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and tested by trained professionals.

They are extremely ludicrous and should never be attempted

by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

This is MTV's "Fear Factor."

( screams )

Ludacris: MTV's "Fear Factor" is all new

and this time, it's the season from hell...

I can't do it.

- Careful-- oh! - Ludacris: Oh!

- Fire is dangerous. - It's dangerous.

...where teams are facing their worst hell.

- ( evil laugh ) - No!

Ludacris: That was a takedown.

Man: Oh, hell no.

Ludacris: For a chance to win $50,000.


Man 1: My heart has never been pounding so fast.

Man 2: This is my worst nightmare.

Man 3: It was literally hell.

Ludacris: It only gets hotter from here.

- Wait, what? - Ah!

On this episode...

Welcome to Hell Week, people.

Rival frat guys and sorority girls are going head-to-head

to prove who has what it takes to face their fear.

To come out on top in this rivalry

they have to worm their way in...

I'm just really anxious and like terrified.

...conquer their fear of drowning,

and snap the scariest selfie ever.

Man 4: Don't fall!

Who will go all the way for 50K?

- Oh, my God! - Damn!

( screams )


( screaming )

Welcome to MTV's "Fear Factor."

Now today, we're going Greek.

I got four teams of college kids,

and they have no idea what the hell I'm about to put 'em through.

But they're gonna have to face their fears

if they wanna win $50,000.

Welcome to Hell Week.

What up? Hi!

( all cheering )

Welcome to Hell Week, everybody. "Fear Factor" style.

This is not just sorority versus fraternity.

This is college rivals as well.

Talking about USC versus UCLA.

Maybe the biggest rivalry in the country.

( all cheering )

Here is how MTV's "Fear Factor" works.

You must conquer three fear-filled challenges

that will put you through hell.

Every challenge a team will be eliminated

until there's only one team left

and that is the team that's going home $50,000 richer.

Am I right?

50k on the line!

Now listen, I know you all wanna come out on top in this rivalry,

but in order to win, you're gonna have to do a whole other level of things.

You're gonna have to face hell and conquer your fears.

I'm gonna start with Autumn and Bry.

I need to understand why y'all the team to beat.

We perfectly compliment each other.

So like we're the dynamic duo.

Why is your school the best?

Any school besides ours sucks.

You hear any school like sucks, Oregon sucks, Arizona sucks.

- UCLA... - Both: Sucks!

Do we have any UCLA people here today? I don't know.

( cheering )

Carolyn and Ronke, how do you feel about them

about them talking all this ( bleep ) about your school right now?

It's not true and we all know it's not true,

and they know it's not true.

- Big bark, no bite. - Damn.

- We got it in the bag. - Just threw that in their faces right there, huh.

So what kind of pressure are you guys under to win?

She's, like, pre-law, I'm pre-med.

Like, we're worried about what's gonna help me move forward.

Like this 50K? Yes. 'Cause of med school.

- Like, I need it. - Okay.

Steve and Mike, you guys are from USC as well.

We are.

Well, what gives you guys the added oomph here today?

As well as being fraternity brothers

we're also actual brothers.

- So that gives us a big advantage. - We can read minds.

You plan on doing the same thing with 50,000 if you win?

No, we're getting a jet ski and I'm going to Alaska.

( all laugh )

- Max and Nick. - What's up, man? How's it going?

As frat boys, what is the most important thing

that you want everybody to know about you?

We are not a stereotype.

We actually study electrical engineering.

There's more to us than people think.

You can just come to one of our parties and see.

You're personally invited.

We'd love to have you.

Let's see if you overcome this first,

then I'll figure out if I wanna come to one of your parties.

All right, that sounds good.

- So are you ready? - ( cheering )

Hundreds of years ago people were tarred and feathered,

but naturally we have progressed as a society

and we would never do something so primitive.

So instead if you wanna be the champion of this rivalry

you must be covered in corn syrup.

And these.

- Oh, my God! - Oh.

I'm hungry!

I'm glad you are. These are superworms.

Ronke: Superworms really terrify me,

'cause they're literally just disgusting.

Like, they live in, like,

poop I heard and it's just, like, disgusting.

And I call this challenge Tar and Feather.

All right, here's how the challenge is going to work.

First dump this bucket of corn syrup all over one of you,

you will then run over and dive into that vat of superworms.

- Oh, my God. - Ludacris: Yes, superworms love corn syrup.

Yes, they will scratch and bite you.

But don't worry about that

because your pledge mate will be right there

- to get them off of you. - Oh, God.

Their job is to collect as many worms as they can off of your body

and get them into that glass and fill it to that line.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention,

since your hands will be tied

you can only use your mouth to collect the superworms.

- ( laughs ) - ( gasps )

Autumn: Our number one fear

is bugs or insects and like

being in very close proximity to your body.

And then in your mouth is like-- oh, that's real close.

That's the closest you can get really.

The three teams that do this the fastest will move on,

getting them one step closer to winning $50,000.

The team who takes the longest will not only have incredible bad breath,

they're getting the hell out.

Has anybody here ever experienced

being covered in corn syrup?

Maybe some chocolate syrup.

Yeah, that's a whole other show.

That ain't got ( bleep ) to do with this one.

By random selection,

Autumn and Bry, you guys are up first.

- USC. - Fight on.

- Come on, let's go. - All right.

We are in Alpha Gamma Delta.

Bry: It's more than just about the parties or the social life.

It's about a sisterhood.

So we're besties. We have a plan.

We're gonna, like, just encourage each other,

like, really push forward

and keep the eye on the prize.

- Bry, are you ready? - Yes.

- All right get prepared, let's go. - All right, all right.

I'm scared of spiders,

I don't like bugs and if I had to put bugs

in my mouth I'd probably puke and we'd lose.

So I was like

that's something Autumn will handle.

- All right. Ooh, it's heavy. - Ludacris: Damn.

Baby step.

- Oh! - Yes!

Good, good.

Bry: Wow!

Ludacris: She slimmed herself.

- Dude, no! - Wow.

Bry: I've never felt corn syrup, this is a weird sensation.

It gets everywhere and then coats me.

And I'm like, okay, you know what?

I'm not even gonna feel the bugs.

- All right, are you ready? - Yeah.

I can't feel anything, it's all good.

Three, two, one, go!

- Don't trip. - You ain't got ( bleep ).

( screams )

Ludacris: You wanna get as many worms on you as possible.

- Oh! - Autumn: Get them worms.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Get in them worms!

Bry: When I jumped into the vat, it actually felt like octopus squid.


Let's go! Let's go!

Don't move.

- ( screams ) - Max: Oh, my God!

Get as many of those worms in your mouth as possible. There you go.

Bry: Those things bite super hard.

My biggest thing wasn't even having them on me,

it was having them biting me.

And it's just everywhere.

This is a tall glass, it's gonna take a lot of worms to fill it.

- Know that. - Bry, stop moving!

Are they eating you?

Max: Oh, my God!

Ronke: The USC girls were screaming.

Definitely made me nervous.

I'm just really anxious and, like, terrified.

Okay, okay, okay.

Autumn: I was really trying to figure out a strategy

like be a Zamboni,

and start low and then just, like, try to scoop

as many as I can into my mouth but it was also difficult

because the taste was like gelatinous

and so overwhelming.

Ludacris: Bry, how you feeling right now?

Right there, right there, right there.

I really hope there's wipes for this.

Autumn is determined right now. I love it.

( Bry screams )

- ( guys scream ) - Oh, no!

Good job, Autumn.

You're about halfway there.

Oh, there's some meat.

There's some food.

No, you're missing a lot.

Oh, you're missing the cup! That's costing time.

Bry: You're almost there. ( screams )

Carolyn: You guys are slow as ( bleep ).

Welcome to Hell Week, people.

There you go.

One more really good mouth

full of worms could bring this to a close.

You get it from-- Hurry.

- Oh, my God! - Oh, man.

This could be the one that gets you in.

And time!

Is there something to get them off me?

Autumn: We both put our entire 110% in there.

I'm amazed that Bryanna even put herself into

where she'd roll around in a vat of superworms.

And so I'm proud of the effort both of us put in.

- You guys went first. - Yep.

You got a time of... 4:02.

- Wow. - You survived.

Give yourselves a hand for that.

Max and Nick, you guys are up next.

- Go, baby! - You guys can head on over.

Nick: UCLA is superior and we're here to prove that.

We're Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

We're SAE.

We go by a creed, it's called The True Gentleman.

We want to embody the true gentleman.

I like to surf a lot, so I am afraid of sharks.

And who's not afraid of sharks?

Nick: My biggest fear is drowning.

When you're underwater and you can't breathe,

everyone's gotta be scared.

But losing's not an option.

There's future plans that have already been made.

All right, you know what to do here, my guy.

- Let's do it. - Yeah!

- Oh. - Ludacris: Lather it up.

Have you ever done anything like this at a fraternity?

Yeah, actually.

Nick: Lube it up.

All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go!

And they're off.

- Nick: Better get in there. - Ludacris: Oh!

Max: I'm completely mortified by the amount of superworms.

Hundreds of thousands of them all over your body.

It's crazy feeling to have that much movement

and sensation on all parts of your body.

- Hope you're hungry, Nick. - ( bleep ) yeah, baby!

We got a lot to work with.

( slurping worms )

Nick: Our strategy going in to this challenge

is using like your teeth to get as many worms in the mouth as possible.

Maximize the amount of worms you're getting per trip.

- Ooh, they're biting? - They bite.

- Yeah. - It hurts.

Max: Having superworms,

hundreds of them all over your body,

squirming, biting, and they're starting to burrow.

It's awful.

He just missed a bunch of worms that could cost 'em time.

( clamoring )

Ludacris: Coming up, can these college coeds

overcome drowning in the ice cold waters

of Hell Week.

- Pull him up, pull him up! - Uh-oh.

- Oh! - Oh, no!

Ludacris: Frat brothers Max and Nick are in hell.

Nick's getting as many worms as he possibly can

with his mouth to fill that glass to the yellow line.

He just missed a bunch of worms that could cost 'em time.

- ( clamoring ) - Oh there's one on my sac!

Oh, my gosh!

No, you can't beat us!

Boys suck!

Bry: Watching Max and Nick

and really just trying to like psych them out.

You got more in you, baby. Let's ( bleep ) go!

We are ruthless, man.

It's for the money now!

Ludacris: Oh, there you go.

One more mouthful should do it.

- UCLA's got this. - We're almost there!

We'll see if this strategy pays off.

And time!

- Whoo! - That was good.

Max: That was terrifying.

The most insane part of this challenge was

the superworms all over your body.

The time to beat was 4:02.

Max and Nick, you guys got a time of...


Which means you are 100% going on to the next challenge.

- ( Max and Nick cheering ) - Ludacris: Damn, right.

All right, you guys head back over.

Go Bruins!

All right, up next by random selection,

- Steve and Michael, come on down. - Let's go, baby.

( cheering )

Steven: Not only are we brothers by birth,

we're also fraternity brother.

So we both go to USC.

And we're in Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Mike: USC is the best school in the entire world.

Steve: You can't beat it.

Mike: We have a huge advantage being actual brothers

We're on the same wavelength.

We can read each other's minds a little bit.

When you're facing your fears it's mind over matter.

It's pretending like this is the best thing

that's ever been put in front of you.

Making your fears

your desires.

All right, you guys know what to do.

- Apply. - ( cheering )

- Let's go! - Don't choke!

Steven: Putting the corn syrup all over my body,

that stuff feels like some interplanetary alien goop

that-- I've never felt anything like that.

All right, time to beat is 4:02.

- Are you ready? - Yes, sir.

Three, two, one, go!

All right, all right, all right. Let's go! Let's go!

- Oh! - Ludacris: He went head first.

( people cheering )

Mike: Beautiful! Beautiful!

All right, here we go. Here we go.

Michael: I've never put anything like a superworm in my mouth.

They're super gross and they bite the inside of your mouth.

Ludacris: All right, Mike is on it.

Going into this challenge,

our strategy is get my mouth inside of the cup

and deposit all the worms directly in

so we're not wasting any worms.

Michael is being very careful not to spill like the other two teams, I see.

- No, you're missing a lot. - You are failing.

The rivalry is real.

( mumbling ): Go put more on.

Ludacris: Oh, he's jumping back in.

He's going back in.

- Oh, my 'lanta! - Here we go, here we go.

You're swinging them all off.

Ludacris: Oh, there's a mouthful. There you go.

Ronke: Thinking about putting superworms in my mouth

is making me super anxious

and it literally terrifies me.

- Oh, yeah. - Go! Go! Go! Go!

You're giving us pointers of what not to do.

Take it home.

How many worms does it take to fill a glass?

You got it! You got it!

- Go for the balls. - What?

And time!

- That's right! - Yeah, baby!

- USC. - Come on over, fellas. Steve, how's that feeling?

It's a little exfoliation, it's good for the skin.

I don't know. How you feeling, Mike?

- Yeah, I got some on my hair. - Oh, yeah.

All right, well the time to beat to move on was 4:02.

You guys got a time of... 2:01.

That is the best time.

Which means you are 100% going on to the next challenge.


Bry and Autumn, you guys are on the bubble.

It all depends on what your rivals are going to do.

Carolyn, Ronke, it's on you.

The winning team.

So we're both in DG, Delta Gamma, at UCLA.

And she's been my roommate for like two years now.

One of our sayings is "Do good."

We personally take that pretty seriously.

Like she's pre-med, she obviously cares about people.

I'm pre-law, I wanna go into environmental law.

Ronke: The prize money is crazy important to us

'cause we're obviously broke college kids.

Carolyn: Being on "Fear Factor"

we're definitely gonna be, like, talking to each other,

make sure that we're not, like, spiraling

into this, like, fear pit, because,

uh, 50 K's on the line.

Got this.

Ludacris: You know what to do.

It's kind of cool.

You guys missed spots all over your back.

I'm not about to do that.


Ludacris: That's the UCLA strategy right there.

All right, on my go. Three, two, one, go!

You got this, boo.

Turn in it nice and slow.

Ludacris: Oh!

- Bry: And your arms. - So smelly.

Holy ( bleep )!

When I jumped into the vat of superworms,

it smells absolutely disgusting.

They sting you, they smell bad, and it just makes me wanna vomit.

You got this.

Ludacris: All right, here we go.

They're coming off.

Feel their little mouths touching you.

Ludacris: A lot of worms, a lot of worms,

Take a bite.

Get 'em all, get 'em all.

Ludacris: Trying to get as many in her mouth at once.

Ronke: Our strategy is just to grab superworms

from the most pertinent areas.

Oh, she's going to town! She's licking the fingers.

Suck the fingers.

Ludacris: Oh! That's a good mouthful.

- UC-LA! - Sucks!

You guys gotta hurry up, the clock is ticking.

You got this thigh, too, right here.

( contestants clamoring )


Feel those worms crawling in your throat!

Oh no, this is getting close.

One more mouthful should do it.

This is it! This is it!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Here we go.

And time!

All right, ladies, come back over.

Carolyn: I'm definitely stressed out.

It ended up not being as easy as we predicted it was gonna be.

Do you think that you beat Autumn and Bry over there?

That was close.

- Ludacris: Very close. - Bry: Being on the bubble

is super intense because it's a nerve-wracking feeling.

Hopefully you are the one that will be going forward.

All right, time to beat was 4:02.

Carolyn and Ronke, you guys got a time of...

- 3:33! - ( bleep ) yeah!

You are 100% advancing to the next challenge.


Unfortunately, Bry and Autumn,

we have to say good-bye.

Your time on "Fear Factor" is over.

- Fight on for life, baby. - Fight on. Fight on.

USC is one down.

Autumn: It's fair to say we're both pretty disappointed.

The idea that someone from UCLA would send us home

does not sit well.

It's unfortunate to have to leave Hell Week early

and won't be able to make it into Fear Kappa Kappa, but we did our best.

- But we're still part of Alpha Gamma Delta. - Yes.

- This is so sad. - Damn.

The rest of you have conquered the first stage of Hell Week.

- Congratulations. - ( cheering )

But you all stink and you can use a bath.

We could.

I got just the idea for you.

- Trust me. - Yeah, buddy!

I will see you all at the next challenge.

( contestants cheering )

Coming up, will these college rivals

be able to conquer their fear of drowning?

- I'm getting freaked out. - I don't wanna drown my brother.

- Oh, no! - Pull him up, pull him up!

And later, how will they handle Hell Week hitting new heights?

- Having a little trouble. - Don't fall!

( music playing )

Carolyn: Going into the second challenge

our biggest competitor is definitely

the USC guys.

I'm glad we have another opportunity to see if we can beat them.

Michael: Going into this challenge,

we had no idea what we were getting into.

We're extremely anxious,

because "Fear Factor's" Hell Week isn't over yet.

Nick: So walking up and seeing this pool of water

is my worst nightmare.

I'm scared of drowning. I'm terrified.

I don't know what Ludacris has in store,

but I'm on edge, you know.

All right, come on in.

Steven and Michael, any additional pressure?

Since you're the only ones from USC left.

Nothing we can't handle.

What's more important to you, winning $50,000

or beating UCLA?

I'd like to say for the spirit, beat UCLA,

- but we want that money, baby. - Yeah, we do.

Michael: If we win the prize money,

we're gonna buy our dad a stand-up jet ski

that he's been wanting for the last 30 years.

Carolyn and Ronke, you guys are the only sorority left.

We just to rep it for the women.

Carolyn, you had a lot of trash talk

in that first challenge.

Are you concerned at all that you painted

an even bigger target on your back right now?

I may have and people can shoot at me

but it's nothing I can't take.

- All right, Max and Nick, - Yeah.

what are you guys afraid of?

My biggest fear is actually drowning.

- Oh, damn! - I almost drowned as a kid

and, um, before I knew how to swim.

At the time my dad jumped in and saved me.

So thanks, Dad.

And like that experience kinda just affected me.

Now in this first challenge

things got a little sticky, we all know that.

So, to help you take care of the stickiness,

we're gonna start this challenge off with a baptism from hell.

I call this one... Top Heavy.

One of you will be strapped face down to the end of this beam.

Balanced over this ice cold water.

That is not good at all.

Now on my go, your partner will drop the bar

thrusting you into the pool

where you need to retrieve three wrenches,

one at a time.

Now, once you have the first wrench,

you will drop it inside of that bucket over there,

your partner will then use it to unlock the corresponding bolt

on the end of the beam.

Once all three bolts are off,

your partner will then tilt you all the way up

where you have to grab that flag to stop the clock.

Now, the two teams that do this the quickest will move on

and be one step closer to $50,000.

- ( cheering ) - Now listen, I'm gonna

be honest with you guys, this is a very dangerous stunt.

How you feeling, Carolyn and Ronke?

I'm an athlete, so I take ice baths.

It's good for my muscles so I'm into that.

I know how it feels when you jump into something

that's freezing cold and that initial shock,

it, like, kinda paralyzes you.

Max and Nick, what are we thinking?

- I'm doing the bolt. - Okay.

- Huge engineering guy. - You can call it engineering

or you can call it fear of drowning.

All right, here we go by random selection,

Max and Nick, you guys are going first.

- Whoo! - Yeah, let's do it.

We'll be taking notes.

All right, let's get you suited up.

Max: Looking at this contraption,

knowing that when I go underwater

I have no control of the situation is daunting.

I gotcha, dog. Don't worry, man.

That was just terrifying for both of us.

All right, Max, the blood is already rushing to your head.

You're all red right now, you realize that.

All right, swing him into position.

All right, on my go. Are you ready?

- Yeah. - Three, two, one, go!

- Drop? - Drop.

Ludacris: He's going.

Trying to get the first wrench unscrewed.

You're repping UCLA. Come on.

Ronke: You got this.

Max: The water is so cold

that it just shocks your system.

And I'm trying to get this bolt off.

You know you've got to get this going

because you're running out of breath.

Ludacris: He's got the first wrench.

Carolyn: Let's go, Bruins. Come on!

- Ludacris: He put it in the bucket. - Let's go, baby!

Run! ( bleep ) go!

Ludacris: They're moving fast and trying to set the standard.

What, you never twisted a bolt before?

- One direction. - Come on, baby.

- Keep focus. - I'm going, I'm going.

Ludacris: You gotta be quick if you wanna win this $50,000.

Let's go!

All right, all right, all right.

Max: I'm freaking out.

That jerk instinct that you have

when you're underwater to just put your head up,

and that is the most terrifying part to know

that you'll be underwater with no way to get air even if you really needed it.

Ludacris: All right, he's got the second wrench.

Go, baby! Run that!

Run that!

All right, Nick has got to hurry up and unscrew that bolt.

You guys are so slow.

You guys learn to use some fire!

You put the wrench in the bolt and you spin it.

Steven: Nick is an engineer at UCLA.

I don't know what kinda degree they got going on there with their engineers

but he wasn't able to get these bolts off.

It's difficult, man. This is the biggest one.

Time is ticking.

All right, he's back in the ice cold water.

Nick: I need to blast him down to the bottom of the pool.

I was really thinking more of strategy rather than his safety.

Ludacris: He's been doing good so far.

He hasn't had to come up for breath.

- Oh, the got the third one. - Let's go!

Last one, dude! Last one, come on.

Ludacris: All right, he's got the last wrench.

He's gotta get this last bolt.

( bleep ) Attack!

I'm going! I'm going! I'm going!

Gotta get the last bolt so he can raise the beam

and Max can get the flag.

All right, he's got the last one.

Here we go.

- And time! - ( bleep ) yeah!

Max: "Fear Factor's" Hell Week is crazy.

It was a feeling of relief like no other

to know I'm not going back in that water.

All right, Max,

I'm sure I don't have to ask how cold the water is.

No, man. I'm cold as hell right now.

- How do you think you guys did? - Solid.

- I think we did ( bleep ) great, man. - Great time, great time.

All right, well, you guys went first.

You got a time of... 3:02.

- ( cheering ) - Congratulations on that.

All right, now it all depends on Steven and Michael.

How you feeling about that?

You see him shivering over there.

- How's going in the water? - I'm going in the water.

There you go. It's on you guys. Get suited up.

All right, let's do it, baby.

Michael: My nerves are building as I'm getting strapped in there.

I'm just thinking I'm just thinking I'm about

to get dunked in this ice water a bunch of times

and I'm getting freaked out.

Steven: Michael had expressed beforehand that

he doesn't know if he's gonna be able to hold his breath

to get the whole thing off.

And I don't wanna drown my brother

because I love him.

All right, Michael, I see you over there testing your lungs.

- How you feeling? - Terrible.

This is "Fear Factor." That's how you're supposed to feel.

- Are you guys ready? - Oh, yeah.

Swing him into position.

All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go!

All right, and he's in there.

Can't do it!

Carolyn: Too slow!

- Right there. Go! Go! Go! - What's he doing?

- He's spending a lot of time down there. - He's struggling.

Pull him up! Pull him up!

Ludacris: Oh, he dropped the wrench!

Pulled him up too soon.

- It's gone! No! - Where's the wrench?

Ludacris: Coming up on Hell Week,

college rivals snap the scariest selfie ever.

- Don't slip! - Oh ( bleep )!

Ludacris: Oh!

Ludacris: Oh, he dropped the wrench!

- Where's the wrench? - Ludacris: Pulled him up too soon.

Where's the wrench?

- Come on! - You're done!

Ludacris: Ha, Michael found it!

He found the wrench.

He got the first wrench.

Steven: That was a rough start, that was a shaky start,

'cause we definitely lost at least 10, 15 seconds there

- with him losing the wrench. - Having a little bit

of difficulty on that first bolt.

- Too slow, man! - What happened?

Your time just ( bleep ) a second ago.

A lot of trash talking going on.

Michael: I have faith in Steven and his judgment

but I start panicking 'cause everyone makes mistakes

and even my brother can make mistakes.

Go, go, go!

He's got the second one. That was quick!

They're trying to make up some time.

Let's see if he can do a little bit better on this one.

- So cold. - Almost got it.

It's so ( bleep ) small.

Come on, dude!

Carolyn: Watching all the guys go before me,

that was a build up of anxiety.

My stress level definitely skyrocketed.

All the way.

Ludacris: All right, let's get him back in the water for the third.

Carolyn: Yep, still struggling.

Ludacris: This is gonna be close.

Really close.

Michael is working. He's gotten the third one.

Steven is on the third and final bolt.

Come on, Michael, let's go.

( contestants clamoring )

Ludacris: Gotta be quick if he wants to get that flag.

They are close. All right, here we go.

He's going for the flag. He's going around.

And... time!

Welcome back, welcome back. Tell me what happened, man.

You guys looked a little confused out there.

Wrench fell out. We're good, we're hanging in.

Fair enough, I'll give you that. Max and Nick,

they put in a time of 3:02.

That is the time to beat.

Steven and Michael, you guys got a time of...


Which means Max and Nick are 100% going on to the final fear.

( cheering )

How do you feel knowing these ladies are the only ones

in between you guys moving on or going home?

They're tough girls, but I don't know if Bruins can put it to the finals.

Ludacris: Oh, damn.

We're gonna have to prove ourselves and that's okay.

Let's get suited up.

- We need to knock those guys out. - Yeah.

Like one, we're repping the girls and they're USC.


All right, how you feeling, Carolyn?

I'm feeling ( bleep ) great! Cold but great.

- You're ready to do this right? - I'm ready.

All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go!

Bottoms up.

- Go Bruins! - She needs to come up.

Carolyn: It's actually like a shock every time you go under the water.

You, like, want to initially freeze

because you're so cold, but you can't do that

because you're gonna drown and die.

Oh, she got it! She got it!

Ludacris: She's got it. She's got the first one.

She broke the box! She broke the box!

- It's okay, it's okay. - Go Bruins!

Come on, Ronke! Come on, you got this!

Ludacris: Oh, yeah. Taking her some time.

With your hand! Come on!

You got it! You got it! You got it!

Ludacris: All right, we got the first one.

Ronke: I was really nervous about dunking Carolyn in the water.

Carolyn: And I was like, "Ronke, do not pull me up."

I don't care if I drown. Don't do it.

'cause I know what I'm doing."

That was quick, girls. Let's go!

Ludacris: Carolyn just made up a hell of a lot of time.

You're going the wrong way. You're going the wrong way.

Ludacris: You're tightening it. You're going the wrong way.

Ronke: The guys were confusing me

and it was hard to make sure I actually knew what I was doing

- and just going the right way. - Got the second one.

All right, here we go.

Going for the third wrench.

Dunking the hell out of her partner.

She's down there, she's moving quick.

Ooh, she's fast. Go! Go! Go!

Ludacris: She's got the third wrench. Here we go.

- Come on. Let's go, Ronke. - Oh!

- She's trucking her. - Here's the third and final one.

- Come on, baby. - Go. Nice.

- Keep going. - It's the Bruin engineering.

Ludacris: You can do it.

Let's go, come on. Get me up, get me up!

All right, she got the last bolt.

Get her up. Get her up.

- Oh, slippery! - ( contestants clamoring )

And time!

- ( cheering ) - Good job, ladies.

Good job! Good job!

The wrench was actually really hard to do.

- I was surprised. - Right. Well, they told you that.

- I didn't believe 'em. - I thought he was just like a dumbass

- that couldn't figure out the tools. - Nah.

That bolt is hard.

So the time to beat was 3:18 by Steven and Michael.

Ronke and Carolyn, you guys got a time of...


Which means that Michael and Steven are 100% moving on.

- ( cheering ) - But it unfortunately also means

that Carolyn and Ronke, your time on "Fear Factor" is over

and we all have to say good-bye.

It was a great ( bleep ) time.

And UCLA is still advancing, so.

All right, Carolyn and Ronke, we will see you guys later.

- See you, guys. - Bye, guys.

Ronke: Now that we don't have the 50K under our belt,

we definitely have

to pick another plan for student debt.

Carolyn: Of course I'm a little

disappointed about the fact that we didn't beat the guys.

But at the end of the day we're still going back to UCLA

- so we're kinda still winning. - Definitely still winning.

Guys, this is what it comes down to.

It's USC versus UCLA.

One step closer to $50,000.

Oh, yeah, baby! Let's go.

Matter of fact, the only thing between you and $50,000 are the guys standing next to you.

You gonna take my money?

- I'm gonna take your money. - Oh, yeah?

This Hell Week is not over yet

and it only gets scarier. Are you ready?

- We are ready, man. - Yeah.

All right, I'll see you guys at the next challenge.

All right, baby. Let's go!

Michael: We're both nervous

that Ludacris has something big up his sleeve.

Steven: That's the point of Hell Week, to keep you on your toes.

We want nothing more than to beat Max and Nick.

Meatheads versus the brain heads.

Nick: This third challenge

we don't know what Ludacris is gonna throw at us

but we know it's gonna be pretty extreme.

Max: I don't actually know how USC

got a team into the finals.

I'm like completely surprised.

Took me from behind. I don't know how they did it,

but we're gonna take the win.

- Welcome back, welcome back. - ( guys cheering )

What up, my man? What up?

Is it safe to say that we can put this

USC UCLA rivalry to an end today

with whoever wins $50,000?

- I think so. I think so. - 100%.

All right, we all agree upon something.

Well, it's a little known fact that we do live

in the age of the selfie.

Now everybody's on social media.

You know, stunting on the 'Gram as we say.

Well, in this final fear

you are about to get the picture of a lifetime.

Or we could just say the last picture you'll ever take

as you dangle hundreds of feet over this cliff.

( guys exclaiming )

What the hell is that thing, man?

Michael: Heights are really scary for me.

Seeing that whole structure dangling off of a cliff was like


Ludacris: Coming up on Hell Week...

- Let's get 'em! - Let's go!

...which one of these frat boy teams will win $50,000?

Steve: You look down and you think if you fall you're gonna die.


He almost fell.

You are about to get the picture of a lifetime

as you dangle hundreds of feet over this cliff.

What the hell is that thing, man?

Ludacris: This is Hell Week for a reason.

I call this one... No Filter.

You have to climb that extreme selfie tower,

and release all of the flags on the various levels.

Oh, my God! So high.

Once you have released all of the flags,

quickly but carefully

climb to the highest point where you both will have to take

an extreme selfie that will stop the clock.

Now the team that does this the fastest,

they walk away $50,000 richer.

- Let's go, baby! - ( cheering )

Now the team that does this the slowest,

will lose the admiration and respect

of their Greek brothers and their entire damn school.

Now that you understand this challenge, how do you feel?

- We're gonna win. - In the bag.

You guys are always fighting.

In the ( bleep ) bag, baby.

- We can already see it, man. - All right.

By random selection,

Max and Nick, you guys are going up first.

- Oh, ( bleep ), man. - All right, you know what to do.

Go get in position.

Nick: Hell Week is not over. Finish off strong.

I don't think I'm afraid of heights, but we'll definitely see.

Our strategy going into this challenge

is basically get all the flags

as quick as possible and just don't look down.

- Whoo! - Let's go, baby!

Let's go!

These are exactly the type of guys

to be too confident, go out too fast,

- and slip off the ladder. - We'll see.

All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go!

And they are off.

They are approaching the first level.

Let's go, baby. You got it.

Ludacris: Remember, they gotta clear all of the flags

before they go to the next level.

Max: When you're standing on a beam,

the whole thing is swaying, the wind is pushing you,

the flags are moving around very quickly.

Ludacris: Max is going for the tall one.

Let's see if he's got the reach.

They got the first flag. All right.

Max gave up on the tall one.

He just released the one below him.

Nick has got his.

You think I should go up for this flag?

You got it, dude. You got it.

Max is still struggling to get his one.

- Think I should go for it? - Go for it, dude.

Max: I never thought that I was afraid of heights

or that it would get to me.

When you try to grab that flag,

your whole body just tells you no.

Ludacris: Oh!

He almost fell just now.

He just almost fell.

He's taller than me.

Ludacris: He is having trouble.

Nick is not even trying to help Max.

- Oh! He got it. - Are we gonna be able to reach those?

Ludacris: Getting a little risky jumping.

How the hell are we gonna reach it?

Ludacris: He got the flag but wasted a lot of time.

Looks like they're making their way up to the final tier.

All right, let's go, baby. Final stretch, let's go.

Max: Nick spends a little bit more time in the gym than I do

so I gotta hand it to him.

You know, I wish I could climb like that.

Ludacris: They got one more flag before they can take the selfie.

Yo, get the flag and put your feet on the thing.

Max is making his way up.

Feet on the tower! Feet on the tower!

They're ready to take the selfie.

For the money, baby!

And time!

UCLA SAE, that's how we do it!

- Go, baby! - Nick: That selfie up there

was probably the most extreme selfie I've ever taken.

- Good job, guys. - Let's go, baby.

All right.

Do you think you set the bar high enough

- for your USC competitors? - Yeah.

I don't know if they can see the bar, it's so high.

Damn. 'Cause real, well I'm here to let you guys know,

Max and Nick, UCLA, you guys got a time of 4:22.

- Whoo! 4:20, almost there. - Congratulations!

All right, Michael and Steven, how are you feeling now?

( bleep ) fantastic!

I wouldn't feel too fan-- They were overly confident

before they went. You haven't done anything yet.

Slow and steady wins the race.

All right, Max and Nick, what happens if you lose

- to USC, your rival? - I don't think we can.

Maybe if the competition was fiercer, you know.

- Oh. - Yeah.

All right well, Michael and Steven, you guys are up next.

Let's see how this goes.

Let's take it, baby.

These are sick harnesses.

These things come with a diaper?

For someone shorter than them, this is gonna be hard.

Michael: It's extremely important for us to win

so we can buy our dad a stand-up jet ski

that he's been wanting for the last 30 years.

Take it home.

Well, we were definitely surprised and, like, blown away

by the size of the thing and the cliff.

This is very awkward positioning.

Relative to other competitors,

I think we are a little more cunning,

- a little more strategic. - Steven's a short guy.

I don't know if he can reach that top one up there.

His brother, too.

They're gonna have to do some jumping is what you're saying.

Yeah, they ain't got the height genes, so,

I mean, they're gonna have to figure out something else.

All right, man. Well it all comes down to this, you know.

All right, Steven and Michael, how you feeling?

- Good. - Great, baby!

- Amazing. - All right, on my go.

Three, two, one, go!

And they are off.

Max, Nick, remember, anything can happen.

Somebody could fall, you just never know.

Don't fall!

Michael: The ladder was a lot more difficult

to climb than we expected.

Steven: The structure was definitely creaking when you get up.

Don't slip, dude!

Ludacris: They got the first flag.

Michael: You look down and you think if you fall you're gonna die.

It doesn't matter what you're connected to.

That's what's going through your mind.

You see where you're standing

and you see where the ground's at. It's scary.

All right, three flags down.

Watch your footing there. Don't fall, man.

Ludacris: Uh-oh. Whoa! Be careful.

Don't slip, dude!

- Oh ( bleep )! - Oh!

- Oh, ( bleep )! - Ludacris: He almost fell just now.

He just almost fell.

Stay steady while I grab mine.

- Okay. - Don't slip, dude.

Max: Michael completely flopped

and Nick and I see this whole thing and we're thinking

they're out.

We're good, we won the 50.

Yeah, like, want me to get it?

- I got it. - Can you come get it?

Nick: When we got to the platform,

where Max was struggling with the dangling flag

I was nervous 'cause he had so much trouble with it.

- Ludacris: Here we go. - I got it, hold on.


Michael: And it's a hard jump to make

because you don't wanna look up and have your feet not land back down.

Ludacris: Having a little trouble. Oh!

Here we go, baby. Great job.

They released all the flags on the first level.

How you feeling, Max and Nick?

Max and Nick are at a loss for words.

They released more flags on the second level.

Now they're getting the ones on the corners.

Oh ( bleep ), there's two more here.

- You doing okay? - I didn't see those.

Ludacris: Being very careful not to miss any flags.

Check every flag.

Check one, check two?

I think we're clear. We're good.

Ludacris: All right, clear on the second level.

Making it up to the third.

It all comes down to this.

This is the trickiest level.

That top ring is very, very, very unstable.

Yo, just do it up the top.

- Just to be safe. - Yeah.

Have to take new chances, you know?


Michael: As we're getting higher and higher

my grip got a lot tighter.

Steven: It gets heavier as you go up

and we knew Max and Nick are big dudes,

that's probably easy for them

but you know that's not gonna stop us from taking it.

- Yeah, I'm probably-- oh ( bleep )! - Want me to go?

Ludacris: Almost slipped.

My bad.

You got 'em all?

Yeah. You have 'em all?

Yep. You got both sides for sure?

- Yep, we're good. - They're double checking

making sure they got all the flags before they go up.

I got it.

All they gotta do is get this selfie.

- Yeah, baby! - Yeah!

- Ludacris: And time! - Good stuff, baby!

- Whoo! - I can't believe it.

This is like the biggest thing in my life.

Steven: Pretty damn stoked.

We're not big selfie guys. That's definitely

our record setting selfie there.

- Let's go, baby! - All right, all right.

You made it. The time to beat...

was 4:22.

Michael and Steven, you did it in a time of 3:35.

Which means you are going home with $50,000 today!

Oh, man.

Max and Nick, you guys are hell of competitors.


Isn't this nice?

Unfortunately, Max and Nick, we have to say good-bye.

- All love. My man. - Thank you.

- Take it easy, boys. - All right, guys.

Max: It hurts a lot to let UCLA down.

Luckily, being on "Fear Factor's" Hell Week has made

Nick and my friendship a lot stronger.

I couldn't ask for a better teammate.

Fear did get the best of me in that situation.

As for Michael and Steven, USC, you just won $50,000, man!

50 thou.

We're definitely getting our dad a jet ski.

Stand-up. Stand-up jet ski.

Your Hell Week has now come to an end.

You are the newest members of Fear Kappa Kappa.

( cheering )

Michael: We're really excited to be members

- of Fear Kappa Kappa now. - Oh!

Ludacris gave us a hell of a Hell Week.

Ludacris: You had to have a mouthful of superworms,

hold your breath in ice water

and take an extreme selfie.

- Yeah, baby! - You just proved

that it pays to face your fears and more importantly

you just proved that fear is not a factor for you!


Congratulations, man. You did the damn thing.

The Description of Hell Week