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next I'm and I'm with my daughter hey

guys so today we are gonna be reacting

another luxury me yo he has been

watching her sleep so you make sure to

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by your roommate what so you saying or

email that you've been hearing weird

noises for miserly oh no none so what

are these noises no nice video Berger

they're nicely men nice to meet you guys

are you guys friends with Charlie yes

you're calling her Charlie's not

Charlotte my little nickname for her

that's looking at creepy so why are you

guys in this yeah if I was in this

situation the people around you camera

out to say that as well yeah so tell me



you're sleeping on a very know see oh

that's alright that's alright if you

guys need anything just let me know yeah

sure what's going on just chill out away

okay okay I need the bees on the

southern facing side of the house where

you have a camera in our room so beside

you same with the camera okay think

about an hour ago

noise happen

night one okay now this is not staring

Charlotte's room I mean I bought her

name you're sitting up in the bed that's

a bit creepy now Pete hey I'll wait

you're just a mystic if it don't come on

how not creepy oh hell no

all right so we just woke up it's about

6:40 morning Oh Charlotte okay so to see

this enemies what you know it's been

watching on the whole and I okay so all

these cameras feed to the site I've got

about my computer so let's take a look

let's go might you feet okay so this is

Chester's and my bedroom from last night

here's your's and here's Derek's let's

keep scrolling through this footage

did he sleep it'll dude he's just

sitting on his bed let me see he's get

it up oh my god was he going he was in

my room oh my god was he doing scrolling

through this it looks like he was just

watching you for hours

I'm really freaked out guys I don't feel


join us Foot Locker I don't know open

item now nails so we got this lock on

the door

nuts I got the lock on the door lock is

let's see what it doesn't slow it


no good thank you I'm fine thanks

seprieono if I could never ever Martin

bozo my bottom lip on this


so that freaks me out and I and one

thing I hate is like he watches always

limp and then it asked others if they

want coffee that's like two

different-sized I've got possessed I

think John


please does over someone's Caribbean it

hmm Oh while I was doing it again

yep you'll see a door a pan is just a

murmur if he's not gonna stare at them

yes yes yes right wanna go take doll

Oh God

wake up

she's screaming deals dough

what are you doing no please I'm seeing

Charlotte oops guys that's it for the

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