Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minecraft 1.8 in 60 Seconds (Elder Guardians, Rabbits, Slime Blocks, Endermites)

Difficulty: 0

Granite, andesite, and diorite can now be generated or crafted.

Polished equivalents can be made by 4 of the original.

Ocean Monuments generate from sea lanterns, standard, dark, and brick prismarine.

They contain 8 gold blocks and are defended by the new guardian mobs

which drop prismarine crystals and shards for crafting.

The Elder can also drop wet sponge and inflicts mining fatigue.

Coarse dirt now appears where grass can't.

Red sandstone now generates at mesa cave entrances and has smooth, slab and stair version.

Sponges absorb 5x5x5 areas of water and can be dried in furnaces.

Sheeps drop mutton.

New fence recipe and door types.

Slime blocks made from 9 slime balls act as trampolines.

Can be used with pistons.

Armor stands, made with sticks and stone slabs.

Can hold armor, pumpkins, and heads.

A rabbit mob that can be attracted by carrots.

They drop meat that can be cooked and stewed, hides for leather, and

occasionally feet used for leaping potions that allow higher jumping and reduce fall damage

They have a 1/1000 spawn chance of trying to murder you.

Iron trapdoors, new customized and debug world types, performance optimization,

a spectator mode that allows flying, no-clipping, teleportation, and other player/mob vision.

A new enchantment called depth strider that allows faster water movement.

Lockable difficulty, new skin options, larger render distance,

new commands, slower leveling, customizable world border.

New villager types and trading rebalances.

Enchanting requires lapis.

Barrier blocks obtainable with /give.

Endermites occasionally spawn when enderman teleport or ender pearls are used.

Banners made from wool and sticks can be customized in approximately a metric s*** ton of ways.

Doors are made in threes and stack stack.

Mob heads in survival.

Daylight sensor inverted by right-clicking.

Arrows lose velocity underwater.

Improved mob AI.

Villagers turn into witches when struck by lightning and only breed when willing.

And a new default called Alex.

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