Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kwik Kopy & iNform Fitness

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My name is Max Martin, I'm one of the Directors of iNform Health & Fitness

Solutions. We're an exercise physiology studio, most of our work is with people

that are coming out of, for example, surgeries or motor vehicle accidents or

that have experienced pain for a long period and our exercise helps them get

back to full health. Kwik Kopy has helped us with our rebrand in the last

year or so, they've done some fantastic signage for our windows which we've

received really positive feedback from new clients that have said the signage

has actually attracted them in. I think if we had to do all the graphic design

ourselves we would have a lot less time to actually run our business the way

that it should be run, so you know it's great to have that advice from a graphic

designing perspective. So we give them the ideas of the sort of

brochures that we would like to have developed and they come back to us with

a whole number of drafts and really good suggestions on how they're likely to

work better. We find Kwik Kopy very accessible, typically we're emailing back

and forth, we get responses within 24 hours and things are delivered really

quickly. We feel like we know the team at our local Kwik Kopy really well so it

makes working with them really really easy.

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