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Later in this video... oh look, here come Elsa, Belle and Anna. Hey girls? What's up

you guys? How was your carpet ride?

Uhh, this pool party is gonna be off this snow tank!

Seriously, so cool that Jasmine is throwing an end-of-the-school-year pool party. I heard

her pool in Agrabah is out of this whole new world. And what's even cooler, is she said

that she'd sent carpet to come and pick us up. That's him now. Okay, do we have everything?

Yep, we've got sunscreen, floaties, swimsuits and sandwiches. I think we've got it covered.

Sandwiches! Priorities guys. Ariel said she'd meet us there. Okay, great let's go. Wow!

Jafar, I'm impressed. This is such a fancy pool. Oh, you know, only the best for me since

I'm the Sultan of Agrabah and all! Oh, wait a minute, isn't Jasmine's dad the Sultan of

Agrabah? For now, but wait until the live-action Aladdin comes out then you'll see what really

happens. What - what are you eating Gaston? These are my beans Jafar, they are out of

eggs at the supermarket and I needed to get my protein. Beans! No wonder your screen name

is Gussy, muscle man! It's my nickname! What! What, am I missing something? Mirage is ending

in three, two, one. Wait, What! What just happened? That was all a mirage? No, aghhh!

I knew I should have paid for a better quality mirage. You paid for a mirage? Don't you have

magic to make one? I do, but it's so exhausting. It's just easier to buy one. Oh Man, your

pool party stinks Jafar! The princesses are having a way cooler time at princess Jasmine's

house. What! How do you know? Oh, please... I know everything that Belle is doing at all

times. Uhhh, this pool party is gonna be off the snow tank! Jasmine, your pool is amazing!

Thanks Ariel. That's quite a compliment coming from you, you're like the queen of pools.

Oh, look, here comes Elsa, Bella and Anna. Hey girls! What's up you guys? How was your

carpet ride? It was great. Well, Belle was a little afraid of heights. Just don't look

down. Belle, it's okay, we're not on the carpet anymore. Oh, right. What's up ladies? We're

ready to get this pool party started. She's at Jasmine's pool party right now. Gaston,

you have gone too far. You have a whole computer system devoted to Belle. No, not just Belle,

I also have videos of LeFou doing funny things with his cats uh ha ha oh LeFou, you crack

me up! Oh, look at this. Wait, if they're having a pool party, we could just take over

theirs! Great idea! We can get them out of the way. I could turn them into mermaids again.

But how? I recently invested in this little trinket I picked up in Diagon Alley. What!

Oh, what is it? Is it a ne... is it a necklace? Is it a - no, it's a time turner, we can go

back in time. Perfect! We can go back before the pool party and put the spell on the pool

and the second they get near it, they will be transfered into a mermaid lagoon, and we

can take over. Vanessa or is it Ursula? I don't know, you are ge-ni-us. A what? You

wouldn't understand... ha ha ha, right guys? Let's go. Okay, the princesses should be here

in about a minute. Do your spell Ursula. "Powers of the witchy sea make this pool a portal

be, when the princess comes too close, they'll find themselves on a different coast". Oh,

so rhymy. Oh, oh, I've got one. Beans beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more

you... The princesses are coming! Quick, hide! Jasmine, your pool is amazing! Thanks Ariel.

That's quite a compliment coming from you, you're like the queen of pools. Oh, look,

here comes Elsa, Belle and Anna. Hey girls! What's up you guys? How was your carpet ride?

Whoa, umm, you guys? What's happening? Yes! No more pusky princesses. We did it, we did

it. Now I can finally take over Agrabah! Let's go take over her castle. Guys, does anybody

happen to have a can opener? I can't seem to open these beans! Guys? Snow my gosh, we

are mermaids! Ariel, did you accidentally use your mermaid potion again? No, I didn't

even bring it with me this time. Something happened as soon as we got close to Jasmine's

pool. Something tells me a villain is behind this! Don't worry Jasmine, we went through

this before Ariel's last pool party and we definitely know how to deal with it now. Yep,

time you go get my father's trident. Come on guys. Geronimo! We took over the castle

and now we can have a pool party. Yes, my sideburns are getting a nice tan! Last one

in is 12 dozen rotten eggs, ha ha ha ha. Oh, that guy is so obnoxious, he's not even a

real villain. No, I'm an antagonist Jafar, just as Belle! She reads books, she knows.

Or, I can just tell you about it right now. Belle? Who said that? We did. I can't believe

you guys try to take over my pool party. Yeah, get your own pool! I have one, thank you very

much. Then why don't you go there? Get them Ariel! You got it. Noooo! Okay, dealt with

our daily dose of villains, check. Now let's really get this pool party started. Oh, great

going Jafar. What, more like Gaston. Hey, you're "bean" mean, this is all Ursula's

fault really. Oh, please I'm an antagonist, uuhhh! Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, this

bickering is gonna get us nowhere, we forget, I have this, hello! Let's try this again,

shall we? So they're gonna be here any minute right? What are we gonna do this time, get

Belle to marry me? Aghhh, what? That doesn't make any sense at all. Okay, so Ursula messed

everything up last time with that whole mermaid thing, so I think we need some Jafar brilliance

here. Excuse me! Hmmm, we need something new. Something hot. Something... fire! Ha ha. Jasmine,

your pool is amazing! Thanks Ariel. That's quite a compliment coming from you, you're

like the queen of pools. I'm taking over this pool, that should really belong to me, the

Sultan. Uh, news flash Jafar, you're not the Sultan, my dad is. Not when he has to bargain

for his daughter and her little friend Ariel, ha, ha, ha! Back me up guys. Guys, guys? Ha,

ha, ha! What are you doing? Is it just me or is it like... really hot? Oh my gosh, the

pool is lava. Oh, Hans, Jafar, Ursula, Gaston! What are you guys doing here? Ha, ha, ha Taking

over, like we should have done a long time ago. Yes, we're taking Jasmine and Ariel and

you can't stop us. Oh, yeah? Yeah, no way you guys can make it over all this lava. Well,

unlucky for you guys, we're amazing at the Floor is Lava Challenge! Look! Pool floaties!

Okay, now I'm ready. No way you'll make it over the lava. Yeah, one of you is bound to

fall in and then you'll be toast! Mmmh, toast would be great with my beans. Aghh! If I can

get them open. How about this, if we make it over you have to leave our pool party.

Hmm and if you don't? Well, then we'll be in hot water... literally. And, you guys can

keep Jasmine's pool. Deal. Okay you guys, I'm snow pumped, let's do this! Okay, oh gotta

say I don't "lava" this. Umm, Okay, uh, oh it's hot, it's hot, it's hot. Okay. Just gotta

make it toward the flamingo and Uuuh! Uh, uuuh, don't fall in, don't fall in Elsa you

got this. You villians thinks you are too pool for school. Okay, I got this. Yeah, uuh,

it's so hot! Okay, okay, okay. Uuh! I got this. This isn't so bad, I can do this while

eating a sandwhich. Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Oh, no it's Anna, she's about to fall. No,

Anna! Uh! Thanks Elsa. Hey, not fair! That's cheating. Yeah, you're not allowed to use

your freezing powers! Says whom? The bet was to make it over. You didn't say how. Curses!

Wait a second, we're villains, who said that we have to stick to our word? I actually had

my fingers crossed. Yeah, I don't think so. Unless you want to end up like this pool,

I'd say it's time for you to go. Oh, fine. This is ridiculous. We're villains. We're

smarter than they are, better-looking than they are! Well, I'll speak for myself at least.

Aghh! But they have the power of good on their side. Aghh! So annoying. Oh, lefty Lucy! Uh,

why this thing so hard to open? Uh, abracadara! No. Oh, oh it works! Ah, ah! Where did you

get that fish hook? This can opener is horrible! Is that sword! Oh, my finger, Belle! Aghh,

that guy should not have a sword. Okay, Ursula tried the mermaid thing, Jafar tried the fire

thing but now it's my turn, and I know just what to do. Jafar, spin that thing! What?

Use the time turner thing. Oh, oh right! Okay Huns, they're going to be here any minute,

what's your brilliant plan? Okay, so princesses like pools and water so much... let's see

how they deal with a shark in the water! A shark! You're going to put a shark in a pool

with my belly bean? Oh, Hans that's too far even for you. Oh, come on, it doesn't have

to be a big shark, just a little one, so you know, they can get scared and run away. You

know what, I like where your head's at. Magic powers of villains grim, bring us a shark

and make it swim! Ahh! Shark! Don't give it to me! The princensses are coming now! Jasmine

your pool is amazing. Thanks Ariel, that's quite a compliment coming from you, you're

like the queen of pools. Wait Jasmine there is a shark in your pool! Wait! What! Hey girls?

Woah, shark! OMG, there is a shark in your pool Jasmine! Uhhhh! I know, tell me about

it! Well, they're scary and they have big teeth and there's a whole week about them

on Discovery Channel. No Belle, I know. I mean it's crazy, what do we do? Should we

leave? Oh, now's my chance! What! What are you doing? Gaston, come back here. Belle it's

I, the man of your dreams, I've come to save you and your friends from that terrifying

shark. I'm gonna throw this can of beans at it. Gaston, what are doing here? Do you sort

of have a whole computer of me? And why are you carrying around a can of beans? Um, because

I've been wondering where you've bean all my life! Okay, yeah, no what's the real reason?

I, well, I am, I, the other villains had a time turner and they tried to ruin your pool

party like three times and it hasn't worked! Ooh! Gaston! You spilled the beans! I know,

they are everywhere, I didn't even get to eat them! Oh, Belle! Wait, time turner! Is

that what Jafar is wearing? I, Uummm... Now that I think about it, this is feeling like

deja vu! Deja who? It's like when you feel like you've lived the same moment over again,

you know? No way you villains are taking over my pool party! Too bad princesses, you only

have each other and I've got this magic time turner! ha ha ha, I'll see you next time,

except you won't remember it! Yeah, I don't think so... What! No, what have you done?

Let's just say I froze time! Curses! This is all your fault Gaston! Yes, I - I agree,

it's all your fault because my shark idea was totally going to work. Ha ha ha. How could

you be mean to me at a time like this? All these beans wasted! This is all "bean" fun

and all but you guys need to go. Since they wanna to swim so much, I've just the plan

for them. Jasmine, where's your genie lamp? Oohh! Jasmine, Ariel where'd they go? Oh,

I just thought they'd have more fun under the sea! Oh, my beans, I am a mermaid! No,

you're a merman, Gaston. Curses, foiled again! You guys might be, I live down here. See ya.

Well, hey, we can make the best of this, right boys? There's a shark right behind me, isn't

there? Baby shark? Mama shark? Daddy shark? Right. Aaahh! Swim! Aaah! Aaah!

Oh, hey you're here! Hi Elsa and Belle. Hey Tiana, Hey Rapunzel. I brought dessert. I just brought Pascal.

But he's super excited to go swimming. Okay, okay, it's his first time so he's a little

nervous, but I told him he'll be a natural. Are you guys ready to get this pool party

started? Yes Ariel, I feel like a frog out of water! Ha ha ha, that's so funny Tiana,

because you are one. Wait a second, you have a hot tub! Last one in to run [?].

It sounds like Belle and all her little Disney princess friends, are having so much fun at

Ariel's pool party. I guess my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. They don't

know what they're missing, I can have fun and play cool pool games and no one could

sing like Gaston! [Music] We know someone who can help you.... Yes... we can help you

get to the pool party. Who are you? You're just two talking eels, what do you know about

funning and pool parties? I bet you've never even played Marco Polo or even had a pool

noodle joust! No... but we know Ursula! Ursula! The sea witch? Oh, no she's way too scary!

Uh, I gotta go! Are you afraid of me Gaston? No, I'm afraid of the scary white haired lady

that looks like an octopus. Not you, um, random lady on the beach. I am Ursula. But I've used

my powers to become Vanessa once more. Oh, no! Are you going to take my beautiful singing

voice? No, Gaston, I want to team up and use our abilities to seek revenge. Revenge! Yes,

I wasn't invited to the pool party either! So rude! We will make them regret it by taking

over Prince Eric's castle! Ah, yes! Finally, Gaston needs a good castle and I've been craving

crab legs! That delicious lobster looks good enough to eat! I've got a plan. Wooo, We haven't

dropped it yet! Keep it going! Excuse me, Ariel we're here for the pool party, Mulan

and Jasmine have arrived. Yes, we love diving and splashing and all pool things. Jasmine,

are you okay? There's something different about you. Mulan, you look like you've been

working out! It's all in the diet really, I eat five dozen eggs each morning and ah,

I mean thank you. It's really just yoga. Yes, we are just so excited to be invited and to

be here and Ariel, why don't you sing us a song? I can sing you a song, "be our guest,

be our guest, puts your swimming to the test, of all the friends there ever were, we are

the very best!" Oh, so cheesy, not the voice I was going for! Ariel, why don't you use

your beautiful voice and sing us a song? Part of your world, perhaps? Oh, yes that one is

soo good! Wait a second, I invited Jasmine and Mulan but Jasmine took the magic carpet

to the Bahamas for the weekend and Mulan said she's throwing Mushu a birthday party! Huh,

so that must mean that these are impostors! Huh, imposters! Where? They mean us you fool,

our plan is ruined! They figured us out! That's Vanessa, aka Ursula the sea witch in human

form. And that is none other than Gaston pretending to be Mulan! Pretending to be... What do you

mean? Nice try Gaston! That's a song from Mulan's movie but she's not the one who sings

it! No villains allowed at this pool party! Alright, fine! On to plan B! There was a plan

- I mean, there was a plan B? You poor unfortunate souls, you made your choice, you like swimming

so much? I have a gift for you! I don't think we want your gift. I don't think she's asking

us Rapunzel! By the power of the sea, mermaids you shall now be! Mermaids! Whare did they

go? Where all mermaids live, Atlantis! Georgia? No, not Atlanta, Atlantis! King Triton's kingdom.

Come, we will take the castle, we will have our own party and invite all the villains.

Good idea, will there still be crab legs? Oh my gosh, I am a mermaid! Me too! Uuuh,

me too! This is so cool, ha ha ha. Now the castle is ours as it was always meant to be!

No princesses around to get in our way. Oh, yes this is the life! Hey, you, servant snow

man, bring me some tacos! Sebastian really wasn't kidding, it really is more fun under

the sea. I know right, I forgot how much fun this is. Wait a second, where's Pascal? I

thought he came down here with us. Wait, where is he, Pascal? Hold on, I don't see Olaf either.

They must have stayed at the castle when we got turned into mermaids. You mean Olaf and

Pascal are back at the castle with Gaston? Oh, no! We need to go back and save them!

And we need to save Prince Eric's castle before he gets back from his trip! We have to stop

those villains! Poor Olaf, I hope he's okay. But how are we gonna get back? We can't exactly

walk up to the castle! We need to get my father's trident. But he's away on vacation in Indian

Ocean so he locked it away. Oh no! This is hopeless! We're gonna be mermaids forever!

I'm gonna have to get used to eating sandwiches made with real sand. Let's go there and see

what we can do. Follow me. There it is. The bars are so narrow, if only we were tiny we

could slip through. Tiana, if only you were a frog again, I bet you could fit through.

But there's no way that could happen since you broke the curse. Well. Well, what? Well,

I actually repaired doctor Facilier's talisman just in case I'd ever need it again. Talisman!

What's that? It's a magical charm that was used on Naveen and me to turn us into frogs

in the first place. I know that being a frog isn't easy but this might be our only hope.

Oh my gosh, this is a great idea this just might work! It's worth a shot! Do you know

how to use it? Well, I think so! Mama Odie taught me a spell just in case I'd ever need

it. Perfect! "Gumbo gumbo in the pot, turm me into a frog, what you got?" Gumbo? Its

occasion thing, it's in all of her spells. Wait, Tiana, I heard you say that but I don't

see you! Down here, it works! Yay! Oh, my gosh! Uh, you're such a cute frog! Thanks

Belle. All right Tiana, frog Tiana, you can do this, just swim through the bars, it should

be easy. You did it! I knew you could do it. Now let's go stop Gaston and Vanessa. And

save our friends. Umm. What's wrong? There's just one problem, I am still a frog. Well,

what's the spell to turn you back? I don't remember. Something about gumbo. I don't think

that's in the reversal spell, I wish I could remember. Wait a second you guys, we have

the trident, let's use it on Tiana. It's not gonna work on this spell, it's very specific.

It can only be broken by mama Odie's reversal spell. I'm still trying to think of something

that can turn Tiana back. I just can't remember the spell. Are you sure the trident won't

work? No, it's got to be the reversal spell. This is a very specific type of magic. Hold

on a minute, I was reading a book from Beasts' library the other day and it said something

about magic voodoo. Voodoo! Yes, that's it! Now I remember. What is it? Gumbo, mumbo,

voodoo, voodoo reverse the spell and the bad dream. Perfect! Now that Tiana is back into

human with the trident and we can go stop Gaston and Vanessa! What should our first orders

of business be now that we're rulers Vanessa? I think we should take all the candy in the

kingdom for ourselves! Ha ha. Candy! Are you new to this whole villain thing? No, that's

armature level, I'm going to cast a spell to block the sun so it'll be night time always!

Woooh, scary! Not so fast Venessa, or should I say Ursula! What! How did you escape the

ocean? How did you get the trident? Because we have the power of good on our side! Yes,

yes, yes high five! You're human again, but what about your little friends? Pascal...

and Olaf, what have you done with them? They're on our side now. Oh Pascal, oatmeal, come

here! His name's Olaf! They're under a spell. Pascal, it's me, do you remember? Olaf, it's

me Elsa. Must serve Gaston tacos. I've trained him well. I told you Elsa and Rapunzel, they're

mine now! Ha ha ha. We need to work on that laugh Gaston. Get out of Eric's castle Ursula!

Fine Ariel, but I'm taking my new little friends with me. No! What! You can't do that! They're

not yours to take. Wait a minute, I've got an idea. What is it Belle? They can only go

with you if they choose to. Belle, are you sure you know what you're doing? Trust me,

I have a plan. Well, clearly they'll choose us, they're bad now... Duh! Hello! Disney

Princesses! Fine, then you have to let Rapunzel and Elsa say goodbye. Rapunzel, use your magic

hair! Olaf, don't worry, it's gonna be okay. "Flower, gleam and gloom, let your power shine,

make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine" Wait, what! Oh what's she doing?

Oh no, not the hair! Yes the hair! Now it's time for you guys to skedaddle! Bye! See you!

Wouldn't wanna be you! Oh why don't you Wreck-It Ralph! Two... both of you. Ugh, fine, but

you just wait until I get my hands on that trident, mark my words I will! Don't you mean

"we"? "We will?" Gaston, you're on your own, I'm swimming solo and learn how to laugh like

a villain for goodness sake. Wow, so rude, am I right? Let's get back to having fun!

Not so fast Gaston. It's time for Ariel to give you some of her mermaid magic. Ariel,

no! Wait! Where am I? I'm under the sea! I'm a merman! Oh, this isn't too bad! No one swims

like Gaston, has great fins like Gaston. Wait, what is that? Shark! Gaston's friend, not