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The Story of Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina proudmoore was born before the first war and is the youngest child of admiral daelin

proudmoore. “

Hello everyone! The story of Jaina Proudmoore is one of the first lore videos Ive ever

done dating back all the way to june 2012. 6 years have passed and quite a lot of you

asked if I could make an updated version since in those 6 years quite a lot has happened

to Jaina.

Her story still begins the same. The youngest child of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, ruler

of Kul Tiras. Her mother is Katherine Proudmoore and her two brothers are named Derek and Tandred.

The second brother was once said to not be canon, not part of the official lore, but

theyve since changed their mind. Now Daelin and Kul Tiras joined the Alliance of Lordaeron

as they fought their war against the Horde, offering their mighty fleet and skills on

the high seas to repel the invaders. The alliance was able to force the Horde to retreat, yet

the Horde had also recruited some mighty forces into their ranks, some willingly while others

were forced. Alexstraza and her red dragonflight were part of those forced to co-operate. Near

the island of crestfall, the alliance navy overtook the horde fleet trying to make their

way back to Stormwind. Proudmoore outmaneuvered his foes and hammered them with cannon fire.

The dragons swooped down from the skies and engulfed the alliance ships in sheets of fire.

The Wildhammer dwarves with their lightning-infused stormhammers fought back against the threat

in the skies while cannon fire painted the waves red. The alliance won this decisive

victory at sea and destroyed most of the Hordes navy, but the cost had been great. The red

dragons had decimated Proudmoores own ships. Many brave sailors had died, including Derek.

Daelin would never forget his childs death, and his hatred of the orcs would fester like

an open wound until the end of days. The same couldnt be said for Jaina who, despite

her brothers death, still saw more in the orcs. With the Horde defeated, the alliance

decided to put those who surrendered into interment camps. When Jaina met Arthas in

Lordaeron on her way to Dalaran to begin her studies, the prince immediatly saw something

special in Jaina. This was a girl who would not mind getting a snowball in the face or

going for a swim on a hot day. Someone, unlike his sister, he could play with so to spend

more time with her, he offered to escort her to Dalaran. On route they went out for a little

adventure, checking out one of the interment camps and where Arthas saw nothing but monsters,

Jaina wondered if the orcs truly belonged there. They had children, they looked so very

sad and harmless but Arthas snorted. These were the bruters who had destroyed stormwind,

wanted to render humankind extinct. They killed her brother for lights sake, no need to waste

any pity on them. Theyre killers even if in that moment they were lethargic, who could

say what would happen if they were released? Jaina sighed softly in the darkness and didnt

answer. They went back to camp and continued their journey to Dalaran, ariving in the city

took her breath away. It was a shame that they usually didnt allow visitors though

since it would be very nice to spend more time with Arthas and the young prince agreed...very

nice indeed.

Their childhood friendship would turn out to be a seed of love. As time passed, Jaina

was accepted as an apprentice to Archmage Antonidas, no small feat since he was the

leader of the kirin tor. Under his tutolige she grew stronger in her role as mage always

keeping the words of wisdom from her father in mind. He had instilled in her a solid understanding

of her strengths and weaknesses. “It is as much of a mistake to underestimate yourself

as to overstimate yourself. ‘ Daelin had once told her. “False modesty is as bad

as false pride. Know exactly what you are capable of at any moment, and act accordingly.

Any other plan is folly - and could be deadly in battle.” She knew she was deft in the

magical arts. She was intelligent and focused, had learned much in the short time in Dalaran.

On top of that, Antonidas would not take on an apprentice as a charity case. In the meantime

Arthas continued to train to become a paladin from people like Muradin and Uther while also

studying study to one day rule Lordaeron. Their feelings for eachother had also become

more mature yet there was another interested in Jaina. The high elf prince Kaelthas

Sunstrider openly courted her. He had even invited her to come and visit

him in Quelthelas, but unfortenatly for the prince, Jaina found Kaelthas to be

more intimidating than someone she could actually fall for. She felt no such intimidation when

her long time friend Arthas made a suprise visit, convincing them to let him in udner

the lie of wanting to study more about their history, the nature of magic and other things

a king needs to know about. In truth though, he was actually there because he wanted to

see Jaina and studying was just extra.

Their time together proved to him that he had been right. Jaina was no porseline doll,

she was a girl to have fun with, have a snowball fight with, someone fall for. His arm

encircled her as firmly as an iron band. He continued to touch her face, trailing strong,

calloused fingers down the curve of her cheek. Jaina, he said quietly, and she shivered,

but not from the cold, not this time. It was not proper. She should move back. Instead

she lifted her face and closed her eyes. The kiss was gentle at first, soft and sweet,

the first Jaina had ever known. From that moment, the young lovers would steal moments

here and there to sneak a kiss or a hug since openly loving eachother would just feed the

rumor mill. Kaelthas did discover about their love afai and wasnt exactly happy

with it, but he would keep his mouth shut. Their relationship continued and although

there had been no public announcement, they both knew that their parents had spoken with

one another and there was an agreement to let the courtship go on. So it was that Arthas,

already beloved by his people, was send on more and more diplomatic matters while Jaina

was usually chosen to deliver messages from Dalaran to the capittal city. Holidays and

special celebrations were also cherished moments where they could be together so as Arthas

traveled to Jaina for the midsummer festival, she joined him during the celeberation of

Hallows end. Its tradition during this time to burn the wickerman and as a special

surprise Arthas introduced Jaina to his countrymen and asked her to give them all a show. Fire

itself spawned from her hands instantly setting the wickerman ablaze and the crowd cheered.

Arthas leaned in close and whispered that she did a spectacular job, so good in fact

that theyll demand her to come back each year to light the wicker man again. She turned

to look at him and askedWould that be a problem?” Arthas caught his breath as

he ragerded her. Shed always been attractive to him, and hed liked her from the moment

theyd met but now he couldnt help but see her, quite litteraly, in a whole new light.

It took a moment for him to find his voice and he softly saidNo, no it wouldnt

be a problem at all.” They joined the celebration until Arthas lead

Jaina back to his quarters . They kissed and Jaina whispered: “Are we ready for this?”

I am if you arehe whispered back. There had been other oppertunities for Arthas to

share this with someone. There was Taretha for example, as he went to inspect the orcish

Gladiator Thrall and the interment camp, she was send by Blackmoorne to make the prince

feel at home, yet he had declinder her and she had not been the first he had said no

to. But Jaina was special and he was ready to bring this girls the rest of the way into

his heart. Under the light of the wickerman they shared their love, and later when the

wicker man had finally burned out Jaina told her prince that no one seemed to be able to

deny him anything, least of all her. He cluthed her to him then, a sudden cold shivering over

him, though he had no idea why. “Dont deny me, Jaina. Dont ever deny me. Please

She looked up at him, eyes glittering in the cool moonlight. I never would Arthas. Never.”

The two young lovers continieud their relationship and during the Feast of Winter Veil it became

clear that to the family, Jaina was becoming more than just the daughter of the ruler of

Kul Tiras. Arthas thought to himself that it was only the logical next step, yet the

thought of it all made him feel uneasy. When Jaina jokingly told him that their children

will almost certainly be blond, the bomb exploded. He didnt feel ready for this, was affraid

that he would ruin it all. What if he would become a bad husband or a bad kingwhat

ifand with those thoughts racing through his mind, he came to the conclussion that

he wasnt ready yet. Not ready for children, the weight of the crown, the relationship

with Jaina. He tried to explain it all to his childhood friend even if he himself didnt

understand it all. She was hurt of course, she had even asked him if they were ready

for this on the night that they came together, but she took a deep breath and steadied herself.

It was alright, she honestly didnt understand it, but it would be allright... eventually.

They still attended the ball together despite how awquard and painful it felt.

Arthas dumped her, yet neither one really felt complete without the other, missing eachother

greatly. They were not destined to stay apart though as the events of Warcraft 3 are upon

us where the orc Thrall has broken his bonds of slavery, liberated himself and his people

from the interment camps and reformed the Horde. The Lich King is working hard on spreading

the plague and bringing about another invasion from the Burning Legion a task for which he

recruited Kelthuzad, former wizard at Dalaran and member of the council of six. Of coruse

this was not instantly known to the world. Reports came in from people being ill while

the orc threat also had people concerned. Medivh, the one responsible for bringing the

orcs to Azeroth and start their first invasion, he was resurrected by his mother Aegwynn to

try and make things right. He knew the Legion was plotting and scheming. He wanted the world

to get ready for it, but king Terenas Menthil had already rejected him so he tried his luck

with the Kirin Tor and Archmage Antonidas.

You must be wiser than the kign! The end is near!”

I told oyu before, Im not interested in this nonsense.”

Then Ive wasted my time here.” “You can show yourslef now Jaina, hes

gone.” “Im sorry for easedropping master, but...”

Its your inquisitive nature that Ive come to rely on, child. That crazed fools

convinced the world is about to end.” Teleport

Ive heard the rumors of the plague spreading throughout the northlands. Do you truly believe

that the plague is magical in nature?” “Its a strong possibility. Thats why

I need you to travel there and investigate the matter. Ive arranged for a special

envoy to assist you.” “Yes, master. Ill do my best.”

I know you will, child. Farewel.”

Jaina had learned nearly everything Antonidas had to teach her. It was time to utilize those

skills outside of the safety of their towers as that special envoy he arranged was actually

Arthas Menethil. Their reunion was a little bit awkward, but soon enough it was just like

old times. At night they spoke, not about endings of the feast of winterveil, but about

new beginnings. They loved eachother dearly and Arthas was ready for more. Once they dealt

with this ugly business of the plague and saved the world together, they would have

their marriage and children and the future looked bright. Yet the present was very dark.

Step by step they uncovered more about the plague that was being spread through the grain,

the food that sustained their people. It was not meant to just kill their people, it turned

them into the ravenous undead.

Hello again, children. I am KelThuzad and Ive come to deliver a warning. Leave

well enough alone. Your curioisty will be the death of you.”

Are you responsible for this plague, necromancer? Is this cult your doing?”

Yes, I ordered the cult of the damned to distribute the plagued grain. But the sole

credit is not mine.” “What do you mean?”

I serve the dreadlord MalGanis. He commands the Scourge that will cleanse this land and

establish a paradise of eternal darkness!’ “And what exactly is this Scourge meant

to cleanse?” “Why, the living, of course. His plan is

already in motion. Seek him out at Stratholme if you need further proof.”

Kelthuzad reveals himself, points Arthasand Jaina towards Stratholme and the dreadlord

Malganys while he himself is struck down. Hes not too worried, all is going acording

to his masters plan. As the days wore on, Jaina noticed a change in arthas. Hate dominated

his thoughts. He pushed jaina and his soldiers to the breaking point, forcing them onward

and giving them little time to rest. Though the sorcerress wanted to stop the plague just

as much as Arthas did, she feared that the quest was taking a heavy toll on his psyche.

She urged him to show restraint, but her words fell on deaf ears. The prince would not rest

until his people were safe and at Stratholme he would make a terrible choice. Rather then

see his people be taken by the plague and turned into their enemy, he would give them

their final death. This entire city had already fallen to Malganys and had to be purged.

Uther the Lightbringer could not believe he could even consider that, but the prince had

made up his mind.

Arthas: Have I? Lord Uther, by my right of succession and sovereignity of my crown, I

hereby relieve you from your command and suspend your paladins from service.

Jaina: Arthas, you can't just... Arthas: It's done! Those of you who have the

will to save this land, follow me. The rest of you... get out of my sight.

Uther: You've just crossed a terrible threshold, Arthas.

Arthas: Jaina? Jaina: I'm sorry, Arthas. I can't watch you

do this.

Jaina believed that they knew far too little about the plague to make such a drastic choice,

but when Arthas asked her if shed rather die or die and rise again, do things in life

she would never, ever have wanted to do...she could not help but agree. Yet they could not

make this choice for all of them, there were children in there, innocents, but Arthas shook

his head. He was going to march into Stratholme and cut down every living man, woman, and

child within its walls. When she told him she would not join him, shocked disbeliedradiated

from him. She couldnt bear to look at him anymore. Gulping, her eyes filled with tears,

Jaina turned away. Together with Uther she rode away, denying Arthas who could go on

to purge the city and follow Malganis to the cold heart of Northrend. Days later, She

and uther returned to stratholme. Much of the city was burned to a husk. Bodies littered

the streets. It was even worse than what they had expected. As she looked over the ruins,

Jaina cursed herself for not doing something to prevent the carnage. She could have used

her magic to restrain Arthas, but she didnt. Her inaction had allowed the prince to commit

an act that would haunt him for the rest of his days. And her own regret would weight

on Jaina in the years ahead, but time for regret would come later as there were still

massive threats to deal with. “DOnt be too hard on yourself, girl.

YOu had nothing to do with this...slaughter.” Uther went out to inform the king of what

his son had done while Jaina went back to Antonidas to inform him about the plague.

Arthas would go on to pick up Frostmourne, sacrifice a piece of his soul to claim vengeance

and strike down Malganys. This action did make him a servant of the Lich King and ironicly

he would now serve the one who he so desperatly tried to fight. Arthas returned to Lordaeron

as a death knight, murdered his own father and claimed the kingdom. For the next step

of their plans they had to resurrect Kelthuzad so they gathered his remains and ventured

to Quelthelas home to Kaelthas and the Sunwell. With the high home of the high elves

sacked, they used the found of power to bring Kelthuzad back as a Lich. Next up was making

contact with Archimonde and bringing in the Legion. For that they needed the book of Medivh

which was kept within the city Jaina loved so very much...dalaran. With the scourge approaching

antonidas and the kirin tor readied themselves for battle. Despite the preparations, a sense

of impending doom fell over the city. The scourge had brought lordaeron to its knees.

They had ripped out the heart of quelthalas. These 2 nations were perhaps the mightiest

in the eastern kingdoms, perhaps the entire world. If they had fallen so easily what hope

did dalaran have? The question plagued antonidas. His thoughts turned to the hooded figure who

had urged him to flee from the eastern kingdoms. He now realized that this stranger was no

madman; he had been right all along. It was too late for him to go west, as the kirin

tors leader he could not abandon Dalaran so it fell to Jaina to save innocent lives.

She argues at first, didnt want to leave her mentor behind. Perhaps she could make

a different this time, reason with Arthas, save him even...but she understood just as

antonidas did that the city could not hold out against the scourge. If both of them died

then who would heed the strangers warning? It would be the last time she would see the

archmage as she worked tiresly on rallying as many refugees as she could, Arthas and

the scourge sacked the city. Archimonde is summoned but there was still hope. Not just

the humans were warned by Medivh, Warchief Thrall was as well and he immediatly listened

to the council. Both factions reached Kalimdor and tracked through the harsh lands of Stonetalon

mountains. The factions would need to join forces, work together against the Legion but

the history between the orcs and humans might make that a little bit difficult...

Orcs. I knew that we were being followed. Defend yourselves!”

Stop! There will be no violence in this place.”

That voice. Youre no oracle! Youre the prophet.”

Very perceptive son of Durotan. I am the prophet. And now that Ive lured you all

here, I will tell you what destiny holds.” “What the hell is going on here.”

Thrall, this is Jaina Proudmoore, leader of the survivors of Lordaeron.”

Survivors? What are you talking about?” “The invasion of the Burning Legion has

begun! Lordaeron has already fallen, and now the demons come to invade Kalimdor. Only together,

united against the shadow, will you be able to save this world from the flame.”

Unite with them, are you mad?” “Have you heard nothing that Ive said?

The Legion comes to undo history and end all life! Thrall, your friend Hellscream has already

fallen under the demonsinfluence. Soon he and your whole race will be lost forever!”

No...Ill die before I let that happen!” “Then you must rescue him immediately! He

is the key to the destiny I promised you. However, you will need help.”

Wait this is insane. You cant possibly expect..”

Destiny is at hand, young sorceress. The time to choose has come. For the fate of all

who live, humanity must join forces with the Horde.”

Thrall was raised as a slave, a gladiator, a tool for war but the kindness of 1 human

female, Taretha Foxton, showed him that not all humans were monsters. When he reformed

the Horde, he did not do so as the Horde of old. Honor, uncorrupted, carving out a piece

of the world for their people to live in peace. Now corruption had found them again as Grommash

Hellscream ended up in conflict with the night elves and Cenarius. He drank demon blood once

again giving him the strength to overcome his foes, but also surrender his will to mannoroth

once more. Jaina first considered it madness to join forces with the Horde, but she eventually

saw the wisdom in Medivhs words. During her studies in dalaran, she had learned fragments

of knowledge about the burning legion. All of it had terrifed her. If a demonic invasion

was truly unfolding, it would be foolish not to do everything in her power to stop the

legion. Failure would mean more than jainas own death; it would mean that everyone who

had sacrificed their lives to defend lordaeron had died for nothing. They made their uneasy

truce and did not completely trust eachother, but they were willing to put aside old hatreds

and work together for the time being. Their union would mean the salvation of Grommash

who in turn sacrificed himself to liberate all of his people from their demonic enslavement.

Horde and Alliance met with Tyrande, Malfurion and the Night Elves who had stood against

the Legion millenia ago. A bold and dangerous plan was formed. While their forces bought

them as much time as possible, Malfurion and his druids worked their magics on the enchantments

of the World Tree Nordrassil. These blessings were placed there by the dragon

aspects and the reason why the night elves were immortal. Blowing up the tree would have

dire consequences for their race, but the defenders had little choice. Thousands of

them died that day, but they did not die in vein. By the time Archimonde reached Nordrassil,

Malfurion and his druids had completed

their work.

Archi death cinematic, medivh says good bye...”

Countles whisps emerged from the forests. They closed in around Archimonde, channeling

their energies into the world tree and igniting the enchantments within...

And so Archimonde was defeated and the invasion of the Legion came to an halt, but their plans

and schemes echoed on. Medivhs task was completed and he vanished. Arthas would merge

with the Lich King and sit upon the Frozen Throne. The Night elves would need to learn

how to live their now mortals lives while Thrall and Jaina set out to find new lands

to settle.

The Horde settled in the harsh, rugged land near the barrens eastern shore and named

their new nation Durotar, in honor of Thralls father Durotan.The alliance refugees lead

by jaina proudmoore settled in dustwallow marsh and established a seaside city named

theramore isle. Jaina and thrall continued to communicate and their uneasy truce developed

into something more permanent. Both leaders declared that they would respect the others

territory and refrain from any acts of aggression. Though their peace would last for years, the

history of the world, the history between humans and orcs would make it rather difficult

to maintain.

Hopedfully weve made it in time. YOu got to get word back to thrall.”

I dont understand. Whats this all about?”

Those marines, I know who they are rexar. Theyre... Its too late. Hes here.”

Enter daelin proudmoore and the kul tiras forces.

Jaina. Bless the stars Ive found you at last. When I heard that Lordaeron fell,

I despaired. But I knew youd find a way to escape. I...what is this? An ogre?

Father, Wait.” “Father?”

The Horde is no longer our enemy! The orcs have their own kingdom now. We—“

You have always been naieve, my daughter. You arent old enough to remmeber what these

monsters did to our homeland. The orcs and their kin cannot be trusted. They must be

exterminated like the mongrels they are” “I wont let you do it, father. You dont

understand.” “I understand more than you suspect, my

dear. Perhaps in time, you will too. Seize them all!”

None other then Jainas own father, Daelin Proudmoore would come around and reignite

the fighting. He did not see the Horde to be any different then the ones he fought with

during the first and second war. He saw them as the same monsters that took the life of

his son not as those that showed valor and honor, stood with his daughter against the

Legion for the safety of the world. They wanted the same thing Jaina and many of her followers

did: an end to the cycle of hatred between the horde and the alliance. The bloodshed

between the factions was merely a distraction, since threats like the scourge and others

still lingered on azeroth. The world's noble races needed to be united in strength to focus

on their true enemies and while she tried to convice her father of that, he refused

to listen. This forced his daughter to make an impossible choice.

Thrall, Rexxar...I come in peace. You must believe meI had o part in my fathers

plans. I wish none of this had ever happened. I ...I dont know what to do.”

Weve bled together on many batttlefields, Jaina. Weve faced untold perils as allies.

But your father threatens the security of our nation and the very future of my people.

You know how this has to end.” “I Know, Thrall. Do what you must. There

is a goblin shipyard on a nearby island that could provide you with warships of your own.

With those, you could statter the blockade surrounding Theramore. But please, spare my

men if you can. My father will try to use them again you, but theyre the only real

family Ill have left when this is over. Please do this...for me.”

Well do all we can, Jaina. YOu have my word. Now youd better make yourself

scarce. The battles about to begin.”

The ruler of Theramore steps aside while Rexxar, Thrall and the Horde destroy the blockade,

enter her city and confront her father.

This is not the horde you remember, old man. We have no interest in conquest or muder.

We have paid for the sins of our forebears in blood.”

Can your blood atone for genocide, orc? YOur hordee killed countless innocents with

its rampage across Stormwind and Lordaeron. Do you really think you can just sweep that

away and cast aside your guilt so easily? No, your kind will never change and I will

never stop fighting you.” “By fang and claw!”

Smack, smack, smack. “Its over! Stand down, humans.”

Father...why wouldnt you listen?” “Above all else Jaina, he was a proud warrior.

Remember him as such.” “Durotar is now safe. We have no further

quarrel with these humans. We will leave your isle in peace, Jaina. I pray we never have

to come here again. Farewell, sorceress.”

With her fathers death, the survivors of Daelins fleet sailed back to the eastern

kingdoms and despite her thinking that those in theramore are the only family she has left,

thats not exactly true. Her mother and her kingdom of kul tiras were there as well.

They werent exactly happy to hear that Daelins rescue mission turned in one of

betrayel with his own daughter conspiring with the leaders of the Horde, stepping aisde

and allowing them to murder him. His people cried out for vengeance for his death, but

the rest of the alliance did not seek it. The plague of undeath in lordaeron had already

left the alliance reeling, and its other leaders had little pity for daelin proudmoore, who

had launched a war of aggression on his own authority. In fury, the people of kul tiras

isolated themselves from the rest ofthe alliance. But their anger was not focused on king varian

wrynn or any of the other alliance leaders. Instead, they grew to hate jaina proudmoore,

the daughter who had betrayed her family.

Beware the daughter of the sea song.”

The price of peace was a high one to pay, but Thrall and Jaina did their very best to

make it work despite the manipulations from demons and the Burning Blade clan. Their people

had to overcome old hatreds in order to work together and deciding the lay of the land,

who gets what, often caused friction. But the warchief of the horde and the leader of

Theramore pushed on with cool heads in a world of turmoil.

4 years have passed since the mortal races banded together and stood united against the

might of the burning legion. Though azeroth was saved, the tenuous pact between the horde

and the alliance has all but evaporated. The drums of war thunder once again.”

It is around this time that the black dragon Onyxia decided to manipulate events in Stormwind

and cause a bit of trouble. She manipulated the house of nobles in not paying the stonemasons

guild for their work on rebuilding stormwind after the Horde destroyed it, which lead to

riots in the streets, the formation of the defias brotherhood and the death of Varians

wife tiffyn. The drepression that set over the king made him an easy target for Onyxias

manipulations, but one ray of light was able to break her hold, his son Anduin Llane Wrynn.

Which meant that Onyxia had to try something else, this time she had the defias brotherhood

kidnap the king on his way to theramore for a diplomatic mission, used her magics to split

him in two with the idea of taking out his strong willer side and leaving his weak willed

one on the throne, an easy puppet to manipulate. Unfortenatly the strong willed one was able

to make an escape. He would wash up on the shores of Durotar and be enslaved by Rehgar

Earthfury turning him into a gladiator and his journey of trying to regain his memories,

figure out who he was began. That path would eventually take him to Theramore and although

Jaina and Varian had met before, she didnt actually recognise him at first,

but she sensed something familiar about him. The magic that had sundered Varians spirit

had also enveloped him in an aura of dark magic. These energies hid his identity from

everyone, even his former friends. Jaina turned to her chamberlain, the legendary sorceres

Aegwyn, the same who had resurrected Medivh and had found her way to theramore, for help.

Together, they called on their magic to pierce the veil over Varians mind and reveal his

identiy. He was no slave, nor a gladiator He was the rightful king of stormwind. With

that knowledge he returned home to reveal the truth, but his weakwilled side also believed

he was the rightful king. There was no imposter at play, just 2 sides of the same being split

by dark magic. Onyxia reveals herself and kidnaps Anduin taking him to her lair close

to Theramore. Despite their differences, the 2 varians felt the same love for their child

so the quest was on. Back at theramore Jaina helps the two Varians remember exactly

what happened and makes them understand that they are one and the same, divided, where

one became LoGash the champion gladiator. The other ransomed back to Stormwind and further

ensorcelled while still finding the resolve to break free. For such formidable twins she

had a twin gift. The magical elven blades Shallator and Ellemayne. Forged during

the war of the ancients, they were wieldedb y the twin warriors Vorillian and Lovellian.

Between the two of them they had twice the strength, twice the wisdom, twice to will

to strike at Onyxias dark heart. Sadly they never really explained how these blades

came into Jainas possession, but all the same their party rode out and entered the

dragons lair. Together they were able to overcome the threats waiting inside and during

the battle Onyxias attack reforged the king of stormwind into one single being with

his blade being turned into Shalamayne. The dragon is slain, her head displayed in

stormwind for all to see and young Anduin is saved.

With the corruption of the black dragonflight removed from Stormwind and the events of the

Burning Crusade proving that the Horde and Alliance could work together, Jaina decided

to push forward with the planned summit at theramore to try and get some sort of peace

going. This was quite an undertaking with the history between the factions. Someone

like Varian had lost his father, Stormwind and so many others during the war against

the original horde while the horde remembers the oppression and the time within the interment

camps. It was not going to be easy to sit around the table and negotiate but wiser and

cooler heads gave sound advice and they atleast gave it a try. Oddly enough the meeting went

quite well. There was garrosh, son of grommash hellscream that joined thrall back to azeroth

from their homeworld of outland, who wondered why the orcs should make concessions when

they have the strength to take what they want. Anduin simply asked why waste your warriors

and resources in battle when a few words will bring you greater profit. Cooperation between

their people seemed no longer like an idealistic dream, but a possibility...was it not for

Chogall and the twilight hammer clan. Their aim was bringing about the end of the world,

worshipping old gods and revel in chaos. Peace between the factions did not really lign up

with that plan so they used Garona Halforcen, the same orc who murdered Varians father,

to attack the summit at theramore and cause chaos.

Both sides were quick to point fingers at eachother and although the attack was repelled,

the meeting was a bust and the leaders left theramore to focus on the new threat that

was rising up...Arthas the Lich King was ready to finish what was started and this time his

once beloved Jaina would not run away...

The alliance and horde ventured into the cold heart of Northrend to deal with the threat

of the scourge. Things seemed to be going quite nicely but at the Wrathgate all hell

broke lose. Bolvar Fordragon, seen by Varian as a brother and the one who adviced Anduin

and helped rule the kingdom while Varian was kidnapped lead the charge for the alliance

with Dranosh Saurfang, son of Varok Saurfang, leading the horde to quickly back them up.

They ushered their challenge to the Lich King, but Arthas with Frostmourne in hand was no

push over. Dranosh was struck down his soul, like so many others, claimed by the blade

but that was just the start.

What?” “Muahhaha, DId you think we had forgotten?

Did you think we had forgiven? Behold now, the terrible vengeance of the forsaken!”



Grand apothecary putress together with the dreadlord Varimathras decided the time had

come to betray sylvanas windrunner, strike out at the living and the dead and take the

undercity away from her. Sylvanas had her people develop this plague to claim vengeance

for what Arthas had done to her, destroy her city of Quelthelas and turn her into a

banshee. Following the disaster at the Wrath Gate, Thrall sent a summons to Queen Sylvanas,

but she was already on her way to meet him. She told the warchief that she had been forced

to flee from her home and as they were working together to plan a counterattack, Jaina convened

with them. Varian, already not too happy with the horde, was prepared to lay all responsibility

for the wrath gate at the hordes feet...unless jaina could convince him otherwise. Sylvans

told jaina of what she knew and promised that she would exterminate the traitors who had

killed thousands on both sides, including Bolvar Fordragon.

When jaina brought this news to varian, he greeted sylvanasexplanation with suspicion.

But whether or not the banshee queen was lying, varian saw an oppertunity. For the moment,

the undercity was not under the hordes control. Perhaps it was time for the alliance

to reclaim the old nation of lordaeron. Each faction launched seperate offensives against

the undercity with the horde going for Varimarthras, the mastermind behind the coup, while the

alliance stormed through the citys sewers in search of putress. Both sides claimed victory,

but the tensions between the alliance and horde were about to escalate...

King Varian Wrynn says: I was away for too long. My absence cost us the lives of some

of our greatest heroes. Trash like you and this evil witch were allowed to roam free

-- unchecked. King Varian Wrynn says: The time has come

to make things right. To disband your treacherous kingdom of murderers and thieves. Putress

was the first strike. Many more will come. King Varian Wrynn says: I've waited a long

time for this, Thrall. For every time I was thrown into one of your damned arenas... for

every time I killed a green-skinned aberration like you... I could only think of one thing.

King Varian Wrynn says: What our world could be without you and your twisted Horde... It

ends now, Warchief. King Varian Wrynn says: ATTACK! FOR STORMWIND!

FOR BOLVAR! FOR THE ALLIANCE! The fight is joined.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore yells: VARIAN, NO! STOP! Lady Jaina Proudmoore incapacitates all units

with a freeze spell. Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: It did not have

to be like this... Lady Jaina Proudmoore teleports all Alliance

forces back to Stormwind. Thrall says: It ends like it began...

Thrall says: All that we have fought for in this world is lost. The hopes and dreams carried

by my father and mother... by Doomhammer... Gone...

Varian wanted Horde blood while Thrall sees his hopes and dreams of peace with the alliance

eveoprate. The wrathgate didnt do the tensions between the factions any good, but full-scale

war was averted for the moment. In the days to come, the horde and the alliances armies

would frenquently clash with eachother in Northrend, but only in small short lived skirmishes.

The real threat, the real danger of the Lich King was still looming before them but another

far more ancient evil was hanging in Ulduar quite enjoying the chaos of battle. Yogg-Saron

was discovered by Brann Bronzebeard and the explorers league. Such a threat could not

be ignored so Rhonin, leader of the kirin tor, called upon the alliance and the horde

to unite once more. He hoped they would see fit to set aisde their differences again,

if only for one more battle...

How? How could we have missed this until now? Jaina clears her throat to attact Rhonin's

attention before stepping aside to reveal King Varian Wrynn and his retinue.

Rhonin: Ah, King Varian. Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Varian: What's this all about, Rhonin? Jaina walks out on the Violet Citadel's balcony

to look down on Dalaran. Rhonin: I've... I've called you here to ask

for your help. While our efforts against the Lich King press on, Brann here has brought

us frightening news of the horrors beneath Ulduar... and of its dark prisoner.

Brann: Prisoner? Hah. With its bindings shattered, its influence unchecked, it's gonna come after

us, and WE'RE gonna be the prisoners. Jaina notices Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream

arriving and walking into the Violet Citadel. Jaina: Oh no...

Rhonin: You can see now what we're up against. If this evil is not stopped, then the armies

of the death god will march on our doorstep. Jaina: You'll have to excuse me.

Jaina teleports away. Varian: Hmph. What do you propose we do?

Jaina teleports into the bottom chamber of the Violet Citadel just as Thrall and Garrosh

are entering. Thrall, what are you doing here so soon?

Thrall: The summons sounded dire, Jaina. What's happened?

The camera shifts to show the expedition to Ulduar and their battles with the monsters

within. Jaina: Brann Bronzebeard's forces assaulted

the gates of Ulduar. They battled the iron lords and their cursed minions. He... he won't

stop talking about this... presence he felt, permeating the great halls, stirring in their

minds, chilling their blood. He said the horror the titans imprisoned so long agoYogg-Saron

has awakened. Thrall: Hmm...

Garrosh: I want to see this... dwarf. Thrall: Garrosh...

Garrosh: To see the fear in his eyes. Then we'll know if he's telling the truth.

Thrall and Garrosh begin walking up the stairs to the top of the citadel.

Jaina: No... no, wait! Jaina teleports into the tower chamber just

as Thrall and Garrosh walk in. Rhonin: We're going to need all the help we

can get if we are... Jaina: Thrall!

Varian: What? What are they doing here? Rhonin: Let me explain!

Garrosh: I thought I smelled the stench of Alliance pigs!

Garrosh unsheaths his axes. Thrall: Control yourself!

Varian unsheaths Shalamayne. Varian: You want my blood?! Come then, dog!

Garrosh roars in anger and charges towards Varian.

Varian: He's mine. Garrosh and Varian engage in a brief but furious

battle. Jaina: Stop it!

Rhonin begins casting a spell. Rhonin: We have all LOST...

An explosion of magic pushes Varian and Garrosh apart to opposite sides of the room.

IconSmall Rhonin.gif Rhonin: ... a great deal in this conflict, but we stand to lose EVERYTHING

if we do not STOP FIGHTING and WORK TOGETHER! Garrosh: A true warchief would never partner

with cowards. Garrosh turns to leave.

Varian: At the Wrathgate, the Horde's "partnership" killed more of our men than the Scourge! I'm

done with your Horde. May this "death god" take you.

Varian and his retinue teleport out. Thrall: You disappoint me, Garrosh.

Garrosh: Hrm. Garrosh walks out. Some time later, Brann,

Rhonin and Jaina are once again alone in the chamber.

Rhonin: The Old God is laughing, toying with us.

Jaina: Who will be our hope? Who will stand to face Yogg-Saron?

That would be us, despite our commanders not willing to work together, the horde and alliance

still stepped up to the challenge and took on the threats within Ulduar including yogg-saron.

With that out of the way we could refocus on the Lich King but only the best and brightest

would be allowed to join the assault. Tirion Fordring wielding the mighty Ashbringer held

a little tournament to decide who was ready for the final war.

You might wonder why not send out our full force to assault Icecrown but thats exactly

what the Lich King wanted. He was holding his forces back, daring his enemies to come

to him, Frostmourne hungers and any soldier wed lose would be an additional one fighting

for the enemy. A small surgical strike force was better suited to punch a hole in the citadels

defenses and fight their way to the Lich King. With the chosen few selected to join the ranks

it was time for the final assault, but while our main force was battering down the door,

a small team joined either Sylvanas Windrunner or Jaina Proudmoore into the Frozen halls.

SI:7 has gathered information about some sort of private sanctum of the lich king within

the halls of reflection. She can sesne powerful magic hidden away within those halls, with

any luck well find something that will enable us to defeat the scourge once and for

all. We move hrough the Forge of Souls into the Pit of Saron, losing as many troops as

we save along the way. The scourge is no joke, but we do find some juicy information since

apperantly Frostmourne is left unguarded within the Halls of Reflection. That becomes our

target and while Jaina communes with the spirits locked away within the blade, an old friend


Uther, dear Uther...”

Uther the Lightbringer was slain when Arthas returned home to Lordaeron and he lets us

know that there must always be a lich king. He thinks that the small part of Arthas still

left inside the dark being is all that keeps the scourge from anihilating Azeroth. A small

dwindling presence, perhaps theres still hope Jaina thinks. Perhaps theres something

left of the man she once loved so dearly... Before we can say anything more the Lich King

shows up leaving us behind with ghosts of the past while Jaina quickly rushes after


You wont deny me this, Arthas! I must know...I must find out...”

Yet the man she once knew is truly lost and gone. There is only the Lich King now, his

might far beyond anything we can deal with on our own. Through the tunnels we run for

our lives, knocking down ice wall after ice wall until we reach a dead end.

Nowhere to run...Youre mine now!” “Fire, FIRE!”

Rocks crumble down, pfew! Thanks ffor the save.

Quickly, climb aboard. We musnt tarry here. Theres no telling when this mountainside

collapse.” “Forgive me, heroes. I shoul dhave listened

to Uther. I...I just had to see for myself. To look into his eyes one last time. I am

sorry. We now know what must be done. I will deliver this news to King Varian and Highlord


And what must be done is enter Icecrown Citadel and take on the mightiest forces the Lich

King has to offer. Both the Alliance and the Horde figure out that Bolvar did not die at

the Wrathgate, he survived and is currently being tortured by the Lich King. Perhaps if

they can save him, they can quel the unrest between the factions so the race is on to

save the highlord. Dranosh Saurfang also makes a return, but since his soul was claimed by

Frostmourne, hes now a death knight.

That was Saurfangs boythe Horde commander at the Wrath Gate. Such a tragic

end...What in the. There in the distance...” “Soldiers, fall in! Look like the Horde

are coming to take another shot.” “Dont force me hand orc. We cant let

ye pass.” “Behind you lies the body of my only son.

Nothing will keep me from him.” “I ... I cant do it. Get back on your

ship and well spare ye life.” “Stand down Muradin. Let a grieving father

pass.” Saurfang goes to pick up the body of his son

I will not forget this...kindness. I thank you, highness.”

I was not at the Wrathgate, but the soldiers who survived told me much of what happened.

Your son fought with honor. He died a heroes death, he deserves a heros burial.”

Saurfang nods Jaina cries

Jaina...why are you crying?” “Its nothing your majesty. Im just

proud of my king.” “Bah. muradin secure the deck and prepare

our soldiers for an assault on the upper citadel. Ill send out another regiment from Stormwind.”

Right away your majesty.”

It appears that Anduins and Jainas advice to Varian, to see the orcs as more then just

the monsters of the past is finally rubbing off on the king as he shows respect to Saurfang.

This would be the start of his journey of change to become more balanced after being

seperated by onyxia, but at the moment we still have king to dethrone. Our forces are

able to bring down anything the lich king has to throw at us. Even Arthas is brought

low, but sadly Jaina wasnt part of that encounter. With Bolvar Fordragon picking up

the roll of lich king, jailor of the damned, we have claimed victory over the scourge.

Amongst the spoils of war we find a memento of arthaspast, Jainas locket. Once

it held her image. He always wore it close to his heart...

Whats this? He...he kept it? All this time, he kept it? I knew! I sensed a part

of him still alive! Trapped...struggling...Oh, Arthas! Perhapsperhaps he might someday

remember what he once was. By the Light, may he at last find rest, free from the icy grip

of that terrible blade.”

She could not bear to keep it so instead she places an enchantment upon it and gives it

back to us so we may use it to teleport to Dalaran.

So far Jaina has been a voice of peace on both sides, trying to make the factions come

together. Her mindset was very similar to that of Anduin and they grew very fond of

eachother, the prince seeing her as an aunt. Together they tried to keep Varian Wrynn under

control as the kings history with the Horde has seen nothing but pain and suffering, the

murder of his father, the fall of stormwind, enslaved as a gladiator... Varians time

has been rough and being split and reformed by Onyxia has left him unbalanced. Rage often

boiled at the surface, striking out not only the battlefield where it suited him, but also

towards those he loved. A good example of this is just before the cataclysm happened,

the war against the lich king was over and the Alliance and Horde had agreed to end hostilities

towards eachother. There was a ceremony in Stormwing to honor the thousands who had died

in the war, but night elf sentinels showed up with dire news. The Horde had attacked

Ashenvale and the treaty had been broken. It wasnt a mere act of aggression from

the past, expected bumps in the road for the treaty, it was a slaughter. They had been

unable to recover the bodies because they had been methodically chopped into several

pieces. And those pieces were taken away by carrion eaters. This was after they had been

skinned and they were not sure if they were alive for that or not. The skins were hung

like linens from a nearby tree. And on that tree, written in elven blood, were Horde Symbols...

Varian quickly called for Thralls head. The orcs had done this, the Horde had to pay

but Jaina threw back at him that they didnt know if it was the Horde. She fought and bled

with Thrall, could not believe he would order this. Is Varian responsible for all humans,

like the defias brotherhood that took his wifes life? This pissed of Varian, LoGosh

came out to play dirty and he asked her what if hes right and shes wrong? She had

been a poor judge of character in the past. Now he was throwing Arthas at her, but none

of them could have predicted what he would become. This may be, but Varian wasnt making

the same mistake twice and she was. If she had seen what Arthas would become, would she

have tried to stop him? Would she have the guts to kill her lover, or would she have

stood by, peace at all costs, a mewling little pacifist who

Father!’ The word was uttered by Anduin, shock and

bitter disappointment in his father clear on his face. Like I said, Varians rage

hurt those around him and while he would work on trying to find balance, harness that rage

inside, Jaina continued negotiations and trying to work both sides towards a brighter future.

Yet with the world in turmoil, one of her best allies in this quest, warchief thrall,

decided the time had come to return to his ancestral lands to figure out what was going

on. He decided to leave Garrosh Hellscream behind as warchief of the Horde, despite several

voices telling him that this was a bad idea, including Garrosh himself, he had made up

his mind and left the son of Grommash in charge. You might remember Garrosh being quite against

the idea of working together with the alliance and taking on the mantle of leadership only

encouraged him to indulge his warlike ways. He believed the horde was being too timid.

The war had depleted their resources, the elemental turmoil only made things worse.

After thrall had departed, garrosh turned his gaze northwest to the lush forest of ashenvale.

It was a land of plenty and it was well within the hordes reach. Most of the region belonged

to the night elves but that did not stop garrosh from sending troops into the woodlands. He

was not interested in asking the alliance for resources or trading for them. Why would

he do that, when he could simply take what he wanted by force. The hordes new incursion

into ashenvale enraged the alliance. Tensions between the factions flared and open war seemed

inevitable. Some of the hordes members welcomed these bolds and aggresive maneuvers,

but cairne bloodhoof, leader of the tauren did not. He dideverything he could to reason

with the acting warchief and prevent bloodshed. In carines eyes, garrosh was leading the

horde down a a dangerous path, one that would inevitable destroy it. The warchief did not

listen to his wisdom, and so cairne spoke the only language the orc would understand.

He challenged garrosh to a makgora, a ritiaulistic duel. Before a crowd of onlookers, the tauren

and the orc fought for the future of the horde itself. On one side stood the promise of a

peaceful future. On the other, the promise of blood and conquest.

Garrosh, you are not fit to rule the horde.”

It was because of Magatha Grimtotem that blood and conquest won that day. She had dreamed

of seizing her races capital, thunder bluff, and asserting control over all tauren. Only

cairne had stood in her way so she had secrely, without his knowledge coated garroshs weapon

gorehowl with poison. So it was that the tauren who had lived his life with honor died betrayed.

After the duel, magatha led a coup in thunder bluff and seized the city. Yet her victory

was short lived. Cairnes son, Baine bloodhoof was warned of the attack and made his escape.

He didnt exactly know who he could trust at that point. Was Garrosh perhaps in on the

betrayel? So instead they turned to the one their former warchief had trusted, Lady Jaina

at Theramore. It was around this time that Magni Bronzebeard used an ancient titan ritual

to also figure out what was going on with the land and turned himself into a crystal.

His daughter Moira made use of this oppertunity to take over and lock down Ironforge, including

Anduin who was there visiting. Luckily Jaina had given him a hearthstone which he used

to teleport out of there right into a meeting between Baine and Jaina. These three characters

had a very similar mindset towards the world, got a long quite nicely and Jaina decided

to financially aid Baine in retaking the city. Magatha was foolishly hoping for Garrosh to

support her cou, but the warchief could not appreciate the dishonor she had bestowed upon

him. He would never know who would have won in a fair fight so he left her on her own

and Baine decided to banish her and the grimtotem that stayed at her side.

Meanwhile Thrall learned more about his shamanistic roots and Deathwing broke out starting the

expansion of the cataclysm. Jaina didnt play a massive role in fighting Deathwing,

besides showing up at Thralls wedding, but with a new warchief in charge, a world

in turmoil and resources scarce, the war between the alliance and the horde started to pick

up again. With Garroshs wish of defeating the night elves and conquering the whole of

Kalimdor, the humans of theramore sent out their armies and tried to establish a military

line between the night elf territory and Theramore. They didnt exactly get the result they

expected with events like Stonetalon mountains, the Barrens and Camp Taurajo but the dream

of peace seemed further away then ever. Varian completed his journey of becoming whole while

accepting the Worgen into the Alliance and defeating Garrosh in Ashenvale, earning himself

the title of high king of the alliance. They were unified like never before. Thrall, now

going by the name Goell united with the dragon aspects and together they were able

to save the world, defeat Deathwing and prevent the hour of twilight.

Todays victory belongs to all who stood against the shadow. You are azeroths true

guardians and the future of this world is in your hands. For the dawning of the age

of mortals has begun. “

And what do the mortals do? Start an even bigger war of course as Garrosh focuses his

gaze on Theramore. If they want to secure Kalimdor then they have to wipe out this human

port so the Horde forces are gathered and get ready for their march. Jaina meets up

with Goel to see if there isnt anything they can do to stop this. His duties to the

world were done, he had set out and accomplished the near impossible, but goel was now leader

of the earthen ring and the world still needed their aid to heal. Despite what Garrosh had

done like Cairne and Ashenvale, the alliance had not been perfect either. That had been

innocents, but even Jaian cannot place the blame for the current tensions squarely at

Garroshs feet. Not all the attacks had been initiated by the Horde and she knew the

truth of his words. There were times when she felt that her words just fall on deaf

ears. The only one who seems to be truly interested in forging a lasting peace is Anduin wrynn

and hes just fourteen. Its difficult to try to be a diplomat and work for real,

solid results when the other side wont acknowledge reason anymore...

Im sorry what? Thrall and me? Who keeps spreading that nasty rumor. Besides, everyone

knows I prefer blue over green.”

Goel stays on leading the earthen ring while Jaina returns home where shes visisted

by the blue dragon Kalecgos. His flight has lost the focusing iris, a powerful magical

item previously held within the nexus and hes looking for help to try and track it

down. Jaina turns out to not only be a great help with this, the 2 of them also develop

feelings for eachother.

But times of romance would have to be put on hold as Garrosh lead the Horde towards

Theramore with Northwatch hold as their first goal to claim. Despite some of the leaders

not being too happy about settings sights on theramore. They believed that this would

just piss off the rest of the alliance and cause more trouble then it was worth, they

still stuck to their honor and followed their warchiefs lead if not for the sake of their

people. Northwatch was a tough battle, but Garrosh had some tricks up his sleeve. He

had his shamans summon molten giants to make quick work of the enemy which Baine couldnt

exactly appreciate. The world was still healing from the cataclysm, this was an afront to

the earthmother! What was Garrosh thinking? Not only that, he was also struggling with

the upcoming battle as he remembered how Jaina had been there for him when he needed aid

the most. He decided that although he would not shrug away from his duties to the horde,

he would not let jaina be caught unawares. Perhaps he could save some innocent lives

by sending her a messenger, a warning that the Horde was on the move. Some might call

this an act of treason, but I cant imagine Garrosh being too mad about it as it worked

quite well for his plans. He actually held his troops back giving Jaina the time to gather

allies for the defense of theramore. The alliance, the Kirin tor including their leader Rhonin

and even the blue dragon kalecgos all offered their aid to lady Jaina Proudmoore.

When Garrosh did finally send his troops out they stood shoulder to shoulder trying to

hold the line. The Horde breached their gates because of a traitor from within, Thalen Songweaver

recommended by Rhonin himself to join them, actively worked against them and the gates

splintered. The traitor was taken captive and would later be saved by members of the

horde, but the battle at theramore wasnt over quite yet. Kalec dropped trees and boulders

from the sky to block the entrances, trying to trap the Horde within. They had no choice

but to call the retreat, Jaina couldnt believed it, they had won...they had actually

won the day...

Hehe were going to turn this place into a sinkhole.”

As it turns out, it was the Horde who had taken the focusin iris and turned it into

a bomb. They could see it coming of course, but their flyers had been neutralized and

Kalec was blown out of the sky with canon fire. Rhonin could see it coming and decided

to make the ultimate sacrifice by drawing the bomb onto himself and into their protective

magics. It would not hold the explosion, it would not save everyone, but it was the best

that he could do. Jaina tried to protest, tried to argue, tried to find a way for him

not to kill himself. She would not abandon him, maybe together they could divert it but

it was too late. The sky galleon released its cargo. She would never remember exactly

what happened next. She felt herself being both pushed and pulled toward the still-whirling

portal entrance, a portal held by Rhonin. She shouted in protest, trying to tug herself

free and craned her neck to look back just in time to see hell. The world went absolutely

white. The towered shattered. Rhonins body, standing tall, arms oustrechted as he glared

defiantly as his fate, turned suddenly purple. He was frozen in time for a fraction of a

heartbeat; then the exploded in a cloud of lavender ash. As the portal whirled closed

and Jaina was dragged farher and farther away, she saw a violet ocean of arcane energy wash

over Theramore. Cries of utter, absolute, depthless terror assaulted her ears, and then

she knew no more...

Rhonins heroic sacrifice saved the life of his beloved wife Vereesa Windrunner as

well as Shandris Feathermoon, Kalecgos and Jaina. But many were caught in the explosion.

Rhonin himself of course, Archmage Tervosh. Tiras'alan who traveled all the way from Outland

as word of Jainas great deeds and efforts for peace had even reached Shattrath City.

Admiral Tarlen Aubrey and Tari Cogg. General Marcus Jonathan, for many years a stalward

guardian at the stormwind gates. Amara Leeson and Thoder Windermere. Pained, a bodyguard

assigned to Jaina by Tyrande as they fought at the battle of mount hyjal. Thaddus Stoutblow,

Horran Redmane and Kinndy Sparkshine, Jainas new and young apprentice.

When Baine looked upon the explosion, tears ran down his muzzle, and he made no effort

to wipe them away. He stood surrounded by throngs of cheering Horde, but as he looked

around, he saw, illuminated by the ghostly arcane glow, faces that wore his own expression

of shock and revulsion. Did none of them see? Baine couldnt understand it. So many, too

many, seemed happy at beholding the dead city and crowded with corpses of people who had

died in a horribly and painful fashion. They were happy at being tricked into a battle

against theramore when all along garrosh had had the means to win without sacrifing a single

horde life. Baine was not sure which act he despised more.

Jaina was saved by Rhonin, but the diplomat, the peaceseeker was gone. The transformation

was visible for all to see as the explosion of the bomb had turned her hair white with

a single blonde streek of the past. Her eyes too were glowing white but on the inside the

pain was unbearable. When she returned to theramore to look for any survivors, she saw

the corpses of those who had fought with her eerily floating in the air. Not even the rats

had survived the attack and her new apprentice, Kinndy Sparkshine, crumbled into violet dust

at her touch. Jaina screamed. She screamed in utter horrror, frantically gathering up

the crstalline poweder that was all that remained of a smart, lively, young woman. She screamed

in loss, in grief, in guilt, and then most of all in rage. Rage at the Horde. Rage at

Garrosh Hellscream, rage at those who followed him. Rage at Baine Bloodhoof, who had warned

her but had nonetheless permitted this to happen. Had perhaps known this was going to

happen. Her screaming turned to racking, hoarse sobs that ripped her throat. She kepft lifting

handfuls of the purple sand, trying to hold on to Kinndy, her sobbing increasing as the

dust persisted in trickling through her fingers. This wasnt war. This wasnt even murder.

This was obliteration done at a comfortable distance. Killing in the most brutal and cowardly

fashion Jaina could conceive of. She did not find any survivors, but she did

encounter a group of orcs poking around the debris, laughing too eachother, looting of

the dead.

No one can protect you! Kill the proudmoore wench and bring me that bomb!

Your people are dispicable cowards, orcs. Youre nothing more then rabbit dogs and you

will be put down. Brave words mage, I will spit in your face

when you beg for mercy.” “YOu spit on mercy? Then you will have none!

You want carnage? Garrosh will have more blood then he ever bargained for.”

ROar ill bring the warchief your head!”

She recovered the focusing iris and set out to gain allies in her quest for vengeance,

but found rejection on all sides. Funny enough where in the past she had to hold Varian back,

now the roles were reversed. The king had found balanace, make no mistake they would

make the Horde pay but on their terms. They could not rush in, they had to be smarter

then that, rebuild, gather their forces. With the focusin iris she believed they could destroy

Orgrimmar just as surely as they had destroyed Theramore but they needed to act now, when

their armies are foolishly gathered together in Orgrimmar. Anduin tried to reason, surely

not everyone amongst the Horde agreed with what happened. The tauren for instance and

even most orcs prize honor, but for Jaina it was far too late for that. Theres no

hope for peace; theres no time for stragey. She has their ruination in her graps and theyre

a fool for not seizing the chance. She turned her back on them both as they tried to calm

her down, tried to make her listen, but she would not. Her next stop lead her to Dalaran

where she asked the aid of the Kirin Tor.

Vereesa Windrunner had returned to Dalaran after the battle and she was as wounded as

Jaina was, even more perhaps with now being a widow and having to raise their twins by

herself. Jaina told her about the final moments with Rhoninm that all he cared about were

two things when he died. he wanted to make sure his beloved would survive and that Jaina

would survive. He bought their lives with his own, and Jaina doesnt understand why

he saved her. Theramore was her city; she should have died for it. But he was the one

who died. And she will not forget that, not as long as she draws breath. She will ure

the council to make sure the Horde is never, ever in so powerful a position again. That

no one else has to suffer as they have. Vereesas lips curved into a trembling smile, and the

next thig the mage knew, the two women were hugging each other tightly, and Jaina felt

warm tears against her neck.

While she waited on their ruling, she also visited the sparkshine family. She had planned

to be eloquent, to praise Kinndy as the girl deserved. To give her bereaved family comfort,

to let them know that Kinndy had fought well and bravely, that she had been a light to

everyone who knew her. That she died defending others. What burst from Jainas lips was

Im sorry, Im sorry.”And for several long moments it was the sparkshines

who gave Jaina Proudmoore comfort. Windle lights the streetlights in the city and with

special permission, he lights them in honor of his daughter. The golden light was tracing

the shape of a laughing gnome girl with pigtails. When the sketch was done, it came to life

for a moment, small hands covering a giggling mouths, and Jaina could have sworn she heard

Kinndys voice. She glanced down with blurred vision at Windle and saw the gnome, too, wept,

though his eyes crinkled a loving smile...

Despite her wishes, Khadgar lets her know that the Kirin Tor will not join her in this

slaughter. There are innocents in orgrimmar, people who never marched on theramore, an

orphenage even...but Jaina sees no innocents, only those that are being taught to hate them

and will one day march for the Horde. Before Khadgar could speak, she had already conjured

a portal to the library of dalaran, stealing a book with information on the focusing iris,

if nobody was going to help her, then she was going to do it herself. Before finally

leaving the city she made a quick trip to the statue of Antonidas and there she ran

into Kalecgos again who was still busy looking for the iris. He too was asked to join her,

to help her destroy the horde, but he cant ... This hatred it wasnt her. The jaina

he knew still sought peace, still tried to understand even as she prepared to defend

her people. He cant believe she truly wants to perpetrate the same horror on them as they

did to theramore. This is me...this is who the horde made when

they dropped that cursed bomb on my city. You dont want to help me? You dont hear

the voices that cry out for justice? FIne. Dont help me, but whatever you do, do not

get in my way...

Voices from all sides told her to stop and think, to not go through with this, but Jaina

refused to listen. She spend days working her magic gathering elemental forces of water

to create a massive tidal wave and flood all of orgrimmar. The men, women and children

all would feel the pain she had felt, but the elements did not want to do this, screamed

out in protest. Their cries of anguish were heard by Goel and he found his old friend

about to make a huge mistake. It took everything he had just to hold the tidalwave in place.

Jaina was wounded, anguished, placed the blame of Theramore squarly at Thralls feet. He

left garrosh in charge of the horde. She had begged him to come back, to remove him from

power. She knew he would do something terrible one day and he has. Garrosh may have done

thisbut she blames him for giving him the power to do so. The words shocked the

earth shaman and their battle was intense. Nothing he said reached her, all he could

do was focus on that tidal wave and while he was not ready to take Jainas life, she

felt no such reservations. Thankfully, Kalecgos showed up in search of the focusing Iris and

he found it together with its dark mistress. He understood her loss and knew that what

she felt, but regardless if she claimed her vengeance or not, the people she had lost

would not come back. Jainas hurting and the Horde must pay. Thrall agreed, the Horde

had to pay but not by her hand, not this way. There is justice and there is vengeance. She

must see the difference between the two or else shed betrayed those who loved her.

Garrosh is a thief and a coward and a butcher but she was doing precisely what he hadright

down to using the same artifact that had obliterated theramore. Is this what she wanted? To be

remmebered as a garrosh by her own people? I am doing what I know to be right, she shouted

as did Arthas, Kalec responded when he slaughtered everyone in Stratholme. And he at least didnt

act with hate in his heart toward those he killed. Is this what her lagacy was going

to be, to be another garrosh another arthas?

Jaina...? Im sorry Arthas, I can watch you do this.”

No...she decided...she would not. For what he has done, Garrosh can be nothing but her

enemy and the Horde as well, as long as he is their warchief. She would not use the elementals

gathered to flood all of orgrimmar, instead she would use it to defend her people. Goel

went back to the earthen ring, the former friends knowing that this good bye meant the

end of their friendship for so many years, so cherished and championed by both. It would

be a long, long time, if everbefore Jaina could call Trall friend again. And she knew

he knew it. Kalec stayed at Jainas side and offered to carry her where ever she wished.

She wanted to see orgrimmar with her own eyes and on route they discovered that Varian and

the Alliance fleet had also made their way here. Despite their clever planning, Garrosh

had his own tricks to use against them. He had his shaman raise kraken from the deep,

kraken with huge tentacles that whipped about vessels, closing around it in a parody of

a loving embrace. The warchief did not just send the creatures of the deep to do his fighting,

he too, gorehowl in hand, jumped into the fight. Varian saw that despite the Horde fleet

being vastly outnumbers, Garroshs tactics of using the kraken was doing insane amounts

of damage. They would have probably lost the whole fleet was it not for Jaina and Kalecgos,

sending her water elementals to save the fleet. She had not expected them to be here, she

thought that they would focus on breaking the blockade at Darkshore or Feathermoon Stronghold.

If she had truly send out her tidal wave...she would have destroyed both Orgrimmar and the

whole Alliance fleet. Luckily that didnt happen and Jaina was able to turn the tide

of battle. She and the alliance were able to defeat the Horde and reclaim Northwatch


Together with Kalec she visited Theramore once more, not to rage and hate but to observe

and mourn. The love between the blue and the mage was still growing and she wondered where

to go next, what she wanted in this world. She still cared for peace, but shes no

longer who she was. She doesnt burn for vengeance, but neither is she the woman who

longed so much for harmony between the Horde and the Alliance. There cant be harmony,

not while Garrosh leads the Horde, not after what he has done. She doesnt believe peace

is the answer anymore which means...she doesnt know where she belongs. Kalec thinks she does,

she wanted to go home...Dalaran and the Kirin Tor. She offered her services to them, but

they did not just want her as a member, they actually wanted her to become their leader.

The reason why Rhonin had saved her instead of himself was because of a prophecy made

by the red dragon korialstraz. After the red comes the silvers,

She who was golden and bright; The proud lady humbled and bitter

Shall now turn her thoughts to the fight. Sapphire to diamond she gleams now,

The Kirin Tor leader who comes, ‘QUeenof a kingdom now fallen,

Marching to wars martial drums. Be ye warnedthe tides of war

At last shall break upon the shore.

But to just choose her based on this, she couldnt imagine yet Aethas explained that

it wasnt just because of this prophecy. She had always been strong in power and character.

Even when tested and tried. And when she faced both an unimaginable horrror and an inconceivable

temptationand were perhaps tainted by the effects of the mana bombshe still

chose a path that was fair and just, rathen then vengeful and dark. Yet she did not do

this alone, she had help from Kalec to show her the right path so the blue also decided

to join the kirin tor.

And so it was that Lady Jaina Proudmoore became the leader of the kirin tor, knowing full

well that the world could not be safe with garrosh hellscream as the leader of the Horde.

The warchief had lost the battle, but was far from defeated. Garrosh believed that they

were simply thinking too small. Next time they would have to go bigger, more

elements, more kraken, more of everything. Yet there are voices amongst the Horde that

do not believe his actions, his way of warfare are the way to go. Baine wondered if Garrosh

was mad with power or simply mad. In the meantime the alliance and the Horde

found their way to a mysterious land previously hidden by mist. The faction war moved to pandaria,

a land full of resources, people, perfect spot to fight one another was it not for the

sha that feeds on negative amounts. Our arival causes a whole bunch of problems for the pandaren,

problems we try to clean up, but 2 months later the rest of our forces make landfal

and the war escalates. Garrosh has no intention of giving up his dreams for conquest and will

do anything to make it so, including the use of an ancient artifact called the divine bell

which allows you to harness the power of the sha. Meanwhile Varian asks of us to check

in with his son Anduin in Dalaran whos trying to convince Jaina to kick the sunreavers

out of the city. They claim fealty to the Horde and represent a major threat to the

war effort, but decide Jaina claiming that she could never be neutral while Garrosh leads

the Horde, shes not onboard with the plan.

My father isnt asking you to pledge the kirin tor to the alliance.

Anduin I know exactly what hes asking, ow look who has arrived. Nobody dislikes Garrosh

more than me. I wrestle with my anger every day. “

Come with melook around you a moment.” “In the aftermath of theramore my first

instinct was to decimate Orgrimmar. To kil levery man woman and child in the city.”

Jaina...!” “Im not proud. Since then Kalecgos and

I have talked at length abotu power, and how it should be used. The Kirin-Tor has a legacy

of abuse. Kelthuzad turned his knowledge of the arcane arts toward Necromany. Kaelthas

Sunstrider was also a student here, another of our fold who betrayed us. Every day I ask

myself: What is the right thing to do? Anduin, you know more than anyone, its important

to separate the Horde from its people. The Sunreavers still operate within this city.

Alliance and Horde work together. As long as we stay above the war, then theres hope

for the world as a whole. I see our city as a beacon of light, showing the way. If we

can trust one another here, then theres hope for the rest of the world.”

I understand. Ill talk to my father.” “Thank you, Anduin.”

She sees working together here in the city as an example to the world and understands

that the Horde does not mean all of its people. Shes right about that as more and more

voices are starting to rise up against Garrosh. He wont let his people starve to death

in the desert. Will stop at nothing - NOTHING - to ensure a proud and glorious future for

the orcs and anyone with the courage to stand with them. Some cheer on their warchief, but

others believe that this isnt right, that this isnt what it means to be Horde. When

Voljin and their expedition finds the power to shape flesh and build warriors, he can

feel its the blackest of magics and speaks out. This is not what the Horde is about and

as a reward, he gets stabbed in the neck. We are able to save his life and Voljin

would spend some time recovering, but not everyone agrees with his mindset. When Thrall

is asked to help out, his own people dont even listen to him anymore. Garrosh is their

warchief now, willing to do anything it takes to claim what he desires. If that means mistreating

a couple of blood elves or using the dark powers of the sha, something Varian and the

alliance reject doing, then so be it. Despite people trying to reason with him, he listens

to no one but himself pushing people like Lorthemar to consider old alliances. The

warchiefs hold over the Horde is weakening, but the time to openly rebel against him is

not quite there yet. Speaking out could mean the end of them so they still follow his command

and search for the divine bell.

Its the alliance that tracks it down first. They cant even imagine the atrocities Garrosh

would commit if this bell were to fall into his hands so they decide to hide it away within

Darnassus to study it and keep it safe. But the warchief isnt about to let his prize

get away. Horde heroes are recruited to infiltrate Darnassus. Its has taken them a great deal

to get through Jainas trips and the Sunreavers are risking their neutrality by asissting

the Horde. Which means we have to be on our best, be very careful not to get caught or

detected. The bell is transported to Silvermoon while Fanlyr Silverthorn stays behind to clean

up their tracks so that Proudmoore doesntdiscover our involvement. Seems like he should

have done a bit of a better job since Jaina isnt exactly happy when she finds out what


No no! The bell! I had Darnassus LOCKED DOWN! Every fumbling rogue that tried to sneak

into the city, I CAUGHT them! I snatched every two-bit charlatan that attempted to teleport

through my traps! They couldnt possibly have gotten through...this was an inside job.

Somebody inside the city has the Bell, THese portals connect to Dalaran. That means

the Kirin Tor ... My OWN Kirin Tor...helped the Horde commit this atrocity. I will NOT

be betrayed again! Those responsible for this will be punished!”

Aethas Sunreaver!” Pew

PEw Pew

Youve betrayed the Kirin Tor, Sunreaver. Youve allowed Garrosh to move his forces

through MY city.” “You have it all wrong, Jaina. I did nothing.”

You looked the other way. YOu and your insubordinate kind are no longer welcome here.”

This is OUR city too, Proudmoore.” “Hah! I see. I will remove the Sunreavers

by force, then.” PEW

PEWYou Aethas, will be coming with me.”

Jaina teleports out.

Its funny that a piece of that story is missing and never made it into the game which

they were alright with since it caused a whole of discussions and debate. This is a bit of

information given about that missing story by Sarah Pine, one of blizzards writers:

When you were stealing the Bell from Darnassus, Aethas was supposed to find your portal, follow

you in and gowhat are you doing? You cant use Kirin Tor resources for the war effort.”

and the orc youre with gets nose to nose with him and saysYoud better decide

where youre loyalties lie, ELF.” And Aethas slinks back through the portal to Dalaran

saying he saw nothing. For too long, she has toiled to mend fences between Alliance and

Horde. Time and time again, she has given the Horde the benefit of the doubt - and time

and time again, they stab her in the back. She refuses to be betrayed again! If the Horde

intends to use the Kirin Tor as a weapon against the Alliance, then they have no place in Dalaran.

She together with Vereesa Windrunner, leader of the Silver covenant who has lost her husband

Rhonin at Theramore strike out at the Sunreavers. Not all were in on Garroshplans, some

didnt even know what was going on, but they no longer cared. Those that did know,

those that had followed the Warchiefsorders had sealed the fate for the rest of them.

The sunreavers that comply are teleported to the Violet Hold but those that resist are

put to the sword. None are allowed to leave so the dragonhawks are either put to sleep

or slain, even some of the shopkeepers are put down while the Horde works on evacuating

the sunreaver citizens, strikes back at the silver covenant and the alliance stroops stowed

away near antonidas memorial. They save aethas and make their escape, but neither side is

particularly happy.

Lor'themar Theron yells: Aethas! You're alive! Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Thanks to

this hero, a few of us made it out of there. Many more have been sent to the Violet Hold.

Lor'themar Theron says: Anar'alash denal! Will someone tell me WHAT is going on in Dalaran?

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Proudmoore! She's gone and expelled the Sunreavers from

the city. She's purging the Horde from the Kirin Tor!

Lor'themar Theron says: She's gone too far. I'm certain the Alliance can move their war

mages through the city at will. That human ... witch!

Lor'themar Theron says: When will they learn? When will they see that the Horde exists BECAUSE

of the Alliance? Because of their prejudice and their bigotry!? They force us ever closer

to Hellscream's Horde. Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: My Lord...

Lor'themar Theron says: Hal'duron, summon the rangers. Rommath, assemble the Blood Magi,

and add the Sunreavers' strength to your own. Lor'themar Theron says: We Sin'dorei will

take our future into our own hands. Lor'themar Theron says: And get this damn

thing out of my sight! Hellscream bought this treasure with the blood of my people. I hope

it destroys him.

King Varian Wrynn says: Jaina! What's happening in Dalaran? Has there been an attack?

Varian walks around the table to Jaina. Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: The Kirin Tor

was betrayed from within. I've handled the situation.

King Varian Wrynn says: How? Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I've purged the

Horde from Dalaran. You have what you wanted, Your Majesty: The Kirin Tor belongs to the

Alliance. Varian is confused.

King Varian Wrynn says: But you said- Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I know what I

said. My trust was misplaced. King Varian Wrynn says: What of the Sin'dorei

- the Sunreavers? Surprisingly, Varian is not happy, but sounds

concerned instead. Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Those that surrendered

are being taken to the Violet Hold. I make no guarantees about those who chose to fight.

Varian sounds dismayed and is becoming frustrated. King Varian Wrynn says: Jaina, you need to

talk to me before you act- Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: How I run the

Kirin Tor is my business. King Varian Wrynn says: I was trying to negotiate

with the Sin'dorei. I was opening discussions to bring them into the Alliance! By attacking

their people, you've forced their hand- Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: They chose their

own path. King Varian Wrynn says: You've driven them

back to the Horde. Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: You're fooling

yourself. Once Horde, always Horde. I see that now. I'm mobilizing the Kirin Tor.

Jaina walks down to the center of the floor and opens a portal to Dalaran as Varian looks

on, stressing his words. King Varian Wrynn says: Jaina. We've got to

work together on this. The Alliance must act as one.

Jaina turns halfway back to Varian - the equivalent of looking back over her shoulder.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Don't get soft on me, Varian.

The Kirin Tor has been pledged to the alliance, but the negotiations between Varian and Lorthemar,

trying to get the blood elves to join the alliance once more...theyve come to an

end. There is still the threat of the divine bell, something that Anduin hasnt forgotten

about. While Garrosh displays the powers of the bell, the raw negative emotions too much

to handle for most, the prince uses the Harmonic Mallet to stop him.

Garrosh Hellscream says: Your interference has cost me a great warrior, young prince.

You'll pay with your life. Anduin Wrynn says: That is where you are wrong,

Garrosh. Anduin Wrynn says: The mogu made the Divine

Bell to create chaos, but the pandaren created a special mallet to turn the echoes of that

chaos into perfect harmony. That mallet was hidden for thousands of years, until now.

Anduin leaps upward and performs an overhand strike on the Divine Bell, stunning Garrosh

and causing the bell to crack violently. Garrosh Hellscream says: Die, whelp!!

Garrosh pulls himself together, closes the gap, and strikes at Anduin, but hits the Divine

Bell, shattering it. The bell crumples in a heap onto Anduin, who has been crushed within

an inch of his life! “There is much I do not know about this

artifact. The weak willed cannot control the sha energy, but I WILL master it. Atleast

the human prince is dead. King Wrynn now knows the price of his continued defiance. Hahaha.

Leave me, I have much to think about.” “I will let you live so that you can tell

your KIng of the price for his continued defiance! Muahahhaha

King Varian Wrynn says: Garrosh attacked my son...? Where is he?

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Anduin! Jaina spots Anduin and runs to him, kneeling

over his prone body. Varian is not far behind her.

King Varian Wrynn says: Anduin, what were you thinking? I should've sent you back to

Stormwind! Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: He's alive, but

his bones are shattered. King Varian Wrynn says: Send for Velen. Bring

him here at once! Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: My King, I promise

you. The Kirin Tor will come down on Garrosh so hard his ancestors will reel. Blood will

pay for blood! Jaina teleports away in a flash.

King Varian Wrynn says: Jaina-

Anduin will need some time to heal while the war against the alliance and the horde continued.

Their attention was drawn by the resurrection of Lei-Shen the Thunderking, a threat that

could not be ignored. On the isle of thunder, The Kirin Tor offensive lead by Jaina Proudmoore

and the Sunreaver Onslaught lead by Lorthemar Theron did their best to put a stop to the

thunderkings plans while also fighting with eachother. Step by step we took more of the

island, carved our way to the throne of thunder and after weeks of fighting eachother on the

island, the final showdown was about to begin.

Lord Zhu! The Alliancethe Hordeall chaos is about to erupt out here!”

Like children. Taoshi! Hand me my weapon!” “My are gravely wounded!”

My weapon! Champion, with me. I want you to see this.”

Hand over the Archmage and I may yet allow you to walk out of here, Lorthemar.”

Proudmoore! You will release my people from the Violet Hold, or I will cut you down

myself!’ “Your people are legitimate prisoners of

war. They orchestrated an attack on Darnassus from MY city-“

The Sunreavers knew NOTHING of Garroshs raid on Darnassus!”

ENOUGH!! There will be no more bloodshed

today. I see why now why your alliance and your horde can not stop fighting. Every reprisal

is itself an act of aggression, and every act of aggresion triggers immediate reprisal.

They have undermind, I must protect, SILENCE! YOU must break the cycle. It ends TODAY. Here.

The cycle ends when you Regent Lord and you Lady Proudmoore turn from one another. And

walk. Away.” ... thinking...

Rangers. Lower yoru weapons.” “My lord!”

Very well. We will stand down.” “They killed my husband!”

This wont bring him back. But know this, ‘bloodelf. There can be no peace while

hellscream is warchief of the horde.” “That is precisely why I wish to converserve

our strength today. “Lady...Lord.”

Gather the wounded. Withdraw to the harbor. Our work here is done.”

Aethas shifts uncomfortably as Lorthemar assures Jaina that the Sunreavers knew nothing

of Garroshs raid on darnassus, a remnant of the quest that was supposed to make it

in. Jaina and Lorthemar decide to step away from eachother and focus on the real

threat, the Thunderking. Powerful upgrades were found in the throne of thunder for both

sides with Jaina infusing her staff of Antonidas with the power of the thunder king himself.

I dont think theyve actually ever used that for the story, while the power the blood

elves obtained, an animus golem has showed up. Either way with the thunderking dealt

with and Voljin healed up, the time has come for a rebellion. The Horde has had enough

of their warchief, but Garrosh isnt finished quite yet as he just found some awesome power

hidden within the vale of eternal blossoms. The heart of the old god yshaarj is thirsty,

dropped in the sacred waters of the vale which causes a massive explosion and destruction

to the land. The Siege of Orgrimmar had the alliance and horde face all the troops, powers

and weapons Garrosh had managed to acquire. Even the warchief himself used the powers

of an old god to try and carve out the destiny he saw, but not even that was enough to stand

against the combined might of the alliance and the horde.

AhaaaaYou disapoint me garrosh. You are not worthy

of yur fathers legacy.” Cloink!

His punishment is not alone for you to decide.”

I wont let you take him.” “We have all suffered from his atrocities.

My people more then any other. Let him stand trial in pandaria. There we will mete out

justice for all.” Mmmmkaaaay, put him in chains, lock him up

boys. “Ugh...Look at them. Already they plot against

us. Sieze this moment, Varian/ Dismantle the Horde.

Guardsmen!” Ow my im impressed

Father, what are you doing?” “What a king must do.”

I will speak to your warchief!” Eeeey its voljin

I speak for the Horde!” Yah really its voljin

Very well. The horde has commited heinous crimes voljin.”

TjoinkBut some among you fought against Garrosh

tyrany For that Im willing to end the bloodshed. But know this, if your horde fails to uphold

honor as Garrosh did. We will end you.”

Quite a turn around between Varian and Jaina as she is the one who calls for the dismantling

of the Horde, but Varian can see that not all were down with Garrosh. As long as they

murder alliance in an honorful way its all good and as Ashran showed, we would start

fighting again. We first have the trial of Garrosh to complete though with Baine and

Tyrande playing loyar while the bronze dragons Chromie and Kairoz use the Vision of time

to show moments from the past to support each sides case. Witnesses are also called to the

stand and Jainas financial support for bain is revealed. Varian isnt exactly happy

about this, not to mention that his son had been part of it, but probably the most interesting

thing to come out of the trial is when Jaina takes the stand. They show the destruction

of Theramore, Jaina returning home and finding Kindy and when Tyrande asks her about the

flooding of Orgrimmar, she says that she didnt want to become like Garrosh. Be like Garrosh

or be like the Horde? Tyrande asked too which Jainabattered, angry, wounded, devastated,

honest Jainareplied simply, ‘The Horde isnt garrosh.”

It seemed like she was dealing with her anger and made the choice to not let it consume

her. This anger put quite a bit of strain on her relationship with Kalecgos. A relationship

in which she aided the blue to deal with the aftermath of the cataclysm, but she decided

that Garrosh had already taken enough from her. She would not let him take the love she

had for the blue. The tale ends with Kairoz breaking Garrosh

out of prison, taking him to an alternate reality which would kick off the expansion

Warlords of Draenor. The attack on the temple where they held the trial was not an easy

one to repel. Our heroes had to deal with their counterparts from alternate realities.

Jaina even lost her life despite those gathered trying to do everything in their power to

heal her. All hope seemed lost, Varian told Anduin that there was nothing they could to

save his auntie Jaina but the prince woudnt give up on her. Thats when the red crane

knew his student had not forgotten the lessons of his temple. Hope is what you have when

all other things have failed you. Where there is hope, you make room for healing, for all

things that are possibleand some that are not... His powers made her open her eyes

once more, Goel realized Jaina looked happy. Perhaps she had been healed in more than body,

and he wondered how she had been able to accept her raging alternate self. He supposed he

would never know. Their eyes met, and he smiled at her. And when she stretched out a hand

to him, he took it.

It almost seemed like Jaina was ready to get past the hatreds of old, but during Warlords

of Draenor we saw her, once again, being unwilling to work together with them while Khadgar has

no such reservations.

Talador horde full: 1:18:55Let us pass, gatekeeper.”

Lady Proudmoore has expressly forbid Horde from entering kirin tor grounds.

Then let Jaina take it up with me. I am a member of the council and you will let me

and my friend pass!” “Very well, archmage. As you wish.”

My tower lies just through this pass.”

While we work on dealing with the threats on alternate draenor, especially guldan

and his shadow council, Khadgar is attack by Garona Halforcen. We quickly go after her

and capture her, while Jaina takes care of the archmage.

Be still, Khadgar. Garonas dagger was enchanted.”

Uhgngnrnrn” “This wound is grisly, you should see a

priest.” “No. No priest. Cordana, stitch me up.”

Thank you commander. Youre an asset to the alliance.”

I work with the best.” “Ive heard you also work with the Horde.

The rest of the council of six wouldnt approve. I dont

Its not the first time Ive disagreed with the council and it wont be the last.”

Keep protecting our archmage, Commander. Wed be lost without him.”

The leader of the kirin tor is kind enough to give a hand with upgrading our legendary

ring and thats pretty much all she did during the expansion. Our heroes were able

to secure victory on Draenor, alternate guldan is send over to Azeroth and he kicks off another

invasion from the Legion. Sylvanas leads the charge for the Horde while Varian commands

the Alliance. Both factions seemingly out of no where working together again for the

good of Azeroth. At this point the rolercoaster seems to be over and Jaina seems to have made

up her mind. We went from the diplomate to bombing of theramore and flooding orgrimmar.

Changing her mind and instead leading the kirin tor, unable to work together with Garrosh

as warchief. Then Anduin talks to her and they do try to make it work in Dalaran, a

shining beacon of hope for the rest of the world leading to the divine bell which pissed

her off and championed the dismantling of the horde.

The trial of garrosh with deciding to not let hatred consume her heart to Draenor with

being unwilling to work together again and then Legion where she does join the Alliance

on the Broken Shore. This was a death trap and the Horde is unable to hold its ground.

They cannot die this day so Sylvanas is forced to call the retreat which appears to the alliance

as a betrayel. Varian is forced to sacrifice himself to give the troops a chance to escape

and with the death of the king, a great burden is placed upon anduins shoulders. His father

was a great strategist, yet his armies crumbled at the broken shores. How can he succeeed

where the wolf had failed, but Velen reasures him that he does not stand alone in this battle

and Tyrande compliments him for his wisdom of accepting the illidari into their ranks

who by now have made their way to either the alliance or the horde. Jaina however reminds

them all of the Hordes treachery. Its time to bring them to heel like the dogs they

are. Theramore, Dalaran and now again theyre betrayed by the Horde at the broken shore,

but the others dont see it that way. They cant fight a war at two fronts, they need

the Hordes strength in the battle against the Legion, but Jaina disagrees. She believes

that to fight alongside the cowards who betrayed his father and left them to die would dishonor

everything Vartian stood for. Dalaran will protect the easterns kingdoms, but she will

not allow the Horde to set foot within her city.

Dalaran is then moved to deadwind pass to have a better position while defending the

eastern kingdoms. The journey did not go without complications as we see a citizen stuck in

a wall while the recovery specialist is trying to help him out, but thats not what were

here for. Were here to assist Khadgar as he tries to make Jaina see reason. They can

not fight both the Horde and the Legion at the same time. Azeroth will have to be united

in the coming war and for the Kirin Tor to fight at its full strength, the Horde must

be allowed back into their ranks. Jaina is not having it. The Horde obliterated

Theramore. They left them to die on the Broken shore. Again and again the horde has proven

to be monsters...cowards! She will never let them back in