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Marvel has had plenty of attractive men and women long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe

with all of their handsome Chrises and in the 90s, they actually capitalized on this

by making the Marvel Swimsuit Special

Because comics.

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So yeah, in the 90s, Marvel decided to make a little parody of the famous Sports Illustrated

Swimsuit Special with their own knock off.

However, the magazine ended up being so popular that they made not one, not two, not three,

not four, but FIVE of these!

I was actually able to find a few issues of the Swimsuit Specials for umresearch,

NOT for personal use so I definitely think that Im qualified to tell you what theyre

all about.

As youd expect, these magazines featured multiple Marvel heroines all spread across

topical backdrops in scantily clad attire.

The results range from sexy to plain adorable like this page of Siryn singing with her father,


But dont worry!

For all all of you lovers of the male physique, the swimsuit special has you covered as well

like Namor the Submariners loinshell, or Punishers whatever this is supposed to

be or dat Cap booty or uhwhat the hell did they do to Cable?

Like seriously, what am I looking at right here?

What even is this?

My favorite though is Doctor Strange who apparently uses sorcery and literal demons to keep him

tan when its raining outside.

If youre more into the dark side though, some villains even got in on the action such

as Venom and Typhoid Mary.

Most of the images even include some commentary, but like ninety percent of them are just

awkward and uncomfortable.

Just listen to this.

When the Invisible Woman said she was going to wear a see through swimsuit, I knew I shouldnt

a got my hopes up!

Well, like they say, what you see is all ya get!”

Or this one

Look what my metal detector picked up on on the beach - olPeter Rasputin a.k.a.


This guy saves a bundle on suntan lotionbut then again, he loses it on silver polish!”

...Or this one


That Tigras one fine feline!

Wonder if she needs any help cleaninthat fur.

Maybe Ill ask after her catnap.”

Or this one

Sundowns dinner time on Monster Isle, and it looks like Wolverine and Jubilee have

the right idea with their weenie roast, but someone should tell Logan to keep an eye on

those dogs - the plump when you cookem, yknow.”


I feel like I need a shower after reading those.


The magazines are very tongue in cheek, often including goofy images like this game of tug

o war, the Human Torch roasting hot dogs, or literally just a naked Ghost Rider which

may or may not be the only full frontal nudity that Ive ever seen in a Marvel book.

Though no matter what silly stuff that Marvel tried to throw in to justify these magazines,

we all know why they were really made.

Boobsn butts and uhcenterfolds

Sexy sexy centerfolds

Heres the thing.

A lot of people would consider this to be pretty scummy so get this, Marvel actually

included in continuity reasons for this to happen such as Tony Stark hosting a charity

swimsuit photoshoot or Janet Van Dyne hosting her own shoot in Wakanda... during Black Panthers

week long engagement party.

So yes, Black Panthers party ended up just becoming a giant swimsuit fest.

Theres also the time when the guardians of the Infinity Gems called the Infinity Watch

decided to have a poker game.

Instead of money, the winner got to make their teammates their slaves for a day.

Well a sleazy character named Pip the Troll won and had his buddies use their Infinity

Gems for a party.

To make things even creepier, he basically mind controlled all of the superheroes into

relaxing and partying before secretly taking pictures of everyone for his quote unquote

personal collection”.

Or how about this time when the Inhumans hosted a tropical partyon the moon.

No, Im serious.

In the Marvel universe, theres a blue spot on the moon with a breathable atmosphere so

the Inhumans temporarily used their technology to turn it into a tropical paradise.

And for the last one, the prince of the fictional island of Madripoor invited a bunch of heroes

into his kingdom to boost tourism.

In my readings though, none of these escapades were ever referenced in the main Marvel comics,

especially not the time when Pip the Troll kidnapped everybody since he literally wiped

their minds immediately afterwards, but he still kept the photos because just look at

this guy.

He is UGH so weird!

There really isnt too much more to say because this was really just an excuse to

show off some Marvel skin, but its still one of the absolute strangest things to come

out of the 90s, but dont worry, there is plenty more crazy 90s stuff and weve only

scratched the surface, the tip of the iceberg, on this show.

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