of medicine that is given to people with mental health problems

however I'm not saying that it is necessarily bad because of course all

medicine is helpful hello - out hello al what do you think the place of a very

mentally ill person should be well many years ago here in the UK there were many

hospitals where people were simply locked up they weren't treated they were

simply taken out of society and then they were locked away in what they

called asylums and can you believe it during the Victorian times people used

to actually go to look at the mentally ill patients in psychiatric hospitals it

was actually a form of entertainment can you believe that so this just shows how

awful the attitude in the past has been towards mental illness so yes this is

something that used to happen here in the UK people would would go to visit

the psychiatric hospitals or the asylums as they were called

and they would use it as entertainment absolutely awful terrible Lilia says oh

this is very good interacting with horses or dogs has

proven to help people with mental conditions so people who are suffering

from psychological problems can be helped by having contact or being near

animals and yes this is something that I've I've also heard of and it's

something I mentioned actually I think yesterday or last week I mentioned this

about pets so there is a type of therapy pet therapy where people are introduced

to animals and having an animal nearby stroking the animal giving it some care

and attention it can be very therapeutic it can be very helpful there are a lot

of words that relate to types of mental health issues one that a lot of people

talk about nowadays is anxiety anxiety is still something that isn't completely

understood anxiety relates to the feeling of sudden dread or fear that

appears to come from nowhere so anxiety is the general term for feeling dread or

feeling fear and quite often anxiety can be very serious it can cause all sorts

of problems however you might be surprised to find out how many people

really do suffer with anxiety it is something that is quite common nowadays

but of course some people have anxiety at a low level whilst others suffer

severe anxiety so it is something that is talked about a lot and of course I

suppose one other thing that a lot of people talk about these days is

depression some people believe that the pressure of

life or the pressure to succeed in life is causing more people to feel

depression and depression is not being unhappy and this is something that many

people often misunderstand about depression depression isn't about being

unhappy it's more than that it is something that is right in here it is

like having every bad day of your life arrive at the same time it is in here it

is a feeling that you can't quite imagine so unless you suffer from

depression you can't really understand how it feels and it is more than just

being unhappy it isn't about being sad it isn't about being gloomy it is much

more than that a lot of people these days blame depression and anxiety on

stress and I think it would be fair to say that these days we do live in a very

stressful society we live in an age where everyone has to do more than they

can handle in their work in their private life in their relationships so I

think stress is one that is very common these days in fact more and more people

are now taking time off work normally over extended periods of time because of

stress so their actual job is causing them to have stress so stress is a

general term for just the feeling of being unable to cope unable to cope with

everyday things so the big pressures in your life can slowly build up over time

and eventually you will suffer from stress

stress in fact many of these things are linked together so you might see in many

cases stress leading to other problems such as anxiety or depression Lewis says

I have read a book called life areas Karamazov in French a very good book

Freud was the innovator of the study of psychology and I always find these

things very fascinating even as a child I've always been interested in the

workings of the human body so not just physically but also mentally

as well so there are many things that can affect a person of course other

things can come along that you might suffer from for example insomnia might

be something a person suffers from maybe they are unable to sleep because of fear

or worry maybe something that is happening in their life which is causing

them to lose sleep so here is another one

insomnia is an illness and it means you are unable to sleep a very distressing

thing to have even if you lose a few hours sleep or even two or three hours

it can make your your next day very hard to get through I hate I really hate

losing sleep I really can't I hate it so much because it always spoils the next

day it really does here's another one and this is a very common problem and it

is something that now has been described as an epidemic loneliness loneliness is

a type of psychological problem it is something now that is

as a mental health issue because more and more people are finding themselves

in a situation where they have no one to talk to

or no one to share their time with so even loneliness has become a major

mental health issue because more and more people are finding that they have

no one to talk to hello sir most of the problems come due

to the cause of less sleep or sleep deprivation yes

sleep deprivation means you suffer from loss of sleep you cannot get to sleep

you have been deprived of your sleep Christina says I suffered from anxiety

years ago so I decided to live in contract in contact with bet with nature

sorry about that I suffered from anxiety years ago says Christina so I decided to

live in contact with nature yes this is something that has been proven to be

very therapeutic exercise and also meditation there are many ways of

connecting with the things that are going on up here it's a very big topic I

can't believe we're talking about this today it is a very big subject hmm noise

pollution yes if you live in a place where there is a lot of noise around you

maybe you have noisy neighbors maybe your next-door neighbor maybe your

next-door neighbor has a dog that keeps barking and keeping you awake at night

and then that can develop other things as well I think so al khair thinks I

think that the ability to deal with failure loneliness and general speaking

having a thick skin should be taught more don't you think

mr. Duncan yes well this is something that I'm very aware of because I do

something which puts me on the sharp end so when we say you are on the sharp end

it means you are at the front there is nowhere to hide so being here on the

Internet really is being open for criticism and

one of the things you have to really develop if you want to do this is a

thick skin you have to really become used to criticism for example can you

see I spelt loneliness incorrectly I missed the e out of loneliness so that

is something I did this morning because I was doing it too quickly so I have

misspelled loneliness now many years ago that would have really upset me I would

have been almost in tears thinking about that spelling mistake but over the years

I've realized that everyone makes mistakes

it is not the mistake that you make it is how you deal with the mistake and the

same thing applies to the way you handle yourself on the internet and there are

many people now who that they buy a webcam and then they start doing things

on the internet and then other people start attacking them and they become

very upset by it but the problem is that is unfortunately the nature of the

internet that is the way it works unfortunately neo zero says I thought

you miss spelt loneliness I did I admit it I put my hand up and I will say me

right now I mr. Duncan spelt loneliness incorrectly look at that you see it was

painless and that is part of the way you deal with everyday problems sometimes

you don't need to think about them so much

you don't need to keep thinking it is a way of training your brain not to get

too full of all the things that you don't need to think about I think so yes

how much time do you spend to prepare your daily lessons well normally I wake

up at about 8:30 so normally from the moment I get up in the morning I start

preparing so normally it takes about 4 maybe 5 hours to prepare this and then

of course I come on and then I do it so maybe 6 hours in total thank you for

pointing out that I miss spelt loneliness I did I am going in a moment

it's almost time to go I hope you've enjoyed this lesson something a little

different I will be back tomorrow of course back tomorrow at 2 p.m. in fact

I'm with you every day during October every day in October 31 days of live

English October 2019 Monday to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday 12 p.m. just after midday

sunday 2 p.m. UK time thank you very much for your lovely messages and also

thank you very much for your honesty and openness today I really do appreciate it

thank you to Yemen thank you to Rita thank you to min yes I think the

increase the increase in demand and the pressure that more people now feel is

causing us to feel more stressed and quite often this leads to other problems

such as anxiety and depression these are real things that affect people and there

are ways to deal with it there are very useful lesson Thank You

Yemen thank you Anna oby thank you Christina I hope you've

enjoyed it thank you very much - bye Oh pachoo also Xin Thank You Bella rusia I

am back with you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK time we will be talking about something

else tomorrow a different subject altogether oh and don't forget on

Wednesday we are in the kitchen ooh anyway that's Wednesday I will see you

tomorrow for day 8 of 31 days of English this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English saying thanks for watching me today see you tomorrow

and of course until the next time we meet which will be tomorrow

ta ta for now 8-)

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