Practice English Speaking&Listening with: M16 is the Strongest Weapon! 25 Kills Chicken Dinner! ChinesePlayer PubgMobile GameForPeace

Difficulty: 0

watch carefully



oh my god, why is this guy so fast?

seems like he can't reach there, useless

all right then, seems like he made it

anybody's here? no one

car...where is the car?


where should we go for fight? is there anybody in the town?



look at these houses

they are not welcoming us, no door is open

this is too much, let's go



i can't, i need accompaniment

where should i go?

oh my, i'm getting famous by singing

red zone, it can't kill me

move forward, don't be scared

let's go to Pochinki, there must be somebody there

i use my subscription as guarantee, if nobody's there, just unsubscribe to me

see that? door has been opened

there is footstep


seems like...not right, this is not the lyrics

what is the lyrics?

don't want M4, i'm practicing M16

i'm looking at the plane

oh my god...oh my god

rifle suppressor

i finally got a rifle suppressor, i'm telling you i'm so hyped right now

all of you are small fries


the man who sings

original singer, BuQiuRen

this team...i think they are confused

he has a teammate and he gets revived

jump, jump again

[thanks chat]

oh my god, there are two boxes here, my goodness

those are good houses but nobody's there, are you kidding me?

those are good spots, why don't they camp there?

all of them are outside

they don't camp those two good houses

what are they doing?

fighting in the wild?

these players are miraculous

[thanks chat]

raising middle finger? what does it mean? this one?

who knows? i don't know

why is there nobody here?

oh my, this airdrop is mine

it's mine


you make my hand hurts

i was tapping so hard and my hand is painful, it's sore

this gun is not for human

my hand hurts

my hand hurts, what i suppose to do?

get some bullets first

feels like...

feels good

even number, odd number

my buddy, you never expect this, right?

you never expect that i will flank behind you

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