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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: An English Lesson: English Pronunciation, Conversation, and Listening Practice

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answer them I'm Bob the Canadian it is a

Saturday night here in Ontario Canada we

have lots of people already in the chat

talking there are also some questions

that have already been submitted via the


I have to apologize though I deleted

some of the questions by accident

so thanks a janay for putting your first

name there I know you had a question

about how I would say it let me just

check my audio sounds like everything's

working great so we'll just go with that

so anyways the way this works is my

buddy Todd will post a link actually he

just posted it he will post a link you

can follow that link to a forum where

you can ask me any question you want

about the English language and I will

answer it for you and I will try my best

to correct the question if you've made

some small small mistakes so I'm gonna

start with the the first question I

accidentally deleted a few because I was

clearing out my question list but a

Janee I wanted me to pronounce his

actual first name which is I think deke


that's I'm trying my best a Janee if you

scroll back in the chat you'll see a

janae put his name there deke Shawn so

hopefully I know the second a is

supposed to sound like father so

hopefully I pronounced that correctly if

not I'll have to figure out how to

pronounce it second question is also

from a Janee let me get that posted in


oh my chats kind of in the wrong

location there it says a Janee says what

is your favorite letter of the alphabet

and why my favorite letter is K and I

like it and it looks I like the way it

looks but it's not as common in English

and a janay spelt common with a K

they're just I think to be tricky so my

favorite letter of the alphabet I'm not

sure but did you know in in Canada we

say Zed instead of Z so we say the

letters ed the alphabet ends with the

letters said I think we say it the same

as they do in the UK or in Britain in

America they say Z I would say my


the alphabet is probably be because it's

the first letter of my first name so B

as in Bob it's how we would say it

Karina has the next question and I'll

just keep moving through the questions

here again if you have a question please

post it using the forum and welcome to

the 228 people that are suddenly here

practicing their English so this is

meant to be a time to ask questions but

it's also great listening practice

so make sure that you take some time to

listen carefully to the lesson as I go


Karina says you tubs so let me let me

try to pronounce things correctly you

sometimes say if I was to but I also

heard other native speakers say if I

were to the second one sounds strange

is it a regional difference or are they

wrong they're actually both right Oh a

Janee says you also say Zed in India I

think that's the correct way to say it

so I will tell you this I think I use

both and they are both correct Karina I

say things like if I was to take a sip

of my tea my throat wouldn't feel a sore

if I were to take a sip of my tea my

throat wouldn't be as sore by the way I

don't have a sore throat that was just

an example I'm actually feeling really

good right now so that's that's nice

so I think they are both correct I think

that we use them somewhat informally and

we break a little bit of our grammar

rules when we use them but they are both

totally normal phrases that you would

hear and you can use both

interchangeably let's move on to the


oh there are a lot of questions look at

that all of the sudden there's like 30

questions I'll try to go fast I'm not

going to speak fast Gaga says hi Gaga by

the way how can I pronounce the th in

this that the can you read it slowly I

can't pronounce it quickly in a sentence

I have to go to church now so sorry I

will watch later sure thing gaga so when

you get back from church or tomorrow

it's this that the this that that I know

probably not fun looking at my mouth and

my tongue sticking out but

this that the you can see that my tongue

comes between my teeth this that the

next question is Doreen from Taiwan

Doreen says hi Bob my question hydrate

what my question is what's the

difference between next to the road and

on the side of the road

do you they have the same eating thank

you yeah so if if there is something

next to the road or if there is

something on the side of the road or if

there is something beside the road

there's a third way to say it they all

mean the same thing absolutely we would

normally say on the side of the road on

the side of the road beside the road

would be the more common ways to say it

second question here from Doreen from

Taiwan says my question is how to

pronounce Vee it's hard to tell we've

performed much better and we performed

much better and do they have the same

meaning so I over pronounced it there I

said we've performed better we've

performed much better so it's just a

slight of the sound we've we've

performed much better or we performed

much better so you just have to listen

for that very soft the sound um we've

performed much better loose' let's see

here Lucia from Brazil Lou's up from

Brazil says hi Bob I'm not sure if you

will answer my question I'm afraid it

has to do with grammar I'll give it a

shot I don't know how to use from and of

for instance this dog is from or of my

so if your son gave you the dog you

would say the dog is from my son if your

dog owns the SUP the if your son owns

the dog you would say it is my son's dog

ok you wouldn't say it's of my son in

other languages we often do that ok but

in English it's either if you say the

dog is from my son it means that your

son gave you the dog did I say dog or

son there if you say the dog is from my

son it means that your son gave it to

you and if you say it is your son's dog

it means it belongs to your son so

in no situation where would we use of

okay lolli lolli has the next question

lolli lolli says hi Bob hi lolli lolli

please oh and by the way lolli

thanks for the super chat yesterday

lolli donated a super chat it was


I remember it still today lolli says

what's the difference between hard

difficult and tough well they are almost

all the same thing when I Drive to

school in the snow it can be the driving

can be really tough the driving can be

really hard the driving can be really

difficult so I can use all of them okay

they all work just fine and they mean

about the same thing as well Henry from

this is where Henry from Taiwan says hi

Bob I am perplexed by these two words

and there are two words that Bob the

Canadian has never seen before

so let me first of all tell you this

they are not common words Henry they are

words that you will not hear very often

in everyday English speech okay so the

first one is I think impact canoeists

and is having little or no money we

would just say that you're broke or flat

broke to describe that scenario and then

the second one is probably I wonder if

it's an opposite is extremely poor so

penurious so first of all Henry you have

found two English words that I did not

know and I will tell you this I have a

university education I read all the time

and I will be completely honest with you

we don't use those words in English you

might run into them when you're reading

but those are some rare words that you

found so we would say that people are

extreme extreme poverty if we were

describing someone who is very very poor

or if it's just like they happen to have

no money we would say that they are flat

broke so anyways I'm just going to say

hi to the 325 people watching welcome

I'm Bob the Canadian we're doing an

English language question-and-answer

session if you're new here there's a red

subscribe button there you should click

and thumbs up are always welcome as well

as well as super chats if you guys like

to give away your money I'm not going to

complain at all natalie has the next

question Natalie her Aoife says hi Bob

hi Natalie is there any difference

between all of a sudden and all of the

sudden no we say both of them so all of

a sudden someone jumped in front of me

all of the sudden someone jumped in

front of me go ahead use both I think

all of the sudden is the most correct

version but definitely we can use you

can use both for sure let me clean up my

questions here let's see here edward

says hi Bob hi Edward

why do native speakers sometimes say to

pick out and other times they say to

pick so when I pick out a bunch of

bananas because I eat a lot of bananas

thank you to all of you who live in

countries that grow bananas I always

think the banana growing nations of the

world when I pick out bananas it means I

look at a whole bunch of different

bunches and I choose the one that I want

that I think looks the best so I pick

out it means that I am choosing or in my

mind kind of sorting through the bananas

if I say I was to just to pick some

bananas it means that I'm picking them

off the tree so it's a little bit

different so you can also pick up though

like on the way home from work I can

stop at the store and pick up some

bananas which simply means the same as

buying the banana so I'm just buying

some bananas so Henry I hope that our

Edward sorry I hope that made a little

bit of sense and at least you have some

example sentences there B says hi Bob hi

B I love your English lessons very much

so my question is what should I give my

teacher for Christmas should I give her

a card or anything else if you so this

is a great question and it's about

gift-giving and different parts of the

world different countries do gift giving

differently in Canada it is very normal

to give your teacher a card at Christmas

or to give your

teacher a thank you card once in a while

so I would just give her a card if you

want if you are in Canada or if you're

in a country where you can buy like a

little gift card you could give your

teacher a little gift card to a coffee

shop for five dollars or something like

that so let's see here

let's go to the next one Columbiana from

Callie says let me get this posted in

the chat Columbiana from Callie says

hello Bob what's the correct way of

saying he decided to not do something

anymore he decided not to do something

anymore you can say both he decided to

not do something anymore he decided not

to do something anymore both are fine

the first one's a little wordy but

there's nothing wrong with saying that

so totally fine um let's see here

Ulysses hi Ulysses says I'd like to know

about words like gonna wanna gada that

are how native speakers talk in real

life that is definitely how we talk in

real life in fact I try to speak really

clearly when I make my videos and I

still say good Nagata a lot I say oh I'm

gonna go to town right now or I'm gonna

go to a store I gotta get some groceries

I wanna buy something nice for Jen today

so again for those of you listening

goodness is going to okay I'm going I'm

going to go it becomes no I'm gonna go

yeah I'm doing that right so I'm gonna

is going

I wanna is want to and I got it is I

have to or I I've got to so we do

certainly condense our speech sometimes

like that let's see here

Renata says hi Bob could you please

explain the expression shine someone on

so you can I'm not sure if this is what

you're talking about but you can take a

shine to someone and that means if you

take a shine to someone it means that

you you like them okay so I haven't

heard the phrase that you were asking

about Renata but that is what

if you take a shine to someone it means

that you like them it's a bit of an

older phrase but it's definitely one so

Flavio says hey Bob I am Flavio from Rio

de Janeiro hi Fabio how should I answer

the question what's up so I often just

say not much

if someone says what's up I just say not

much and it's it's it's kind of just a

polite way of greeting someone it's

almost the same as saying hi hi you

don't always say exactly what is

happening in your life so if someone

says what's up you just say oh not much

so if someone was to phone me on my

phone and they said hey what's up I'd

say oh not much what's up with you and

they would say oh not much do you want

to go out and have a coffee sure so it

it's really it's kind of a funny phrase

actually what's up you can answer it by

talking exactly about what you're doing

but you don't have to you can just say

not much

Sayid says what are the differences

between let it go let it be so be it

they're almost all the same so let it go

or let it be means stop worrying about


stop thinking about it just let it go

just let it be maybe you want to argue

with someone like they think something

is true and you think it is not true and

you your friend might just say hey just

let it go just let it be okay but when

you say so be it that just could mean

that you agree to disagree you might

just say to someone you know so be it

I'm not gonna argue with you anymore

you have your opinion I have mine so the

first to let it go let it be mean the

same thing for sure the third one's

slightly different let's see here

Edward says Bob is it necessary to use

of in a phrase like a couple of days

sometimes I hear you saying the phrase

without of so in a couple days I'm going

to go back to work in a couple of days

I'm going to go back to work yeah so we

probably dropped the of sometimes we say

it a number of ways so in a couple days

I'm going to go to work in a couple of

days I'm going to go to work or in a

couple of in a couple of days probably

the third one is the most common in a

couple of days I'm going to go back to

work on Monday because it the weekend

will be over and I have to go back to

work on what days let's see here

Ranade says what do you call somebody

who is from the same country as you I

don't know we could say fellow

countrymen that sounds kind of old

though because it's uses the word

countrymen which we don't use anymore

but certainly you could say oh this is

one of my fellow countrymen even if it

was a woman you would say one of my

fellow fellow countrymen we don't say

country woman I'm trying to think

Ranade if there's another word my fellow

Canadian you could say that you know my

fellow Canadian like I could say Todd is

my fellow Canadian it means he's from

the same country as me

and if I was from France you know I

could say that the same thing let me

clean up my questions here and we will

get to the next one I'm going to just

jump ahead a little bit let's see here

if I miss your question it might be just

hard to explain in a live lesson so

Jesse says how are you - how are you Bob

the Canadian you are doing a great job I

really appreciate your efforts from the

bottom of my heart what is the basic

language of the province of Quebec or

what is the most common language so in

Quebec if you live almost anywhere in

Quebec French is the most common

language in the province of Quebec if

you live in Montreal there are areas of

Montreal that speak English and there's

areas of Montreal that speak French so

that's the that's the biggest city in

the province of Quebec next question


Bruno says Bruno from it sabor I says hi

Bob you are doing an excellent job on

YouTube thanks Bruno

have you considered I'm correcting there

a bit have you considered starting an

English course someday I think it would

be awesome or it could be awesome you

could say that both ways

I've thought about it but I I have a job

and I love my job right now so I just am

content right now to make a movie or a

video each week and to do a couple live

lessons so I haven't thought in detail

maybe through the winter I will think

about if I did start an English school

online what it would look like so we'll

see Hammoud from Saudi Arabia hi Hammoud

thank you for being here why do you

think English learners cannot make

progress and go to an advanced level

thank you so probably the most

challenging thing about getting to an

advanced level of speaking is finding a

native speaker to talk with almost every

day and I've explained this a bit before

you can become an advanced reader an

advanced writer of English an advanced

listener and you can become an advanced

speaker of English but usually to get

really far on speaking to become really

good at speaking you need to find a

partner that's usually very very

important and that's why some people

find they have a bit of a roadblock and

they find it difficult lolly lolly has

the next question

lolly says hi again Bob hit Bo actually

I think lolly is just but I think lolly

called me Joe earlier maybe last week

and then tonight I'm Bo I have several

names Bo Joe Bob and I'm laughing lolly

I find it funny are likely and probably

similar synonyms excuse me I'm talking

I'm talking into my cup here so I will

likely have a good night's sleep tonight

I will probably have a good night's

sleep tonight they mean the same thing


in those situations they definitely mean

the same thing be oh I think we did this

question B it's about the Christmas card


just skip that one okay Douglas asks a

question about English English is just a

strange language when do we use the

phrasal verbs at the end of the phrases

for example what are you looking at or

move on thank you so that's really hard

to say because generally using a phrasal

verb at the end of the sentence isn't

correct in writing but we do it all the

time right so what do you need to pick

up what city are you going to move to so

we often do that and I don't know how to

answer it right now during a live lesson

Douglas sorry about that I I'll have to

do a longer lesson on that on how to

properly and your sentences with phrasal

verbs or with prepositions which you're

typically not supposed to do but as

English speakers we do it all the time

so let's see here I see a lot of

questions coming in in the chat please

make sure you use the form to ask your

questions and please use the chat to

talk to each other that's the best way

to use the cha chat

Oh Sean's here from free 99 he is using

his own account instead of his free 99

English account so I saw shadow - Sean

welcome Sean I'm not sure why your other

accounts not working hopefully you can

get that fixed anyways Michael San Jose

says good evening Bob and Todd what are

what's the difference between stress and

intonation so I don't know I know that

when I say a word both of those refer to

pronunciation so sometimes you stress

certain syllables in a word so when you

say a word if it has two syllables one

will have more stress than the other so

it will be stronger and harder than the

other syllable which will be softer and

may be quieter and then intonation

you'll have to look up the exact

scientific definition but your

intonation is part of your pronunciation

so I would look those two up believe it

or not even though I try to answer

questions endlessly I don't actually

know everything

I would say I know quite a bit but

sometimes I don't know things like those

two words earlier that was fun for me to

see two words that I hadn't learned

before let's see here

Kleber says hi I'm from Brazil and I'm a

beginner in English well welcome cleaver

I live in farm - oh that's very cool I

need to get more vocabulary about farms

can you help me so I had promised to do

a video on farms earlier this summer and

I didn't do one but I will try my best

to do another video on farm vocabulary

clever to help you out a little bit

maybe I'll do a live lesson on farms

that might be pretty fun it's a pretty

narrow topic

sorry it's a broad topic but there would

be not very much interest but I will try

and see if I can do something like that

okay I got lots of questions here I

better keep moving let's see and then

just remove cut a couple grammar ones in

here and I don't remove questions

because sometimes the questions are too

hard to explain in a short amount of

time so if you don't see your question

come through it's because I decided it

might take too long to explain so sorry

about that

Suhana says I saw a few prepositions

come after the phrase good luck it's a

blank exams such as for on in with which

one is correct well I would say good

luck on your exams if my students were

writing tests or exams I would say good

luck on your test good luck on your exam

that would be the most correct way to

say it notice I have a different mug I

think my other mugs in my VN I really

hope that I didn't lose it because it

was it's my favourite mug I've had that

same travel mug in my live stream for a

long time so pranati says how do you

pronounce hypotenuse please and then

explain it I'm kidding no need to well

it is pronounced hypotenuse and the

hypotenuse if you have a right triangle

the hypotenuse is the side a G across

from the 90 degree angle see I

explained that renata he said I didn't

need to but so if you have a triangle

raped like this and this is the right

angle this angle is 90 degrees across

from the right angle this side of the

triangle is called the hypotenuse that's

how you say it

also I think a squared plus B squared

equals C squared let's not start

teaching math though because people will

leave if I start teaching math let's see

next question is from talus hi Bob

please what's the difference between I

have I've got I got so I have a remote

control I've got a remote control and I

can say I got a remote control but

that's not really proper English we do

say that but I would either say I have a

remote control in my hand or I've got a

remote control in my hand if you say I

got a remote control in my hand it makes

you sound and less intelligent maybe I'm

not sure Kenny says I'm trying to read

this question Kenny says hi Bob how are

you I'm good Kenny my question is why I

cannot catch the voice from someone

speaking with me hard to help me

understand them thank you Bob

so when you're learning a language it's

good to find people initially who are

teachers of that language and have your

first conversations with people who

teach the language you are learning

rather than native speakers it's kind of

like the middle step you know you you go

from practicing your English to having

conversations with someone who is really

good at teaching the language and then a

native speaker because that trains your

ear and your brain it sounds to me like

you might be talking to someone who is

talking too fast and that just isn't

helpful early on so try to find someone

who can help you next question Sonia

gardius says is it still common to say

that's not my cup of tea yeah it

definitely is so this is my cup of tea

literally because this is actually a cup

of tea but if I was to say

I do not sing in a choir it's not my cup

of tea

it just means mmm it just means that I'm

not interested in singing maybe I'm not

good at singing being in a choir is not

something that sounds exciting to me so

I would say it's not my cup of tea so

totally common phrase totally used still


I actually just heard on TV the other

day in fact most of the phrases that I

teach on my other channel on my really

short English lessons channel our

phrases that I hear throughout the day

and by the way I do teach really short

phrases on tick-tock as well if you

search Tik Tok for Bob the Canadian you

can find me there as well if you're one

of those younger people that uses

tick-tock go have a look over there

let's see here Aleksey OLX 'i just gave

me a phrase I can use this week hello

Bob how are you what does the phrase

strike a chord mean well something

strikes a chord with me

it means it's something I agree with

okay so I I'm just gonna double check if

there's another meaning but strike a

chord is three notes played together and

it sounds beautiful in music so if

something strikes a chord with you it

means that it's something you really

like or you know let's say I'm reading a

book and in the book there's a part of

the story that it just reminded me of my

own life I could say well it really

struck a chord with me so that's that's

what strike a chord or struck a chord is

the past tense let's see here

Sayyid says most of the time I think

natives don't say m is r and the other B

when they speak informally is it correct

it really depends sometimes we speak

quickly and it sounds like we're not

using some words but we actually are and

a good example is the difference between

me saying I can sing or I can't sing

sometimes people who are learning

English don't think you're saying the T

in the second sentence so they hear I

can sing and then they hear I can

Singh but it's actually I can sing and I

can't sing there's just a little so you

just have to listen a little closely if

you can slow down the audio if you have

a recording sometimes you can hear the

sounds coming out next question is from

wait I think Julie glass lova says hello

hello Julia or Julie sorry please do you

have several examples for word for the

word self-conscious and appeal appealing

I don't know how to use it so when

you're self-conscious

it's think about if you have to go in

front of a group of people and talk to

them you would be self-conscious that

means that you're gonna think about your

hair and your clothes and you're gonna

think about oh I hope I sound ok I hope

people like me so when you're

self-conscious you're thinking about

yourself and and as it as it goes I'm

trying to say this correctly you're

thinking about yourself in a situation

where you know other people will be

thinking about you and you definitely

would want to have some appeal to people

and you would want to be appealing which

means they'll like you ok so I when I

make youtube videos I try to make them

appealing I try to make them to be

something people will like watching so

let me see here Martin has the next

question Martin says what's the

difference between quick and fast we use

them almost always interchangeably so

you could say that wow he's really quick

or wow he's really fast if you saw

someone running you could use both I

think technically fast is faster than

quick but it doesn't matter you could

you could definitely say to someone hey

go get me a hamburger and then hoo-hoo

if they came back instantly you could

say wow that was really quick or you

could say wow that was really fast so

you could use both hey I'm just gonna

pause one more time to say if you

haven't subscribed you should there's a

red button there

I do a video every Tuesday I do a live

lesson every Friday morning and I do a

live lesson every Saturday night but you

should know there's no live lesson this

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time this coming Friday I have a meeting

the same morning I normally do a live

stream so no live less than this coming

Friday but normally if you subscribe

you'll get an O and there's a little

bell you can click you'll get a

notification and thumbs up always are

always welcome and welcome of course to

the 470 people watching you guys are

awesome for stopping in I'm Bob the

Canadian by the way um let me just clean

up my questions and I will get to the

next one I just made a mistake in my

spreadsheet one moment please I keep

clicking everything wrong let's see here

here we go Paulo Ricardo says what is

the difference between British American

and Canadian English so first of all

Canadian and American English sound very

much alike and are very very similar in

my opinion okay

the Canadian accent and the American

accent because our countries are right

on top of each other and we share music

and we share TV shows and we share

movies our English is very very similar

but when you write Canadian English we

use some of the same spelling as they do

in bridge English but certainly the way

they sound I would say Canadian and

American English are very close cousins

and British English has a very distinct

accent when I hear British English it's

very distinct if I hear an American

talking I can kind of hear that they're

American but it's very it's a very

slight difference so Doreen from Taiwan

Doreen from Taiwan says hi Bob hi Doreen

thanks for your teaching no problem my

question is what is that what's the

difference between inappropriate and

inadequate cost and expense thank you so

inappropriate is when you do something

that's not

okay so it would be inappropriate for me

to swear while I'm teaching my classes

okay a teacher shouldn't use bad words

so it would be inappropriate for me to

swear while I'm teaching students the

second word you asked about inadequate

if I didn't do my job well you could say

that I was inadequate as a teacher it

means that I have I don't have all the

skills to be a teacher your next one are

cost and expense so a cost would be you

know what is the cost of doing business

what is the expect there are somewhat

similar I think rather than me

explaining cost and expense you should

probably look up on Google a definition

of each there they're slightly different

but they refer to spending money okay

businesses have a lot of costs

businesses have a lot of expenses so in

that situation they're very similar but

there are some times when they're just a

little bit different Michael Michael

Campisi hello Bob Michael from Brazil

I'm your fan thanks Michael thanks for

your videos it's no problem is it

correct to say my first degree okay so

here's the correct way to say this my

first degree is in logistics okay that's

how I would say that

so my first degree is in teaching okay

my second degree is in French so you

would say my first degree is in

logistics okay another way to say it

would be

I studied logistics in university or

college let's see next question so

Hoonah says hi Bob I was born the word

born in this sentence is it an adjective

like I am hungry or a verb in the

passive form or is it a noun like the

birth of a person I I don't know how to

answer that one I am NOT someone who has

a perfect understanding of English

grammar even though I'm a native speaker

I would say that if you were to say the

sentence I was born both of those are

actually verbs okay because you're

referring to

the action of being born but you should

look it up and I'll look it up as well

and maybe I'll post it in the comments

below but it's tricky sometimes if I was

to say I was healthy I was hungry I was

born yeah it's definitely a verb I'm

gonna go with verb awful has the next

question Office's I used to be scared to

go to English online job interviews but

now that I'm faced that I face it

without fear because I always watching

sir Bob's livestream thank you sir Bob

well thank you for calling me sir Bob

that's called an honorific in English

you are honoring me by giving me the

title of sir so thank you very much and

I think you're you're kind of right

watching a live English lesson like this

is probably good for your training for

an online interview it's not exactly the

same right because I do all the talking

and you don't get to talk very much but

it at least lets you get comfortable

with using technology so Nathan Nathan

gr says hi teacher Bob hi Nathan how do

we say we are five hours behind or five

hours ahead that's how you say it

I didn't read what you wrote so I would

say we are five hours behind or we are

five hours ahead so for instance Shawn

from 399 English is actually I think two

hours ahead of me I'm trying to get this

right so we're talking about time right

time zones so I think that for me it is

7:30 7:00 p.m. I think for Sean from 399

English I'm pretty sure it's 937 p.m. so

I would say that Shawn is 2 hours ahead

of me okay that's how we would say it so

you use ahead and behind Roy has a great

question here Roy says words like

majority electricity curiosity

possibility how do you pronounce them

and say possibility so let me repeat

those words for you Roy majority

electricity curiosity possibility that's

how you pronounce them oh and thanks to

Ivan hey-zeus for the super chat I've

been getting more super chats during my

live streams and I will just say I

appreciate them I often encourage people

to not give me money but when you do I

have a really good use for it now in

order to do live streams from the farm I

have to have fairly expensive internet

ok because I live out in the country so

whenever someone gives me a super chat I

use that to help pay my internet bill so

Thank You Ivan hey Zeus you're awesome

and just to follow up Sean says there is

only one hour difference between us so

that's it that's actually an excellent

sentence Sean because so the way we talk

about it is sean is one hour what did I

just say be he's one hour ahead of me if

you go to another part of Canada they

would be behind me and then we talk

about it as the difference so there is

one hour difference between where I live

and where Sean lives but either way

where Sean lives and where I live it's

totally dark at night at this time right

now dark and cold it's getting dark and

cold at night next question is from Alan

hi Bob my question is how to ask when a

store is open and when it is closed

thank you so if you were calling a store

and you would say hey this is Bob the

Canadian calling I wanted to come in and

buy a new camera

what are your regular hours what are

your hours you could say are you open

right now you could say what time do you

open tomorrow if they were closed but

you still got a hold of someone so those

would be all the ways that you could ask

and you could also say hey I want to

stop in and pick up a new camera lens

today what time do you close today how

long are you open till today this is my

phone by the way this nice phony okay so

how much longer are you open today how

long are you open today

all of those would be good ways to ask

how long my store is open let's see here

next question sorry a little bit of

quiet there well I think for a second

the question is from Heydar and is my

fan thanks Heydar hi Bob I just need

motivation I'm in my last year of high

school I need to get into University and

so I have to work hard for my university

exam just motivate me I don't know how

to explain thank you

you know the easiest way for me to

motivate you and I've told other people

this before is don't look at the whole

job okay look at what do I absolutely

need to do right now okay and here's how

I motivate myself if I have to do ten

things in a certain day I do the things

I if I can do it in any order I want I

do the things I don't want to do first

so I usually get up and I do the things

I don't want to do first so first of all

don't look at the big picture try to

break it into small steps and just do

one step at a time and that's that's the

only way I can motivate you and the

other thing is this think about yourself

in the future looking back on you right

now and you should always make your

future self happy so a good example is

believe it or not sometimes I don't feel

like making a video but I always think

to myself in a year when I look back I

want to say oh I made a video every

Tuesday for a whole year I want to be

able to say that in the future so make

your future self happy hopefully that

makes some sense that's my advice to you

right now hater see here I'm just gonna

clear some things out let's see here

Paul says hi Bob hi Paul how are you

doing I'm doing good

I hope you're doing good too I hope

you're having a good day can you tell me

what exactly this expression means I

kind of

fixed your question a bit there I'm

definitely a one-take wonder and I

definitely haven't okay so here we go

there's two phrases there the one is in

Canada where I live we say I am a

one-hit wonder if you're a one-hit

wonder it means that you did one thing

really well in your life and then

nothing else we usually use that phrase

when we talk about musicians or bands

who have one really good song in their

careers and then they don't have anymore

I think that's what you referring to and

when you say that you know I have a good

angle on something it means that let's

say you want to buy tickets to go to a

concert and you know the person who

sells the tickets you could say oh I got

a good angle on getting good tickets it

just means that you know a way to do

something that might be better or more

efficient than another meaning of have a

good angle so I'm just looking it up to

make sure there's no other definition

yeah it just says a plan or a way of

doing something that's incredibly

efficient or faster than other ways of

doing it so that's what a good angle

would be for sure let's see here


gonna just read this one over daisies

okay Darby Jean Louise says greetings

from Haiti how you doing Bob whenever I

feel lazy about learning something new

in English vocab sie watched tons of

series like TV BT or friends do you

think I won't get anywhere with this

here's the thing there's times when you

work hard to learn a language and

there's times when you're feeling lazy

and I always say if you're feeling lazy

as long as you're doing something okay

the worst thing you can do is stop okay

you should never take a break from

learning a language but maybe for three

days all you do is listen to English

music maybe for a couple days you just

watch friends that'd be great

there's nothing wrong with that so Shaun

is mentioning that they had their 15

seconds of fame okay sometimes people

have in life you get one chance in life

to have 15 seconds of fame

and everyone knows oh I forget the name

of the guy isn't there six degrees of

Kevin Bacon that's another one right

everyone's related to Kevin Bacon for

some way now I'm not making sense sorry

about that I will get back on topic now

Priya Newt says hello Bob this time is

good not early for me to wake up thanks

when someone says how's it going what

should I answer I just say it's going

good whether it's going good or not I

know that sounds like a lie but

generally if you the better you know

someone the more honest you are about

answering the question how is it going

okay so if for instance if I was on a

Skype talk with Sean from 399 English

and if Sean was to say how's it going I

would say oh it's going pretty good

because Sean and I know each other a bit

but we don't know each other like from

years and years we just know each other

because we both teach English on YouTube

so I would just say oh it's going good

but if my brother said how's it going

my brother who I've known for many many

years I would probably say that not so

great actually the other day and I would

explain something bad that happened so

it depends on how well you know someone

for sure

but it yeah next question Franklin has

the next question hi Bob you rock in

Canada thank you you use the expression

Hampi happy camper or sunny to refer to

sunglasses so a happy camper is just

anyone who's happy okay especially if

they're doing something they really like

so for instance when I watch a really

good movie I'm a happy camper I'm not

actually camping I am I'm happy but you

just used that phrase to describe

someone who is happy doing the thing

that they are doing when I do a live

English lesson like this I'm a happy

camper I I like doing it I think when

Sean makes a video for his English

Channel he's a happy camper because he's

in his happy place so that's another

phrase by the way happy place let's see


a Janee says can you pronounce the

sounds of the letters V and W do they

sound similar too

most languages only have one of these

sounds so they can't differentiate while

speaking English so in English they're

definitely different sounds so if you

think about something let me think of a

word like vivid so if something's vivid

it's very clear okay

so vivid but if you think of the word

wild like out in the wild or something

is wild

let's hear someone's typing in all caps

there while definitely is a different

sound so vivid vivid see by mouth or

wild great question though a Janique

because it is kind of strange right

that we have letters that have distinct

sounds that other people who speak other

languages have trouble forming next

question is from nt says how would you

explain the word quite so we use this

word as a filler word a lot like there's

quite a few times where I use the word

quite and you probably didn't need it or

I probably didn't need it so quite it's

just kind of it's a descriptor like if I

say this tea is hot or if I say this tea

is quite hot it it means almost exactly

the same thing if I say it's quite hot

it's probably a little hotter than hot

so it just kind of modifies the hotness

of the tea this cup whistles a little

bit when you drink I don't know if you

heard that um let's see here Zeke who is

yelling thank you bro for your videos in

the chat I appreciate it Zeke you you

should know though that if you type in

all caps it looks like you're yelling

did you know that online let's see here

loan from Vietnam says hi Bob can you

tell me how to pronounce

industrialization I think it has two

ways to pronounce thanks so much so the

way I say it is industrialization so

industrialization is when there is an

increase in the amount of industry or

factories or mechanization in a certain

area so that's what that is

ivenn hey Zeus thank you so much for the

super chat and you say hi Bob hi Ivan

thank you again

how can i improve my English so I I feel

like I should I should make like a

little video that explains this again

the best way to improve your English is

to split spend an hour a date first of

all and do some reading some writing

some listening some speaking and learn

some new vocabulary it is it is to me

the most balanced approach to improving

your English so read every day sorry

this finger was read read every day

write something every day listen to

something every day even if it's just

music or watching a TV show and then

somehow you need to speak English every

day even if you're just speaking out

loud to yourself and then do whatever

you can to learn new English words

that's the best way

Ivan again thank you for the super chat

that's the best way to improve your

English over time let's see here Tallis

has the next question hey Bob what's the

common phrases for greeting so the most

common phrases are hi hello how's it

going what's up hey man I know it sounds

funny but we need to actually say that

or hey how's it going so we add hay in

the front hey how's it going hey haven't

seen you for a bit so if you haven't

seen someone for a long time you would

say hey haven't seen you for a while or

hey good to see you man what's up I

think I say man a lot I think that's

because I'm really old I think old

people say that but those are a bunch of

ways to do readings but you can't go

wrong with hi and hello okay like hi and

then if you know the person's name like

if you saw me walking down the street

the best thing would be to say hi Bob or

hello Bob and I would stop and talk to

you for sure although where I live I

don't often meet people when I'm walking

down the road because it's kind of in

the middle of nowhere let's see here I

don't know how to pronounce kyuh kyuh

kyuh hello Bob hello I intend to spend

one month in Canada to study English

what do you think is it a good period

yes but maximize your time here if you

are coming to Canada to study English if

you are coming by yourself

that is the best scenario spend as much

time as you can

talking to native English Canadian

speakers if you are coming with other

people from your home country make sure

you don't just talk to them in your

native language get out

talk to English speakers you have to do

it because you can spend a month in

another country and hardly speak the

language of that country if you are

traveling with people from your home

country I know because I lived in Quebec

for several months when I was younger

and I had to intentionally ignore people

who were speaking English and I made

sure that I only spent time with people

who spoke French let me see here

camellia says what was your approach in

learning French could you rank your most

useful techniques so here's how I

learned French I learned French in high

school and then when I was in my 20s

early 20s I lived in Quebec City for

about nine or ten months but I needed to

improve my French about seven or eight

years ago I did do a lingo French all

the way from the beginning to the end

I used memorize which helped me learn a

lot of vocabulary and review my


I read furiously in French I just

started reading in French instead of

English so I like to read books every

every weekend I usually am reading a

book so I started reading in French and

for two years almost I only watched

French television that night and I

switched to listening to only French

music and I hired a tutor on prep lis

there's actually a link in the

description I hired a tutor on prep Lee

actually I hired three I hired Rayna and

Audrey and moiez to speak French with me

and I did about I think 60 or 70 hours

of French language training with them

and that's how that's how I improved my

French and you do have to invest a lot

of time oh and I also took my b1 and my

b2 test in 20

sixteen and twenty seventeen if you do

your CEF our tests there's nothing more

motivating than knowing you have an a

language test coming up so if you book

an English like a1 a2 b1 b2 test six

months from now that will really make

you study you will study a lot of

English for sure let's see here

Syed says what's the difference between

the sign and symptoms so sometimes you

have signs that you're sick you know the

signs would be that you know runny nose

stuffed up nose you're coughing but

those are also symptoms okay symptoms

are related to the flu but death are

sorry symptoms are related to an actual

illness but sometimes there's signs that

you're sick as well we would use

symptoms specifically for certain

illnesses like oh those symptoms make it

sound like you have the flu right so I

see easy and fun English is in the house

hiiis e and fun English how are you

doing it's good to see you here chatting

it up with Shawn it looks like so it's

nice to see some other English teachers

popping in and out I will certainly go

and have a look at your channel as well

I think I did once already easy and fun

English but anyways I'll pop over and

have a look it's good to see here and

I'm gonna do a few more questions here

folks next question is I'm clicking in

the wrong spot Ming each son says hi Bob

what's the difference between down the

road and on the road so down the road

my neighbors live down the road okay

ignore the first part of that sentence

my neighbors live down the road that

means that I live in a certain part of

this area and then if you go a little

further down the road my neighbors live

there if you're on the road it means

you're literally driving your car on the

road so often my younger brother would

travel for work so he would be on the


which means that he was in his car

driving from one business to another

talking to them and selling them things

so down the road just means they're

further they're on the same road as you

but further down but on the road means

that you're actually traveling let's see

here by the way I did want to mention

you might think I changed the time of my

livestream but I didn't it's actually

the same time here in Canada because we

have daylight savings time we turned our

clocks back last weekend so in the fall

we turn our clocks back and in the

spring we turn our clocks ahead so last

Saturday night I got an extra hour of

sleep it's really cool so when I was

done the live stream last week at 8

o'clock we turned our clocks back so

they were at 7 o'clock and it was super

fun it's like time travel in some ways

so let me see here I'm gonna try and do

a few more questions here I'm not gonna

get to all the questions again sorry

about that

let's see here I'm not gonna do that one

let's see here next one from Edgard

Edgard says what's the correct form it's

worth it it's definitely the first one I

don't want to say the second two because

there they are incorrect so it's worth

it it's worth it for me to do a live

stream I really like doing a live stream

it's super fun for me so it's worth it

so the other two I wouldn't look at let

me just check something here and then

I'll get back to the next question in a

moment I just want to make sure let's

see here I'm just checking something on

the technical front because I feel like

something wasn't working right but it is

now so that's good let me choose do the

next question by the way if you here is

the link to last Tuesday's video if you

didn't watch last Tuesday's video I'm

putting a link right there in the chat

for you if you want to go and watch that

we're almost done here kouachi from

Taiwan has the next question

let's see here hi Bob what is the

difference between hiking and climbing

so hiking is simply walking out in the

forest or on trails where you're just

you're wearing hiking boots maybe you

have a hiking stick or a walking stick

climbing though is when you actually

climb up the face of a cliff or mountain

so quite different actually so let's see

let's see here

doreen says Doreen from Taiwan says hi

Bob probably and plausible which do you

use more frequently we use probably they

mean almost the same thing right it's

it's probable that I'll do something

it's plausible right but we use probable

and probably a lot more often I think

that's what you were asking so let's see



alessandro says hi teacher bob i watch

your videos every day even when i'm

working well that's awesome

I hope you're allowed to watch my videos

at work I learned a lot from you

congratulations well thank you

Alessandro that's awesome to get that

feedback from you I will of course keep

making videos for everyone like you see

Veeck says how are the crops doing now

on your farm and how many trees do you

have so we just had our soybeans

harvested this past week I didn't have

an opportunity to take a picture or make

a video of it because it happened while

I was at work my neighbour came with a

large machine called a combine and he

harvested by soybeans all the flowers

are done so we do don't have any crops

out in the field anymore we're ready for

winter so we're ready to hunker down

that's the that's kind of how we

describe it that means you stay in your

house while the snow flies in fact in a

couple days we're supposed to get a big

snowstorm one of the first snow storms

of the year so we'll see what that is

like should be lots of fun Alex gets to

have the last question of the night Alex

says hi Bob is the pronunciation of the

T in the word often a fee

sure of Canadian English it's a feature

of speed so when I say the word often I

used the word often a lot by the way I

use it often there we go

I am supposed to say the T if I was

speaking in front of a group of people

and I was trying to sound clear and make

sure I pronounced everything properly I

would say often but when we speak

quickly we tend to say often okay I

often forget to say the T so if you hear

me speak slowly I will say often but if

you hear me speak quickly I will say

often so that's the difference between

the two there hey folks we're going to

wrap up this English lesson it's been

one hour I have to make sure that I take

care of my voice so thank you so much

for watching by the way please come and

watch this video tomorrow it is of great

benefit to watch this video two times I

know it's one hour long but tomorrow you

can turn on the subtitles and you can

watch it again and just rewatch the

parts maybe where you didn't quite

understand what I was saying so but

certainly for listening practice

watching this video two times is very

very beneficial thank you so much to the

516 people watching again I know this

feels like I'm promoting myself but I

like promoting myself if you haven't

watched Tuesday's video I'm linking it

here is Tuesday's video please go watch

it if you're looking watch it I can't

type if you're looking for something to

do right now great thing to do would be

go and watch Tuesday's video oh I just

clicked on it by accident myself I

didn't mean to do that anyways thank you

so much for being here I'm Bob the

Canadian please hit that subscribe

button if you are new here and thank you

so much to the over 500 people people

that attended this lesson

that's very awesome I'm I might even

actually go out right now so I got to

hit this button to hit stop because

I might go out to an auction sale do you

know what an auction sale is I'll

explain it in another video but they're

fun I might go out tonight to an auction

sale thanks for watching have a good


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