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Pokemon Sunday!! Extra.

Heart Gold, Soul Silver big special.

Hello to everyone watching on Everybody's Nintendo Channel. We are Robert! Hi! Hello!

10 years after Gold and Silver were released, a new Pokemon adventure begins with Pocket Monster Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

Is everyone playing?

We're all playing a lot aren't we? Yeah, *a lot*.

Released on September 12th, Pocket Monster Heart Gold, Soul Silver.

The guys from Pokemon Sunday are going to try out some new, fun ways to play which we haven't seen in the series before.

What are they going to show us this time?

Here it is!


Pokewalker, which is included in HG, SS, is a pedometer.

Put a Pokemon from the software into the Pokewalker and you can go on an adventure together, raising you Pokemon as you go.

Put a Pokemon from the software into the Pokewalker and you can go on an adventure together, raising you Pokemon as you go.

The walker also has lots of fun ways to play.

Then it becomes even more fascinating! First of all......

So you can put your own Pokemon in here, right?

You guys watching on Everybody's Nintendo Channel. Did you know that?

Now then, let's add our Pokemon.

And then, choose your walking course and you're done!

And then, choose your walking course and you're done!

Baba's Chicorita, Iko-chan, goes to the Pokewalker.

There it is! It's cute!

How cute is that?!

And, let's attach it to our hip, but......

It's slap bang in the middle!! It's on your buckle!

Right, let's try walking.

So as you walk, your pokemon gains experience. That's cool, isn't it?

So on the screen you're walking with your Pokemon!

Now, let's send it back to the DS. Come back from the walk.....connect.....start. Oh he's back.

You can get closer to your Pokemon, gain experience, take a walk, and moreover....

Wow! He gained a level! I did it!

So like this, even when you can't battle, you can level with the Pokewalker.

And when you use the Pokewalker, you collect Watts

Things are more fun with Watts!

First, you can catch wild Pokemon. Find a Pokemon in the grass. You can get Pokemon, that you can't catch with your DS.

Now the guys will collect some Watts.

So this is Baba's Pokewalker, so Baba should be the one to do this.

That's obviously true!!

Yeah, it's mine.

I see....

Treadmill+ Using a treadmill, we'll build up some Watts.

You'll never collect enough like this. Yeah.

Hey, is this pace really OK? Yeah, if I walk slowly.

It's called walker, so I should walk. Right, that's enough. Already?

Right, let's do some Pocket Training. Oh, there's a reaction.

Oh, there it is. It's a Nidoran. These lines show the HP.

Dodge. Oh! Dodge again. Oh, he glared. ran away.... Hey, what are you playing at!? What are you doing!? Catch it! Catch it!

Let's try again.

Here we go. A Nidoran. We're relying on you this time.

You're just dodging.

It's always been like that.

He's a friend of both of you? Yeah, that's right. He's always dodging.

Ah, it ran away again.... What are you *doing!?*

Let's get some more Watts.

We want to get Watts quickly, so we want him to run.

Fast! Fast! It's a Poke*runner*.

With your movements you can get Watts.

You really went for it! I'm knackered!

Right, *this* time... There's a reaction.

It's a tough battle, you have to wear down you opponent. Iko-chan! Go for it!

He's not feeling to good. Alright! Let's try to catch it.

OK, throw the ball. How's that?

Can you catch it!?

There it is!! Yes!!

I did it!!

OK, now let's find a tool.

Hey, don't say it like it's easy, OK!?

Use the Dowsing tool. From six grassy areas, you get 2 chances.

Maybe you can find strange tools too!?

To do some dowsing. Baba is frantically trying to get more Watts.

Oh great! Come on, stop it. Stop!


Hurry up and stop it!!!

Are you good at dowsing?

I'm good.

Have you ever done it before?

Oh, there's a reaction close by. This one or this one? messed it up. Yeah, it was the on the right.

Ha, this is fun!

Let's try again!

Alright!! You got a Kago Nomi.

It's really hard to get berries in Johto.

Let's try and get lots of items.

There you go. Oh!

You got it in one!

You can hold up to 3 pokemon and 3 items. When you reach the limit, transfer them back to the game.

Oh, there's a diary and stuff.

Yes! You can look at the diary written during your walks.

And when you go to a Pokemon Centre and check your box.

There's the Nidoran you got during Poke Training.

Met with the Pokewalker at Level 5.

In one day, you can connect to up to 10 people.

You can do a lot of things with the Pokewalker. Why don't you give it a try, everyone?

OK, so from now until next time, let's raise our Pokemon with the Pokewalker and then battle them.

Next time, we'll see a 3-way battle.

Yamamoto made a joke. PokeWALKER, TSUKEYOUKA (That means let's use it).

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