Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 小漁出海收穫“龍鱔”,回家路上巧遇買家,要價600能成交嗎【漁小仙】

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Now we're ready to go to sea

We're going to start pulling in the nets

A big crab

And almost a lobster

That big head shrimp

Let's see if this is big or small

This crab is at least 90 percent meat

Look at the crab

There's something black growing on this back

Something with a spot on it

There's something polluted

He's just fat

Don't look and don't doubt


To continue to

The head

Everyone to see

This is a small bar

Small yellow flower seed

The cucumber has three little red flowers

The screw wang

And a little lion with a head

What fish are down there?

Huang Zhui

Last time it was bigger than this one today

Everyone to see

What is a yellow cone

He this p

The wing

It's all yellow and red, see

The smaller one is aconite

That's a big difference

See no

There's one down here

This crab is not fat

A water crab looks

In the back

What does the water crab look like without it

The one under the belly is transparent

See there's no foot

It's all transparent

That one's got meat in it

There are still ver y, very few

It didn't take him long to peel his skin

Not long flesh

You opened the inside, but not the empty pot

The most fresh

There's a rock down there

There was a streak of mud


A want to the dragon eel

All the valuables are back

Haven't seen

Oh, be careful

Can fly!

There are many kinds of eels in it

This is the dragon eel

Look how gentle he is

Aunt cow

I can't even catch my words

He can fly can fly dong Shan is called fan

How much is it

This is the least

At least to

The lack of good work made him angry

Lose your temper and run away

You can also!

The one that rained rained too much

That seawater sample won't work

Who let you get in there


This small fan

You can have a little bit

And this is today's crab, crab, crab

Really a little bit

Only for three days

Is it true these days


Six hundred dollars

You can!

I often take your fish balls

Don't you want it to be so expensive

It's not expensive

Six hundred dollars

Tell him to cut down


Don't say the

Don't say the

I fe el like five hundred dollars

I'll take it all

Line by line, line by line

Come down here and make it easy for everyone

Are afraid of the

Ha, ha, ha

Ha ha

Ha ha

Ha, ha, ha. I'll send it up to the sky. All right, all right

Thank you thank you

Thank you for the

Just send it over

Ha ha

Ha ha


For five hundred dollars

There are

You can also buy less stuff

But that luo Han is worth a lot of money

So that's the end of the video

If you like

Bye bye go home

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