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hello thank you so much for coming back to watch today's video so today is gonna

be like a little mini review and Tryon of the elf and nabela noir collab I know

this is old news but the good news is it's less than 18 bucks on a website

right now so like to see me try this out and see if maybe you should pick it up

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you there okay so I did purchase this around a little after the holidays but I

just checked on Elves website and this is less than $18 right now which is a

crazy good deal because you do get five brushes lip liner liquid lipstick

highlighter and a little makeup pouch all for less than 18 bucks that is crazy

good elf also always has free shipping at $25 and a free gift so it's a win-win

I personally I've never watched any of nabela NORs videos but I know she is a

popular Instagram and YouTube person and this looks like a beautiful set so super

excited it is cruelty free and vegan so like all of those products okay so this

is what it looks like so you get a big fluffy brush you get a highlighter a

domed stippling brush and then two eye brushes lip liner liquid lipstick and

highlighter and then here is a little makeup pouch so awesome

let's see here okay okay so that's really cute it's pink on the inside and

says elf and the Bell ignore that's really cute like that oh and it's

magnetized as well so that's adorable okay so the large brush since that it's

a powder brush really beautiful like chrome pink very soft fluffy

that's a nice brush then we just have the highlighting which I think that's

gonna be perfect and then we have the stipple brush but like I said it's more

of a dome shape really really nice that's gonna make a great foundation

brush and then this is supposedly a flat eyeliner I would say that's better for

packing on like shadows on the lid and then also a crease brush very very nice

though okay so obviously I already have makeup on that foundation concealer

powder bronzer blush brows a little bit I makeup nothing crazy

okay so this is the highlighter a loose highlighter really beautiful package and

I love the bronze with the decorative looks like it's like a champagne e gold

so does come with like a sifter let's go ahead and give this a go

okay so that's what it looks like I hope it's not too dark

we'll see so I picked up on the brush great okay so very glittery which I

don't mind a glittery highlighter at all I know some people they don't like that

but yeah it's glittery very very glittery I think this would last you a

very long too much okay we're gonna just start spreading this

how a little since I went a little heavy-handed

I can't tell too much now highlighter I can't tell if it's too dark it's pretty

though I mean it's it's beautiful beautiful highlighter it does give kind

of a wet look to the skin that's beautiful yeah I think if you have like

a medium skin tone I think this would be beautiful I think a lot of people could

wear it when I'm editing back I'll have to see what it's looking like but it is

really really pretty I do think this would work better kind of on top of a

drying like setting spray or maybe even wetting your brush a little I think that

would work better with this where it's so finely milled there's a lot of

glitter and shimmer and it just kind of a guide glitter all in my hair now it

just kind of poof's everywhere but it is it's beautiful so I really like the

brush the brush is perfect I like it a lot I know Kelly Strack really loves

this lip of doom Oh so it's nude so we're gonna give it a go

not usually a huge lip liner person but we'll see how it goes

it's very creamy


I think it's a great shade to

okay let's go ahead and try the liquid lipstick I have one or two elf liquid

lipsticks and they do have a good formula just kind of a teardrop and Abdo

foot not really a smell I'm a warm peachy nude



that's a really pretty shade um seems a little streaky or shear try shaking it

up and seeing if that will maybe help a little and I'll just go in with a little

bit more

yeah I think the two coats did seem to help I think this is a really nice

collection I think if you love elf brushes yes I mean five brushes really

really nice soft fluffy brushes super great that highlighter like I said it is

very very glittery so if you don't like glittery highlighters it might not be

your bag but it is really pretty on the skin and I do like the lip liner and the

liquid lipstick so drying down so it's like I said I've tried a lot not a lot

but I like I said I have a few of elf liquid lipsticks and they are good

quality long lasting not SuperDuper drying on the lips I mean obviously it's

a matte liquid lipstick but it is good quality so for 18 bucks I mean I think

it's a killer deal really really nice set plus you get the cute little the

cute little bag I do think it's a nice set and I do think it's worth the money

and yeah I think it's gorgeous on the skin actually very very pretty I think

this highlighter would be perfect and gorgeous for summer a really really nice

highlighter and you get a ton I mean unless this is your only highlighter

this is gonna last you a very very long time but yeah I do recommend it I think

it's great and I can't wait to continue to get use out of it and those brushes

are beautiful stunning so yeah five brushes I'm liquid lipstick lip liner

and a full sized loose highlighter for $18 that's a killer deal definitely

definitely worth it but thank you so much for watching I hope you did enjoy

today's video if you did please go and give the video a thumbs up and share it

I'd really appreciate it like I said I know this is a older

collection at last before the holidays but it's on sale right now so I would

definitely recommend picking it up if you didn't pick it up when it launched

it's definitely worth the money and it's it's a great value and great products

leave a comment down below have you tried the elf and de belem or little

collab what did you think of it are you interested in picking it up now that

it's on like a crazy good sale let me know down below in the comments and

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