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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HELLO TAIWAN! for @Leeds Mayi

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hello Taiwan I'm Julian northbrook doing and this is a quick video to

announce my trip to can you guess where

that's right I'm going to Taiwan in

particular more specifically time pay

I'm gonna be there from what buy time I

actually get there cuz the long flight

from here in not so sunny island

it'll be about December the second I'm

gonna be there for about three weeks the

main reason I'm going really actually is

just to learn about the culture learn

about the language see the country many

of my clients come from Taiwan and I

feel like I can help them better if I've

actually been to their country

experience their language experience

their culture and that is the main

reason I'm coming there are other

reasons of course see what happened was

I was about a year ago leads my herself

said to me hey Julien if you ever come

to Taipei if you ever come to Taiwan

let's do something and I've had that

kind of on my mind for a while and then

it was about three months ago

buying complete coincidence chance I saw

information about the Taipei

International Marathon on I thought mmm

why not you see I dude in Northbrook

apart from being a coach for people who

are using English is a second language a

bit of a runner and I thought hey why

not combine my passions combine my

passion for English as a second language

for languages for culture with a bit of

running so on December 15th I am going

to be running for Taipei International

Marathon if you're in the area come

along cheer me on I'll be easy the spot

I'll be that blonde guy dying after the

first 10k dying not even a quarter of

the way through the race yeah that would

be me have a beer with me after because

you know I'm gonna need it what are we

actually going to be doing

in terms of collaborative stuff myself

and leads mine well on December 7th

we're gonna have a bit of a social

shindig a bit of a party will be the

leads julienne gala night and it's gonna

be the leads my school and just gonna be

a bit of fun it's gonna be a chance to

have a couple of drinks to meet me to

meet the gang my assistant Kim will be

there and I know a lot of my own clients

are very excited to meet him in person

because she's really the person who

keeps my courses and my coaching

programs actually running whilst I'm off

traveling and doing all kinds of

different things and it's just it's

gonna be a lot of fun come along then on

December the 11th we're going to be

doing more of a formal lecture where I

am gonna be talking about a particular

quite advanced topic that is going to

help you the frustrated learner of

English as a Second Language cut away a

lot of what you are doing that actually

isn't effective for you personally and

speed up the improvement process

considerably you see a lot of people are

doing a lot of things to try and improve

their English that whilst good advice

for someone else it's not actually

effective for them personally and as a

result what they're doing actually isn't

taking them anywhere what we plan to do

in this particular event is get you

completely clear about these things and

you guys got to come out of it I've

prepared some handouts and some

exercises and things that you're gonna

do so you're actually gonna do the white

there along with me where the idea is

you're gonna come out at the end of this

with a queer roadmap of sorts that you

can use to say okay this is really

really effective for me personally I'm

gonna do this where is this other thing

for example perhaps shattering

shattering is

the things that I'm known for but it's

not effective for everybody

and that's what we're gonna do and

you're gonna come out of it with this

roadmap so you know exactly what's going

to be useful for you and what's not

going to be useful for you

that's all December 11th oh definitely

come along to bow for those the party on

the 7th and then the the lecture on the

11th come and cheer me along for the

marathon and the observant among you

will have noticed that that's only three

days out of my three weeks or so in the

city what am I going to do for the rest

of my time you know what I actually have

not decided at this point I don't know I

want to pose this question to you dear


what should I Julian Northrup do whilst

I'm in Taiwan let me know what are your

top recommendations let me know and what

I'll do is I'll maybe take us on those

popular ones with some of the most

interesting looking ones I'll go and do

them and I'll make some videos and it'll

be a great learning experience for me

and I can then share that with people on

my youtube channel on my Facebook page

and all that good stuff so why is this

going out of focus let me know in the

comments or wherever you can

what should I do you do not do in Taiwan

and I look forward to seeing you there

this is me Julien northbrook's signing

out from this video bye bye

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