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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Top 10 Mid-Season Invitational Plays of All-Time

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What's up guys my name is Colin for theScore esports.

You know, League of Legends fans only get two chances a year to watch major international competition.

Region against region.

From incredible comeback wins, to insane solo kills. The Mid-Season Invitational has been the gift that keeps on


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Now with that out of the way and MSI already underway. Let's get on with it with the Top 10

Mid-Season Invitational plays of all time.

Kicking off our list at number 10 is WEs 957, who, in a 1v3, pulls off the impossible.

After getting ambushed by Flash Wolves, 957 makes an incredible play to bob, weave,

and squeeze through a flurry of attacks, stalling just long enough for his team to take Baron.


At number 9 we've got Febiven, whose Fnatic squad were the clear underdogs against SK Telecom T1

in MSI 2015s semifinals.

Looking to prove himself against the worlds best, a young Febiven opened things up with

this sick 1v1 onto Faker, before doing it again against the unkillable demon king.


Number eight on our list goes to Huni, who in the semifinals of MSI 2015 found himself

in an unfavorable 1v2 against SKT.

A rookie at the time, Huni showed the world what he was made of as he absolutely destroys

Faker, before finishing off MaRin.


Coming in at number seven, is Xiyes mid-lane Lucian at MSI 2017.

After falling to SKT in the group stage, WE were looking to rebound in any way possible.

Xiye did just that as he got the ball rolling in Game 2 with a gutsy tower dive onto none other than Faker.




At number six we've got G2s Perkz, who, after a failed attempt to steal Baron, shows

us how to get away with murder as he assassinated two Gigabyte Marines players and lived to tell the tale.


Coming in at number 5 is one of the most memorable defenses in MSI history.

After losing the Elder Drake to TSM, G2 were looking to make a cheeky play for the nexus.

But TSM had other plans.


At number 4 we have CLGs Stixxay at MSI 2016 who, against RNG, showed the world that

he wasnt fazed by playing in his first International tournament.

After losing 4 of his teammates in a late game teamfight, Stixxay avenged their deaths

with this jaw dropping play that saw him delete 4 RNG players, one after the other.


Coming in at number three is Wolfs famous Zyra play.

On a team with an abundance of superstars, Wolf often takes a backseat to the likes of Faker and Bang.

After splitting the first two games in the 2017 MSI grand finals, Wolf stepped up with

an unbelievable play that helped the Korean legends secure an MSI title.


Taking the runner up spot on our list is none other than SKTs Bang.

In arguably one of the best matches of MSI 2015, SKT and Fnatic went back and forth in

a series of dramatic events that left fans on the edge of their seat.

But there was perhaps nothing more exhilarating than Bangs pentakill that put an end to

the game with style.


Coming in at number one on our list, is a team play for the ages, its CLG at MSI 2016.

Going into a crucial team fight, CLG were down 15K gold against an undefeated RNG.


With a single teamfight CLG would go on to take Baron, setting themselves up for a win,

that fell nothing short of magical.


Well guys, that's our list.

And with SK Telecom T1 not attending MSI for the first time ever, who do you think will win?

Let me know in the comments below, and I will see you next week.

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