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Hey ladies Samantha here kicking off

something new and exciting for the Smokefree Women community.

Were calling it the Active More Powerful You Challenge!

Heres how itll work. Each month well post a video

featuring something fun and easy that you can do to

stay active, healthy, and smokefree.Well post the videos to

Smokefree Women website, Facebook, Twitter

YouTube, and Pintrest pages. The idea is that

it starts social and stays social. We hope that you will share

your challenge experiences, give tips and advice,

post your pictures and videos, and most importantly

encourage each other to stay active, healthy, and smokefree!

OK, ready for the first challenge. This months

challenge is for all the moms out there. Did you know that September is

childhood obesity month?

So this month's challenge is to find ways for your family to be active together!

We know it can be hard to focus on the needs of your family,

live a healthier lifestyle, and stay smokefree at the same time.

The good news is that regular exercise

can help you stay quit and help you and your kids stay fit!

For kids, exercise means playing,

not working out. So try finding physical activities

that are fun for the whole family to do together. Play!

Go to the park and throw a Frisbee around for an hour.

Dont have time to run to the park? Try jumping rope in your backyard.

Yes, that thing you used to do when you were a kid!

Its a great cardio exercise that works your

your arms, legs, core,

helps strengthen your bones, and improves your balance.

Plus, jump ropes are inexpensive and kids love them.

Try making a contest out of it. See who can jump the longest!

Don't forget to check us out on

Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest to share your stories and to see what other women are doing

to become an active more powerful smokefree mom.

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