Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Samsung AnyWeb Print

Difficulty: 0

AnyWeb Priint is an application developed and invented by Samsung.

In fact, it enables to do something quite simple,

i.e. a screen capture of a specified area of your web page.

You launch it from your web browser with a simple button.

It opens a small column on the left of the web browser.

So you need a quite big resolution for it to be convenient.

And then, you'll be able to select a part of the display and drag it on that page.

You can have many pages, you can do many different selections

and adjust them a bit like you want.

It's quite simple to use.

We can for example imagine having a pretty photograph for some receipts,

the text of the receipts underneath, some ingredients,

and a comment we'll consider relevant, all put on a single page.

So you can easily print everything you want

without having for instance to print the ads that'll waste lots of ink for nothing.

It's quite reactive and quite well done by Samsung.

The Description of Samsung AnyWeb Print