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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Language Q&A Lesson - Pronunciation, Listening, and Conversation Practice

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ana de I'm sure it's Sunday morning in

most other parts of the world and

welcome to my living room this is my


I have my office in the back corner of

this room in my house and I think the

time of doing live lessons on a Saturday

night outside is over just for a little

bit the weather is getting quite cold

here in Canada in fact right now outside

I think it's one or two degrees Celsius

so it's a little too cold for me to do

these outside so I thought we would come

inside so if you are wondering where do

I make all of the just checking to make

sure everything's working if you're

wondering where do I make the Tuesday

video I make it right there on that

computer behind me I use that camera up

there and one of these lenses whenever I

make the Tuesday English lesson so

anyways besides that I just want to say

welcome to this English lesson I have my

cup of tea as usual even though I'm

inside and I'm ready to spend just a

little bit of time answering your

questions in a little bit Todd will post

the link over there and you can start to

ask your questions please do use the

forum to ask questions because that

makes things just a little more

manageable for me so anyways welcome to

this live question-and-answer lesson on

the English language if you were here

yesterday morning you'll know that we

talked about entertainment part two if

you haven't seen that video please do go

watch it it was a good video I know a

few of you were here I know a janilla

was here at the beginning lolly was here

at a few of the rest of you Shaun was

here and he's back again Shaun from free

99 English is in the chat I'm just gonna

say hi to him for a sec I give Shawn a

special shout-out because he is another

English teacher on YouTube so if you

ever want to go watch videos that are

made by someone else check out Shawn's

channel at 399 anyways

let's get started I'm gonna jump into

the first question and the first

question is from a Janee and he says

remember Bob you recommended me the book

called the pearl

so the Pearl is by John Steinbeck it's a

bit of an older story but it's it's a

nice easily managed read in English so a

Janee says I read it awesome that's

really good

it was a great story in a nice little

book different from what I expected I

thought you might think that please

recommend to me another book hey a

Geneva is what we'll do

leave a comment asking me to recommend

you a book because off the top of my

head I can't think of another one really

quickly I do have some ideas but leave a

comment and then I'll try to think of

something before tomorrow morning I'll

get up tomorrow morning and I'll respond

to most of the comments and I'll do a

little bit of research for you and try

to think of another book that I could

recommend to you but that's a great


and I'm glad to hear that you read that

book that's awesome let's see here let's

go to the next question

it's from tau loon it says tau loon says

hi boo or Bob boo is my Halloween Eve

boo the Canadian sorry that's a little

bit of a joke ghosts say boo and at

Halloween people say boo to scare people

so I guess on Thursday night this past

Thursday night you could have called me

boo the Canadian anyways talans says I

love your English lessons very much so

my question is can we eat the pumpkin

after we decorate for Halloween and can

I keep it for years we don't eat

pumpkins very often anymore in Canada we

do eat squash which i think is a

relative of the pumpkin but we don't eat

the pumpkin after we use it for a

jack-o'-lantern you probably could but

the pumpkins we use for jack-o'-lanterns

aren't the same pumpkins that we use to

make pumpkin pie or other things so I

wouldn't recommend it especially if you

had a candle inside pumpkins usually

have a candle inside

so I'm not sure it would taste good next

question from Zakaria I'm from Morocco

hello Zakaria I have a question which is

better us English or UK English thank

you so it really depends if you are

learning English in order to do business

with people from the United States or in

order to do business with people from

the United Kingdom or the UK or if you

are learning English because you want to

go to school in the United States or the

United Kingdom that would determine

which kind which version of English you

should be focusing on there once you're

advanced enough you'll be able to

understand both United States American

English and British English but if you

have plans to study somewhere or if you

have plans to do business with people

from a certain country I would focus on

that language certainly when you read

English it doesn't matter because it

whether you're reading a book from

Britain or from America it will in your

mind all sound the same but yeah think

about what your plan is for using

English and then go from there let me

get to the next question let's see here


tell-tell Bo says hi Bob so my other

question is why do you have to go

outside in primary school although it's

very cold in the winter so yeah at

primary school or elementary school in

Canada in Ontario that's grade 1 to

grade 8 it's about age 6 to age 13 you

have recess during the day recess is the

time when the kids at school go out to

play and even in the middle of the

winter Canadian children go outside to

play in the winter at recess it's very

healthy to go outside in the winter

unless it's minus 20 degrees Celsius or

lower most kids will go out to play even

our own kids on a Saturday in the middle

of the winter if it's minus 10 they will

go outside to play and it's no problem

when I go outside

when it's minus 5 or minus 10 it's cold

but if you wear your gloves and if you

wear a toque or a winter hat you're fine

it's really the wind that makes it the

worst usually let's see here

edward has the next question edward says

hi Bob is there a difference between

start off and start out so I'm gonna

start off on a journey I'm gonna start

out on a journey those would be in the

same thing but if I said you should

start off by eating healthy

I wouldn't say start out would I I think

start off is whenever you begin

something and start out I think would be

more related to a journey although now

that I say that I think you could say

both you know if you want to be healthy

you should start off by eating really

good food if you want to stay if you

want to be healthy you should start out

but yeah they are almost interchangeable

those two there that's a good one Edward

good question thank you let's see here

lolli lolli says I heard some native

speaker say I did work instead of I

worked is it common to say that thank

you so yesterday I worked yesterday I

did a lot of work it depends lolly on

how you're referring to the day so in

general last week I worked every day

but if I was talking about specific

tasks I might say I did a lot of work

everyday or I did work every day oh

that's interesting see in the

affirmative if someone says oh I heard

you stayed home you stayed home

yesterday you could say no no I did work

yesterday so it in some cases it can

mean the same thing but it's a very

subtle difference Paul from the Ukraine

let's see what Paul has to stay here

let's see

so Paul from the Ukraine says hi Bob how

are you I am good I'd like to ask you

what does it actually mean if somebody

says that he doesn't have enough long

capacity for something like track and oh

it's actually lung

city so when you breathe your lungs are

inside your lungs are what take in the

air and when you are a long-distance

runner you increase your lung capacity

at least that's as much as I know but

when you do track-and-field or when you

do those kinds of exercises you want to

have really good lung capacity so not

long lung capacity you want to have

really good cardiovascular endurance

that's I think what the question was

let's see here next one Helen from Helen

Rivera says you look like an aquarium

sign for being such a good teacher and

an extraordinary humanist will I be

wrong um no I think I'm a cancer because

my birthday is actually in the summer so

it's in July some of you thought my

birthday was in August but it's in July

so I am a cancer so I am NOT an aquarium

Aquarius Aquarius I think you were

asking for my astrological sign there I

think I got that right let's go to the

next one from Kenya we have a question

hi Bob and Todd hello Kenya how are you

doing I'm doing good how are you

what does what does being up off mean is

it an expression I saw this phrase in a

song being up off the porch thanks a lot

so if I was to say that I've been up a

long time it means that I haven't gone

to sleep yet so if someone was to call

and say wow it's 2:00 in the morning and

you would respond by saying yeah I've

been up since 6:00 a.m. I wouldn't use

being bin bin and beam we pronounced it

both ways by the way I wouldn't say I've

been up off I wouldn't use those three

words together so maybe I'll have to

look up that song Kenya and see exactly

what it is leave me a comment with the

name of the song and all of a look at it

at some at some point let's see an owl

says is it possible to be French and


in English why do French people why are

French people stigmatized as losers in

English with a weird accent they're not

by the way the French accent when you

speak English is considered to be very

attractive it's when your accent is too

pronounced if your French accent makes

it difficult for an English native

English speaker to understand you they

might not appreciate it but generally

most people that have if you have a

slight accent in English it's considered

somewhat attractive so don't worry about

having an accent sometimes people

actually like talking to people who have

a little bit of an accent let's see here

let me clear off my questions here for a


Gobbo has the next one Gabo says hello

Bob nice evening Thanks hello gobble

could you help me I always hear the word

momentum is there any difference between

this and moment thank you so much

starts moving I don't have any to show

you but if a car starts rolling it gains

momentum that means it's hard to stop

the car because it has a lot of forward

motion if my cup starts to tip I have to

make sure I stop it because it has

momentum and it might roll right off the

table so moment and momentum are very

very different I'm really enjoying my

tea tonight so hi Piper Piper cares gave

me a super chat there two dollars thank

you very much Piper and asked the

question do you say how not to or how to

not to we would say how not to for sure

if I was to have a sentence where I

wanted to use that phrase Piper I would

say how not to how not to be a jerk

how not to do something wrong so

definitely I would use the first one

yeah for sure and thanks again for the

super chat by the way when people give

me money I use it to pay for my internet

connection out here on the farm so thank

you Piper for that let's see Daniel is


Daniel Morissette Mariah Mariah Rhett

says hey Bob how's everything going a

long time I didn't see your lives well

welcome back Daniel it's good that you

see your back I was missing it my

question is can you tell us the words

eight wait and wait so the last one is

spelled wrong so let's make sure so

eight is the same as the number eight

right when you wait it means to be

somewhere for a while waiting for


sorry I'm using the word to define the

word and then the last one is wait so I

like to watch my weight I don't want to

be too heavy okay but you also maybe

we're looking at the word height so

height is how tall I am so hopefully

that helped Daniel and welcome back it's

good to see you here in the live stream

again Edward has the next one and Edward

says everybody loved your phrasal verbs

videos are you planning to make another

one someday soon I will make another one

right now I have a couple other ideas on

the list that I'm going to do first the

video that I just did this past week I'm

going to do not this Tuesday but I'm

going to do a couple variations of that

one so you'll just have to wait that one

will be coming up soon so let's see here

Daniel has the next question Daniel

hello Bob I have a question what does

the word hell that means I hear it so

much in American movies I think it is

slang or an informal word thanks so much

so it's actually slang for a swear word

so if I say I had a this is a swear word

hell of a time so the word hell is a

swear word sometimes they'll say I had a

hell yeah hell of a time hell of like it

becomes hella like and then people will

say it was hella good so they are all

variations of the swear word so it's a

bad word don't don't use the word

they're all variations of that word and

the phrases around

that's where that's why you would have

heard it in American movies they swear

too much in American movies that's my

question that's my opinion let's go to

the next one here let's see revi says I

don't want to ask a question no problem

just want you to make more daily

conversation videos with real cases like

you do in the gas station thanks Bob

those are all very helpful yeah so I did

learn English at the gas station learn

English at the restaurants those are a

challenging video to make I will make

more but they are a challenging video to

make because I have to go and ask people

if it's okay if I videotape them and

sometimes people say no so I'll try to

do it there was a Christmas video last

year I did I might do another video like

that soon where I talk to real Canadians

to help you out so anyways I'm just

gonna pause and say thank you to all of

the people who are currently watching

welcome to this English

question-and-answer lesson this lesson

works in the following way Todd my

friend Todd posts a link over there you

can use the link to ask me a question I

will post the question in the chat and I

will try to answer it as best as I can

and this video becomes a video sorry

this live lesson becomes a video

afterwards which you should come back

and watch tomorrow and it will have

subtitles on the bottom so it works in a

lot of ways it works as conversation

practice we're having kind of a pretend

conversation and it works as good

listening practice tomorrow or Monday if

you remember to come back and watch the

video a second time so anyways thank you

for the 365 people who are here watching

if you're new here you should click the

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whenever I make a new video let's go to

the next question though Renata has the

next question or not I need to take a

sip of tea for a moment here Renata says

hi Bob it's good to see you again after

a while my question is can stuff be used

with a plural verb since its plural

rather than that stuff is can I

use it in the plural you can say that

stuff is great that stuff are know you

have to say is you have to use is with

stuff so even though I would say this

remote control is very useful

it lets me turn my light up and down I

would also say that stuff is very useful

even if I was referring to a whole bunch

of things ok I would never say that

stuff are useful just ignore what I just

said you would not use the verb the

conjugation are the plural version of it

ok so stuff is generally used and

conjugated with singular stuff even

though you can talk about a whole bunch

of things when you use it Davi from the

USA let's see here Davi from the USA

says what which do you choose

aunt I am I not for example I am old

enough ain't I am I not so that's tricky

one because if I was to say to someone I

am old enough aren't I

that's what I would say I would say

aren't I but your examples are correct

as well I could say I'm old enough ain't

I I'm old enough

am I not I'm old enough am NOT I I

wouldn't use I would use am I not so

that's the one that I would use so but

sorry the one I would use is aren't I so

I would say I'm old enough aren't I

aren't aren't let me spell it for you

aren't well I did it wrong aren't I

hey Carlos fair IRA thank you very much

for the super chat very very generous of


I appreciate super chats again I don't

generally ask for super chats but when I

do get super chats or when people become


I do use the money to pay for my

internet bill here on the farm it's a

little bit pricey so thank you Carlos

very much for that donation you are


Tina has the next question and that

question is Tina let's see here right

above it it says Bob I don't have any

questions I just want to tell you that I

watch your videos

the time and they help me with my broken

English thank you a lot that's from

Chabria mohammed thank you very much

truck jobari tina those I do really

appreciate that job Tina says what is

the best way to practice speaking

English on my own without foreign

friends so two things you can do

one is you can shadow people on YouTube

videos what shadowing is is you play the

video and you listen to them and then

you pause it and you say what they say

then you play it you pause and then you

say what they say another thing you can

do is you can record yourself and then

play it back and listen to whether

you're doing a good job what's great is

if you can record yourself saying the

same words and phrases and sentences as

something that you have already a

recording or a video of an English

speaker doing and then you can compare

the two and then the last thing I think

I said two things I'm going to say three

is just to talk out loud all the time

when you're by yourself that way people

don't look at you strange but talk out

loud as much as you can talk out loud in

the shower in the mirror while you drive

your car whenever you are by yourself

talk out loud in English and that really

really helps and I do have a video to

help with that I not sure exactly where

it is yet just give me one second here I

made a video a while ago how to practice

your English by yourself

Bob the Canadian I think I can find it

for a sec here let me paste that into

the chat learn English yourself so a

while ago I made a video it's not

particularly just for speaking but

there's a link in the chat right now how

to practice English by yourself so Tina

watched that video I give a few ideas of

things you can do to practice your

English by yourself Renata says do you

celebrate I laugh sometimes before I

post the question because I'm already

reading the question and I like this

question Renata

do you celebrate Halloween if so how was

it so we did go out for Halloween we

took our three youngest children out for


our oldest children stayed home so that

if people came to our house they could

give them candy but our three youngest

children we took them to the closest

town and to some neighbors and we went

trick-or-treating and so they went to

the door ring the doorbell when the

person opens the door they say

trick-or-treat and they hold up their

bag and the person gives them candy so

what we did definitely go out for


on Thursday evening this past week

October 31st is Halloween and we went

out and we did some trick-or-treating so

yes Renata we did go out and we did do a

little bit of that it was kind of nice

because I got to see some of the

neighbors who I haven't seen for a while

so that was really nice so the next

question is from Clyde hi Bob how can I

pronounce the letter R the letter R

that's a tricky letter isn't it I have

trouble with the letter R when I speak

French a janay was asking about that

last week I think or yesterday about how

to pronounce the R when you're speaking

a language like French but in English

it's just like this red red red my

tongue is in the bottom of my mouth and

it's kind of curled up a little bit and

I'm saying read I like to read read

books I read a book the other day I like

to read books I should do a whole video

on the verb

read read Goodnight let's see here let's

get to the next question Louise Sanchez

I would prefer Louise Sanchez says hi

Bob what's the difference between prefer

and rather well I would prefer to go to

a movie tomorrow night I would rather go

to a movie tomorrow night in that

situation they mean the same thing so if

I was to say I'm drinking coffee but I

would rather drink tea or I'm drinking

coffee but I would prefer to

drink tea those two sentences mean the

same thing I am actually drinking tea

though okay this is actually tea with

honey in it lots of honey actually I

bought new honey today I was at the

store and they had really what looked

like really yummy honey

lolli has the next question hi lolli

lolli by the way lolli lolli has been

watching my live streams for a very long

time and I really appreciate it lolli

thanks for being around all the time

question is hi Bob please what is the

difference between start and begin thank

you so I'm going to start I'm going to

begin they are almost the same okay so

let's say I was going to start a new job

on Monday I could say I'm going to start

a new job Monday or I could say I'm

going to begin a new job Monday in that

situation I would probably use start it

sounds better but you could use both

sentences like oh what when does your

new job begin when does your new job

start you could ask both those by the

way I'm not starting a new job that was

just an example very much so

okay I see people asking questions in

the chat

let's save the chat for conversation if

you have questions please use the forum

that Todd is so nicely providing it's

nice that you have questions but please

use the forum as much as possible and

thank you to all of you who are having

conversations in the chat it's actually

a great way for you to have a little bit

of conversation practice with some of

the other people who are learning

English here so anyways let's get to the

next question

Jacque says could you try to teach

English through movies or TV shows so

I've thought about this Jacque but the

problem is if I was to make a video on

YouTube and if I use parts of a TV show

or parts of a movie sometimes YouTube

doesn't like that there are copyright

laws that prevent me from using parts of

other people's creative work and I can

do it because it's an educational

channel but I could get

in trouble with YouTube if I use other

people's work so there are ways to do it

well but I usually don't do it so I'm

sorry but it would be great wouldn't it

if I could do that just break down a

movie and explain it while while you're

watching it but unfortunately due to

copyright laws I'm not allowed to do


daven says is the vowel in law and lot

the same vowel almost so sometimes

people break the law law and I went to

the store and I bought a lot of food

there you can say them the same lot lot

like I can say the word law and put a T

at the end but it is a slightly

different sound okay I bought a lot lot

it's more of an O sound or I broke the

law law it's more of a flat a sound so

if you were to say them the same no one

would really notice too much but I can

tell when I'm saying it that there is a

tiny tiny difference between law by the

way don't break the law and if you break

the law a lot he'll go to jail so

there's some examples for you let's see


not sure I can answer this one but I'll

try I'll try an analysis hi Bob how can

we recognize I and Y so G in a word like

cliff and child is there a rule oh I see

like the cliff is like the short I sound

and child is like the longer there is I

I'm not familiar as a native English

speaker if there is a rule but please

ask that question in the comments and I

will do some research and I will try to

get you a really good answer as to

whether there's a rule I do know that

there are some rules about if if a vowel

is followed by a single consonant and

then another vowel sometimes it makes a

different sound but I don't want to say

anything off the top of my head with and

I don't want to make a mistake so ask me

in the comments I'll do a little bit of


if there are rules there's probably a

lot of them and it would be really hard

to explain really really quickly let's

get to the next question here well

there's a lot of questions sorry people

let's see here next one is from Bruno

from eat Boroff I'll need to look that

one up Bruno hi Bob I love your videos

thanks Bruno how can I use the word up

to modify a verb in an expression for

example what's the difference between

cleaning something and clean something

up so I don't know the exact rules but

if there are a lot if there are a lot of

things in the kitchen I can clean up the

kitchen or I can clean the things up in

that case I am gathering things together


but if I was to clean the kitchen it

would usually mean not just picking

things up but also washing and wiping

down the kitchen in fact it would more

mean that I am washing the kitchen so

that's a tricky one the Verte are that

the word up modifies a lot of verbs we

have a lot of phrasal verbs with up a

lot of phrasal a lot of verb clauses

that use up so that's a tricky one I

could do a whole video on the word up in

fact maybe I should do that video

tomorrow or maybe Shawn wants to do a

video on the word up and the phrasal

verbs associated with it and that's a

it's a tricky one um I apologize for how

crazy the English language is let's see

here Edward says Bob are those

matroyshkas in the background are those

with tresca's in the background

have you been to Russia you're always

welcome here yes they are no I have not

been to Russia they were a gift from

someone I think they were from my

in-laws from my father-in-law and

mother-in-law and I can't remember where

they got them from I don't think they

went to Russia I think they might have

gone to the Ukraine or they had a friend

come from the Ukraine that brought them

so they gave them to me as a gift

I also behind me have these

little butterflies these came from China

so if you're from China I have these

little butterflies that a friend of mine

from China brought to me and then I also

have this is a gift that came from all

of you guys for subscribing to my

youtube channel so that's my little

silver play button up there thank you

very much to all of you I didn't check

the number but I'm at 251 thousand

subscribers or something crazy like that

so this was a gift from all of you so I

think every single one of you who has

been watching my videos and who

subscribed you guys are off awesome and

then it's just my computer in my desk

and this is my stereo and my speakers

and my lenses and my camera and my hats

I keep my hat's up there so that's

what's behind me great question Edward

sorry I think I took too much time on

that question I'll try to speed up a

little bit Louise says hi Bob this is

Louise from Monterrey Mexico hello


can you give us an example of the word

straightforward I've read this word and

sometimes it's a little confusing so

when something is straightforward it is

easy to understand I'll give you a great

example the instructions to make tea are

very straightforward you boil water you

put the teabag in the water you let it

sit you take the tea bag out of the

water you add honey if you want honey in

it and that's how you make tea so those

instructions are very straightforward if

something wasn't straightforward if or

if something isn't straightforward it is

complicated so making bread is

complicated you need flour and yeast and

water and salt and you have to mix the

ingredients and knead the dough and let

it rise and so making tea is very


it doesn't mean simple like it kind of

means is simple but making tea is very

straightforward I just want to thank I'm

going to check this again Carlos

Ferreira for that super chat again

because that was a big super chat it's

been up there for a while so I just want

to thank you again Carlo

that is a very generous gift that you

have given me thank you very very much I

appreciate it now let's go back to the

questions let's see here let me remove a

few that I'm done with Moritz let me get

this right

maritza says hi Bob only just only here

to say hello to you and everyone well

thank you I'm driving and it's also

raining in my country have a nice

evening well thank you for just dropping

in and leaving a comment that's very

awesome of you I hope that you're having

a nice time out there let's see here

next question is from Andre yes Andre is

talking about the winter Andre croissant

day says hi Bob I can't even imagine how

cold it is in the winter in your country

winters here in southern Brazil it's

only about seven degrees Celsius that's

like summer you know that summer and I

hate it do you really like winter I do I

really really like winter when it is

minus five minus ten when there is lots

of snow on the ground

it's just beautiful I have done some

videos outside in the winter for you

guys I will do more of them and they are

just really fun let's see here

let me get to the next question so yes I

do I love winter fall I love a lot I

like cooler weather but winter is

definitely my favourite season next

question here is from Nexon Nissan hello

Bob could you talk about English native

speakers accents like how many are there

and how different are they so in Canada

there are not a lot of different accents

in Canada people from the far east coast

from Newfoundland have a bit of an

accent actually people from Pei Nova

Scotian New Brunswick have less of an

accent people from Quebec speak a whole

different language and people from

Western Canada have a slight accent but

not nearly as much variation as the

United States in the United States there

are a lot of different accents there's a

California accent a southern accent a

Boston accent

so there are some variation but probably

the biggest accents are the American

accent Canadian is very close to

American and then of course there's

British Australian there's a bit of an

Irish accent Scottish accent those would

be the main big English accents so so

and they are different but I can watch

television as a native English speaker I

can watch television from any

english-speaking country no matter what

accent they have and usually understand

it really easily okay so I think at a

certain point when you're learning

English you get really good at

understanding different accents it's

really not too much of a problem let's

see here Andy says hi Bob if you don't

mind would you tell us what kind of kids

TV shows you watch when you were a kid I

watched Sesame Street Sesame Street is

still on i watched mr. dressup that was

a Canadian show I watched mr. Rogers

neighborhood gonna spell it the American

Way those were some of the shows that I

watched as a kid let's see here Jose is

asking I think I'll have to do this in a

video Jose Jose says hey Bob could you

teach us about prepositions in phrasal

verbs such as off on over out thank you

in advance so much bigger topic then I

can do just in a live stream Jose so I

will do a video on that at some point

where I explain those a little bit John

from Brazil has the next question Bob

when should I use . . period point etc

for this symbol or signal we say period

a sentence ends with a period that's

what we say in Canadian English and in

most English's around the world I'm

afraid we do have time left but I'm

afraid there are a lot of questions here

I'm gonna keep working at it and we'll

see how many we can get through but

we'll do them in order Albina says good

morning mr. Bob hello Albina thank you

for your

lessons the question is in what context

is the word seal used it means see or

what have a nice day

so there's here I there's the word seal

the word seal has a couple meanings a

seal is an animal it's a sea animal well

I don't think that's what you're talking


a seal is you can seal something so it

doesn't leak when I close this lid it

seals this cup so that it doesn't leak

when I turn it upside down but I think

you're talking about the word OOP not

soon seen so scene is you know the other

day I saw a bunch of people you can also

say the other day I've seen a bunch of

people I think saw is the more correct

way to say it but that would be that

where I think I've kind of answered your

question just a little bit next one

haloo guav says hi Bob could you give

some usage of pivot it always makes me

confused Thanks so when I let's see here

when you connect two things together in

a way where one thing can turn inside

the other this can pivot so when

something pivots it turns around a

central location so when I hook a wagon

up to my tractor the the wagon hitch

where it connects can pivot it can turn

there's a pin that allows it to turn we

also use the word pivot though to talk

about life like if you're going in this

direction in your career and you decide

to make a change we sometimes say that

people pivot okay it's also used in


so in basketball when you're bouncing

the ball if you stop bouncing the ball

and you hold it you can't move anymore

but if you keep one foot on the ground

you can pivot on that foot as long as

that foot doesn't leave the ground you

can turn on that foot I think they call

it the pivot foot so there's a little

basketball lesson

pod the Canadian don't know a lot about

basketball actually I coached basketball

a long time ago so that's not true I

know a little bit about basketball

let's see Kenya says I'm here again oh

the song name is Old Town Road so Old

Town Road by little Nass and who is the

other Billy Ray Cyrus helps out on that


I wouldn't use that song necessarily to

learn English there's a lot of real

slang phrases in that song but it's

certainly a good song I'm gonna look at

the lyrics after the live stream and

maybe I can find the one you were

talking about Kenya but great song

maybe Old Town Road maybe not the best

song to learn English so here we go a

genรจve says I love today's background I

can see your hat and the YouTube play

button yes actually that's a stack a hat

so all my hats are up there and there's

my play button I'm pretty happy about

that by the way the day that this came

Bob the Canadian was a very happy person

so thank you once again to everyone out

there who has subscribed by the way if

you are new here you should click that

red subscribe button and thumbs up are

always welcome as well let's see here

next question is from Anna do you have

any tips for writing a good English

resume form or some key verbs

I don't just be honest a resume is the

same as a CV curriculum vitae it's what

you write when you're applying for a job

the only thing I would say an owl is be

as honest as possible let's see here P

Laura says hi Bob could you do a video

about how to order food at a restaurant

I did one I actually did one it it was a

lot of fun to make let's see if I can

find it for you restaurant let's see if

that pops up and I'll copy the link how

to order food a restaurant so there's a

link to that one if you are looking for

a video on how to order food at a


mohamad has the next question though

Mohammed says I'm from Morocco I have a

question about medical studies in Canada

is it hard or not and if they use

English or French thank you a lot so my

understanding is that in Canada if you

are training to be a doctor you can

train to be a doctor in english-speaking

Canada or you can train to be a doctor

in french-speaking Canada so we have

universities in Canada that provide

instruction in English or instruction in

French so depending on which language

you want to practice medicine in you

would choose a university that offers

the degree in that language so there's

no problem if you want to practice

medicine in french-speaking Canada you

can go to a University Hospital in a

french-speaking part of Canada and you

can become a french-speaking doctor

associate hebbian it's a good idea we

need more doctors by the way in Canada I

know you need more doctors all over the

world but I think that if you are

someone from another country and you

want to immigrate to Canada and be a


you should do it we would be happy to

have you

let's see here Claude Muir says hi Bob I

listen to a lot of songs in English but

I find it very hard to understand

sometimes when I see the lyrics it turns

out easy why so we have the same thing

in English we often hear songs in

English as English speakers and we don't

understand the words we often look up

the words to songs in English some

singers sing very clearly and some don't

so often times I will hear a song and I

will come home and I'll go to my

computer and look it up on the internet

so don't worry it's not a bad thing it's

a normal thing let's see here ball says

hi Bob my question is can I go to high

school if I don't have a French

certificate so in Canada if you are from

another country and you did not have any

French language instruction before the

age of 13 you are not required to study

French in an English high school

hopefully that answers your question not

sure if it did let's see Renata says

could you make a video telling us about

stuff at the supermarket I know we may

know most stuff there

but I've never seen a supermarket or

grocery store in Canada so I did one a

long time ago but I'm planning to do

another one I'm planning to do another

grocery store video the first one I made

I made last I think it was last spring

and I'm not super happy with it so I'll

put a link to it for a sec Renata

let's see learn English at the grocery

store I spelled it wrong one second here

I'm typing so I did a video about a year

ago on the grocery store it's not great

but at least lets you see the inside of

a Canadian grocery store let's see here

next question is from Carlos Ferreira

thanks for the super chat Carlos hey Bob

I'm from Sao Paulo Brazil I study

English every day and sometimes I feel

like I'm not making progress

what's your tip to get out of the

plateau effect thank you here's what I

did when I was learning French I would

go online and that the website for

Alianza fall says I would I would

schedule a French test six months in the

future and and then that would really

make me study French a lot and that

would really force me to improve my

French so if you can I don't know if

you've taken your IELTS or atto TOEFL

test but if you can schedule a test for

a few months from now Carlos that might

really motivate you to work really hard

and then you have a score right and then

you can plan to take the test again six

months later and try to improve your

score and then you have a good

measurement so that that's helpful

schedule a test that that will light a

fire under your behind we say other

words in English but there's a phrase in

English to light a fire under your butt

your butt is another word for your back

into your body there so schedule an

English test that will really get things

going John says hi Bob here's my


is there any difference between the

words they're absolutely the same I mean

these ones mad crazy and sane lunatics

psycho they're all varying degrees to

talk about someone who is not normal


so mad can mean angry but mad can also

mean crazy insane lunatic psycho very

similar just different degrees okay of

the words hey I see a lot of people

asking questions in the chat a little

difficult for me to get all the

questions answered at this point in time

I will try but please use the forum

let's see here Marco from Brazil says hi

Bob my family and I enjoy your videos

very much well hello Marco and hello to

all of Marcos family that's very cool

we loved especially the video about the

library by the way does every city town

have a nice library like get that in

Canada it's actually the law in Canada

if there is a town of a certain size

there is a law that says that town has

to have a library so it's very nice in

Canada if you like to read books there

is usually a local library close to

every in every town of a certain size

even the really small town that I live

by has a library so yes there's lots of

books in Canada lots of libraries and

now you can even get books on your phone

from the library so you can get an app

on your phone and you can use that app

to check ebooks out from your library

it's very very handy I I use that a lot

actually I actually use my phone a lot

let's see next one is from Bruno Diaz

Bruno Diaz says hi Bob Bruno from Brazil

I wanted to know what does the word

overwhelming and overwhelmingly mean is

there a big difference in meaning so if

I say you know that that was

overwhelming or it was an overwhelming

experience or if I say it was

overwhelmingly well done they're

slightly different you know what I

pretty sure one's an adjective and one's

an adverb but when I get into grammar I


stakes but essentially both of them are

used to describe something that was more

than what you would normally expect so

let me give you an example again of both

sentences so it was an overwhelming

experience so that would mean that the

experience of the noun experience we're

saying it was an overwhelming experience

I was filled with emotion or if I was to

say it was overwhelmingly well done it

means that they did it to the extreme it

was very very well done

next question Bob the Canadian doesn't

like grammar questions I always feel

like I'm going to because I do this live

I'm going to say something wrong and

then it's recorded for all time for

people to say that I explained it wrong

anyways man well Contino says hi Bob the

Canadian when we said he arrived at 6

o'clock and he arrived on time this

point in the same hour is there any

difference no if I was to say if I have

to be at work at 6 o'clock and I say I

arrived at work at 6 o'clock or I

arrived at work on time

they mean the same thing in that case

because if 6 o'clock is when my work day

starts that would mean that 6 o'clock is

on time so that would be my explanation

there Norma has the next question Norma

says hello Bob I always have doubt about

the adjective sympathetic in English in

Spanish it refers to a person who is

agreeable Thanks so if someone is

sympathetic it means that they

understand your situation so if I'm sick

and I call in sick and I say to my boss

I'm sick today and he says oh I feel

really bad for you take the day off I

hope you get better soon we would say

that he is sympathetic so he is very

understanding it doesn't necessarily

mean that he is agreeable ok so

sympathetic in English means you know if

I say oh I'm having a really tough time

at my job I don't get paid enough and if

my friend says oh that's not very nice

for you I feel bad for you what can I do

to make

you happy that would be someone who is

sympathetic hopefully that makes sense

this this I'm laughing at the name the

name here is get out the way and then

the question is we need to learn English

from stories small stories because it is

easy to learn from stories and thank you

Bob so I agree I've done a few videos

where I tell little stories but I should

do another video where I tell one truth

one lie and you have to guess which is

which I might actually do that video

this week I did one earlier but maybe

I'll do a video where I tell a story a

little short story that's true and I

tell another little short story that's a

lie and you have and you'll have to

guess which one is true let me do that

I'll do that this for this Tuesday look

for that video this coming Tuesday those

are fun videos to make by the way Kenny

has the question when can I use the word

home and the other word house thank you

very much so house is very much the word

we use for the building we live in

right like I live in a house it's a one

family in one building you know or that

is a house a home is anywhere where you


usually with your family it can also be

with your friends but if you live in an

apartment you can say that it is your

home if you live in a house you can say

that it is your home so home is more you

know you could live in a condominium you

could live in an apartment building you

could live in an old-age home if you're

old and you would refer to all of those

things as home home is where the heart

is that's what we say but if you live in

a building and the only people that live

in the building is separate from other

buildings and it is a dwelling or a

house that's what we would call a house

yes Bob the Canadian just said a house

is what we would call a house

so hopefully that means I've been doing

this for almost an hour and my brain is

starting to turn a little bit to mush

not literally by the way let's do the

next one this is from Simoni and this

question comes up from

time it is challenging for people

learning English to distinguish between

can and can't

so Simoni ruby arrow says hello I'm from

Brazil and I want to know how to

pronounce Kant

and can sometimes when I hear it sounds

the same the reason it sounds the same

as we speak too quickly sometimes I

can't slow down so I really pronounced

can't clearly there you can hear that

too at the end but if I speak really

quickly I could say you know sometimes I

just can't slow down sometimes I just

can't slow down sometimes I just can't

slow down and it sounds like I'm saying

can but I'm saying can't okay so let me

say that again sometimes I can't slow

down sometimes I can't slow down

sometimes I can't slow down so you can

hear how I kind of slur it together

there hopefully that helps a little bit

it really helps because eventually you

understand the context of the sentence

so even though you can't hear can't ya

you know the person is already speaking

in the- so let's see let's get to the

next one haha Tyler Zed Tyler Zed says

how to talk to a baby and daily life

thanks if you're teaching the baby

English you just speak normally to the

baby I didn't use baby talk with my kids

I don't know if you know what baby talk

is baby talk is when you say when you

say things like oh how's the baby doing

house a little bit doing all cute baby

cute baby I never talked like that to my

kids I didn't use baby talk maybe

sometimes a little bit um you probably

have the same thing in your languages

where you speak with a little bit of a

cute accent when you talk to your baby

so how do you talk to a baby in English

you just speak English

and do it well let's see here

next question is from Andy and he says

hi Bob I've heard of overwhelmed a lot

in some videos on YouTube and in some

American movies but I'm not sure

I wouldn't use the word pretty there I'm

not sure that I get the exact meaning of

this word so when you're overwhelmed you

just have too many things if you were to

have three jobs and if you worked 90

hours a week like let's say you just

worked every day all the time you would

be overwhelmed okay because you wouldn't

be getting enough sleep you wouldn't be

eating properly and all you are doing

every day is working so your brain would

be tired your body would be tired you

would be overwhelmed so it means a

situation where you have trouble being

healthy and you have trouble getting

good rest you are overwhelmed you are

doing too much let's see here

next question is from fratricide Rahan

hello what is the meaning of the words

make sense and so far so good so if I

read a book and I understand everything

in the book I would say that the book

makes sense

okay the book is understandable so if

something makes sense

it is understandable if you say so far

so good if you have started something

and you have not had any problems

sometimes in English will say well so

far so good

so it means since you started that thing

until the current time there have been

no problems so so far so since the

beginning so far so good

so it's just a little thing we say in

English this video has been going really


so far so good we have a few minutes

left but so far so good things have been

going well a few weeks ago I did a live

stream and the connection wasn't very

good but this one's working really well

so so far so good

let's see Davey from the US so I'm gonna

take a little I'm just gonna modify this

a bit Davey because I don't want to get

this give me a second here so on the

news recently

let me just fix this so Davey heard on

the news recently that someone he died

like a dog usually a dog is our friend

how do you how do I understand this so

that phrase in English is actually a

really old phrase it's not very common

for people to use that phrase anymore

but sometimes it's I don't like to talk

about pets this way but sometimes if a

dog isn't a good dog sometimes when that

dog dies you'll say he died like a dog

I'm not explaining this well Davey I

think you'll need to look that phrase up

on the internet it's kind of an old

phrase and it's not a very nice phrase

to say that someone died like a dog so

look it up on Google hopefully you can

find a good explanation of that let me

get a couple more questions here Ali

says hi Bob please i want to practice

english with a foreign people on the

internet for free do you know some web

sites that can help me thank you here's

what I know the world of learning

English on the internet for free works

with listening reading and writing it's

hard to find someone to speak to

especially a native English speaker who

will do it for free if you look in my

description below there's a link to a

website called prep lis where you can

hire someone I know sometimes it's hard

to have money so if you don't have money

it's difficult and I do feel bad but at

a certain point in your life sometimes

you do need to hire someone you do need

to spend a little bit of money so sorry

about that let's see here do one more

here it's you god so here's the last

question folks and then we're gonna wrap

it up eg God says hi Bob what is the

funniest costume you've ever worn on

Halloween while I dressed up like a rock

star from the 70s once and I wore a wig

with really long hair and I wore like a

really colorful shirt and a leather

jacket and sunglasses so and last year

not for Halloween but last year I

dressed up

a truck driver that was probably the

funniest one that I ever dressed up as

hey anyways just a couple things people

please don't forget tomorrow please come

back and watch this video again and turn

on the subtitles especially if there

were parts of this video that you didn't

understand so come back tomorrow and

listen to this or watch this again I'm

Bob the Canadian you're learning English

with Bob the Canadian there will be a

new video on Tuesday if you have not

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a new video on Tuesday it will be I'll

tell a couple little stories about

myself and you'll have to guess which

one is a lie but I'll do it as an

English lesson and there will be a live

stream next Friday as well so anyways

I'm gonna wrap this up thanks to the 480

people that joined us tonight you guys

are awesome

don't forget to share my videos with

your friends don't forget to yeah just

keep learning English find something to

read this week do some writing this week

do some listening this week do some

speaking this week even if it's just

yourself in the mirror and learn a few

new vocabulary words anyways thanks so

much for watching I'm just gonna type

that in the chat thanks for watching

that's it I'm sorry I didn't get to all

the questions there are many many

questions and sometimes there's just too

many for me to answer I hope this was

helpful for you so again don't forget to

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again tomorrow be nice to everybody in

your life smile a lot

be kind to everyone did I say that

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enjoy your Saturday night or your Sunday


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