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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE PERFECT PLANCHE LEAN ( ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW )

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Hi everyone my name is Gui Pinto and welcome to another video, today we are gonna talk about planche lean

A very good exercise to learn how to planche and strengthen our shoulders and even the core. Initially when we look at this type of "plank" it seems easy without great technique but no! People who think that way end up doing harm and then fail to get the best benefits from this exercise.

nd in this video I will show you the perfect technique that you have to do to make the best possible gains. We dont need any equipment to do this exercise, we can do it on the floor or on some parallets and it is for all levels from the beginner to the most advanced

because it will depend a lot on what we can lean on to get ahead, how close we can get our hands reach the waist line here. For those who do not know what is the lean planche I will now exemplify

This was an example of a good lean with good protaction on the scapula, shoulder depression and P.P.T. in the core. And now let's see what a bad lean would be

Now taking this bad example, let's see what is wrong and correct, we can start with the hands if you notice they are facing forward, the fingers are pointing forward, there is no external rotation and this will cause that when we bend our wrist it will bend so much that we will not let it pass unless we have extreme mobility in the wrist which will cause us to raise our hands, but these are things that take years to have

So what we need to do is to rotate to outside our hands and this will already take a lot of pressure off our wrist after looking at the core area it seems that it has fallen as well as on the back there is no scapula, you don't see that turtle back, you see completely smooth and so we will not be working properly our shoulders and core

Let's see the correct position of the core during lean, initially we started in a neutral position, relaxed and what we have to do is this

We have to be like this during lean, to get to this movement we have to put the belly in and squeeze the glutes, let's make this part of our back straight

This curve here disappears and we will be pushing the abdominals and glutes and this area is very tight

Well we already saw the position of the core is a bit complicated I advise you to train while standing, put your belly in try to squeeze the glutes this is also the position we have to have when we are in the handstand but this can be for another video

And now what we're going to see is the scapula, I see a lot of people complaining they can't have a good protaction, but the truth is that when I started, I didn't have any, and what I did was train a lot and basically what I did was this

You can be here on your knees, I made a retraction here, let my shoulder blades come together and then protaction, doing this is a good way to train the scapula

Another very important thing is the depression of the shoulder, when we are doing this leaning movement and with our scapula our shoulder cannot be up here close to the face, it must be down here

That would be a bad example like that with the shoulder

The shoulder has to be here

And now its more difficult to put it all together and do the lean, put your hands out, let your toes rest on the floor, squeeze your glutes and put your abdominal in to create the P.P.T. and then do a protaction of the scapula and shoulder depression, not up here, down here

Let's see now my favorite way to enter this position

Start on your knees, do a retraction, put your shoulder foward

Sorry for the mistake guys!

Let's see now my favorite way to enter this position

Start on your knees, do a retraction, send your shoulders foward they go back, here is the depression and the scapula and at the same time we have the core tight, the tip of the feet already on the floor and then just incline

Just to finish it is very important to always keep your arms straight and for those who are not used to this movement they will probably feel a lot here this part hurts and works, but it is part of the movement

And then we can also play with the grip, put our hands like this or turn it completely backwards, sometimes I even do it with my fingers on the floor, you can use the paralletes you can do 1001 things

And I advise you to start inserting this exercise in your planche training or even in push training, so more towards the end to kill and it is good for the shoulders

Make it up, go up go down, do push ups, when you go up you can do a pike push up, I will exemplify

Lean, pike, push up, lean, push up

You can play, I guarantee you will feel your shoulders and here is this part of the beginning of the bicep tendon

The video will end here, I hope it was useful, I hope you liked it, you already know how to apply what I told you to be creative, make your lean come back up, do push up mix with whatever you want, try to have fun training is quite important

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