Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stories For Kids in English - The Two Orange Potatoes | Kloppi the Red Train Stories Episode 3

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That day, the Orange Potato was very furious.

It was about to go off the deep end.

It walked fast, walked and arrived at the station.

The Red Train was reading the book it bought and did not expect a visitor.

When the Orange Potato arrived at the station with that anger on its face,

the Red Train was surprised.

Because it was the first time that it saw the Orange Potato very furious.

When the Red Train asked what had happened,

the Orange Potato explained the reason of its anger.

To its surprise, a new potato had moved to the town.

And this potato used to call itself an Orange Potato as well.

The Orange Potato did not like this case.

At some point, two Orange Potatoes were much for the town.

The Red Train decided to go to the other Orange Potatos house with the Orange Potato.

As the other Orange Potatos house was near to the station, they arrived in no time.

The Red Train shoutedNeighbour!


The door of the house was opened anddd...

What was that?

There came another Orange Potato that looked like our Orange Potato.

The Red Train and the Orange Potato were so surprised.

It was so confusing that in a village there were two Orange Potatoes.

It was necessary to resolve the problem.

Our Orange Potato saidI am the Orange Potato of this village!”

The other Orange Potato saidMy name is Orange Potato as well.

What shall we do?”

The Orange Potatoes started to give them the eye.

The Red Train went on watching the scene.

It could not find any solutions.


It saw something at the back of the house.

There was a cowboy hat hanging from the mast of the back of the house

that the Orange Potato had just moved.

The Red Train asked

Is this hat yours, the New Orange Potato?”

The New Orange Potato said:

Yes, I always put on this hat

and put on its head.

The Red Train looked at the Orange Potatoes.

I am sure, there were people in your previous village who called you Cowboy Potato as well.”

The New Orange Potato gazed in astonishment.


Actually I wanted them to call me Cowboy Potato but they used to call me Orange Potato.”

The Red Train felt that the situation was over andIf you want to be called so,

from now on everybody in the village will call you Cowboy Potato.”

The Cowboy Potato was so happy.

After all, that will be the only Orange Potato of the village.

The Red Train became happier more than everyone.

Nevertheless, it solved the problem which was so important for the village.

That day, the Orange Potato and the Cowboy Potato decided to be friends.

And the Red Train turned back to the station and resumed reading its book.

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