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well here we are a good day for traveling let's go ahead and head to

Spain but before we get to Spain we're going to go we're going to stop in

France off come on along let's go come on in hop in the car let's get on the

road let's go all right just to show you as you can see there's a hotel it

literally is over the railroad tracks in Annecy, rooms are sound proofed well enough

it's not a problem so we're going to head down to the old town Canal Street

c'mon along let's go all right we're getting closer to our destination so I'm

going ahead and run the tape a little bit because we're coming down here looks

like some type of market or something here I don't know for that close to the canal or not

but you guys run out a little bit and we'll catch it when we get a

little bit closer

okay I'm here

intersection here doing a quick run around the circle you can see up the


I'm gonna walk to the end and wait for you guys to catch up or maybe I wanted to

catch up to your mother

all right so we got a little lost, well not really lost, we are just having fun right now

and we're following the oldest, cow!


I saw a cow.


We're following mostly the road to where the lake is

although I think this is not at the right place to look at the lake, what can you do?


right place!

well I made the right decision not to wear my tracking hat pretty windy down

here so that thing would be so I'd be contending with keepin my hat on but the

other thing I've noticed so we decided just to spend one night here because

there wasn't anything to see but that's not the case if you plan on coming to

Annecy, France I would say expect to spend a couple days here and then even

better than that so this lake that we're on there like several cities around the

lake I can easily see spending

a week hopping from one city to the next just to take a look at some of the stuff

that they have to offer so so don't think you're going to cover here in one day need more

time than that here we have some cooperative birds for the shoot, look how clear the

water is - that's gotta be Mountainy all water off the mountains with the snow

I like how the water dances on the bridge there the reflection of water on

that bridge for

very nice sound

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