Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Did Cartman Just Crap Treasure? - SOUTH PARK

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Kenny, here take my hand !

Hurry Kyle, the water's rising !

Cartman... You've got to swim !

Kick with your legs.

I can't kick.

Yes you can.

I need your help !

No, you just have to save me.

Harhgh... Gahrhghg...

Kyle, nooo !

We are gathered here to say goodbye

to four kids whom we all tried to help

but in the end, could not.

But where there is loss, there is Hope.

For ManBearPig is no more.

Oh Jesus, here we go again.

We have beaten ManBearPig,

and we will never forget the names

of the brave young kids who lost their lives:

kid one...

Kid two...

Kid three...

And of course, kid four.

I remember how kid one used to laugh and play.

And how kid two was always there when I needed him...

Rrrrghggh !!

Oh my God !


It's the kids they're alive !


Kids, I saved you !

Just stay away from us, asshole !

I was nice to you because I felt sorry for you,

because you don't have any friends.

But now I see why you don't have any friends.

You just use ManBearPig

as a way to get attention for yourself

because you're a loser !

Yeah right, the man who single-handedly

killed ManBearPig is a loser.

Blarghh... Blaarrhghgh...

We need to get our friend to a hospital right away !

No, no, I'm fine !

I just need to get home... And rest...

Cartman, seriously, you need to see a doctor !

Naw, I just need to get to a toilet.

See you guys, I-

haba... Habaaaaaaa !

Haghggh !

Dude... Did Cartman just crap treasure ?

It's mine !

It's mine, you hear me ?

I got it out of the cave !

It belongs to me !

Keep your greedy hands away !

Hey... That looks like the fake treasure

from our smuggler's den photo room.

That's right, and I...

Fake treasure ?

Yeah, we put it there

All in all, I'd say that treasure is worth

about fourteen dollars.

No... No !

Ahghgh !

You made us pull you to safety

because you ate treasure ?

You son of a bitch.

Don't you think I'm hurting enough Kyle ?

Aahghghgh !

Well, my work here is done.

I've killed m.B.P.

Maybe I'll make a movie.

A movie starring me.

Then people will take me super-cereal.

Excelsior !

Ahgh !

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