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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Phenomenal Surprise for an Ellen Fan

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Every once in a while, I meet someone in my audience who claims to be

my biggest fan, and right now I'm gonna give that person the chance to prove it.

Chantelle Miller, where are ya?

>> Hi Ellen! >> You're gonna stand right

there, Chantelle.

How are you?

>> Good, how are you?

>> I'm good. >> Good.

>> So, we met last week, I think it was.

We played a game and you were the millennial.

>> Yes, I was. >> You didn't know any of the Beatles.

>> [LAUGH] >> I do now.

>> Well, you do now.

>> Yeah. >> You knew Paul.

You guessed at that and you were surprised when you got it right.

You're like, Paul McCartney?

I said yes it!

So now you know all of them.

Have you listened to any of their music since then?

>> I have, they have really good songs.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> [LAUGH] >> I have, yeah.

>> They're good.

>> Yeah. >> They're very good.

They've lasted a long time, yeah.

>> [LAUGH] >> All right.

So you know a lot about my show.

>> Uh-huh. >> And I'm gonna ask you and

I like to play games.

What's one of my favorite games?

What do you think we're playing right now?

>> This is the five second.

Yeah. >> It is the five second rule.

>> Yeah. >> So

that means that you have five seconds to name three things.

Right? >> [LAUGH] Okay.

>> And so they go by really really fast.

>> Yeah. >> So the category is me,

because you said you're a big fan, right?

>> I am. >> [LAUGH]

>> So everything is me, and

if you run out of time you don't get the point.

If you get a point then we add them up and there's gonna be a prize.

That's how we play.

Okay, so get your hand ready.

And when, okay.

Name three things that happen in every show.

>> You dance, you give a monologue and you say be kind to one another.

[SOUND] Am I supposed to hit that before or after?

>> No, after, yeah.

>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah.

So that was good.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Do three of my dance moves.

[SOUND] >> Dang it.


Almost ran out of time.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Good.


>> I don't think I've done any of those

but I will from now on. >> [LAUGH]

>> Name three

of my apps that you can download.

>> Head's Up, Psych and ellentube.

[SOUND] >> Yes,

I knew you would be able to get that one.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> So this is,

she sent a photo of her phone.

Let's show that photo of, you own every app that you can download of ours.

Every one of them.

>> Yeah.

>> I love you.

>> I love you.

>> All right. Well, you won, but before you won,

I wanna tell you why you're here, cuz you wrote an e-mail and I wanna read it.

It says Ellen, this is Chantelle Mille,

the one who played the baby boomers versus millennial game.

I'm writing to you in hopes that you have not shipped out the TV I won.

I want it to send it to a less fortunate family.

It was more than I could have ever asked for

to go to your show with the people I love and hear you say my name.

I even got to hug you and you're my idol.

I got to meet my favorite person in the whole entire planet and

I feel like a television would be too much on top of that.

I tried to live my life following your advice in being kind and

making the world a better place.

Chantelle Miller.

That is really sweet.

That's amazing.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I

mean what's really sweet about this, you work like 4 jobs.

You're working so many different jobs to try to pay, and you're in your college and

you're working really hard.

So you have 1 more app that you need to,

this is my advice, to download in your phone.

And that is a Chevy.

>> Because I'm going to give you a brand new Chevy Malibu.

>> My god. >> [APPLAUSE]

Sit in your car!

>> My God!

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you so much.

>> You're welcome. Look at this car.

All right, so the 2016 Chevy Malibu is not only beautiful, but

comes with amazing technology like 4G LTE WiFi.

With this car you'll always be able to stay connected

with all the apps that you have on your phone, I'm also going to give you some of

my stuff that I make that you probably already own, but I'll give you more of it.

>> [LAUGH] >> And we'll be right back.

>> My God! >> [APPLAUSE]

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