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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 Famous People WHO DO NoFap ► (Steve Jobs, Kanye West) | NoFap Greats, NoFap Legends, NoFap Quotes!

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NoFap... when most people hear about it they laugh, and although sometimes the "superpowers"

can seem exaggerated, there is no doubt in my mind that NoFap has helped myself and many

others to change our lives to 100 times better than what it was in the past.

Quitting pornography and masturbation has also helped many athletes, celebrities, and

other very influential people in society to make a great impact on this planet and to

achieve their own dreams, and that's what we'll be going over today - just a few of

the people that I look up to that endorse NoFap and have attributed it to helping them

succeed in their lives.

So let's jump right into it.

The 1st person on my list is Steve Jobs.

Almost everywhere you go you will see something that is from his creation with an Apple logo

on it.

I use a Mac, many people around me have iPhones, and his work continues to impact us to this

day even after his early death.

In terms of NoFap and semen retention, his former girlfriend explained that "he didn't

want to climax so he could build power and wealth by conserving ones vital energies."

Can you imagine if Steve Jobs was a porn addict and instead of working on his new brainchild

he instead wasted his time and energy by watching porn for hours each week?

We probably wouldn't have iPhones then.

The 2nd out of the 7 main people that we'll discuss is Muhammad Ali.

Before he changed his name, Olympic Boxing Coach Harry Wiley noted, “theres a kid

here named Cassius Clay.

If you bet on him every time he fights, youll be a rich man, ‘cause he wont lose a

single fight.

I believe his thing is sexual control.

And hes got it.

Any kid who can control his sex can with the title.

I believe it.”

Now, before we keep moving forward, while some people might comment well they're talking

about abstaining from sex, not masturbation, we can assume they mean both when they talk

about sexual control because in either case, stopping masturbation and stopping sex, you

are controlling your sexual urges.

3rd is Sigmund Freud, and while you might not like everybody on this list, the fact

that we know about them and their works is still more proof that there may very well

be a correlation between quitting masturbation and success.

According to his biographer Ernest Jones, “Freud held the opinion (based on personal

experience and observation) that sexual activity was incompatible with the accomplishing of

any great work.

Since he felt that the great work of creating and establishing psychotherapy was his destiny,

he told his wife that they could no longer engage in sexual relations.

Indeed from about the age of forty until his death Freud was absolutely celibate "in order

to sublimate the libido for creative purposes."

Before we keep moving forward, if you are interested in learning more about how to become

who you want to be in enjoying this life which goes hand in hand with NoFap in my opinion

and I will have a lot more NoFap videos, be sure to subscribe if you're new here and if

you already are, hit me up on Snapchat but don't send me nudes haha.

Alright, back from intermission, Kanye West is also on this list.

He notes that "people ask me a lot about my drive.

I think it comes from, like, having a sexual addiction at a really young age.

Look at the drive that people have to get sexto dress like this and get a haircut

and be in the club in the freezing cold at 3 A.M., the places they go to pick up a girl.

If you can focus the energy into something valuable, put that into work ethic..."

And also, while we're on the topic of musicians that I listen to, number 5 would be 50 Cent.

I first got the idea of NoFap when in his book, the 50th Law, they discussed Rubin Carter,

a former fighter who was wrongly accused and convicted of murder.

While he spent almost 20 years in prison, he stripped away anything that could be taken

away from him, and for him one of the things that he forbid himself from looking at was

pornographic magazines.

He instead focused his attention and energy toward fighting his case and learning about

the legal system, and finally he was released.

In terms of 50 Cent, he posted on Twitter and has talked about NoFap in interviews.

He does have a more comedic spin to it but here are his steps to quitting masturbation:


To avoid the urge to masturbate stop going to porn sites, 2.

Make a conscious decision not to turn your head after people walk to you.


Do not go to strip clubs.


Do not look at lust filled magazines."

Here's the 6th and second to last person on this short list of greats who have practiced


Miles Davis.

A jazz legend who I also learned about from the 50th Law, and he talked about abstaining

from masturbation in his autobiography.

While talking to a therapist he noted this, "he asked me did I ever masturbate and I told

him, no.

He couldn't believe that.

He told me that I should do that every day."

And later on he said in an interview "You can't come [cum], then fight or play.

You can't do it...

Ask Muhammad Ali.

If he comes, he can't fight two minutes.

Shit, he couldn't even whip me...

You give up all your energy when you come.

I mean, you give up all of it!

So, if you're going to fuck before a gig, how are you going to give something when it's

time to hit?"

And last but not least, I'll actually put two people for the 7th spot, Manny Pacquiao

and David Haye.

They're both boxers and although I think Manny is considered higher on the all-time great

lists, they both practice NoFap and I wanted to include them.

Pacquiao stays chaste for 21 days before a bout, and David Haye says that, "I dont

ejaculate for six weeks before the fight.

No sex, no masturbation, no nothing.

It releases too much tension.

It releases a lot of minerals and nutrients that your body needs, and it releases them


Releasing weakens the knees and your legs.

Find a lion that hasnt had some food for a while, and youve got a dangerous cat.

So there won't bet a drip from me.

Even in my sleep -- if there are girls all over me in my dream, I say to them, "Ive

got a fight next week, I cant do anything.

I cant do it.”

Thats control.

Ive been doing that since I was fifteen and it's part of my preparation now.

Thats why I'm who I am today -- it's down to all those little sacrifices.

Find me another boxer who makes that sacrifice, and youll find another champion."

Now those are just a few of the people that I look up to and that have publicly stated

that they abstain from sex, masturbation, and pornography.

There are most likely many others who would rather stay quiet about their sex lives, but

I'll just put a couple more names down that you might recognize, and I'm pretty sure I

left a lot off the list, but here are the ones I found: Michelangelo, Rickson Gracie

(MMA Legend), Socrates, Mark Wahlberg, Dalai Lama, Leo Tolstoy, Plato, Saigo Takamori (one

of the most influential Samurai in Japanese history), Nikola Tesla, Sir Issac Newton,

Mike Tyson, and Ghandi.

Personally for me, I credit NoFap with pushing me to start this YouTube channel, you can

see how pornography addiction really did ruin many parts of life that I had built up at

the time - I stopped playing sports, I stopped running my business, and overall my life was

really going through a horrible downward spiral.

But after overcoming the addiction for the most part, going on 100+ day streaks, it has

helped me in my overall self-image, has helped me grow this YouTube channel to over 24,000

subscribers, and really has just helped me enjoy my life to the fullest degree.

If you want, I'll have links to my other videos in the comments and the description, and that's

all I got for you in this video.

Thank you so much since you've stuck with me all the way to the end, if you enjoyed

be sure to check out my other videos, and we do livestream daily at 5PM Eastern Time.

Thanks so much, it's Kevin from KreativeVein, KreativeArmy, peace!

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