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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

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Robots that serve food and drinks with little heart eyes!

Take me to Japan right now. Just teleport me.

I don't know how but let's find a way. I need to live there.

There these elevators tell you what the weather is like so you know if you need to bring your umbrella!

That is amazing! You're like, "Oh, umbrella time," so you don't get soaked,

so your lap[top] doesn't get ruined, so your hair doesn't get ruined.

It's gonna, be a good day, as long as you remember to bring that umbrella.

So this woman gave birth in a Japanese hospital and this is the food they gave her.

Why does it look like food from, like, a five-star restaurant?

Like, people in japanese hospitals pretty much be eating [in] Michelin star restaurants.

That's amazing! This is how it should be everywhere.

Like, you're in a hospital. It's pretty miserable in hospitals.

At least the food could be good. Right?

In most trains in Japan you can actually rotate the seats in any direction.

This is amazing! If you're with, like, four people, you can rotate it so you're facing each other and hang out as a group

Or maybe some people get nauseous facing a certain way.

Now you can, move the seats. And the fact that there's enough space

means that you're gonna get so much legroom it's gonna be amazing.

Something tells me if, like, we had these seats in America, like, we'd probably break them.

Why don't we have the same amounts of respects?

The bullet train in japan is so smooth and so fast that you can't even feel it.

This person balanced this coin the whole ride and it didn't fall over.

Even if i do that at home, it's gonna fall over because I feel like you move an inch and the house shakes.

Japanese people make the country even more beautiful by painting the streets and manholes.

These are pretty damn beautiful. These are, like, pieces of art. I would hang these up on my walls.

Like, that's how good they are. They're so pretty! I want. I need.

But rumor has it that ninja turtles actually painted these, not Japanese people...

Okay, I made that up but how cool would that be?

So this is a toilet that lets you wash your hands, and then the dirty water you wash your hands with --

that's the water it flushes the toilet with so you're reusing and recycling water.

Instead of using it once, you're using it twice. As long as you don't use it a third time, it's good. Then it gets weird.

"Japanese fans stayed behind after the FIFA World Cup 2014 match to help clean up."

Oh, this is so sweet!

Now this? Is class.

Look at it. And they're so happy doing it. They're being so helpful. This is so respectful, so kind --

Why don't we ever do this? We're always, like, "Gotta go somewhere else," and when we could be helping people clean up.

You know those stadiums don't clean themselves. But at the same time, I guess people are getting paid to do it... but still.

This gum container has little pieces of paper so that you don't just spit out your gum or shove it under a table.

I'm looking at you if you do that. Don't do that. That's gross.

There's nothing worse than touching a table and realizing you put your finger into somebody's disgusting gum.

Anyways you can wrap the gum up in this paper. Brilliant.

So some Japanese toilets actually have, baby seats attached

to the wall so moms can put their babies in the baby seat

and then use the toilet and not have to worry about holding their babies at the same time.

I guess you could also put your purse there if you have a purse with you... This is super handy.

Everyone follows the rules and respects each other.

I like this. I wish the whole world was like this.

So this is a note that was left in somebody's bike basket, and the note translates to:

"I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke your bell. I'm sorry." And gave him money to fix his bell.

I feel like anywhere else in the world they would have broken your bell,

stolen your bike, and then maybe left a note telling you where to pick up your bike,

And then you would have gotten there, and then you would get mugged. Am i right or am i right?

So somebody got stuck under the train and everybody

started pushing the train to help set him free.

You know what I hate? When you're walking down the street, and then you see somebody fall,

and then people are just, like, go[ing] about their day and don't even help. But i'm just, like, "But that person just fell."

So some toilets in Japan actually can play sounds.

So either, like, a white noise so that nobody can hear you, you know...

Toot. Because you know, sometimes it's uncomfortable. You don't want to hear people -- hear you do that.

Well now they don't have to cuz it gots the noise. It also has a water noise, which could

also be handy for those people who have "stage fright." Like, like I'm sure you know somebody

who needs to turn on the tap to pee. Well now you can just press a button, it plays water music. Magical!

There's even maps telling you which stalls are occupied and which ones are vacant

so you get no more awkward knocks if people be like, "There's anyone in there?" and you're, like, "Yes!"

"The refrigerated lockers that you can leave your food in and continue shopping" or do whatever and your food's gonna stay cold.

Fridge-er-lockers? This is crazy. But, like, to be honest, I probably would never use these.

"Tokyo commuters waiting for their train." Look at them! They've just made lines!

On every train i've been to it's, like, some mumble jumble of people.

Nobody's making lines. Everyone's just trying to rush on there first.

Actual lines without people telling you to make lines? Impressive.

I read somewhere once that actually kids in Japan are taught from a very young, age, like, to line up,

and that it teaches them, like, discipline and stuff. Also what I heard might not be true but that's what I heard.

There are dispensers for phone screen cleaners.

You know when your, your phone just gets dirty and fingerprints? Now you can clean it whenever.

Why aren't we funding this? I need these everywhere. My phone's always dirty.

"Japanese airport staff sorting out the suitcases by color." By color!

Like, this makes it so much easier to find, and this is so sweet of them.

Everywhere else I've flown they're, like, throwing my suitcase around like it's indestructible --

as if the things I have in there don't matter -- and then I get my suitcase and I'm, like,

"Did this suitcase fly here or did they drag it behind the plane?"

"Trains in Japan are equipped-ed with foot baths to make journeys more relaxing."

I mean that's kind of luxurious, but also kind of gross. Like, I don't want to put my foot bath in a bath

where other people's feet have bathed in. I feel like -- oh -- like, I feel like you would just get, like,

some type of weird foot fungus. Maybe I'm being overly paranoid. This one is not for me. I'm sorry.

You guys can take all the foot baths with strangers you want. I'm just gonna take my own foot baths at home where nobody else has put their feet.

"The unwritten reverse parking rule makes drivers' lives easier." Whoa, this looks so organized.

Everybody is parked in reverse. I would never survive.

"Some elevators have emergency toilets." I'm dead. Imagine the look on people's faces, and you're like, "Oh my god guys, I'm so

sorry. I have to go now!" I feel like that's not why these are here. I hope not. Like, I feel

like this is, like, in case the elevator gets stuck and you're stuck there for hours.

Or maybe people actually use these? I don't know. I don't want to ever see somebody use the toilet

while I'm on the elevator. Ever! Like, I don't care if you're pooping or peeing, it's not happening.

I'm not down to see it. I'm not down to be around it. The smell -- don't even get me started on the smell!

This one is a "No" from me. I don't want my elevators to smell like porta-potties!

Imagine you're on your way to a meeting and then they're, like, "Oh, you smell, like ___," and I'm, like, "Yeah, someone took a ___ in the elevator."

"Japanese ATMs have both cup holders and cane holders." Finally somewhere to put my pimp cane!

But, for real, how annoying is it when you need to put your PIN in and you have nowhere to put your coffee?

Problem solved.

In Japan there are stands that hold your smartphone to take selfies.

You put your smartphone there, it takes a selfie of you. You don't need the selfie stick anymore.

You don't need to ask a stranger to take a selfie.

But... I feel like I'd just be super paranoid someone's gonna, steal my phone.

Like, you know, you're taking pictures, you're looking good, and someone just, like, runs,

grabs your phone, then they're out of there! "Bye, phone." Maybe that just doesn't happen in Japan.

"Hospitals offer glasses with prescriptions for filling out forms." And all I can think about is how

dirty those must be. Like all the people putting them on their faces, and then you're putting your faces...

No. I'm a little bit of a germaphobe, in case you haven't noticed.

"Japanese taxis have these buttons in case the rider would like them to go slower." And it's called "Turtle Taxi"? That's so cute!

Turtle Taxi! I mean, where is the button if you

want people to go faster? I've never been in a taxi and wanted them to go

slow. I'm always in a taxi, I'm always late, and I would need them to go fast! We need two buttons.

Also, like, couldn't you just, like, politely ask? Like, couldn't you be, like, "Hey sir could you go slow?"

Why does there need to be a button? Hmm?

"Square watermelons that can fit in the refrigerator." Now, this, I think, is false

'Cause I've read somewhere that those aren't so they can fit in the refrigerator -- like, I'm sure they

do fit better -- but I I heard these are just, like, luxury things and they're super expensive. Like,

expensive to the point, where, like, why would you want to spend that much on a square watermelon?

You're, gonna eat it anyways.

"Japanese handrails that bend with the steps." Would this be better? I don't even know.

Like, I'm picturing, like, my hands just doing this the whole way. Like:

[playful nonsense sounds]

"Cans that contain alcohol have braille pressed into the top."

Now, I don't read braille but I'm pretty sure it says, "Time to party!"

"I dropped my shopping bag, and when I went back to look for it later that day,

someone had placed it next to a tree untouched." I wish that every time I lost something, I was in Japan,

because maybe I would have gotten all that stuff back. I never get anything back that I lose.

Actually that's a lie. Sometimes I do, but it's very rare. Like, usually it's gone. It's gone for good. I've lost it, I've made peace with it.

"Koi fishes even live in drainage channels in Japan because the water is that clean."

I always thought Japan, was, like, somewhat polluted but, maybe... maybe I was completely wrong.

What? This is crazy. Good for those fishes. Good for those people.

Another great invention: umbrella lockers. Like, nobody wants to carry around an umbrella.

Most the time when it's raining I'm just, like, "I don't want to carry this umbrella with me everywhere, so I'm just gonna get wet."

Imagine you didn't have to carry it around with you. You could not get wet and also put your umbrella in a locker. Mind blown.

"Expectations meet reality in Japan." It's the real thing, guys.

When have you ever in your life ever seen an advertisement for food

and you've gotten the food and it's looked the same? Never! I've never had -- this is the first time

that it looked identical.

It must taste so good, this cherry pie -- cherry pie ice cream with some cherries on top!

This is a children's seat on a train. This seat looks like he's -- he's the guy making the train go!

Oh my god, that's so much fun! That, or maybe he actually is running the train. You never know.

"There are over 300 scramble intersections in Japan where you can, cross a street diagonally."

We have these in Canada too, or at least in Toronto, and they're the best

because you don't have to go "this way" and "this way" to get to your destination. You can just go across!

Saves you a lot of time. Maybe not a lot of time, but it saves you time and, you know, what? Time is good.

"These fitting room instructions in Japan cover your face to prevent makeup from getting onto the garment."

This is amazing.

You know how many times I've wanted to buy a shirt, and it's, like, a white shirt,

and there's somebody's foundation all over it? I'm like --

They're, like, "Oh, we'll give you a discount." I'm, like, "I don't want a discount. It's probably

not gonna come off. I don't -- and I don't want to have to deal with cleaning it. I just

want the shirt without the makeup on it." And they're always

sold out, and that's the last size. This would be so helpful.

This urinal in Japan is a video game you play with your pee, so you have to get it right on the bullseye, and then you win

which kind of encourages people to get it on the bullseye and not pee everywhere else. Okay!

Well there you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you all so much! Stay

awesome, stay sweet, and don't forget to be nice each other. Bye bye!

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