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Meet Dolorez Florence Griffith Joyner.

But let's call her Flo-Jo,

as everybody knows her.

She was an American track and field athlete

that changed the face of sports in the 1980s

until she became a fashion legend.

Let's see. Born in Los Angeles to a humble family

in the early '60s,

the young Flo-Jo was one of a kind.

By the time she was seven, she was running free

in the desert.

A few years later, Flo-Jo was running for her high school

in Los Angeles,

where she showed her own passion -


By that time, she was a cheerful girl

in love with the sport.

But at the age of 19,

she had to quit to help her family's economy.

So she went to work in a bank.

Yeah. Boring, right?

But then,

she met this guy.

Bob Kersee was a legendary track coach

who trained many of the most memorable athletes.

So he helped her to gain a place at UCLA,

and they began to work seriously.

And now...

in this very hot day in Los Angeles,

a gentle breeze starts to blow.

In the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles,

Flo-Jo won the silver medal.

Good enough, but what the people mostly remember

about her were her eccentric looks.

Mainly her long and wild fingernails.

From this moment, Flo-Jo became

sort of an attraction in the Games.

With her strong personality

and unique style,

all the eyes were upon her to see what was next.

She still had to work, and during her free nights,

she styled her friends' hair and nails.

Flo-Jo never quit on her passions.

In this you have to be very relaxed.

Once you reach your high rate of velocity,

then you just try to relax and maintain

that speed that you've built

and just carry through the finish line.

Then came her enormous success in Seoul,

winning four gold medals and a silver too.

After that, she became popular around the world.

And all thanks to these two things -

performance and style.

Flo-Jo kept working on her looks

as a part of a strategy to go further.

As you can see, her outfits were really something.

Laces, fluorescence...

and even a one-legged suit.

It would be these bold fashion decisions

made by Flo-Jo that would open the door

to many athletes that followed her.

Today, after almost 30 years,

she is considered the fastest woman

of all time.

And her records stand alone

with her personal and unique style.

She loved the game, and she made a statement

that still lives on today.

The modern generation will still look at her

as an inspiration.


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