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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Magic of Thinking Big- Pronunciation Pro BOOK CLUB

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hello everyone hello granny hello miss

Amy not to see you you so different now

with your long hair oh yeah I know with

the videos I had very short hair you are

welcome to share your video if you would

like it kind of helps us to be able to

kind of interact better during these I

like seeing faces during the book it

makes it more personal alright we have a

great turnout today and I'm sure

there'll be more as we come along so

Cindy hello see ya Elizabeth hi hello

Annie it's nice to see a video you've

been in some of the study group so I've

never seen you before

that's so cool right yes Kentucky well

fat cat fan when you're when you live in

Kentucky that's all you see so well we

don't have an NBA team over here so the

closest the closest we have one is

basically college I hope you don't mind

with that one No

I like watching sports but I've never

gotten too invested in a team or or

anything so but I enjoy it I enjoy

playing one oh you're playing neat you

play sports oh yeah I play basketball oh

yeah I I have a group that I play pickup

ball a couple times a week and a lot of

them have played college ball I didn't

play college ball but you can keep up

with it huh well it's pretty fun it's a

good yeah very good I'm actually gonna

play basketball tonight as well it's

just a pickup yeah we have to have

something yes get exercise okay so we're

doing arm Pro book club meeting today

and this is a little bit different than

our study group study groups is a lot of

you know one-on-one and everyone else is

muted I don't see videos it's a little

bit more struct you know it's a lot more

structured than our book club meeting

book club meetings is just an

opportunity about interesting ideas and

to get your thoughts and opinions and

ideas about things and to practice

English and practice our pronunciation

of course but it is mostly about just

the interaction and that's what we're

we're doing here at pronunciation Pro is

we are practicing communication and

communication is a lot more than just

pronunciation it's a lot more than just

the way that we position our mouth when

we're speaking it has a lot

to do with how we enter each other what

I like about the book club

is that it gives us some content to talk

about it gives us an opportunity to read

and to study new books and ideas and

I've said this before but it's a little

bit selfish in that I want to read books

certain books and self-help books and

things that will help me grow and

improve and when I have a debt have a

deadline this is when you have to have

the book read and you have to present it

it really helps me both read it and

really learn it and study it and and

enough to present it and so if that is

something that you want in your life

start your own book you know you can

start your own book club as well I mean

enjoying art book club is great and

having that deadline is is good but if

you want to even present it that's even


so we tend to stick to more books about

kind of self-help and and success and

ways to find more success in our lives

building confidence is a big theme some

of those areas that I feel like our

students you know our students really

need and want a lot of our students here

at pronunciation Pro are working to

build their careers working to build

their lives and so much of that you know

a part of that is improving our

communication skills and a part of that

is our other you know professional

development and I want to provide help

provide some of those resources to help

you think successfully and be able to

acquire those those qualities of success

I have never met a more driven group of

people than the people then those

students here at pronunciation Pro

because you guys are all working to


to progress you've overcome tremendous

challenges all of you in learning a new

language and developing your your

communication skills in another language

which is I just think very highly of all

of you for viewing that and diving into

that work so it's very it's amazing

and so I I appreciate this group it's

okay so everybody is ready and just so I

know I know sometimes we've read it

sometimes we've not we haven't I just

want to get a gauge and I'm okay with if

you haven't finished it or if you

haven't read it or you watch the video

but I just want to get a gauge of who

has read the book so that we kind of

know I kind of know how to gear the

presentation so far John you've you've

read it right okay okay so Elizabeth you

you've read some of it yep

Abby um yeah I've only watched a couple

of minutes maybe 15 minutes of the video

of the audio so because originally I was

gonna I wasn't gonna attend because I

didn't have the time cuz was one of the

excuses in the book but anyway I had a

lot of the people in the study group

very excited about being here because of

the book and he got me into the book so

I just went to YouTube and I read the

book and I found the audio the book and

it was like amazing it was the first ten

minutes of the book was so good and yeah

I think I remember

we have when we talk about just having

enthusiasm attract people who's not


typically excited or enthusiasm and so

whenever when we're in to see a stick

about at the topic or something if you

want more about it this is a great

example of that your enthusiasm sparked

an interest in a bee during the started

reading it and now he's here so so thank

you for your enthusiasm and the way it's

it's helped at least a B you know if not

more all right good so I'm going to go

ahead and share I have a flash

presentation that created here that

we're gonna follow along with and

everyone you know if you have background

noise or something you can mute yourself

and then unmute when you have something

to say I'll let you manage that unless

it gets loud and you know I might need

to go in and manage that for us but I'll

leave that to you for the most part and

so the book is the magic of thinking big

and it was interesting because after I

read this I listened to it on audio I kind of listened to the

audio books and listening to it but this

is one that I was taking notes on my

phone almost the whole time so there's a

there was a ton of notes about this book

that I did but then afterwards I was

looking for just kind of an overview or

a an outline of the book and I landed on

this website and this is a an amazing

review of the book so if you haven't

read the book book and you want more of

like a breakdown of key points and I

would recommend

this this blog post um because it was

very thorough and highlighted a lot of

really great aspects of the book so I

can put that in the chat box as well and

actually I'm going to do that right now

let me put that in the chat box so that

is there for you all right okay let's go

ahead and get started here um okay so

you don't mind and so the the book this

book the power of thinking big was I'm

very passionate about this and it was

it's something that especially over the

last year has become very very important

to me on a personal level and that is

because so this is my husband my

wonderful husband of 15 years his name

is Dan and and he I asked him if I could

share this and he said no problem I can

help anybody then please share but Dan

has had a history of mental health

struggles over the years and it started

really young and over the years has kind

of become more and more of a problem for


I'm started with attention deficit

disorder that was God went undiagnosed

when he was younger and so it really

affected his self-esteem how he saw

himself very brilliant mind very high

capacity person but to himself he wasn't

functioning quite like he thought he

should and so over the years you know

this mental you know this struggle with

his mental health

you know developed

some problems with addiction depression

anxiety some of those some of those

mental health challenges that we see a

lot especially today and about two years

ago it kind of came to a head and who

the point where it really he finally

realized hey this is something I've got

to deal with and he was he was diagnosed

ad D after we were married and kind of

started learning more about that and how

it affected him but the depression and

anxiety and some of the addiction and

things really started becoming more of a

challenge and really came to a head

about two years ago two years ago we Joe

finally pulled into some therapies it's

a mother yes to help address some of

these some of these issues that he was

struggling with and it was interesting

because no matter how how much I saw him

as a wonderful person and doing amazing

things he had a hard time believing that

himself because of the way he thought of

themselves and the way that he had

trained himself to think from my early

age and those negative thought patterns

and some of those negative belief

systems that he had a cut himself so no

matter how wonderful I believed he was

he couldn't quite see it and it was a

big struggle for him and so is inches

it's very very interesting because over

the years with with different and

finally getting the help that that makes

a difference what it really comes down

to is our thoughts mm-hm and the way

that we think about ourselves and the

way that we think about the world around

us the way we think about challenges the

way that we think about I mean just our

thought patterns and so is become

especially in the last year a real

practice of managing thoughts for him

and it's been very interesting to

me because although I haven't struggled

I you know I I'm not really a very

positive thinker about myself in the

world around me it's been interesting

because it has not only helped me

understand him and the struggles that

he's he's had to had to go through and

he is going through but it allows me to

think bigger and to me to expand my my

thoughts on success and what I want out

of life and how to improve and grow and

has been very empowering to me and

recognizing in myself some of the

limiting thoughts that I've had and

overcoming those so I am just I'm I'm

very passionate about this topic and I'm

very excited to discuss this with you

because I do feel like it makes a huge

difference and it you know it has made a

huge difference for my husband it has

been made a huge difference for me and

we we feel like we just need to like

shout it from the rooftops okay so

that's it's a little bit about us and

what we've been through in the past that

has brought us here and I'm sure there's

a lot of you who have similar similar

stories and similar situations of

overcoming you know overcoming major

struggles and how you've done that

through that work you know I have I have

a not opposite situation it happened to

my mom she actually used to be a very

positive thinker but after she divorced

my father she got really really

depressed you know and her thoughts they

got her

overwhelmed I should say and because

those thoughts were quite negative she

started to you know

to eat herself from the inside so those

ultimate automatic negative thoughts

made her very very depressive person and

she's still suffering and because this

problem is viewed in a different way by

her she can't realize that this problem

is just because of her mind you know

because because of her attitude so it's

quite difficult to look look at her and

understand that you actually can't help

that I can help that my sister can't

help and like other people around can

help as well just because of the

attitude and yeah I have a lot of

examples of the same people who just

become very very depressive because of

their own negative thoughts and they

actually can't accept it

especially if you try to give a piece of

advice they start blaming you for being

very annoying and you know like people

don't like to hear the truth but when it

comes to their attitudes it's very

difficult to accept that those attitudes

are not positive not welcomed in a way

yeah and it's very easy to start blaming

the circumstance blaming the situation

around us yeah that's right possibility

off of ourselves and places it on

something else which is very it's a lead

easier path to do and a lot of people

choose that because that's and maybe not

consciously choose it but that's what


and usually your negative thoughts leave

in the past so because you can't you

can't leave it behind you don't see the

future so it's like it's like a circle

no option is to change ourselves and

hope that they maybe are inspired or you

know become enthusiastic about our own

change and you know it carries over to

others but we see it all around us and

it's it's really interesting to kind of

see the effects it has on others but

then realize the power we have within

ourselves right yeah but sometimes it's

also quite difficult to live with that

because negative thoughts of other

people they influence you like you

listen to some I don't know some ideas

to some negative ideas and you get very

depressed and you start thinking the

same way as well and they address that

in this book it talks about death and if

you talk about death it's gonna depress

the others around you because no one

apart from your doctor or your mortician

wants to hear that death at least that's

what it said in the OD yeah that's

actually a good point I know that many

people because I'm running my own blog

on Instagram I know that many people

don't like to listen to stories or I

don't know some some troubles it

person may have because it makes really

depressed but social networks or

entertainment getting happy and there's

a place there's a place for negative

things but it's just a matter of you

know in the book there was an example

does anybody remember the carpool

example our John do you remember the

carpool example there where he was

talking about being a part of a carpool

that there was one negative person that

just kept going to work and then this um

you know someone what effects that had

on you

yeah um I don't quite like it's all good

but I do have a quote that I got out of

out of it he says all of us more than we

recognize our products of the thinking

around us in other words the way we

think for self when we surround

ourselves with negative people or

positive people it's like what Elizabeth

was saying you know it will influence us

on how we think and yeah so uh yeah who

we surround ourselves is pretty much how

we gonna think like them you know yeah

yeah a lot of fact that I that I get to

surround with like who's a positive

thinker because nothing good from

negative and I don't want to be in a

negative environment where it's not

gonna help me out and so I chose to be

to be in a positive people in a positive

environment because that can help me and

grow so yeah awesome thank you for your

thoughts yeah and I want to make sure

that everybody is speaking up and

sharing their voice too so if you're if

you're kind of sitting in the background

or in any

be sure to kind of speak up and and

share your thoughts

so we'll go okay hi hi my dear I'm sorry

my videos not working I had to tell you

I'm I'm I was excited when I saw the

schedule for the book club

his schedule is better for you today

when I saw the title I was disappointed

at first because I thought oh okay this

kind of like a self-help book you know

about business I don't know this I was

kind of disappointed so I started to

read the book late so I haven't finished

but I was positive surprised about the

book because it is not what I thought

and actually it is helping me a lot in

about the language about my English

learning process and also about my

personal experience and one of the

things that have or that has been like a

more remarkable for me was this okay

first of all this stop making excuses I

think that they capped it too because a

lot of times I hold myself or I don't

sell myself at the right price I would

say that because I think my English is

not good enough you know who chose the

rest of my skills

you know I'm Laurie I am making a lot of

kisses or I am using the lack of you

know English fluency to be able to

present myself you know and to show what

I really am really kind of use

that that are it's not necessarily those

around us that is keeping as quiet you

know it's our thoughts and our thoughts

about what they think they're thinking

about us and keep us keep us from really

sharing our voice in our expertise and

I've never met a group of people that

has more education and more more

strengths and amazing abilities who tend

to stay more quiet and it's a it's kind

of my it's my motivation for doing what

I do here at pronunciation Pro because

I'm like these power people we gotta get

them to speak up and share experience

they have the confidence to share that

experience so and the other thing that I

would like to share is I haven't like I

I haven't finished the book yet but also

about like in some how the book is

referring to some self compassion you

know which is a lot with when we are

speaking English but also in other areas

of my life I'm a perfectionist so it

holds me if that kind of icicles holds

me back he doesn't let me take that risk

that I should you know I'm s so it is

yes he has been remarkable yeah I know

so I have so many struggles with my my

boy my my children yes and one of my

son's inside ADHD yes so when I would

listen in your story was yo like oh my

god but also a lesson of self compassion

and it is okay to make mistakes and and

we cannot still think big about yes

about life

yeah I have another son that has ADHD as

well and so it's interesting the way

that we talk about it you know in our

home as a very positive thing because

there's a lot of positive aspects of

ADHD and and to help him kind of frame

the thinking that he has about okay good

okay so let's go go ahead and just kind

of point out a few points I know I love

that you guys are kind of sharing what

what is what you've learned through the

book so I don't want to stop that but

we'll kind of for those who haven't read

it we'll kind of go through a little bit

of some of the key points here though

success is a result of our thoughts is

really the main idea is is is that don't

we can't underestimate the power of our

own thoughts and I want you to really

think to yourself you know do you really

believe this are you do you believe that

it is your it is you that create success

or do you believe that it is more

external I know that I have had

struggles with this concept in the past

thinking well if so you know just

because this external thing is there how

am I supposed to do this and I think we

can we can come up with a lot of

external reasons or excuses why we're

not getting the success that we need but

really in the end it's just excuse itis

right that they talked you about so

let's see the quote here

Drago Shui you read that quote for us

yes so you can move a mountain with

belief belief works this way it

generates the power skill and energy

needed to do when you believe I can do

it the how to do it develops what do you

think about when you read that so

basically the idea is that if you

believe you can do something

the brain will then start to look for

ways of how you can actually go about

doing it and this is gonna help you get

the results in any area of life any area

of choice you may have so you have to

rewire the way you think because like

like we said earlier it's very very easy

nowadays to fall into some kind of

depression or to become negative

especially if you're watching the news

the world tends to be perceived as a

negative place more or less so but if

you can shift if you can shift that to a

more positive mindset it's all about the

mindset again you will then start to

look for more opportunities which you

can implement and that's what's going to

get you there your desired results

ultimately I love how you say rewiring

because it really is that's what we're

doing with our brain it's just rewiring

those patterns that you know we've we

wired it a certain way and we have to

say hmmm that's not working for me I

need to rewire it in this new way I have

to be on purpose new thoughts and the

thoughts that I want to think versus the

thoughts that my brain just wants to

wants to automatically go to so I like

that you brought that up tell me what's

the difference between a thought and a

belief you know thought comes from you

like from your brain from your attitude

and a belief can be something from from

the outside I think so okay thank you

did you say did you have something in

the dryer so I'll come back to you oh

just come back to me I'm still thinking

about it

you thinking about it - did you have


yes so I guess of a thoughts would be

something that you wished it would

happen maybe and the double beef it's

kind of like it's getting towards some

kind of an attitude which you you may be

you may have to put in place to follow

up in order to get your goals achieved I

think something that runs through your


not really just what is not real but the

belief is something that you make real


something yes cept to make and it

becomes real for me anyway if you

believe I have no value then it becomes

so yeah yeah and so along those lines

what I've kind of thought come to come

to think about and this is just the way

I've come to think about it is a belief

it's just a thought that we've thought

over and over and over again it's

essentially like I was saying it like

some of you say it just has more weight

we've believed in we've given it more

time and attention so we give it more

weight and it becomes belief okay and it

comes like Bobbi was saying it becomes

more real to us okay but really in fact

it's just a thought that we've thought

over and over again which I like I like

believing that are thinking that because

it tells me a belief is something I


if I want to if I want to change the

belief I can through thinking other

thoughts and creating another weighted

belief that make sense that way because

we think how real but this is my belief

you know this is this is real this is

you know you can't negotiate this it's

my belief and and some we want to hold

on to because it serves us it helps us

but some are not helping us and we need

to rethink those and we need to train

rewire like we're saying rewire that

belief system ok so in the book that

talks about mr. defeat and mr. triumph

or Mississippi and I want you to think

to yourself what is taking up more space

in your mind are you thinking thoughts

of defeat are you thinking thoughts of

science so the suggestions that he makes

is think success not failure so the

positive to negative ratio needs to be

in the positive you know sight and

waited on the positive side I'm better

than I think I am I think a lot of times

we think that were worse you know we're

worse and they're better or they've got

it figured out and we don't and I came

across a quote that said older I get the

more I realize everyone's winging it

some just do it with more confidence

just trying to figure it out and you

think everybody else has it figured out

and you're the only one that doesn't and

I guarantee that's not the case we're

all just trying to figure it out as we

go along believing that I am better than

I think I am

and then believing big you know the size

of your success so what you know what

are what thoughts are we feeding

ourselves to to create those believe

okay excuse itis we've talked it we've

kind of mentioned this a little bit here

excuse itis

is the excuses that we give ourselves

why we're not accomplishing the things

that we want to accomplish I'm just

gonna real quick look here I want to

make sure when I'm in full-screen mode I

can't see who's all here so though am i

do I see okay

just want to make sure not for anybody

so alright excuse itis that we give

ourselves why we're not accomplishing

what we want to accomplish

we all are guilty of this right and

sometimes we don't even realize we're

making excuses we're not conscious of

the fact that we're making excuses we

it's just it's just the way I can't you

know I haven't been able to do X Y & Z

again yeah I don't have a better example

but my one of my clients I'm helping her

with her blog and well she's she's a

life coach and it it seems to me that

she has to be very motivated

self-confident and and so on but because

running a blog is not an easy thing he

has so many excuses and one of them is

her health

like when she has health issues

she starts blaming those issues in in

the unsuccess of her business

you know and and she's post postponing

the things she has to do to run her blog

to promote it and to get successful and

to get clients so it's again it's so

difficult to manage the situation

because I'm just a helper and she's my

boss and

I have to wait so it's really really

difficult and I actually took a picture

of this yeah I took a picture of this

page about this exercises and Sam sent

her asked to read but I don't feel like

she did that because she's still doing

the same things and she's still posting

us AG stories about hospital visits and

about her medicine you know it's very

unpleasant to watch and she still

wonders why people don't like it why

people text her that it's very

depressive maybe well my job yeah my job

is related to block things I have to get

some information from her I have to get

sense actions and because she's delaying

I just tried to remind her all the time

and try to motivate her by my own

example well it looks like she just

ignores oh it's my excuse

thank you we all do it's so easy to see

other people I think I always I have a

problem with my sleep sleep but I had to

go to school early

haha but someday I I feel tired to wake

up at like six or seven so I just like

sleep on to ten and study at home okay

later on I didn't make a good grade on

the test and after that I decided

whatever even if I have problem even

when I do it I feel better because say I

wake up and then move and I feel like I

got again more energy so I think X cubes

it's not good yeah well good identifying

that it doesn't help me in any way

so that's great yeah okay so the one

thing that I like reading the book like

in the whole book and in this chapter is

that a author is mentioning it samples

which is really let's see in my case if

I want to excuse my language or my my

lack of fluency in English and then I

answer that after reading the chapter I

was thinking about all

those people who are they have an accent

you know and they have been pretty

successful in different areas even they

they do for public speaking you know and

they have an action the way that I have

it you know and so it is a that's the

examples to give you this realization

you know that it really it is not a good

skills because other people with words

situations you know ethical conditions

they are able to succeed so you know

it's an excuse and the other thing is

they they also mention the bad luck as

one of the excuses very common for you

know everybody I think at some point all

of us are using bad luck as an excuse

yeah the way if we change our belief we

are always going to find a way and also

the difficulties are part of the process

and part of the lair - experience also I

want to add the time excuse as a lot of

people I know each time is an excuse not

to be able to do something and it's

interesting in the book on the audio

when he breaks down time you have 24

hours and

day 168 hours even if you spent time 50

hours at work you still have a certain

amount of time and I remember I used to

be I didn't have time and I remember I

was watching a youtube video and there

was this guy called athlean-x I don't

know if you know it but he breaks down

time says um some people claim they

don't have time but they spent time on

Facebook they spent time Danny pub I

don't know if you're the Americans at

pop yeah you guys call it a bar um you

spent an tan drink with friends and he

went to take all that time and tell you

up you have enough time to do whatever

you want and it's interesting when I saw

it in the audio because it breaks it

then nicely and even if you spend time

with family and you still have over 24

hours left it was really interesting

when he said that in the books I can

relate because I used to be and I don't

have time yeah so it's interesting

because you bring that concept of time

just last night my husband and I were

laughing about like we got to the end of

the day does anybody have time to watch


of course we choose that that's you know

we'd rather do other things with our

time but but yeah the excuse and I'll

kind of skip over this but some other

the excuses is not having enough

intelligence and not about our tillage

it's about attitudes and thought

management you know it has more to do

with it and perseverance and grit has

more to do with it than intelligence

I think something too old or too young

like time um one thing that I wanted to

one thing I wanted to talk about too is

just that so I have four kids and this

element of time I tell you what I think

a lot about time so that I can do what I

want to do and though is interesting

because I've used the excuse sometimes

there's like I've used the excuse of

time of like how the world am I supposed

to do these things you know when is the

time going to be available but instead

of saying I can't you know there isn't

enough time the conversation my head

becomes how can I do it how can I create

the time how can i how can I do this and

one big part of that is saying okay here

are the desires of my heart I want a lot

of kids I like I love kids I love my

having a big family I come from a family

of 90 kids and although you're not going

to have that many kids I do love having

kids and I love you know being a mom and

things so I want to have more kids I

want to have kids and I want and I want

a big family and I want a career that

I'm passionate about and something that

I that I love and I can spend time doing

and those two don't tend to go hand in

hand right those tend to be there's a

lot of excuses a lot of people out there

saying humble right and I bought into

that for a little while I'm just saying

well I can't seem to have you know

everyone's telling me I can't have walls

and so to me I started going well I want

and have a family that I feel like I do

a good job with and and

I asked myself how and I'm very mindful

of that concept of time and using my

solutions come and present themselves

and and it takes a lot of discipline and

it takes a lot of effort but it is

possible and I just want to you know

share that example because well first of

all we are going to have another baby


you must be very well-mannered I baby


it's a little bit happening here

management in that I don't want to know

until they by the way how do you plan

your days like you you run a successful

business and you have a family how do

you manage your things every day I do

have a special approach to planning or

it's just something usual yeah so it is

a lot of kind of being disciplined about

our time I trained my boys to do a lot

for themselves and so they get up in the

mornings they take

there you know they take care of getting

themselves ready they take care of

helping each other get ready and there's

a lot of training of them take

responsibility maybe the dishes they

clean up they do you know there's a lot

of training so it doesn't fall on my

shoulders there's there's also getting

help in other ways that obviously my

little baby three of them are in school

but one of them we have that and then

once a new baby comes and comes into the

picture we adjust and evaluate how am I

going to manage this you know how can I

plan my day how can I get the help that

I need to be able to manage what I need

to do and once you change that from this

is impossible

this is I can't do this too how can I do

this it really opens up your creative

thinking it allows you to expand that

and say okay there is a way I've just

got to figure out the way and I've got

to be willing to do the hard you know I

have to be willing to train my kids it's

easier to do it yourself it's harder to

train you know the kids to do it but in

the long run it's best for them it's

best for me to do that

so you know there's there's these

different things but so much of it comes

down to how can I do this you know how

can I make this happen and that's in a

very expansive way of thinking let's see

okay use me I'm one question how is the

book club going to be oh so we are

longer than an hour but if you have to

leave after an hour I absolutely

understand that I will need to leave

soon because I have a flight next

morning yeah I go

understand that I get we get talking

about these things and I think I can

talk about you know we could talk all

day about it so oh great thank you if

you need to go then and then feel free

to go all right let's see I think well

what we'll do is I do want to go through

this confidence piece because I think

that there especially for us and our

students here there is a lot to be to be

learned from this book about confidence

and you know they talked about fear is

the number one enemy of success and and

all that he talks about when it comes to

confidence and fear and overcoming fear

I just love so much and just some of the

key points is you know all confidence is

acquired and developed it's not

necessarily people aren't born with

confidence you know that is a that's a

powerful thought to have and and

understand and he talks about your the

fear feeds on indecision and

procrastination so we were talking about

the book club about you know standing on

the edge of the diving board someone was

mentioning that studying standing on the

end of the edge of a diving board ready

to jump the longer you take on that

diving board the harder it's going to be

a job jump right off that high dive you

are going to you know it's going to be a

lot less scary action is the key

you know confidence is acquired through

taking action okay so if you're afraid

of something you're afraid to speak at

the Merriam has talked about this very

well is that that fear of speaking up

not fear of you know and using some of

these excuses really what it takes you

just have to speak up you have to and

the more you do that the better you get

at it and the more comfortable you feel

at it and

it just makes the more you act easier

again okay obviously we've been talking

about a lot you know get having

positive thoughts in your mind and

steering away from things that you'll

regret but let's see

and he give he gives some examples of

things to do to help you feel confident

you can do an act so sitting in the

front you know instead of in the back

and hiding away sit in the front where

you can you know share your experience

expertise and your ideas practicing eye

contact walk faster and a better


our posture about that and then my

favorite practice speaking up he gives a

section and the power of just doing it

and so speaking up goes back to concrete

you know goes back to conquering fears

through action okay it's hard at first

you won't want to do it but the more you

speak up the easier it becomes gets and

it becomes a habit yeah and you know

that you have interesting ideas that

need to be heard and I I know that you

have interesting ideas that need to be

heard and I want you to feel confident

enough to speak up and so much of that

is just the thoughts in our head because

the yes we're working on accent we're

working on pronunciation we're working

on communication so that you're well

understood when you speak up and that's

a skill set to develop but most of it I

found is the thoughts that we have in

our head keep us from practicing and

keep us from sharing and keep us from

doing you know really doing that that

work so I encourage you all as you go


to to really overcome that fear through

action speaking up introducing yourself

smiling shaking hands using eye contact

don't shy away you have too much to

offer okay now there's there's so much

more in this in this book that we could

go over but I think that as we go along

you know some of the ideas you know the

thoughts that we have our about

ourselves that we have positive thoughts

about ourselves like I said with my

husband that was a big problem just

overcoming the belief systems thoughts

about others you know how are we

thinking about others in our life how

are we treating other people based on

the thoughts that we think about them

find food what are we feeding we talk we

think a lot in our society about what

we're feeding our bodies but are we

giving time and attention to what we're

feeding our minds okay

so being aware of that I like this

concept of super thinking okay so we're

thinking is being alone with your own

thoughts and thinking your own thoughts

and a lot of times we get we get bored

or we sit there and we we have to get

our phone out and we have to just so are

we how to turn on the TV because we

don't like you know think about that is

are you good at being alone with your

thoughts what happens when you're alone

with your thoughts get curious about

your thoughts and get mindful and that's

when magic happens I think it's taking

that time and I actually I get up at

5:30 in the morning

6 to 7 o'clock in the morning I think

and I study and I write and I take a

whole hour you thought talk about time

and when do you have time to do that

it's like I I know that that think time

is very important and if I don't have

time my rest of my day is real

challenged but if I take the time you

know to really solidify my thoughts and

write things down if there's things that

are troubling me you know writing and

writing them

coming up with solutions coming with

plans power of our thinking is

incredible you practice that super

thinking I guarantee you're gonna have

incredible results in your life okay

so your practice prewriting right it's

very it's a very powerful practice

wouldn't I think talking about thoughts

is that we have to know what our

thoughts are to be able to change them

do you know me me icon and Alex icon

they are bloggers and entrepreneurs and

they made a five minute journal it is

they're five minutes early so it's a

very very popular notebook for people

who want to try prewriting

because sometimes it's very difficult to

sit in front of a blank sheet they made

a special system like you open that

notebook and you have something to help

you to start writing and you have to do

that every day five minutes in the

morning and then every day five minutes

in the evening before you go to sleep

and it's very very very helpful

once I listen to a podcast with this

couple and they said that they started

practicing it a long time ago when they

didn't have what they have now and they

actually collect all of the notebooks

they they wrote and recently they

started reviewing them and they were so

surprised to find out that

everything they wrote long ago happened

to them and realized like it it came to

I forgot how to put it in a correct way


yeah it became a reality that's right

and yeah it's it's so amazing so you can

research this notebook if you are

experienced over the years the just

incredible yeah and I write down goals I

write you know what I'm what I'm

thinking especially this last year as I

become more mindful of thoughts and the

power of thoughts even the negative

thoughts I write them down and when you

write them down and you look at them you

said you it's it's very powerful and

being able to say I don't want those

thoughts what thoughts do I want and

then on purpose writing down the

thoughts that I want to replace and then

the practice of rereading those thoughts

you know and and so that they become

more and more solidified because there's

an idea you know there's talking about

our thoughts and then there's practicing

our thoughts and when you can develop a

practice of thinking thoughts on purpose

that's when the power comes that's when

the magic comes is when really think on

purpose okay and I'm sure that's you

know that's something that you guys have

have experienced for yourself as well so

the other part is you know we've talked

a little bit about solving problems

there is a solution to every problem

their way is the way every problem you

know interrupting you any but I just

wanted to say thank you so much for this

talk and

because I have to go now see you next

time yeah thank you thank you thank you

thank you guys bye briefly go through

some of these concepts but you know

solving problems I think this is such a

big part as we're working towards our

goals and we're working towards what we

want it's important to know that detours

and problems are gonna be part of it is

the journey it is the way you know

things are going to be and when you can

just plan on it and say it's not going

to work the way I think it will work and

that's part of the process that's okay

and that is something that I'm going to

expect and be prepared for and it gets

our thinking in the right direction

anybody have any thoughts about that

kind of that solving problems like you

know and being able to to reframe at our

John you have something yeah so a little

bit a story when you talk about possible

to impossible

well I remember about a few months ago I

was just in a position of giving myself

an excuse itis of as far as you know why

can't I not find a program to improve my

pronunciation and so but I changed my

mind to we're reprogramming my mind to

like well instead of thinking it's

impossible and it's not possible what

how how can I make it possible right and

so my mind to start to think a solution

to where well anytime that I'm you can't

see what you're not looking right and so

when my mind is looking for a solution

on how I could improve my pronunciation

I don't all the sudden I mean YouTube

looking for you know just watching

videos and then something kind of pop

out about pronunciation and I saw your

video and so and I watch your video for

maybe a couple months and so in turn I

just kind of get acclimated in see how

you present yourself and how the

pronunciation work and then other study

and I'm like wow this actually is the

thing that I'm actually looking for and

then a few months ago I signed up and

now Here I am

you know happen to you and all of that

so that's a good testimony that instead

of thinking it's not possible thinking

that you know how can you make it

possible so that's one story that I

could probably give out whenever I was

reading that I was like wow that's

actually something that uh it's so so

true that instead of thinking impossible

because he talks about the guy that the

static go back to school but he have a

wife and a career but also another baby

on the way and all he all he does is

basically give reason why he can't do it

but the author he he made him practices

like hey why don't you start thinking

about things so things of ways that you

can make it happen to where instead of

thinking is impossible Man 1 I think

possible and then he came back and

actually he was able to come back to the

school and I graduated out of stuff so

uh there's any there's all kinds of way

that we let our self down because of the

way we think of not being able to make

it happen because of I think we we think

it's not possible but when we we get to

that process possibility it actually

rewire our mind to where hey there's a

solution you just gotta find it right

and so on what's one one example that I

could give you


go ahead like before like before I

really want to get to graduate school

I'm so scared I feel like I'm not smart

enough to get in that program but last

year when I talked with my advisor and

she told me just do it so I just go

ahead and took my GRE and then just

apply for that and when I get into the

program I feel like scary about like

doing from and like I have to resent

like my research in front of your

professor and that made me feel so

scared then I found a way to solve that

problem so I just I decided to to do

like private lesson pronunciation lesson

with Miss Laury and I know like I'm not

really good at it now but I feel like I

feel like I'm getting better before so I

think um just don't be scared just might

have a flam and so I try to stick it out

a way to achieve that plan and you guys

are walking testimonials of this concept

right here how can I accomplish what I

want to accomplish and I've seen it over

and over again with all of you of just

overcoming that doubt and fear through

action and opening our mind the

possibilities that's just incredible

yeah and it's amazing our capacity is

amazing when we really open up our mind

to what is but to just the possibilities

that there is a solution

our minds are incredible at solving

problems when

is possible okay and that happens

through our mind I love it thank you so

much for your thoughts there that's

wonderful okay and just to sum up the

you know the book is you know he's

really talking about thinking big in

terms of you know are the success that

we have in our life and and a big part

of that is goal-setting and you know he

says you talks about dreams or wishful

thinking goals are taking action and

that's that overcoming fears or taking

action and goals are part of that before

you before you carry on I just want to

say one thing about problems and

sometimes if you think about a problem

sometimes the problem might be huge but

if you're able to break it down into

certain parts you know maybe smaller

parts it becomes easier for your mind to

solve the problem instead of thinking of

how how big the problem is that's gonna

dishearten you or it's gonna throw you

off but if you break it down it's gonna

be easy for you to solve the problem and

I think where I'm thinking now to what I

want from where you currently are to

where you want to be sometimes feels

like too big of a leap right mmm you're

saying break it down into these smaller

chunks or communis from point A to point

B small steps I love that because it's

like oh I can't I can't go from here to

here but I can go from here to here

sometimes we can't exactly map out how

to get from here to here you know we

really can't predict all of the stuff

but we can say what's the next step

you know what am I on the path and

reevaluating am I on the path towards

that that bigger goal so very very

powerful all right let's see Miriam will

you meet this quote for us I know two

minutes okay so nothing happens no

forward steps are taken until a goal is

established without goals individuals

just wander through life they stumble

along never knowing where they are going

so they never get anywhere course are as

essential to success as air it is and

they're important he says but they're

the one thing in your life goals are

incredibly important in your life you

need to be absolutely unrealistic about

our beliefs but you know when it comes

to setting goals become what are your

goals there is no holding back and we

need to take on that attitude

oh so interested in the book is the

Wright brothers

I think he mentions it about um

achieving flight they believe they could

achieve flight and now the flight in

Ellen so I think that's very true

in our belief systems all right so

here's the takeaway part what did you

learn what was your biggest takeaway and

how will you apply it I'm going to ask

everyone ok Abby you want to go first

because thing is if you don't limit your

goals you limit your man set then

anything's possible if you're able to

dream big um then success is going to be

possible it might take a couple of steps

it might take long road or but it's

possible if you're able to dream big and

that's what I take from there and you

have to believe in yourself as well to

be able to do so by using some of the

steps under how the what and that time

of I may not making excuses trying to be


I would say that create God's very

specific goals because otherwise it is

it is going to be just a faulty thinking

what do you think so with the goals is

kind of like you're going to be my

compass to follow I'm from there I I

can't create a plan and it could be more

realistic and I can I can spell having

does they thought I could have they

believed because it is going to be more

real you know and how I will apply I'm

going to come to finish the book well

also I think I also

a lab plan and yes

and keep thinking big one is a life is

too short to be little and last one is a

wise man will be master of his mind food

will be it's slavery so I've been doing

that so I think you know the previous

book that we read it's a kind of

carryover of this book because yes

because this book went out came out in

the 60s something like that and even

even now we can use the same tips like

confidence thinking big you know this

kind of thing so it's account the same

tip but with with a different scenario

but we always come we all comes with the

same conclusions the more self-help

books you play or core ideas that if

applied and bring great success thanks I

do Denis how about you oh I think I

cannot Chan the past and I cannot

predict thing in the future so to me I

just need to feed my mind with good

foods which are positive thinking and

confident to finish my day expectedly

because I believe if every day I do that

so I got a little success in one day and

every little success will Kimmel a into


success in the future everyday process

okay let's see our job our job you there

yeah yes can you hear me by the way it's

kind of choppy when you okay a couple of

things for me it says leave it can be

done do anything we must first believe

it can be done leaving something can be

done that's the mind in motion to find a

way to do it and I already talked about

that earlier about just your mind is

looking for something that you want and

you believe you can it's a burning

desire in your heart that you said this

must happen there's gotta be more to

this I believe that by continuing to

look for that answer

I could actually I could get it done

okay another thing chapter 12 he said

the important thing important thing is

not where you were or where you are or

where you want to get there's a saying I

heard a successful person says how do

you eat an elephant well typically I

don't know the answer for that are first

of all what would you eat an elephant

but if you must you know acquired a task

it would be one bite at a time

and so so if you I believe that there's

a big goal all of us have a big goal and

I have a big goal if I just narrow it

down to one step or one bite at a time

or one go at a time I believe eventually

see the consistent action I believe I

can get there by continuing to do what I

need to do which is discipline and you

know stop work or whatever it is but

setting a go to where it's nice to

extravagance but knowing that I can

actually afford it

oh those are the biggest things

that's wonderful yes so I have three

main points that I want to make so the

first one is that successful people

don't make excuses and so if something

is important enough they know that it's

up to themselves to change it in their

their favor the second one is that

success is all about having the right

habits and getting into the right habits

to be more specific so if you're easy on

yourself it's more likely that life will

be harder but if you're hard on yourself

it's very likely the life will be a lot

more easy and the third one is you have

to surround yourself with the right

people so yes that's right you can't

control what other people think

but you can control which people you

choose to be around based on what you

were saying is you know making the road

harder is I think this has been

something that has come to my attention

recently to is and if we they what you

know if we use thoughts like I'm amazing

I can do this I'm I'm you know it's very

possible for me I'm going to be very

successful with this I just have to keep

trying and failing and trying to Bailey

and that's part of the process versus

why can't I do this I'm such a

I'm so lazy I can't seem to get myself

to do what I need to do what's wrong

with me you know those type of thoughts

you talk about when you're easy on

yourself and you're compassionate with

yourself it's the fuel that is driving

you and helping you achieve that goal

right but are they it's more like sand

in the gasoline tank gasoline and yep

and some people may argue that you know

from the moment when you think okay I

got this in the bag

so I have to try so hard right now

that's the moment when it gets you have

a tendency to become more complacent and

you're stop trying but you just stop

going out of your way to achieve things

so from that point you can you can say

it's probably the the beginning of the

end if you want to look at yeah if you

want to look at it that way so you so

you should never be you should never

settle so never be happy with with

yourself like never be content just

always try to go out and form or try and

go and take more as much as you can and

you just don't think I got this in the

back and that's it I'm fine right now

yeah I definitely understand what you're


I actually think of it a little bit

different way but when I look at my life

and I say I'm awesome this fabulous life

I'm very happy you could take everything

away from me and I'm still going to be

happy the point of me it's not to prove

anything it's not to somehow achieve

some future

it's I'm happy now I can get to a place

of happiness and enjoyment now and I can

be okay yeah happy with who I am and

things like that but my goals are

because I want to see what I'm capable

of I want to see how I can stretch

myself and grow and become even better

and I think that for me when I think

that way it helps me it helps to drive

me in a way that is coming from a place

of joy and happiness who I am I'm I'm

valuable I'm worthwhile just the way I

am but the goals may become even you

know just to see what I'm capable of and

that's something yeah yeah we took the

book talks about thought so I think that

we shouldn't have to sell ourselves

short so when when we take action taking

action is not so as I said previously so

when you take action and you don't think

it would work out

you won't gonna succeed because you add

what you don't believe but if you your

thought you know if you act and you

believe strongly that it will water it

will so it's it makes a big difference I

think that's a great way to kind of wrap

up the whole book that's exactly what

it's trying to show us just thank you

believing big taking the action towards

those things and that's how we get the

success that we're really yes and I

think you not only can convince yourself

that it will work out but all the people

will also think that it will work out

because they believe in you

and you go about in the world in a

positive way with those positive that

positive thought patterns the influence

that you have on others is tremendous

and I can't underestimate the importance

of that of how much good you can do in

the world as you concentrate on your own

mind management and your own belief

systems you do this yes and as I said so

if you know if you believe in this how

to do to do it develops I'm so glad to

associate with you thank you so much and

speaking of time management I don't do a

very good job with these book clubs

because I just want to talk all day with

all of you we're done my time limit here

but but thank you so much for coming and

for participating and sharing your

thoughts and speaking up and practicing

that action I'm so very proud of you and

keep taking action and we'll see you

next time okay okay thank you so much

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