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So I originally had this whole video planned where I would basically tell you why I think

Demon Slayer is really really really overrated.

But honestly I was going to just kinda point out the obvious flaws of Demon Slayer and

raise the question does this really deserve almost a 9 on MAL, does this really need to

be so critically lauded after just one single episode being really good in only one way?

These are questions I will ask and answer in this video.

Basically this is how Demon Slayer went from Mediocrity to (somehow) the best anime ever

and dissecting everything wrong with that statement and some critical thought and praise

on a series that deserves to be looked at more honestly.

So break out your #ThankYouUfotable hashtags, RT Funimation and Crunchyrolls twitter

posts on the matter, and ask Ninja how many anime hes actually seen.

This is Demon Slayer: From Mediocrity to Best Anime Ever.

Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro and his kid sister, Nezuko who becomes a Demon Slayer after his

sister is turned into a demon and the rest of their family killed.

He became a Demon Slayer to find a way to turn Nezuko back into a human.

But strangely enough, Nezuko is unlike the other demons which murder and then devour

any human in their path.

Nezuko is docile and chooses not to eat humans, and so Tanjirou travels with Nezuko (whos

in a box because direct contact with sunlight kills demons).

By all accounts Demon Slayer is a shounen anime through and through.

Except its strengths are unique and welcomed in a world where Black Clover, Fire Force

and My Hero Academia are churning out maybe a more watered down shounen style.

Demon Slayer unabashed in its inspirations with the anime pulling from countless Edo

period and the-like shounen anime from yester-year like Rurouni Kenshin and Blade of the Immortal.

In these inspirations there-in lies Demon Slayers core strength and thats its ability

to perfectly execute the classic shounen style and bring it into the modern area with style

and grace.

With direction from Haruo Sotozaki and production from Ufotable, the studio known for the core

main-line Fate Anime, Demon Slayer packs a punch and then some.

I found myself utterly surprised at how well Demon Slayer was pacing its episodes consistently.

I felt the first 12 episodes of this series went by in a flash.

This is thanks to the animes action being a primary feature over character and story

development (well get into these two things later in the video in more detail).

Everything I was watching from Demon Slayer through its 26 episodes was easy and fun to

watch because of these aspects which played together quite well.

Tanjirou is your basic shounen protag, but hes on a whole other level of likeability.

Most shounen protags are witless, dumb, annoying, or downright some of the worst characters

in anime.

But Tanjirou breaks the mold of what being a shounen protag is.

Sure, hes incredibly simple and his goal is singular, but the goal is a noble one me

and you can relate to on some level.

Tanjirou wants to reverse Nezukos status as a demon back into a human.

Tanjirou will go through hellfire and brimstone just to see his sister return back to the

kid sister she was before, the beauty of their village as Tanjirou put it.

This isnt the only reason Tanjirou breaks the mold though, most importantly hes not


Tanjirou is an incredible character who mild-mannered, sweet and delivers every time hes on screen.

He doesnt whine or complain, yell at high ear piercing volumes, and he doesnt perv

on any of the female characters.

Tanjirou has only one goal in mind and thats reversing Nezukos state of being a demon.

This makes Tanjirou one of the most notable characters in shonen right now as it seems

shounen is reverting back to its old self of making the characters youre supposed

to like, unlikeable.

But while all of this may be, at some point Demon Slayer hit a snag with a couple of arcs

and characters.

For a while, Demon Slayer was a perfectly fine show but near the middle of its run time

many issues came to light and thats the shows debilitating lack of good characters,

boring antagonists and a couple of ear piercing side characters.

And those characters Im talking about of course are Zenitsu (as I lovingly refer to

him as, Lemon Boy) and Pig Head Boy who I refer to as Pig Head Boy.

They have to be one of the worst additions to this show.

And its not exactly because their characters and writing are necessarily bad.

I quite enjoyed Zenitsus backstory for what its worth and in a fight Pig Head

Boy is one of the funnest characters on screen.

But oh man, they are annoying, with Zenitsu screeching out the sounds he does when hes

yelling at the top of his lungs.

Better yet, the fact he runs away and complains and whines until the plot seemingly calls

for him to not and win whatever fight he needs to.

For Pig Head Boy hes sorta the same reason.

He is just always yelling and ramming his head into things over and over.

It very much feels like a basic Shounen trope to have these two characters be so damn loud

and annoying playing as the comedic relief.

And granted, this show needs comedic relief and some, keyword SOME jokes and gags are

actually funny.

But I cant take those gags in and digest them because Im being shoveled a million

other things as they both flail around.

If I am to compare the two on a scale from 1-10, Zenitsu is probably at an 8 as Asta

exists, and to be fair Pig Head Boy is simply not as bad because he has great fights and

hes also much more bearable so Id give him a 5.

But the introduction of these characters highlighted Demon Slayers crippling issue which is

a lack of good characters until Episode 20.

It also highlighted Nezukos weakness as a character.

All she really does is pop out of a box and kick people or now in this case change sizes.

And while Nezuko is without a doubt cute, cuteness and memes do not make a character

good, Nezuko after seeing most of the episodes in Demon Slayer is simply not a good character.

Now that doesnt mean shes bad per-se, Id rank her as mediocre at best.

But I also realize something, just like every other character in this anime.

Demon Slayer has set things up where there is a potential for this situation to get better,

and they showed in this season there is a promise that the cast will be getting more


With the introduction of these new Demon Slayers in episode 20 or so, this opens up a whole

new world for this series.

On top of that, these characters, all of them so far seem like absolute basket cases, nut

houses if you.

And while you just listened to me whine about those other characters everything and all

at once, Ive got nothing but good things to say about these new Demon Slayers.

From what Ive seen theyre all quite compelling based on first impressions.

Mitsuri Kanroji who has a sort of grating design to the eyes, but a personality youd

just love to hate.

Hes super weird and weird is what excels in Demon Slayer at times, so her introduction

is most assuredly welcomed by me.

Kanao Tsuyuri is also interesting, we saw her earlier in the show but she knocks out

Tanjirou with ease and I wouldnt be opposed to seeing something of a relationship progress

between these two.

It would show a different side to Tanjirou that may be needed depending on how long the

series chooses to go for.

Then we have my favorite, the beautiful psycho butterfly lady, Shinobu Kochou.

I mean, what can I say, shes got the best design and the best personality.

The best way I can describe it is shes sadistic, and Im not sure if shes fully

aware of how unhinged she is.

Probably the most entertaining of the new bunch, shes awesome.

And I think its time we talk about the shows antagonists so far, which has so

far been sorta weak for me.

I think Kibutsuji is solid, but most others besides Rui and Susamaru have been mediocre

for me.

The Swamp Demon in particular seeming like a waste of time as the arc in hindset didnt

do much if anything at all.

I feel like they turned that into an arc because they needed a cool fight and as well to introduce


But to me the Swamp Demon was so poor I just felt removing that whole thing would have

been best for the pacing of the show overall.

Same goes with the hand demon, it was a cool fight, but in hindsight it wasnt as good

as it could have been.

But I think more antagonists like Rui and Susamaru need to be in this show.

They are some of the finest examples of how to do solid to great antagonists.

Rui as an example is one of my favorite shonen antagonists in quite a while if were not

counting Hunter x Hunter.

He just had this heartbreaking and profound backstory which really got you into the fight

and invested.

Episode 19 in particular was one where I didnt even realize how sucked into the story I was

until I finished the episode.

It was perfectly paced and while I think Episode 19 is overrated, from a story perspective

and writing its damn near perfect.

Honestly speaking here, Demon Slayer took 19 episodes to get good for me.

Before that episode I was struggling to find reasons to keep watching and we even killed

it off on the King of Anime Podcast because it was simply spinning its wheel for so long.

And this is where I think some of the internet fanbase is wrong about Demon Slayer.

People are calling this anime one of the all time greats, and I simply do not agree with

that on a fundamental level.

Demon Slayer is a perfect example of how great the internet is at taking something and blowing

it out of proportion.

This is one of the most extreme degrees I have ever seen though.

When you have twitter campaigns like #ThankYouUfotable which felt to me like a way to latch onto

a popular trending anime rather than something genuine.

Because every single studio out there is putting a lot of hard work into anime, it isnt

just Ufotable.

And even then, I can tell you to go watch the Heavens Feel movies and there you will

find stuff on par and even better than what happened in Episode 19.

Also just looking at this critically, my points dont feel like nitpicking here to me, I

feel like these are genuine flaws with Demon Slayer.

So I think there is a lot of hype and excitement surrounding this show because its

a moment, a genuine moment that people are excited to see and want to talk about.

But I dont think that means we can just forget about all of these mediocre episodes

of Demon Slayer.

It feels unfair to me because you have shows like Fruits Basket and Carole & Tuesday which

are more consistent and have vastly superior writing than Demon Slayer not really getting

as noticed.

And dont get me wrong here, I actually like Demon Slayer quite a bit.

I think its a very good anime with very good production and direction.

But Im gonna stick my neck out here and say Demon Slayer is the most overrated anime

of 2019 along with Dr. Stone.

And Im not saying that to poo poo on anyone's opinions or love for these shows.

I am not a tastemaker, nor do I think what Ive said here today are objective facts.

These are simply my opinions on the way this show has been treated, which I think is rather

unfair to be honest.

Demon Slayer is a very good anime, but its not one of the best, at least not yet.

If you think Demon Slayer is the best anime ever, thats perfectly fine.

But we should also be discussing at the same time anime like FMA Brotherhood, Miyazaki

films and other anime which do stand at the top as some of the brightest examples of how

great anime can be.

Its only fair to do so.

And that is how Demon Slayer went from mediocrity to the best

anime ever.

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