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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE BORING FLAMETHROWER TEST!

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Hey guys! I'm the Hacksmith and my team and I take fictional ideas from comics, movies and videogames

and make real working prototypes.

Now, in case you've been living under a rock lately,

Elon Musk has just come out with a commercially available flamethrower.

He's selling the flamethrower through The Boring Company.

Which is one of his business ventures that hopes to revolutionize underground transportation,

by building giant tunnels underground at the speed of a snail.

The funny thing is a few months ago he sold Boring hats to raise money for the company.

And he promised that if he sold 50 thousand of them, he'd sell a flamethrower next.

Well, he sold all of the hats and now we have a flamethrower available for pre-order

and a few teaser videos on Instagram.

But you know me... I'm not the most patient of YouTubers.

Plus, I can make almost anything.

So I made my own version!

Let's test it out and make sure you're subscribed

because we're gonna post a build video showing how we made this in just a few days.

Now, we tried to keep the design as close as possible to The Borings Company flamethrower.

We used a Nerf shell to make the gun,

and a standard propane tank on top. I believe this is a one pound propane tank.

And the core of this is just a weed burner meant for pruning around the garden.

But let's see what it can do and I'll show you the features.

Ignition is preformed by a 20 thousand volt spark generator.

This thing gives you a nasty shock...

And then, our trigger, releases a 12 volt solenoid valve producing a plume of propane gas.

Now, lighting it does take a bit of practice because the propane is coming out so fast

it can actually put out the flame from the sparkler.

So we found that the best technique is to blast it,

and the light it!

It's also great for roasting nuts.

Roasted almonds!

Plus! With a standard issue tack rail you can add any accessories you want!

Including this laser sight!

Now you can see where your flames go!

Plus! It's great for roasting marshmallows!

Perfect marshmallow.

It needs a bit more.

Now, that's how I like my marshmallows.

You want some?

So for our final test we're going to make a final modification to make this thing just a bit more powerful.

First we get rid of the... existing tank.

Now, I don't wanna one up Elon Musk...

But... I'm gonna one up Elon Musk.

We've made an additional fuel backpack for

our Boring flamethrower.

And this actually increases the capacity as well as the...

...the output of our flamethrower.

And just to remind you this thing can put out 500 thousand BTUs

which is ridiculous, a house furnace is only around 70 thousand.

Got my fire retardant coveralls on.

This are fire retardant right?


Should I put gloves on?

Let me show you it's features!

Not bad!

This thing is awesome!

I like that fire!

There's actually a lot of propane in the hose so check this out!

I close this everything else is open.

About 20 seconds of extra fuel just in the line between the tank and the gun!

Oh my fingers are cold! All right let's go inside.

Well we hope you guys enjoyed our take on Elon Musk's flamethrower.

For more information ont the real one check out

And since we made it we decided to make a quick little parody of his Instagram videos. Take a look.

And make sure you check out some of our other videos.

We take fictional ideas form movies, comics and videogames

and sometimes Elon Musk...

And make real working versions!

Hit that notify bell because we're releasing a build video showing how we made this in just a few days.

Thanks for watching!