Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ray J’s Battling Blues

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Ray J is here.

Come on, let's go.

(applause and cheering)


No you won't, not with the glasses.

I can't see.

Don't try to look grown.

Wendy, I can't see without these glasses,

I was gonna do the shades, but you know I felt like it was,

I couldn't see.

You're lookin' good though.

You look good as well Ray J.

See you over there.

Where you at, your house?

Mm hm.

Nice, you like doin' work from the crib?

No, I mean I like it now,

but I only do this corner, this is my kitchen.

See the braces?

Let me match you with the braces, there we go.

Oh, mm.

There you go.

Diamonds are forever.

I'm playing

Listen, where are you in your house?

I am in the front room, I'm at a hotel.



Yeah I'm at a hotel.

All right, are you stuck there until quarantining is over?

Well, I've been quarantining three ways,

I been, I got stuck at the studio,

so I made a full album.

I made two albums there while I was stuck.

And then I go home,

and I chill with the kids for about two weeks,

but then I had to come out the house again,

so when I go out, my wife doesn't let me come right back,

I gotta do another quarantine session.

So I'm in the hotel quarantining to go back

to see the kids.

How is the long-suffering Princess Love?

Ah, she's doing well man, she's you know,

she's the best mother

in the world, I mean she's been holding the kids down,

having two kids under two,

that's a job in itself.

You haven't been the best husband Ray J.

Listen, you know God is good,

we'll all get better,

you know what I mean?

I mean I can do better, I can definitely do better,

and I will do better, you know,

and I'm working towards making sure

that the kids know that we love each other

and that we love them more than anything.

Yeah, you can convince the kids, but us as adults

who watch you, I mean you've discussed your problems on TV,

and Ray J, I don't even like that I love you.

(audience and Ray J laughing)

I don't even like that I love you.


Ray J, what is your problem?

You know, we did the conversation on the Zeus Network

because we already on TV and

we felt like us being our own therapist,

it could work, you know we tried it,

we felt like if we just gave it a shot

since we already on blast,

and everybody creating their own stories about

what they see,

we just tried to give it a shot, did it help?


I don't know, No.

I don't know, I mean I appreciate


No, no, I'll tell you what,

it didn't help because it shows that she's a good mom,

and she's tried to be there for you.

She's put up with more than she needs to,

and it shows that you're the type of man

who will never be faithful.

You know when you working hard, you know,

sometimes you go through the ups and downs,

but as far as being faithful,

like I never had a problem with that.

I just had a problem with us being on the same page,

you know what I mean?

And understanding how to learn each other and to compromise,

you know what I mean?

That's pretty much what it was and what it is,

you know what I mean? (mumbles)

It more like seemed like your way or no way,

but listen,

what about that battle No, no, no, no.

With Baby Face... it was her way or no way.

Her way or no way, and I'm with that.

That's why I'm staying at the hotel,

waiting for the approval to go back to the house, you know?

It's what she wants to do,

and I'm gonna ride with her,

you know what I mean?


But we got a lotta growing to do,

we got a lotta

What about you and Baby Face and the battle?

So yeah, no, I don't want a battle,

I think one of my team members got excited

and decided to go into the battle and be me,

I don't have enough hits to battle.

You know, I gotta few records,

you know what I mean,

that I feel good about,

but for me to go in there

and battle like Baby Face and Teddy Riley would be crazy.

Now Brandy on the other hand,

she can battle.

I love your family.

You know, a good Brandy-Monica battle?


Run down!

Hey, when's the last time you talked to Suge?

I talked to Suge after we talked,

and he still wants to get on the line with you,

but he wants, you know,

he wants everything to be good with you.

You know, he's like,

you know, Wendy did me wrong

and you know, he wants you to make it up to him.

I didn't do him wrong, he did himself wrong!

Look, Ray J, tell us about the new show "Pump."

The new show "Pump,"

now, this is like one of my favorite shows I've done.

It's a scripted series about a guy who

had everything, he had the world,

he had the new supplement and outfit,

he's making millions of dollars,

he's come from the gym life, and all of a sudden

his supplements take a bad turn and give everybody,

everybody gets sick, everybody gets diarrhea,

everybody starts to feel bad about his products,

so he crashes down,

and he has to go back to his old life at the gym,


and kind of restart, when all this stuff...

Okay, look, we got a clip, take a look.

Pump's very own Sean Ford made it to the big league.

Uh huh, yo boy came up.

You wanna piece of that sugar beat?

Yeah, power punch 'em!

Celebrity trainer, Sean Ford's fitness empire

is in jeopardy.

Did it ever occur to you

that you needed to have supplements thoroughly tested

before selling them to the public?

Ah, I tested them.

No, no you didn't.

So you not here to get yo job back?

I'm Sean Ford!

I single handedly kept the lights on at QVC.

And now you're back here.

People love a great comeback story.


I don't like you.

But I can't help but have love for you.

Wendy, you make me laugh every single time.

The show looks so good.


love to hate you.

But I hate to love you.

But see, I just love to love you,

and that's what it is,

I do it for love, you know what I mean?

And everybody can check out the new Pump series

on the new platform, it's called Urbanflix.


This is bout to be the takeover,

and this show is so good

with a great cast,

shoutout to Jennifer Freeman,

shoutout to Corey,

shoutout to everybody who put this show together.

It is a show that you gotta watch,

it's turnt up,

it has a positive, strong message at the end,

and through the process, you just have a good time.

And it makes you wanna work out.

Thank you, Ray J.

Take care, tell the family I said how you doin'.

Bye! How you doin'!

I love you, Wendy.

(crowd cheering)

I love you too. Follow my lead.

Follow my lead.

Leave me alone boy.

(woman singing)

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