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Hey guys! Im Amiiboguy918 with Zoe. We are amiibo hunting today. It is Episode 6

and the Retro 3 Pack comes out today so stick with us!

The readers are out and the animal crossing cards for Happy Home Designer.

Overall it is pretty much the same stuff. Okay so we are at Target now. As you guys

saw I tried to film at Toys R Us, but they were stocking a whole bunch of stuff. Some

of them dont like when I film. Lets go to Target and see if there are any restocks

here yet. There is a Dr. Mario and an Olimar. Target

got in some Olimar. He is so cute. They still have some Dr. Mario and the random and lonely

Zero Suit Samus. Someone is hiding her! Okay we are at Best Buy and they dont have

anything either. They have Sonic and Pac Man, but they always have Sonic and Pac Man. There

is nothing new today. What is going on? What is going on?! Come on Amiibo give us something

here. Well we still need to check Walmart and Gamestop so hopefully our luck improves.

Olimar! Olimar! Olimar! And the lone Pikachu! Aww. No there are two! Never mind I lied.

There is nothing here though. The selection is bigger, it just looks like they are waiting

to get more in. Well we just have Gamestop after this. Aww look at you! Your hair is

purple. Alright guys so that was a little preview of what my Gamestop had, they had

the 30th anniversary Mario, which isnt as easy to find. Here is what the retro 3

pack looks like. I think it looks great! It will be fun to display them all and man look

at that dog and that bird doing their thing. R.O.B is cute! It is kind of like if it were

a story: Dog and Bird play on old mans lawn, the old guy saysGet the Fuck off

my lawn!” R.O.B is like Im just a robot. Thats your story for the day. So that is

what the 3 pack looks like. Thank you guys for watching. I do have new video uploads

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so you guys dont miss out. I will see you guys next time! AmiiboGuy918 is signing out!

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