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want to drink coffee



Are you always bringing your daughter home?

from the past no


so why have two toothbrushes

There is also one red

My name is Nghe Other

this year is 30 years old

tell the truth in many people

My parents are rich

A lot of people like to call me the Rich End

or lack of Khai

But I basically don't like it but this pulse

I have not thrown away the ideology of the past

there is love

you say the humanity of enlightenment

It's like winning 22 00:00: 48.240000: 00: 50,080 on this I can't deny

because the

I'm real compared to the winners

There is no difference

the only difference

I am every winner

You really feel my other female student is good

I feel good myself


I don't like it as you remember

for affection

I also have the rule of mind


not proactive

Why is he not active?

not me

So you hold your hand so you can't take the initiative

so little

It's okay

I give you a little proactive action

can't move


tell the truth

meet the female student

I am very proud of the owner


Do not refuse

want to drink with you


Or come to my house to drink

Ok ok

I decided to go

Can you be with my best friend?

Wow play big like that



Let's go together

This handsome wants to play with us

Sure enough

when meeting such a situation

should refuse to still refuse


no charge


really like you


the other day I had to regret my parents

My wife and my uncle

My uncle also came

I go with you

They probably like you very much


do you understand now

I don't charge, I say

Even though we have already lived

also no need

I have to spend a lifetime with you

but speaking of the level of failure to reprimand

then it must be said to my best friend Dau


The songwriter was very famous

Parking Contingency


not right

No need to grant it


Do you wear today?

Your favorite underwear?

wow The foam


I am not saying that I have one prepared today

Very beneficial huh


I must say that I was very lustful


Everyone wants an old girlfriend

my best friend Andrew

now she is very safe

Pikachu found it so bad

There is also a beautiful girlfriend

but I can only continue on this side

live life like that

I do not please


Even Pikachu's girlfriend is very beautiful


But she also did not pick up

This person is so beautiful

What can you do?

see another girl with me

I don't have it

Yes, but he said it out loud

my dear

I just want to say

if this girl is me

I think it is better

real or not

Naturally true

but it's a little eye

If you are, I can't

she already has a lot of eyes

my dear


I'm so sweet


my dear

how long will i love you

One kiss is ten thousand years

two ten thousand years

I hate it too much, so come out

my dear

We have been together for a year already

Not very short

I see it

Every time we go back and forth -> the first second

but I see the situation today

so familiar

today we can go to letter three

what are you talking about

Her mother said she could not have sex before marriage

have you forgotten

my dear

Sometimes I don't need to hear my mom say it

can not

both Jay Chou worshiped her mother

I can't listen


I have to break up here first

You are cold

There is also this

Can't see another girl

my dear bad man

my dear

I'm Pikachu

My biggest affliction is

my girlfriend is very beautiful

but not with me

so I really admire Andrew

The girlfriend is both beautiful and beautiful

my god

They were canceled because of a sentence from her mother

It turned out that I respect her mother

but at the moment

I want to talk to her mother


I limit you

I'm a car

is a motorbike salesman

I like schoolgirls

but I am also an expert

on my body is absolutely love

But on my soul is a radical

lecherous people

I just feel

Even with a girlfriend already

I want to

have personal space

But unfortunately

My girlfriend doesn't think so

preparation work before

Watered well


I can serve you as a pleasure

what are you doing


gloves dew for maintenance

So how do you remove your pants?

regret hot heat

Let her go windy

come on

I burned it in time but I was not at death

No no

You are so bad I can't stand it

I don't need that


Who calls you to work, 198: 09: 07,100 -> 00: 09: 08,030 Germany

director looking for me huh

What do you take this for?

I call you to take the rail on this side

Yes, director quickly

I go now

What are you seeing?

go to work

My hair is too shiny

Ton Ngo Khong huh

where is the actor

Stand by

where is the actor




Today's face is so lovely

This pants are so long to leave


talk to me

Wait a minute, do you know what to do?

Do you know how to act Dung Gia?

Dung Gia is right

Wait a minute yes


Are you ready?


what are you doing here

I have a very important job to tell you

I want to tell you something

tomorrow you have to go pity

Go to Pity

Are you going to work?

My father wants me to play in your home country

The ability to have a river in that party for three years

three years and five years


we are finished right?

The function is

If you don't cover it

Do not cover me up

price for you

congratulations, martial arts


Andrew is really Andrew

hey Mock Other

can you continue

what to say

Short news

there is more

Next is our show time

Is the software ready?

It's ready

I already told Lisa Li

all are racing girls


meet later

yes meet late bye

Can I not cry anymore?

I'll go home

Do you know

then before

yes bye

Who is calling?

his mother

She wants me to go to Taipei now

The current

how to hurry

His father died


are you okay

It is very uncomfortable to meet things

when my grandfather died

I'm also uncomfortable with your shoulder

I want to cry, cry

There is nothing I can do for you

Go ahead and say it

I may invite you not to speak first


Alo this is Pikachu

Remember to find a ladle to party in Khan Dinh

already know

must be very beautiful

How beautiful is the same?

I have to go to the hotel, huh

I'm Lisa

No more searching, no harm

hope so

I pay you, I remember


Remember to have big breasts

metamorphosis 290 00: 15: 46,170 -> 00: 15: 46,160 bye

If you want to buy flowers, then hurry up

Wait a minute, I will break away


what is it

If you live far away, can you hear us here?

I want to eat you bananas

This is not needed

No need to be fast okay

really mother

what is my mom

what is this

Have nutrition

If you are a vegetarian, you have nutrition

I'm not saying you have to go to high speed

Can you help me, Mom?

No need to take a high speed train

I went to take a car to take one

what a car takes

I see myself

I only know to do bad things myself

Luckily, I remember coming here


even if our house is poor

Mom told the son of a high-speed train

You can pay it

Then hurry up and go to luggage administration

I love you the most

I also love you very much

Mom, tell me

Enchanted in Taipei very much

I must try to study

can't do bad

I know it

Please rest assured

fast mother can be on TV

see to my son's news

How fast

Then try to study

Then hurry up

time is near

I know light pears


Hurry up and go to luggage administration


Your sister will go to Taipei

I have to show you my mom

Do you know or not

Then Ngu said yes

Then hurry up

then i'm gone

Yes, please weigh yourself




you threatened me

Do you want to buy fruits?

yes i buy fruit

both my daughter

prepare to read the main college

The next day must be the host

the next day she was the host

I tell you every day

can be on TV

see her host the news

so you are now

You want to see me eating bananas


See, I don't need it

you don't see no need

I am now

The presenter shows you

do you see the bananas that eat pepper?

I tell you who is responsible for eating bananas

Very sexy arena performance

what is it

I don't know if my daughter eats banana pepper

Anything is really strange

hair picture this time it is

Fu like Lam Tri Lam do you know

Lam Tri Lam

like Ta Y Lin more

what do you say

no problem

So it's good time

My page is ok

I can see it

But your progress is not enough


This victory, I have been poor and have come close to meeting demons

A little less

whatever he wants to do

she paid

Your lipstick is like that

I don't feel like Lam Tri Lam

This time, Mr. Dan comes here

are you crazy

So Chien Dong's spirit is awake

making movies

Vu Yen has time

Yen's mother

are you crazy

These people don't come to our party

the best

Tran Tran Diem


harm me today so well prepared


I'm sure you will sell me today

Pikachu guarantees her

today are all handsome and tall people

real or not

Good work today

The atmosphere today I feel very good

Good work today

The atmosphere is very interesting

You all died laughing


Ta Na


Ms. Na has not met her so quickly

sorry you are

i'm you

This is the last time I told you

Beautiful tall people from Taipei

he's another good

So what are you waiting for

What are you guys doing?

Enhance equipment

how are you so cute

otherwise I can play with you

Want to play more team huh

The total is talking

one was dropped


Someone wants to

tonight's main role

Finance fiancé

take a picture


because tonight

He is not a person anymore

but a match

If you want to hold your back, you will be able to hold your hand this evening

The wedding invitation is fun 432 00:20:47,290 --> 00:00:00,000 New wedding fun

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