Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2 GUYS 1 BATHROOM

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(toilet flushing)

- Shut up!!!

Oh, hey. You, uh, going to pee?

- Yeah, you too?

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- Go ahead.

- No, go.

(thinking) Urinal next to Anthony or stall? Man, I can never pee when somebody's next to me. Stall it is.


He knows I'm just going pee. If he sees me going to the stall, he's gonna think I'm insecure and I have a small tallywhacker.

Wait, why did I just call it a tallywacker? Okay, shut up, Ian. Just man up and pee in the urinal.

- (thinking) Oh, crap, I can't pee when someone's next to me. Why the (bleep) did-- what the hell was that bleep noise?

- No one is here.

No one is here. No one is here. Open your eyes. You look like you're trying to drop a deuce.

Okay, lighten up the situation. Tell him that funny joke about Tony Hawk's brother, Mike.

- What's that smell?

- Mike Hawk... was...

- What?

(thinking) Okay, the only way this could be more awkward is if-- oh my God, someone's waiting on me.

- (thinking) Oh my God.

Oh my God, creepy guy with a mustache behind me. Oh geez.

- Fine! I'll just use the stall!

And I don't have a small tallywacker!

- All right, almost there.

Just as long as Ian doesn't--

- Why are urinals white?

- You know what? I've been standing

here so long that now I kinda have to take a crap.

- Weird. Me, too.

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- What the hell? Did Ian just crap his pants?

- All right. These kids need to hurry the heck up.

- Thanks for subscribing, you little


That-- that's supposed to be a compliment, by the way.

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