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- Building a Better T is an $8 billion plus

investment plan to build a safer,

more reliable T.

We're gonna replace every car on the

red and orange line.

We're beginning the transformation of the green line.

We're redesigning and expanding the bus system

to serve a changing demographic and we're also

making changes to the commuter rail,

again, to serve a broader population.

This fall we had 10 weekend diversions,

six on the orange line, four on the red line.

That allowed us to replace 4000 linear feet of track

as well as make significant station improvements

in the core of the system.

The improvements on the green line

have included intersection upgrades

and the replacement of over 8000 linear feet of track.

We've done this work on the B and C branches

as well as the Mattapan high speed line.

We also did lots of secondary work as well,

plugging leaks in tunnels, renewing

the automated fare collection equipment

and inspecting not only track,

but also standpipes.

Having these diversions has allowed us

to not only do additional work but also

to accelerate the pace of investment.

In some cases we've been able to do projects

12 months faster than we'd originally planned.

Here at Park Street where we are today

we got this project done four months

faster than we originally planned.

One of the important lessons we learned

was that unforeseen events and conditions

occur in almost any kind of construction

or work project, and we needed to make sure

that not only did we have the right level

of management resource in place, but that management

was empowered to course correct as needed,

so that we could be sure that service

would open up normally on Monday morning.

We learned some important lessons from our customers;

that we need to be constantly communicating

with them, that we need to have clear,

accurate signage and that we need to plan

diversions that folks can understand,

and we'll be bringing those improvements into 2020.

I just wanna say thank you to our riders

and to the entire team at the MBTA

who made this program possible for 2019.

We are really looking forward to doing

the safety investment and capital acceleration

program for 2020 and building a better T.

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