Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Puzzle or Guzzle Challenge ft. Jimmi Simpson

Difficulty: 0

- Solve a puzzle. - Or you're gonna guzzle.

Let's talk about that.

( music playing )

Good Mythical Morning!

The Oscars are soon coming

and today we introduce scenes of famous movies

after Google has translated by Google,

and then we play the game of American actors

in Japanese commercials advertising abroad.

What Rhett's saying is that we are acting out movie quotes

that have been Google translated.

So Rhett just Google translated what he said.

- Isn't he clever? - Yes.

But first up today we're gonna play a game

that involves a little thinking and a lot of drinking.

It's time for...

Welcome to the show from HBO's "Westworld"

and the upcoming series on USA "Unsolved," Jimmi Simpson.

- Oh, that's me. That's me. - Boom!

- Thanks for being here, man. - Come on, no clapping.

Give us the-- give us the crossy shake.

- Oh, it's like that? - Yeah.

- That's how we do it! - Yeah.

- When we're friends. - You like puzzles?

- Yes, I like them. - You're a big puzzler?

- I'm a fan of puzzles. - Are you thirsty?

- I just drank right then. - Oh.

Called it out. You called me on the spot.

- You might wanna stop drinking. - Yeah, save some room.

- And you, too, you're about to drink outta yours. - Yeah.

- It's just habit! - I would not do it,

because we're gonna be solving puzzles

or guzzling lots of things.

- Ooh, there's options. - Yeah, there are options.

We have six different categories

of puzzles on the board that we're gonna chose from.

Whoever shouts out the correct answer

to the puzzle that we're trying to solve first

wins that round, and gets a point.

The two losers in that particular round

have to guzzle a bever-age.

And these bever-ages are gonna be things

that we do not want to be drinking.

Do we have to pronounce it bever-age?

- Yeah, from here on out. - Okay.

The first person to drink the bever-age down

gets to chose the next category.

And of course the person at the end with the most points wins

because that's how games work.

- They do. - And that person wins a special price.

- Do you have any questions? - Zero.

- Oh. - Let's just do it.

- Yeah. - Get it over with.

Okay, our first guzzle is mayo soda.

- This is not milk. - Rhett: Mmm. Yum!

And, Jimmi, since you're our guest, we'll let you

- chose the category first. - Okay.

"Don't be stupid, Stupid," "Committal to this riddle."

I like that. "Where's Jimmi?

"A picture is worth a couple of words,"

"Balls to the walls,"

and "What's wrong with GMM?"

Good question.

Let's go, um, "A picture is worth a couple of words."

Stevie: "A picture is worth a couple of words."

Ready? Go!

"Can you find the mistake?"

I see a lot of numbers.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

There are no mistakes!

- Is it-- - Red?

Is it the yellow three?

- Why would-- Why is that-- - The yellow three!

- The red, one, the brown, two-- - No, you can't just--

you can't describe the page and hope to solve the puzzle.

( mumbling )

Mistake is misspelled.

- No. - Oh!

"Can you find--"

There's two thes!

- Stevie: Link's correct. - I got it!





Two thes.

We're all really dumb and Link is less dumb.

All right, boys, there you go.

- Ooh! - Okay.

- You know what? - So much incentives.

I wanted mayonnaise water.

I drink it regularly.

Well, here's some more.

I tell myself right before this moment.

Okay, is there gonna be a countdown?

- When do we do it? - Stevie: Here we go.

Three, two, one, go!

Oh, my goodness.

- Tie! - That was close.

- That was so close. - I think he had a millisecond before me.

Yeah, he got you by a second.

Wipe off my mayonnaise mustache.

Okay, so for this round we've gotta take a dollop of toothpaste into the mouth

and then chase it with some O.J..

Mmm. Looking forward to that.

- Rhett, how did that mayo taste, by the way? - It wasn't that bad.

- Really? - You know, for mayonnaise water.

All right, chose a category.

The best mayonnaise water I've ever had.

I haven't breathed through my nose yet.

So I don't-- I still haven't tasted it.

Rhett: Let's go "Balls to the walls," guys.

Stevie: "Balls to the walls."

What do you see in this picture that's not bricks?

- Go! - Link: Mouse.

Jimmi: It's not the rock?

What are we seeing that's not bricks?

It's not the mouse or the rock.

There are two "The's."

Oh, God, I wish that was the same thing.

I keep looking at that one little rock.

It's the one little rock.

The mortar?

I called both of those out, you guys.

- Five minutes ago. - I already said the mouse, right?

You said the mouse, I said the rock.

- Mouse rock? - The white border.

Maybe it's not a mouse.

Maybe it is, though. What is that?

Jimmi: "What do you see that's not a brick?"

Hey, guys, it looks like someone took a smoke break.

Ashes! Cigarette.

Hold on, you can't guess things you don't see.

It's a cigarette ash in the middle.

Oh, it's a cigar sticking out of the thing!

- Stevie: Correct. - Where?

- Oh! - Look!

- It's a ci-gar. - What?

Rhett: It's a ci-gar coming out.

Link: It's a ci-gar? What is that?

- You mean a cigar? - It's a ci-gar coming out.

- It's insane. - You're not even saying it right.

- But can you see it? - No!

You can't see that this is a cigar?

The magic eye hasn't--

- It's coming out. - This is brown.

- This is brown. - Oh, my gosh!

It's a cigar!

- I literally just saw it. - There you go, guys.

It's a ci-gar!

- How do you say it? - I say cigar.

He says ci-gar. He also says bever-age.

When I'm pointing one out I say ci-gar.

Oh, my gosh, that's crazy.

- Oh so what is it? It's-- - Just a dollop.

- Oh, just a dollop Don't do the whole thing? - Don't do the whole thing.

- That wouldn't be safe. - 'cause it says do not swallow on it, which we're gonna do--

We've eaten a lot of toothpaste on this show.

Oh, I see what the bit is here

with the orange juice and now this.

- Okay. - Stevie: Okay, guys, ready?

Here we go. Three, two, one, go!

Oh, gosh!

Oh, gosh.


- You gave me that one. - I did not.

I was trying not to eat too much toothpaste.

- How much did you eat? - A lot!

I went full squeeze.

Okay, we've got tuna water from a can

and it has to be slurped like an animal.

Which an-- Okay, I'll just pick one.

Any animal that is known for slurping.

Jimmi, you earned the right to chose another category.

Jimmi: Uh... "Committal to this riddle."

Stevie: "Committal to this riddle."

A hug?

"If you share it--"

"If you have it--"

Your opinion.

- All of your blood. - Love?

- Ego. - Hate.

"If you share, you don't have--"

"When you don't have it."

A secret.

- Stevie: Correct. - Oh!

Hey! ( cheering )

It's so frustrating

when it seems obvious after it's solved.

It's even more frustrating when there's tuna water on the other end.

- Yeah. - That's the most frustrating thing.

Maybe if you guys would start calling 'em ci-gars,

you'd be good at riddles.

- Oh, man. Ready. - Shall we?

Stevie: Three, two, one.

- I lose! - Hey, you're not slurping, man.

- You know what? - He slurped.

That was amazing. I wanna applaud him.

- Let him have it. - Nobody needs to see how--

Well done!

Okay, this is a pickle juice and hot sauce sake bomb.

What are we calling this? A hot pickle?

- You just called it that. Now I will. - Yeah, I like that.

- Link: "Where's Jimmi?" - Stevie: "Where's Jimmi?"

You've heard of "Where's Waldo?"

but what about "Where's Jimmi?"

- Okay. - Stevie: First one to find Jimmi wins.

Ready? Go!

Link: Oh, lots of people.

Right there!

Yep, I-- you got me.

- Stevie: I think Jimmi got it. - Jimmi got it first.

Let's reveal where Jimmi is.

- You got it. - Link: He definitely got it.

I started in the lower left-hand corner

in a twist of the wrong move.

I started there but I migrated fast.

I love how you're just like looking right into the lens.

Jimmi: I know. Where's that from?

Link: Seriously, I'm in this game.

Why am I doing that? Is that someone else's hand?

I don't know.

- Okay, Link, let's do this. - Yes, you guys.

Okay, so you kinda wanna make like a V situation.

It's experience of knowledge.

So that it will fall when you bang the table.

But it's gotta be--

Wow, you guys!

And then, Jimmi, why don't you do the honors?

- I'll try, you guys. - Stevie: Here we go. Three, two, one.


( gags )

Jimmi: Yeah, do it. Spit it, spit it, spit it.

Get it out.

Like a demon spirit.

How did-- Man.

'Cause I wanted to win.

Okay, we got a funnel here

and we've got a funnel cake beverage.

Boy, that's chunky.

- Hmm. It smells good. - Look at that.

But maybe it won't be that bad,

except for the fact that it's gonna be

funneled chunks down the throat.

Rhett: You know, "What's wrong with GMM?"

Nothing's wrong with GMM so I'm gonna go

with "Don't be stupid, Stupid."

Stevie: "Don't be stupid, Stupid."

I'm about to show you a Rebus puzzle.

These are visual and written puzzles.

Reba's got puzzles now?

- She's got it all. - You guys.

Stevie: You must use the info given to provide the correct answer.

Ready? Go.

Link: "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid."

That one's stupid.

Where's the puzzle?

- Downright stupid. - Stevie: Correct!

- Gosh! - Yes!

- That's it! - He just-- Jimmi is just--

His brain was over there just like sizzling.

I was thinking like, "Stupid is as stupid does."

"I'm with stupid."

- I was thinking-- - Downright stupid!

I was like, "That could look like a stupid clock

if there were more stupids and there was another arrow.

- Let's quit stalling. - Jimmi: Yeah.

Oh, the hot sauce and the pickle juice...

So we need to preload this.

And the O.J., I'm hurtin' over here.

Oh, this is like a little physics lesson here

- with gravity and such. - Okay.

You guys are like Mr. Wizard to me.

- I'm fully loaded. - Stevie: Ready?

- Okay, I'm ready. - Stevie: Go!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Mm-mm. - Chug chunk.

Chug chunk. Chunk, chunk.

Chunks. Swallowing chunks.

- Mm-mm. - I don't think this can happen.

- They can't. - I can't swallow it.

( mumbling )

It's so chunky, guys.

It's not that it tastes bad.

- Hold on, hold on! - What are we playing for anyway?

- Yeah, exactly! - Because you don't--

This is the last round.

You're playing for honor and to impress me.

- That is downright stupid! - Rhett: This was a trick!

It is downright stupid.

Well-played, sir. It's circular.

I ate as much as I want to eat.

I think I'm gonna get sick if I do any more, but hey I beat you

'cause you spit it back in the funnel.

We don't get points for this.


both: Final round.

At this point they both have two points,

I have one point, but it's anybody's game

'cause things are switching up in this final round.

Hold on, though. What is this?

There's a darkness to this fluid.

- It seems like evil. - Yeah, that's L.A. river water.

- Ouch. - No, it's not.

It's charcoal water.

- Oh, that's-- - But what we have to do is--

It's obfuscating a puzzle hidden beneath.

Yeah, when Stevie says go we have to use this crazy straw.

It's so crazy.

And get all this into our mouths,

and then there'll be a stopper that we pull,

then we get the puzzle out of the bottom and do the puzzle

- on the desk in front of us. - Link: Which is worth two points.

- Rhett: So anybody can win. - I can still win.

- All right, let's do it. - Stevie: On your marks,

get set, go!

( music playing )


( grunts )


- Mm-hmm. - Mmm.

( slurping )

Got it.

( sighs )

Oh gosh.

- Dumping out the puzzle. - It's USS Callister.

I can't get the stopper out!

I can't get the stopper up!

- I'm not good with puzzles. - That's not even a thing.

That's not a person's face.

That's me.

There are people's faces--

Aww, you guys are in USS Callister.

- No, no. - Who is that? That's not even right.


This is not easy.

You guys have changed it all around.

I don't have a chance.

I'm still turning pieces over.

There's Jimmi.

Uh, come on.

Come on, come on.

Puzzle time, puzzle time, puzz-puzz-puzzle time

Puzzle time, puzzle time, puzz-puzz-puzzle time

What is even this?

I don't-- I don't have Dudani. I don't have Dudani's head.

- That is not-- - Oh wait, where's my cup?

There's another--

There's another puzzle piece in there!

- I'm done. I think I'm done. - Oh!

Rhett and Link: Congratulations!

That makes you officially Puzzle Brian and Guzzle Brian.

- There you go. - Oh, that's my name now.

- Here you go. - You guys look really great.

Look at you.

Yeah, I didn't know I was in "Black Mirror."

- Bump. - I did.

Guzzle and Puzzle Brian.

- Check it out. - All right congratulations, Jimmi!

If you like watching Jimmi solve puzzles

make sure to check out his new show "Unsolved"

which premieres on February 27th on USA.

You can also find him on Instagram and Twitter @JimmiSimpson.

There's no Y anywhere in that.

- No, there isn't. - No, my grandmother wouldn't allow it.

That's how she spelled it and I kept it that way.

We're not done with Jimmi with an I yet. Stick around

to watch us act out famous movie quotes

that have been squeezed through Google Translate.


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