Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GON practiced using the bottle

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Me and GON came home. 😄

We went inside and gave MIU with GON to drink some juice.

Oh, MIU is on the slide.

MIU climbed up and couldn't get down, right? 😅

Mom and GON are back. I have a gift for MIU here.

Can MIU come down?

I bought peach juice for this MIU.

Here, mother. Mom hug MIU.

Come on with mom.

Good, dear mother.

Mom and GON are here.

Mom pour juice for MIU to drink.

Peach juice is very fragrant and delicious. 😄

What juice do we go to? 😄

Hi everyone! 😄

This is the peach water and GON bought at the supermarket.

Peach juice juice imported from Korea. 😄 I poured the bottle and gave MIU a drink.

I asked my mother to help me with a plate to pour GON some juice. 😄

Very delicious. Immediately MIU took the bottle. 😄

Thank you mom

There's a disc, I'll pour GON juice.



GON drink it.

I have to drop every drop for GON to taste because he is so picky to eat. 😅

mum mum.


Aromatic right? GON

The boy started licking the drop of water on my hand.

GON is licking the flowing water from the pacifier. 😅

Oh little sucking boy slightly lighted the fake knob. 😄

MIU drink this more.

GON drank more on this plate.

GON sat over here drinking juice on this plate.

Here. GON's here.

GON sat down and drank.

It was great to see GON taking the juice from the bottle. 😄

I will continue to train the boy to use the bottle and drink milk. 😄

I feel very happy, excited and energetic. 😄

GON has drunk enough. Goodbye and see you again. ❤️

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