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This is how you hang your IXXI on the wall.

Step 1:

Lay down the cards on a flat surface with the image upwards according to the provided preview of your IXXI.

Connect the cards using the Xs in the middle and the Is on the borders.

Use the included click stick to prevent any damage.

For the upper row of cards you dont need any I-connectors.

In step 5 you will attach this to the Monos.

Step 2:

Cut or break the circle of just one Mono.

Stick a powerstrip to the back of each Mono.

Make sure that the red tab on the power strip sticks out from under the Mono.

Do not remove the protective film just yet.

Step 3:

You can now fill the hanging tools with Monos.

Count the number of cards in width and add one extra Mono.

Is your IXXI wider than 120 cm?

Then fill the entire hanging tool with Monos and youll add more later on.

Place the Monos under the hatches.

Start with the long part of the Mono from step two.

Slide the Monos up into the slots until they click into place.

Step 4:

Secure the hanging tool with tape at the desired height on the wall ...

... so that it is flat and in a level position.

The marks on your hanging tool indicate at which height your IXXI will be placed.

Fold the hatches up one by one and remove the protective film from the powerstrips.

Fold the hatches down again and press the powerstrips to the wall for 5 seconds.

Remove the hanging tool by carefully sliding it off the Monos.

When your IXXI is wider than 120 cm, you then reattach the hanging tool.

First, slide the two hatches out of the hanging tool onto the last two Monos on the wall.

On the right, adjust the hanging tool to a level position and secure it with tape.

Fill the hanging tool with the additional needed Mono's and stick them to the wall.

Step 5:

Secure the Mono's on the left and right with the enclosed push pins.

Attach the IXXI to the Monos.

Break off the circular part of the last Mono.

Click the remaining round parts of the Mono in the bottom left and right corner.

Congratulations! Your IXXI is up!

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